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It was the Friday before the wedding. The day of the rehearsal and Jeff and I were getting ready for the nite. Cleaning the house for the dinner, which would be a BBQ and very casual, and for him and the guys in the party to stay in someplace other than a pig sty. I wiped my forehead as I stood to take a break from tying a balloon to one of the picnic tables. It was a very warm afternoon, around 80, and the sun was bright. I had changed out of the jeans and sweatshirt I wore earlier, and into a pair of netted shorts and sports top. Jeff had pretty much striped down to his boxers, not caring who was going to show up. People would start to arrive any minute, so we worked hard to finish up the place, waiting for Amy and Matt to show up with a truck load of people. Luna and Liger jumped around, playing with each other in the mud hole that had yet to be made into an in-ground pool.

"God, I hope it cools off baby. Otherwise you may be marrying a puddle tomorrow," Jeff laughed placing his hands on his hips, looking at the yard. I looked up at him. The moment my eyes hit his body tears started to sting my eyes. Shane and I had decided it was best not to tell anyone about what happened. Although I wasn't sure I was going to be able to keep that quiet. Jeff sensed something was wrong and wrapped his arms around me. "What's the matter? You look as if you're almost in tears."

"Nothing, I'm just so happy this day is finally here," I smiled looked up at him. He sighed contently and broke into a smile before picking me up in his arms. He carried me away from the tables and down the hill. "Where are we going?"

"You'll see," he laughed as he broke into a strained run through the field. Everything was a blur as we passed all the chairs that were setup for the wedding and the white arch. Just when I thought we were stopping, I realized that I was falling down through the air. Jeff had leaped off the shore of the lake and threw me as he jumped. We both landed with a giant splash and I quickly came up, water dripping off me. He stood in the water laughing as I splashed him.

"Jeff, this is SO gross!" I yelled. "AND VERY COLD!" He walked over to me and wrapped his arms around my waist, pulling me into him and lifting me off the ground. I kissed him deeply and we smiled at each other.

"I love you Casey," he whispered.

I stared at him and shook my head slightly. "Yeah, I love you too," I responded before we started walking back to the house.

"CASEY!!" Jessy screamed to me as she and Jesse jumped out of Amy's SUV. I was slightly stunned as I turned to her, still wet from the afternoon swim in the lake.

"I swear I didn't have sex with Shane!" I exclaimed before realizing what I said left my brain. She looked at me and shook her head confused.

"What?" she asked with a laughed.

"I said I didn't have sex over there," I corrected myself pointing to the track. "With Jeff I mean."

"Yeah, um, thanks for sharing," she laughed. "One more day!"

"Yeah, I know, amazing huh?" I smiled.

"I'm so excited. This is gonna be awesome," she said looking me up and down then at Jeff who walked up behind. "But um, why are you two soaked?"

"Oh, uh, well, we took a swim in the lake," Jeff laughed with an embarrassed tone.

"A very unexpected swim," I laughed. "How was the flight?"

"Oh fine, but um, Matt kinda drives like he's Mario Andrette," Jesse joked.

"Thanks man," Matt smiled proudly as he walked up the deck steps into the house carrying Jesse's bags.

"Yeah, you get used to it after awhile," Amy smiled. "So, anyone else here?"

"No, Shannon's picking up Melanie, Matt, and Luke. I think Crystal's getting Trish and Chad. I think Alanah and Adam are coming with her too. Daddy should be here anytime now. He took K to the park and Sara went to get some flowers for the rehearsal," I explained as Amy, Jessy, and I left Jeff and Jesse.

"So, getting nervous?" Jesse asked helping Jeff move a table.

"Like you wouldn't believe," Jeff replied with a chuckle.

"By the time you see her tomorrow, the nerves will all go away," Jesse smiled. Jeff nodded at him as they finished setting up for the dinner.


"I've got friends in LOW places," Jessy and I sang the group of us girls, Jessy, Amy, Nora, Trish, and I, sat in Amy's living room.

"Garth Brooks?" Nora asked.

"Yeah, it was a song that kinda stuck with the two of us and our friend Amy in middle school," Jessy replied. "It's weird without her."

"Yeah, I really miss her," I said trying to smile. "No more three musketeers."

"You're getting married tomorrow!" Amy exclaimed making me laugh.

The girls had gotten into some sort of video game so I walked out to the deck with my Skky Blue. I leaned over the railing and looked out towards home. I started thinking about what happened between Shane and I. I just hung my head in shame. It was a big mistake, I knew it, and I also didn't know how I was going to get through the wedding without telling someone.

"Hey, you alright?" Nora asked placing a hand softly on my back.

"Yeah, just wedding jitters," I smiled sipping my drink.

"Oh, that's understandable," she smiled. "It's beautiful out tonite, isn't it?" She sat on the grass in the yard and looked up. I followed her and looked up as well.

"Yeah it is. You see that star over there?" I asked pointing to one particular star.

"Uh-huh," Nora smiled.

"Shane got that star named after me one Valentine's Day. How sweet is that?" I asked laying down.

"It's very sweet," Nora replied. "Listen, Case, I know some of the girls have been a little skeptically of you and Jeff bein together cause of how close you and Shane are."


"Yeah, but I want you to know that I don't think that. I think you two are gonna be great together," she smiled down at me.

"Thanks Nora, I really appreciate it," I smiled back as she stood up and walked into the house, leaving me there to stare at my star.


My hair had been done, my nails were perfect, and all that was left was to put on my dress and jewelry. I just sat in front of the mirror and stared at myself. Everything from the past week kept running through my head. I was scared, confused, and pretty sure I was doing the wrong thing. I couldn't go through with it, and I knew it.

"Casey, we have to get you into your dress! Only a few more hours!" Amy exclaimed carrying my dress with her.

"I can't yet. I have to see Jeff," I said turning in my seat to face her.

"You're joking right?" she laughed nervously.

"No, I'm not. I have to talk to Jeff first. I'll be back in a few. Don't get ready until I get back, okay? And tell the girls the same thing," I requested as I ran out of the bedroom and out of Amy's house. I was a woman on a mission and no one was going to stop me. I ran into the house and was stopped by Matt.

"Casey, bad luck for the bride and groom to see each other," Matt smiled.

"I need to speak with him. Please just let me in?" I pleaded trying to push past him to go up the stairs.

"Sorry, but I'm sure it can wait until after the wedding," he said crossing his arms.

"Trust me, it can't," I argued. His face fell into a frown and led me up the stairs. I walked into the bedroom where the guys were half ready, some dressed in their pants, others not even close to that. "Guys, could you please excuse us for a few minutes? I have to talk to Jeff. It's urgent."

"What's the matter Kiddo?" Adam asked placing his hands on my shoulders. I looked up into his blue eyes and shook my head.

"I just need to talk to Jeff," I said.

"Case, it's bad luck for us to see each other," Jeff spoke facing the wall, though I knew he was smiling.

"I'll just be a few minutes. I'll let you guys back in when I'm done. Just go hang out with the girls," I smiled pushing them all out of the room. I walked behind Jeff after making sure the door was closed. I put my hand on his arm and turned him around to face me.

"Baby, what's goin on?" he asked concerned.

"Jeff, this is so hard for me to tell you. And I swore I wasn't going to tell anyone, but I can't marry you without you knowing," I said.

"You're worrying me," he said as we sat on the bed facing each other.

"The first thing you got to know is that I love you. I love you more than life it's self. And I what happened was a major mistake, one that I don't even remember making. I don't know what happened and if I could take it all back I would," I said as tears slid down my cheeks. He pulled me into his arms but I backed away, standing up, and crossing my arms.

"What's goin on?" he asked, his eyebrows in a ruffle.

"Wednesday nite, after the signing, Shane and I went out and partied. We drank SO much. We could barely walk and everything was blurry," I paused. "Well, we finally went back to the hotel around 3. Of course you know that we had to share a room, so that's not a big shock to you."

"Casey, where are you going with this?" Jeff asked angrily.

"I understand if you want to call the whole thing off. I just know that I wouldn't have been able to marry you without telling you what happened."

"What the hell happened?!"

"Shane and I slept together!" I cried.

He started laughing and stood to wrap his arms around me. "Well of course you guys did. You had no other choice," he smiled.

I pushed away from him and shook my head. "No, Jeff, we had sex. Or at least I think we did. We don't remember. We were so hammered. I can't even tell you how sorry I am."

"What?" he asked backing away from me.

"I'm so sorry."

"Oh God," he said softly rubbing his face. "How could this happen?"

"I don't know, I'm so sorry," I cried reaching out for him, but he pushed me away.

"Don't touch me right now," he said softly.

"Well, the wedding is up to you. I love you Jeff. Let me know whether you want it to go on, or to call it off," I said.

"Casey, I love you so much. And hearing this hurts more than you could EVER imagine," he cried.

"I know. And it hurts me to know that I hurt you. Cause that's truly the last thing I ever wanted to happen," I cried. He quickly walked to me and put his hands on my face, bringing my face up to his. He kissed me roughly, so rough it almost hurt. I looked up at him shocked as we split.

"All I want is to know if you're going to be mine for the rest of your life," he said.

"Yes Jeff. For ever and always," I replied.

"Get the guys back in here and go get dressed," he said releasing me from his hold. I smiled at him and wiped my face as I walked out.

"Case?" Matt asked.

"You're free to go back in," I smiled.

"Are you alright?" Shane whispered to me as the other walked back into the house.

"Yeah, everything's going to be fine," I replied walking to Amy's to finish getting ready.

A couple hours later I was dressed and fully prepared to marry Jeff. I stood with Dad on one arm and Mel on the other, waiting for the music to cue us to walk down. Finally, it was time. I looked down to the arch and smiled as Jeff looked up at me, tears evident in his eyes. Wind blew his hair lightly in front of his face as I stood in front of him. I hugged Dad and Mel before they let me go. Jeff and I faced each other and smiled. Everything was going just perfect.

"Is there anyone here who believes these two should not be married, speak now or forever hold you peace." I took a deep breath when I heard the silence. "Alright......."



I look back on my wedding day years later and realize that I made one of the biggest mistakes in my life. But how can it all be a mistake when I'm the happiest person in the world. Maybe my wedding day didn't turn out to be the perfect storybook wedding I once told you, but I did have a wedding and married the love of my life. I love him more than life. We now have two beautiful children together, 5 year old Nero and 2 year old Alexandra. Alexandra looks so much like her father it's unbelievable. I couldn't wish for a better life. It's amazing how certain things happen and now I know that they happen for a reason. I'm no longer a wrestler, but I do appear on the WWE every so often. I'm a major writer for the company, sitting right along with Stephanie. We're in the process of working me in as GM or commissioner of some sort. I'll be so happy to get back on tv full time again. Many ask me if it's hard to be away from my kids like that, and I say no, because they travel right along with me. I wouldn't want it any other way. Well, I have to be going now. Maybe someday I'll tell you what really happened. Until then, keep thinking of that storybook wedding I once told you about. True it happened in my dreams, but it happened no the less.