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Callista walked forward, looking around the large room they had found. Actually, she more 'floated' forward rather than 'walked.' She looked back to Arnold, who was standing back where they had been, shaking like crazy. "Arnold, it's... it's a..." she stuttered, then looked over to two chains hanging from the wall, with the ends of them around a skeleton's wrists. It was not a good sight, and it would make anyone that gets queasy not easily at all throw up. She was a ghost, and couldn't throw up, but she sure felt like she would. Then she thought of Arnold, and looked back at him, to see him just standing there, staring at the skeleton with wide eyes. "Arnold... are you all right?" she asked shakily.

Arnold continued to stand there, staring. He was glad that the water had gone up to his waist now, because, well, he didn't need to use the rest room any more. And now he felt nauseous, because that skeleton still had a few pieces of skin on it. He covered his mouth, and Callista could see his face turn bright green.

Then suddenly, a voice rang out, "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! RATS!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! EW!!" and Arnold recognized it. He suddenly didn't feel queasy any more, because he felt slightly scared that Helga was here. He didn't know why, though. He turned towards the sound, and took a large breath.

"HELGA!! WHERE ARE YOU!?" he called, and heard a couple gasps. He couldn't quite recognize the second gasp, but before he could run towards the voice, a blinding light shone from the middle of the room.

All four shielded their eyes from the blinding blue light. It got brighter for a minute, then dimmed down, and in it's place, floated a teenage girl that looked slightly older than Callista. She had long blonde hair, and was dressed in what looked like a purple nightgown. She had her arms together across her chest, her legs hanging down below her, her head slightly tilted up, and her eyes closed. The four were speechless from the sight of the blonde.

Suddenly, Callista snapped, "Abby, what are you doing trying to scare us like that!? Those 3 could have ended up like us, dead!!" and the girl, Abby, looked down at Callista with her shining blue eyes. Then it hit Arnold. Shining blue and green lights... the bus! His jaw dropped, as he stared up at the girl, who obviously must be like Callista. But, something about her, he didn't like, and he didn't like thinking like that.

Arnold didn't know how right he was to think about her like that. She snickered, and held a hand out towards Callista and Arnold, and one out towards Helga and Gerald. "Oh, Callista, you're so dense, didn't you figure out about me years ago?" she asked in a voice that seemed like poison, and made the 3 alive children tense up. Callista just floated up to Abby's level, and spoke something to her, that the children couldn't understand. "On, atsillaC, er'uoy gnorw. M'I on regnol no ruoy edis, retsis." Abby replied in the same poison voice, then Callista gasped, and looked down to the children below, then looked back to Abby, her eyes now with a red glint in them.

Arnold looked at her strangely, and she spat, "Abby is my sister, and she has changed sides. She no longer is on my side. The side that makes it so you can't ever leave this planet." Arnold looked to Callista, who had a growing blue ball of light in her hand. What on earth was it, and was it going to hurt them? He wondered, staring at it.

She smirked, and raised her hand above her head. "Congratulations, Callie, Arnold, Helga, Gerald," the 3 children gasped, because none of them had told her their names, "You will be the first four to experience my power that I have found. Can you believe it? One minute, I'm chatting happily with my dense sister, fooling her, and the next, I'm about to blow you four far into the future!" the four looked at her strangely. She laughed, and ran her hand through her hair. "None of you know what the heck I'm talking about, do you?" she asked, and the four shook their heads.

She smirked, and chuckled, her crystal blue eyes turning darker. "Well, as you may know, Callista and my mother left a jewelry box behind, and if either of us find it, our parents will come back, and whoever found the box will live with them happily, alive again. If both of us find it, nothing will happen. It seems unfair, but it's the rules. I always loved my sister, and she loved me, but if I had to choose which of us got to return to life with our parents, I'm afraid I'm a little more selfish than her, and I choose myself. Well, knowing her, she would meddle with my plan, and end up, not intentionally, being the one alive again. She always was getting the rewards from my hard work, because she would be there when I was working on it, and I would lose a part, go find it, and she would be there when my parents saw it, and it always ended up working anyway, so I never got to be rewarded for MY hard work.

"Well, now I can get my revenge, and you won't be anywhere near me, Callie. I need some kind of reward from all my hard work, and it's to be alive again. You four will all be 200 years away from my plan!" Callista stood there, staring at her sister as if she was crazier than she actually was, which was impossible.

"What are you talking about, Abby?! Nothing but our parents coming back will happen when you find the jewelry box! You won't come back to life, you'll be dead forever now! Abby, I know that you are half crazy and always have been, but that's more insane than even YOU could have imagined!" she exclaimed, and Abby let out a aggravated wail, aiming the now quite large blue ball at the four. "And you know you can't send us into the future!!" she called out, balling her hands into fists. That was it. Abby was steaming, and you could see it in her eyes. They were now not blue, but instead, a purplish red.

"You are wrong!! I WILL have my revenge, SIS, and you are going to end up in the year 2203!" she yelled, her hands tensing up, and it was obvious that she was about to let the ball go. "Eulb llab fo tghil, dnes eseht ruof 200 sraey daeha, ot eht raey 2203!" she called out, sending the blue ball of light hurtling towards them. Callista stood there, with her arms crossed, and a scowl on her face, while the 3 fourth graders huddled together, shaking. Well, for once on this trip, Arnold was not shaking, but was just holding Helga. He didn't know why, but he felt he had to. It was just something inside of him, telling him to do it.

Suddenly, as the ball was heading towards them, a female voice rang out, "OH MAN, WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT!?" before any of the four could check who had joined their group, the ball of light enveloped them, and all of them no longer could see anything but light. Helga and Arnold gripped onto each other for dear life, Gerald grabbed whoever had joined them, and Callista stood her ground, with her arms crossed. All five of them were stunned, and as soon as the light passed, they all fell into a pile on the ground, knocked out.


Wow, what a place to leave it! I think this part came from playing too many playstation games. Anyway, congratulations to me, this is the last chapter until it's sequel, "Year 2203." Dorky name, I know, but I thought of it on the spur of the moment, and it's all I could think of. So, you like this? Oh, and the reason I made the next of it a new story, is because it doesn't have anything to do with a Ghost Town. Well, it does have the main characters from it, but... HEY WAIT A SEC! I just thought of something! *grins* I've been reading too many books that drop off on the first one and leave you hanging until you read the second one, I guess.