It all happened so very fast.

One minute, life was there.

The next…

it was not

It had happened years ago, before I became part of his life and him to mine.

I lived a very dull life. From the minute I was created I realized there was something I had to know to live on and that was to live in secret.

I had to live on the blood of others, I had to live away from society, away from the world; dead to the world. It was painful, it was the death of me and yet I could not escape it.

It wasn't until that day that I realized that life was the most precious thing stolen from me. The simple joys of laughing with friends, conversing with one another never seemed so distant until I became one with the dead.

I had been walking countless days, waiting to die, waiting to perish into nothing yet I was rewarded with nothing but the pain of hunger and the thought of despair. Nothing could save me but my own death from the hands of one with my own forsaken power yet no one dared.

It wasn't until I met him.

"Are you okay?" hazel eyes looked down into mine and hands brushed away my disheveled hair as I lay there on the ocean shore, the moon beaming with all it's might and the waves crashing furiously against the shoreline. My eyes burned from desire to have what I wish I could no longer have. In front of me was the perfect meal yet the perfect someone. My hand subconsciously raising to meet his face. So precious was human life yet I could not partake in it. He flinched and worry became apparent. "You're so cold. Let's get you inside or you'll catch a cold." His voice was stern and kind. His arms held me tight, trying to pass on warmth that never came.

Placing me gently onto the bed I stared at him as he walked from room to room, in search of something. When he sat next to me his lips frowned. "You're pale. Are you hungry?" He asked with much concern. Mmm very.

I sat up only to have powerful but gentle hands push me back down. "You must rest. I'll bring you food." he grabbed what was in his lap and extended the blanket before me. "So that you're no longer cold." Stern and serious he may have been but his heart was full of kindness. Yes, humans were easy to trust. Too naive. Yet, so precious they were.

I grabbed his wrist before he left the bed. "Wait," his eyes widening a little once my face turned to him, eyes red as crimson and a frown full of regret. "I can't anymore. Forgive me." Throwing him harshly onto that bed, I pinned his arms above him and straddled his waist. "You're so handsome, so kind and so perfect. How I wish I was any different than I am now." I softly whispered against his neck.

He was silent, probably in too much shock. Not even the slightest tremble. "Take what you want." The words stopped me in my tracks. Looking up to see that stern face and those rough Hazel eyes. He stared into mine. A hand left my hold and cupped my face. "You're so beautiful."

Yes, humans are… valuable to us.

They destroy us.

That's why, they're our food.

I closed my eyes and rage filled me. Grabbing his hand into mine again, I pinned them above him. "How dare you talk to me in that fashion!" I yelled. Too scared of being strung along by the kindness I once shared, the beauty of simplicity and life.

I bared my fangs ready to penetrate through the skin but I stopped. I just couldn't do it. "Do it." I gasped. "Make me one with you." I jumped off the bed as far as I could, much like cats would, staring at him in fear. "I don't fear death." He simply said sitting up from the mattress.

A nervousness grew within me, turning to anger, turning to hate and fear. He began to walk towards me and I couldn't take the hunger anymore. I grew faint. But being here was more dangerous than anywhere else.

Without thought, I ran towards the window and jumped out. I won't die. I cannot. But I'll deter myself until I find my prey.

Darkness shrouded me, engulfing me.

Yes, humans are dangerous.