Re: Life from Zero in Thought

Let's try and think.

A/N: Although it's been a while since Re:zero came out,2016, I just finished watching it recently. I realized something from watching it, Subaru has no idea how to FUCKING think. We all know who's best for him, so I'm going to try and fix it.

"Wow, this world's amazing! Beast people! Dragons pulling carriages! A strange girl jumping across roofs! Wait." Subaru paused, realizing just what he said. "A strange girl. Jumping across rooftops. Huh."

"Excuse me! Sir!" Subaru turned and saw what could only be described as a beautiful young woman. "I'm looking for something. Someone stole my insignia. She was a young girl, and that's all I could see."

Subaru paused, looking at her. "I think I know who it was. She seemed to be heading that way." He pointed in the direction she ran. "I'll help you out if you want."

"Thank you. What's your name?" She asked him as if she saw something was off. "Your clothes are rather strange for Lugunica."

"I honestly don't know where I am in relation to my home. But my name is Subaru Natsuki. Just call me Subaru. What's your name?" He noticed the look she made.

"It's... Satella."

"No it's not." He noted the confused look she gave him, but didn't waver. "Most people, when giving their name, give their actual, they don't hesitate. Now what is your name?"

"My name is Emilia." She let a small smile show through. "Never thought that a stranger to these lands would notice that wasn't my name. I figured you would just go with it."

Subaru looked at her with a look of mild embarassment. "I guess you're right. But for now," He then turned and started walking in the direction of the thief. "I say we get this 'insignia' thing you mentioned."

"Right." With a simple word and a nod the two wandered through the city, looking around for the thief. Later in the evening, as it was approaching sundown they found what was supposedly "The Loot House" where they could find the girl that most called "Felt."

"Well, we're here." Subaru turned and faced Emilia. "Considering where we are, I'll go on ahead and try and talk things out. If anything, I'll have you go get the guards. Trust me, I won't get into any trouble." Without waiting for her to respond, Subaru walked into the building. As he looked around, he saw that it was empty, but there was a dripping sound. "Hello? Anyone here?" He then turned, and noticed the giant corpse that was leaned against a pile of boxes.

"Oh no. Seems like someone found my work." Subaru turned quickly towards the voice, but felt a stabbing pain slice across his stomach. He then fell over with a pool of blood as he cried out in pain.

"Subaru? Is everything all right?" He heard Emilia come in, he wanted to call out to her, tell her to run. But his voice wouldn't work. He reached out, after seeing Emilia's body fall to the ground, and made a promise that he would save her from this fate. He then slipped away.

"Hey! Kid, do you want to buy this appa or what?" Subaru looked at the man whom he had encountered earlier.

"Sorry, sir, strange question, but is the first time you've met me?" He watched as the man looked at him in a confused manner.

"What are you talking about kid, I've never seen you before in my life. Now do you want to buy it or what?"

Subaru calmly looked at the man. "Sorry sir, not today, maybe when I have money. But I promise to shop here sometime." "So, I seem to return to certain points prior any time I die."

"Whatever. Just don't try to loiter longer. I've got a business to run" Subaru then turned, and bumped into Emilia.

"Oh, hello sir. I apologize for running into you." She gave a light bow as she went on.

"It's fine miss. But I'm afraid I have a question to ask you. Do you have anything valuable on you?"

"Why would you ask that? Are you robbing me?" She cautiously backed up as she placed one hand on her pocket.

"No, ma'am, I'm sorry for making you feel that way. I've just heard rumors of thieves wandering around. So I am just wanting a young lady to be robbed." Subaru's eyes darted behind Emilia, where he saw a young girl running up to them. "There you are." He then faced back to Emilia. "Yes, I've been walking around today and there's supposedly thieves wandering around." That was when the girl ran into Emilia. And rather than making a clean get away, she felt a force hit her chest, and she fell on her back, dropping the insignia at Emilia's feet. "Young lady, I hope you know it's impolite to try and rob people."

An elegant looking man with red hair walked over to the group of three. "Excuse me young man, may I ask what is going on here?"

Subaru turned to him. "Ah, yes. This girl was about to rob this young lady here." Then it hit him. "Sir, are you a knight?"

"Off duty but yes. My name is Reinhard van Astrea." Reinhard helped the girl get up, and held her arms behind her. "What exactly did she steal?"

At this point, Emilia had picked up her insignia, and held it up for Reinhard to see. "This, Reinhard. I don't know why, but she wanted it."

Reinhard's eyes then widened. "I'll have to take her in. This is something that is non-negotiable."

"But why Reinhard?" Emilia's question was laced with worry. "She is but a thief."

"There is no way around it." With those words, he waved his hand, and Felt passed out.

"Reinhard, sir, I have a lead, but I think this should stay off the record." The knight, turned and looked at him with a quizzical expression. "There's a man at 'The Loot House' in the slums. I believe that the client that she stole that for, doesn't get what she wants. I'm worried for him. Do you think you can watch the place?" He gave Reinhard a look that conveyed strong emotion. To which he received a nod. Another guard was called over, and Felt was taken to the guard house. "Reinhard, do you think I could help you. I'll try to gather some info from the old man, see if I can figure out who's coming to get it."

Reinhard looked at him, then sighed. "Fine, but I'm going to tell you know I can't guard you forever."

"That's fine. I can handle myself." Subaru nodded, and then gestured for Reinhard to follow him. After a couple of hours of walking, they arrived at the loot house. "Alright, I'm going to talk to The old man, stay hidden, considering this is a slum crime house, they may not trust me if you're there."

"Smart. based on your clothes you don't seem to be from here or understand how things would normally work. I am surprised."

"Sir Reinhard you are too harsh. But, I forgive you."

"We;re friends, call me Reinhard." A gentle smile played across his face.

"Alright, Reinhard. I'll try and get some information." He watched as Reinhard walked behind the corner of the building, but near a window. Then he started knocking on the door, and continued until a large man burst out.

"What is it? Knocking like that without even knowing the password?" He then stopped once he noticed the young man before him. "Eh? Who are you?"

"I apologize for intruding, but I've heard that someone was to be retrieving a small insignia. I was wondering if there was any way I could bid on it." Subaru made sure to place a slight smile to lower the man's guard, it worked.

"Fine. Come in, Felt appears to be running late. We can just wait on her." As Subaru followed the giant in, he closed the door behind him.