Making his way into the manor, eyes followed the lithe man that had entered. Honey brown hair falling over his eyes casting the shadow over his heart. He stared at the men and women that stared back at him in curiosity, interest and humor. The whispers pierced through the silence. They spoke of him and suddenly the darkness that he had shrouded himself in beforehand seemed like heaven despite his isolation. Little did he wish to be here but he had been summoned by the Elder of their coven.

Tucked in the dark corners of this world lied covens ruled by them.


Mansions, castles and some forgotten monasteries. Each had their own leaders; their own special bloodlines. Many had wondered why the Elder of this high coven had saved him all those years ago something he too pondered many times over. It was a mystery that would never be come to light.

He wasn't of pureblood and therefore many detested him. He cared little of what others thought. At the time, he was grateful to be saved from the horror that befell him and his family. All but him being the survivor and yet here he was serving a multitude of demons within him. He very much wanted to go back to the world of the living and yet he was forsaken to this life of immortality. A sin and a blessing.

Nathaniel stood by the grand doors that led to the grand chamber and averted his eyes from the man that now sported a new shirt. All wounds that had been inflicted by his own fangs gone and skin clean as it was untouched. His bloodlust was still uncontrollable and to Nathaniel it was a joy that he revelled in. To him it was an atrocity that just as of late he had tamed when he came by the human that dare test his limit. "He's waiting." He heard Nathaniel say as he approached the doors. The whispers still flew by him and he looked down at the pristine marble floor, terrified at what lied beyond. The truth of his wrongful deed and the life he had come to spare was the talk of the manor that he wished to escape from.

The door opened with a loud groan. His steps resounding off the walls of the spacious candle lit room. How long had it been since he had been here, he wondered. Marble floor glistening with the light emanating from the candles, playing shadows against the light. The doors shut behind him and he was left alone with the man that had summoned him. An intimidating aura filled the room and a chill ran down his spine. Be it immortal and powerful, they feared their Elders especially when the coming of bad news hung in the air. His Elder's strong broad back faced him as he reached the end of the stairs. He knelt and bent his head low, hands on either side. Within a few seconds he rose and placed his hands behind his back and closed his eyes. "Do you know why I summoned you?" The voice boomed through the hall, deep and crisp. A slight tone of anger underlying beneath it.

Elder's ruled the covens to keep order throughout those below them. Purebloods reigned the lower ranking vampires in their coven and kept the ties between noble houses in tact. They were feared, respected, and followed their any order. Disrespecting an Elder was of penalty of death. This man had turned him. A measly human into a vampire the day his family perished. He respected him. Considered him as a father but weren't they all to the man that changed those very few.

He opened his eyes revealing that lovely shade of cerulean that had seen too much despair in his sorrowful years of living and dead. "Yes." He replied, voice unwavering despite the unstoppable tremor that ran along his body making his hands quiver behind him.

"Why have you let a human see you?"

He looked at the broad back that was covered in a black sleek leather coat, long blonde hair serving as a veil that gracefully fell down against it. "He saved my life." He responded knowing full well that that was not what he wanted to hear nor should have said. He was not here to lie and he certainly would not do so if he wanted to live to see another day. As much as he wanted despair he knew his Elder wouldn't be so kind in the way he left this dark world. "So I spared his in return." He heard a scoff from the man and in a blink of an eye he was thrown across the room, his back colliding onto the marble floor, breaking it as he fell onto it. He groaned in pain and gritted his teeth, glaring at his Elder.

"I saved your life. Remember that, Fuji." Disdain now unmasked in that deep voice. That deceivingly thin and powerful body strode towards him. Dark almost black colored eyes stared at him with hatred and he was picked up by his throat. His legs flailing about as he was suspended mid air. Those dark eyes stared into his strained cerulean eyes. That perfectly angular face with sharp masculinity yet hints of soft effeminate features held no emotion as he examined his contorted red face. Untouched by time. Time meant nothing to those of the immortal realm. "You are a disgrace." He was let go abruptly falling onto the marble with a loud thud. Coughing and wheezing to regain his composure he resumed his kneeling position. "You are never to see that human, is that in any way unclear to you?"

"No my lord." He panted, hands aching to reach for his throat in order to soothe the pain he had just endured. Keeping his head low staring at the floor, little droplets fell to the ground. Blood. His master knelt down, raising his chin.

"My child," He began. His thumb gently caressing his cheek. "You are not like those of this coven." His deep voice taking on a more gentle tone as those words slipped past those pink lips. "You are special." He paused, dark eyes inspecting his features. "Are you not the same child I gave this life to? The same one who was so frail a thing in my arms that cold fateful night?" His deep voice reverberated through him. His gentleness and kindness erasing the fear instilled in him. The work of the devil's tongue. Abilities passed down through bloodlines, passed through the blood of those from purebred families. None could disobey.

Fuji lowered his gaze. "I…" He began. Choosing his words carefully in his head. He was looked down on everyday by those higher in rank, those that were half bred and those that were of supposed purebred families. He hated it and despised his own fate just years after transformation. Living without his family, going on to avenge his fallen mother, brother, sister. He was alone in this immortal life. Full of pain and anguish unknown to man. Known to those beasts that fed on the life of others.

Some more than others.

Staring into the eyes of his parent, his master, his father, he swiped the blood in his mouth with his tongue. Briefly running it along his fangs. "I am still that child. Making horrid decisions, foolish mistakes. Forgive me, my lord."

The hand on his cheek continued to soothe him and he believed he was given leeway until it retracted, raising it higher and slapped him hard causing him to see spots behind his eyelids. "You are to be held under confinement until further notice."

His eyes widened and he reached out to beg him, "No! Please! Anything but that!" I just came out of my own hell, words were left unsaid as he was grabbed by two of the Elder guards. Forcing him to his feet, he struggled but it was no use. He was dragged out and the last thing he remembered was those golden eyes of Nathaniel as he looked at him in pity.