Bill stumbled when Ford pushed him down the joining path. It was not what he'd expected. Why on earth would he do that?The dragon would kill Ford when it caught up with him.

Bill turned back around quickly and went back out into his original path, pulling open his pack to get inside. Just as he'd expected, Ford had been caught up to, immobilized, and the dragon was now leering inches from his glasses.

"Hey, stupid!" Bill called, not knowing whether he was talking to the dragon or his partner. He threw his flashlight to collide with the wall and make more noise to distract the beast. It wasn't like he needed it now any way with the light that blared down the corridor.

The dragon turned to look at Bill and sneered, saliva dripping off of large saber teeth. It was on him in an instant, knocking him to his back and claws gripping at his shoulder in a vice that had his skin breaking and blood mixing with nail and dirt. It roared, spitting flecks of drool at Bill and causing his ears to ache.

Bill grunted and reached into the pack with his free hand.

He pulled out his laser gun, aimed for the beast, and pulled the trigger. Pressure was released from him as the dragon collapsed to the side, raining blood and fluids along the area.

That had been a million times easier than Ford had made it out to be.

Bill was shaking as he pulled himself out from under the carcass. He looked back to Ford to see him still unconscious. That idiot had always wanted to be the hero, of course he decided to sacrifice himself. Now Bill would have to find a way to get both of them out of there. It wasn't like he could just leave him. If he went back to the shack without him, Stan would kill him, and if he didn't go back to the shack at all, the beasts of the forest would. He sighed, this week had not been good to him-scratch that, this whole month had sucked. He was tired and starting to get hungry and he still hadn't gotten any slime!

Bill walked over to Ford and checked to make sure he was still breathing. Once that was confirmed, he lifted Ford onto his back and continued down the path toward the glowing light. If Ford had made them take this path, it must have been for something. As the light grew brighter the closer they got to the source, Bill noticed the path stretching, widening into a large room. In the middle stood a pillar that hosted a nest.

Bill laid Ford down as he approached the nest. It was much too small for the huge beast they had encountered. Once he reach the pillar, he peaked up over the mound of sticks and hay.

Bill scoffed at the nest's prize. Ford may have told him to get slime, but he never said how.

His shoulder ached and his head tinged with spikes of pain near the back of his neck. It was a pain to open his eyes and the glaring sun bit back at him.


He glanced around through slitted lids to gain information about his surroundings. Trees and grass and dirt. Was he outside? Hadn't he been in the dragon's lair? He came to a stop when he saw Bill sitting on a fallen tree nearly three yards away, drinking from a sports bottle.

He finished his sip and looked down, catching Fords eyes, "You're awake."

Ford grunted as he tried to sit. He felt nauseous and dizzy, but wouldn't that get in the way now. He sat up entirely then pulled himself back to rest against a nearby tree.

"Where are we?" Ford asked, taking in the rain of muck covering Bill and how it all seemed to be focus at his shoulder.

"In the woods. About a mile from the cave."

"How'd we get here?"

Bill smirked, "Maybe you flew."

Ford deadpanned, "Okay, so you got me here, but what happened?"

"You were knocked unconscious after you pushed me away and I had to go save your sorry butt, that's what happened."

"But how'd you do it?"

Bill smirked with a gleam in his eye that spoke of a secret, "Let's just say, I don't understand what all the fuss was for that thing."

Ford stopped, his eyes widening, "You didn't kill it, did you?"

Bill's smirk fell, "Of course I did. How else would we have gotten out?"

Ford sighed and rubbed his brow, wincing slightly when he rubbed a cut that had been forming a scab. He pulled his hand down to look at the blood.

"That was a divine being, Bill." he started, turning away from the blood to look at the demon, "You have no idea what you've started."

"Why does it matter?"

"The only existing dragon has been destroyed and you ask why it matters? That dragon was centuries old, originating from an entirely different dimension! How are you going to get the slime now? Did the curse make you this ignorant or were you always stupid?"

Bill scoffed, "Last dragon? Yeah right."

He reached behind his makeshift seat and pulled his pack from the ground. Once he'd settled it on his lap, he opened it, pulling its sides to reveal his prize. Sitting in the pack being roughly cushioned by tools and supplies was a rather large, ivory and beige, spotted egg.

Ford was up examining it faster than he'd ever before ignoring his aches in favor of the discovery. The egg was huge in comparison to typical eggs, but small in comparison to the pterodactyl eggs he'd spotted in buried catacombs many years before.

"Where did you find this?" Ford asked, gently taking the package - pack, egg, and all - and lifting it closer to his face.

"The end of the glowing tunnel." Bill said, leaning back on his hands to support himself from behind.

"But this has never been heard of. How did you find an egg?"

"I don't know. There was a nest on a pillar. The egg was in that. I don't ask where it comes from, I just know it was there."

The egg twitched below him and Ford turned back to it. It'd been removed from it's warmth, from it's home. It'd been handled by human hands. Now it was twitching.

"I think it's gonna hatch," Bill said, pulling back up and forward to get a better view.

"In all of my years of research,"Ford started, setting the pack down and stepping back a few steps, "I never imagined I'd be the first to witness the birth of a dragon."

"Technically, you're only half first, since I'm here too." Bill said, leaning forward to rest his elbows on his knees.

"You don't count. You're not a scientist."

The egg cracked slightly and Ford held his breath, ready for the miracle. The wall of the shell cracked more and once more and finally collapsed in on itself to reveal the miniature being. The same species as had been devoted to killing them was now in their hands and in need of their care.

It squawked hoarsely as it weakly hit its purple wings at the sides to open a passage and finally stumbled out of its previous residence. Unlike its mama, this baby had no horns or saber teeth and barely stood 8 inches tall.

"Its so cute" Bill said blandly reaching to grab his pack and remove the shell now that the baby was out. "Now that you've cracked it, how are we getting it back?"

Ford bent down to eye level with the tiny beast, "This is magnificent. Absolutely stunning!" He held out his hand and the baby waddled over to it, sniffing at it a moment then nomming down on one of his fingers. It didn't hurt.

Ford sat up, pulling his own pack onto his shoulders, and lifted the baby. "You coming?" He turned to see Bill staring at him with an odd expression.

"Yeah," Bill sighed and stood, grabbing his pack and following behind.

Bill jogged to catch up to him, "What are you gonna name it?"

Ford scoffed, "At this point, I'm just focusing on getting back. I don't even know if we'll keep it."

"You kept a demon and your grandchildren around, I doubt your ability to let this one go." Bill smirked.

Ford ignored him and continued on.

They were back at the shack shortly after nightfall.


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