Author's Note 1: I don't think I'm far off from stating that most anime centered around a magical high school are utter garbage. Even my favorites in this genre like Soul Eater and Chivalry of a Failed Knight, have their fair share of problems. However, I am a firm advocator of the idea that there a no such things as bad stories, just bad writers.

So here I go! My first attempt at a genre I'm not particularly fond of! I can't see anything going wrong! And yes, this is in-canon with the rest of the Fairy Mythos series, and if this experiment proves successful, I may do some more spin-offs meant to expand the world (as if I don't do that enough with the main story).

Chapter 1: Welcome to Avalon Academy

In the kingdom of Fiore, there are those who practice their craft to become expert wizards. While many of these wizards are usually self-taught, there are those who wish to master their skill to prepare for their future careers. As such, there are Magical Academies all over the country, ready to teach the next generation of wizards the intricacies of magic and help them learn how to fully harness their skills.

The most prestigious of these schools is the one stationed in the capital city of Crocus; Avalon Academy. Established during the reign of King Alistair IV, Avalon Academy prides itself on its high-level curriculum, state-of-the-art facilities, and their famous alumni. A diploma from Avalon almost guarantees a high position in the wizard world, with many students given the option to join the Rune Knights, Magical Research Bureau, and nearly any magical guild of their choosing.

This is the story of one particular student. A young man determined to find his purpose, despite his past mistakes. Of how he would forge friendships that would last a lifetime and a romance that bloomed most unexpectedly.

It was a sunny Saturday as a young man walked through the streets of Crocus. He wiped some sweat from his brown skin, using his other hand to block out the sun from his eyes a bit. His eyes were amethyst, and he had brown cornrow hair that reached the middle of his neck. He was a relatively fit young man, as revealed by his dark blue muscle shirt. The rest of his outfit consisted of long beige pants and forest green sneakers with white socks. On his back was a huge dark green sack with four similar ones in his arms.

'Just follow the signs, he said. You can't miss it, he said.' The young man thought to himself as he continued to trudge through the town, getting strange looks from people as the heavy bags made him wobble a bit. 'I'm starting to think that old guy at the train station was blind. That would explain the cane and the freaky-ass eyes.'

And so, the young man continued on his trek through the city, determined to reach his goal. And soon enough, he saw a compound made up of seven buildings, all of them constructed out of dark purple bricks and metal. Surrounding the place was a forty-mile fence and an elaborate sign in front of the gate.

Avalon Academy:

Tomorrow's brightest are forged today.

'Finally!' He shouted mentally before rushing towards the scanning lacrima controlling the lock. The young man reached into his pocket and pulled out his guest pass. After scanning it, the gates opened and he walked through, taking in the majesty of the academy, passing by a few of the students who were enjoying their weekend off. But soon enough…

"Oh crap!" He heard a girl's voice yell out. He looked up and saw several pieces of paper flying through the air. The brown-skinned man grabbed the papers as they fell before looking around and seeing a girl frantically looking out the window. Said girl had short black hair, a yellow t-shirt, brown shorts, a black headband wrapped around her head with matching wristbands, and squinted eyes.

"Hey, are these yours?!" The young man asked.

"Ya! Stay right there!" The girl said before placing her palms together. As she did this, orange magical energy flowed them before she held it outwards. "Crystal-Make: Stairs!"

In an instant, a staircase made entirely out of orange crystals manifested underneath the girl's window, surprising the young man. The girl quickly jumped onto the stairs (revealing that she was wearing a pair of white sneakers) and ran down towards him, grabbing the papers out of his hand.

"You didn't read these, did you?"

"" He replied. "Your magic is awesome!"

"Oh. Thanks." The girl said before widening her eyes a bit, revealing her black irises. "Hey, I don't think I've seen you around here before."

"Well, that's no surprise. I just got here." The young man said before holding his hand. "Lester Mayfield's the name."

The girl looked at him before smiling and shaking his hand. "Crystal Melon."

"PHHH. R-Really?" Lester asked trying to keep a straight smile on his face, to which Crystal just rolled her eyes at.

"Okay, get it out of your system."

"N-no, t-that's a w-wonderfu…" And that was all he got out before bursting out laughing, holding his sides as he did. Crystal just had a slight chuckle as by this point; she had gotten used to people laughing at her name.

"Oh...I'm so sorry." Lester said, wiping his eyes.

"Soooo...I'm gonna take a wild guess and say you're looking for the registration office." Crystal said.

"Got it one." The amethyst-eyed man replied before looking around. "Hopefully there's a map nearby, 'cause this place is ridiculously huge."

"I can take ya there." Crystal stated.

"Oh, I wouldn't want to impose."

"Hey, you saved my manuscript, I help you find your way around the school. We're even." The squinty-eyed girl said before walking ahead. "Come on, this way!"

"Um, right." Lester said before picking up his bags. "But...what about the giant crystal staircase?"

In response, the black-haired girl snapped her fingers, causing the staircase to vanish into sparkles.

"Huh. Neat."

And then…

Within less than ten minutes, Crystal had lead Lester to the registration office, where he was sitting patiently as the registry clerk looked over his paperwork.

"Uh huh. Yup. Ya ha." The apparently tired man mumbled. "Well, Mr. Mayfield. Everything seems to be in order."

After giving the stamp of approval, the clerk then had Lester stand to get his picture taken, the amethyst-eyed man giving a confident smile and thumbs up as it was taken. He then gave Lester his Student ID, which listed his name, age, rank, magic, and school year.

"We should have a dorm room ready for you in two hours. Feel free to leave luggage here. We'll have someone take it to your room." The non-emotional clerk stated.

"Thanks, Mr…" Lester began to say before reading his name tag. "Bartholomew."

"Just call me Bart. Or don't. I don't care either way." The man had said before he went back to reading his Araki Kujo novel.

"Right." Lester replied, not sure what to make of the man's dull presence. "Well, I'll just be on my way."

"You do that."

And with that, Lester awkwardly left the office, Crystal standing there and waiting for him.

"So, everything cool?"


"Awesome! The tour continues!" Crystal enthusiastically stated.

"Wait, who said anything about a tour?"

"Well, I got nothing going on, and you obviously don't know your way around." The bandana-wearing girl said with a cheeky smile. "Might as well give ya the tour."

"You know, that sounds pretty good." Lester replied. "Lead the way, Madame."

"Okay!" Crystal replied before marching forward, Lester following behind her. For the next two hours, Crystal-Make wizard showed her fellow student around the campus. From the dining hall, the indoor gym pool, the library, and the club room building.

"Damn, when they said Avalon A had some of the best facilities in the country, they weren't kidding." Lester commented on.

"Trust me; you ain't even seen the coolest part!" Crystal said with enthusiasm. Lester laughed at his new friend's boundless energy, until he heard something.

"YAAAAAA!" A girl screamed. The two turned and saw a small blue-haired girl in a green & yellow sundress had tripped and fallen face-first.

"There she goes again." Crystal said with a sigh, confusing Lester as she went over to pick her up. The small girl also had brown eyes, as revealed when the black-haired girl helped her up. "You really need to watch where you're going, Wendy."

"I know." The smaller girl groaned before looking up at her friend with a smile. "Thanks, Crystal."

She then noticed Lester watched close by. "Who's that?"

"Oh, that's Lester. He's new to the school."

"Nice to meet a prodigy." Lester said with a smile, confusing Wendy.


"Well ya. I doubt any ten-year-old could get accepted into Avalon." He said, only to be shocked by a cloud of sadness from over Wendy's head and comical tears starting to form in her eyes.

"B-but, I'm fourteen." The tiny girl whimpered, making Lester realize what a horrible mistake he just made.

"Wendy's a late bloomer." Crystal whispered into his ear, making him feel even guiltier.

"H-heh, I was just joking! You're totally a teen!" The dark-skinned man said with his arms flailing comically. "I just joking around! That's what I do!"

"R-really?" Wendy asked.

"Ya! Just some friendly ribbing between fellow students. Ehehehehe." The amethyst-eyed man said with a sweatdrop.

"Oh, right. Of course." The tiny girl replied, now in a much better mood.

"Honestly, child. Can you not go a day without tripping over yourself?" An older female voice asked. The three turned and saw...a small white cat walking on her hind legs, and dressed in a pink & red dress.

"Hey, Carla." Crystal greeted.

"Good day to you as well, Crystal." Carla greeted back.

"HOLY CRAP, THAT CAT IS TALKING!" Lester shouted in shock.

"Don't know it's rude to gawk at the lady?" Carla said with a disappointed look in her eyes. Typically the kind of look a disappointed mother gives to her children.

"Oh, sorry Ma'am." The brown-haired man apologized before bowing. "I'm Lester Mayfield."

"Now, now. There's no need for bowing, Mr. Mayfield." The white-furred cat replied.

"So, not to sound rude or anything, but are you a student too?" Lester asked.

"Actually, Carla's more like my supervisor." Wendy explained.

"Someone has to look out for your well-being, child." Carla replied.

'I can't help but feel like we're getting off track.' Crystal thought to herself. "So guys, I was gonna show Lester the Battledome. Wanna come with?"

"Sure." Wendy replied with a smile.

"I don't see why not." Carla responded. As the four walked towards the aforementioned Battledome, Lester had a smile on his face. He hadn't even been at the school for a full day, and he was already making friends. Well, maybe friends was too strong of a word. Friendly acquaintances was more like it. Already, it was an improvement from his previous school. But more on that later.

For now, Crystal, Wendy, and Carla lead him to the Battledome. And true to its name, it was a dome-shaped building that was the same shade of dark purple as the rest of the campus. Carla then went on to explain Avalon Academy's ranking system. Every student had a numerical rank based on their grades, magical prowess, combat performance. To increase their ranking, students would need to improve on their classwork, complete various combat programs, or challenge other students to faculty-sanctioned duels. As for lowering their ranking, that is done whenever a student breaks a rule, fails a test or class assignment, or loses a duel.

The four entered the dome and saw there was a decent crowd in the bleachers. In the middle of the arena (which had a mana-activated force-field to protect the audience), a male student was running through a gauntlet of hard-light golems. He was a tad shorter than Lester with dirty blond hair, blue eyes, a blue opened vest over a dark blue shirt, long jeans, brown boots with spurs on the back, brown gloves, a red handkerchief around his neck, and a dark brown cowboy hat on his head.

In his left hand was a red pistol that was shooting fire at the constructs, while his right hand held a dark blue pistol that shot ice. As he took down foes, the barrier around the arena was showing his kill count, which was at 143 and rising.

"Looks like Desmond's trying to break his record again." Wendy stated.

Lester squinted his eyes at the mention of that name, before widening them in realization. "Hey, I know that guy!"

"You know the 8th strongest student in the school?" Carla asked.

"You betcha! Hey, Desmon…" Lester started to say, but unfortunately, when he moved forward, he accidentally tripped on the first step. And as if tripped down the stairs wasn't bad enough, he had also hit another student, causing them both to roll down the stairs until they hit the bottom with a loud noise.

"Ow." The girl Lester tripped into groaned as she sat up. She had light red hair tied in a ponytail, blue eyes, and wore the official Avalon Academy female uniform (which consisted of a black knee-length skirt, a purple blazer over a white buttoned-up shirt, white shoes, and knee-length black socks.

"Excuse me, ma'am." The girl looked down and saw Lester's face was crushed underneath her rump. "I'm sorry for falling into you. But would you be so kind as to get off of me? I'm finding it rather hard to breathe."

A few seconds of realization passed before the girl's face became redder than her hair and she quickly stood up with an angry expression on her face.

"YOU PERVERT!" She screamed before kicking Lester into a nearby wall and getting everyone's attention.

"Woah, what the f*&K, Julia?!" Crystal shouted in anger as she, Wendy, and Carla raced down the step, the small blue-haired girl and white cat going to check on Lester while the black-haired girl got up in the redhead's face. "That was an accident!"

"Accident my behind! He was practically breathing on my ass! You expect me to believe that just happened by mere coincidence?"

As Crystal argued with Julia about the many other boys she beat up for acts or 'perversion,' Wendy leaned down towards Lester.

"A-Anyone see that vulcan that socked me?" The amethyst-eyed man asked in a daze.

"Another victim of the Lanchester beat-down." Carla said, shaking her head in disappointment aimed at the redhead as Wendy closed her eyes before placing her hands in front of Lester's face.

"Sky-Dragon's Healing Wind." She chanted, causing her hands to glow light-blue and a small gust of wind enveloped the black-haired man's head, healing his injuries as it passed over him. In seconds, Lester reconstituted himself before sitting upright.

"You know healing magic? Ain't that supposed to be a lost magic?" Lester asked.

"Oh, it's not a big deal." Wendy bashfully replied. Lester then got back up and saw Crystal and Julia arguing. With an angry expression on his face, walked straight up to the redhead, and grabbed her by the collar.

"Okay, what the hell is your deal?!" He asked with a glare. "I said I was sorry and you decide to kick me into a wall?!"

"Get your filthy hands off me, you perverted louse!" Julia yelled out as she reared her right leg back. Lester saw this, and his eyes glowed as he used his magic. So when Julia aimed a kick at his crotch, instead of Lester falling in pain, she ended up crying out and falling as she rubbed her sore leg.

'It feels like I just kicked cement!' The redhead thought to herself before glaring up at Lester and holding her hand out, ready to cast her magic until…

"ENOUGH!" A man shouted, his cane hitting the ground for emphasis. Everyone turned and saw a dark-skinned man in his late sixties in a dark blue pin-striped suit, brown dress shoes, and a black cane which he was currently resting his hands on. He was a goliath of a man, easily towering over many of the students. His dark brown eyes portrayed years of combat experience, same for the serious expression on his scarred face. In fact, the only thing that gave away his age was his short white hair and the slight wrinkles on his forehead.

"Headmaster Gozen!" Wendy cried out, terrified at the sight of the man.

'Wait, Gozen!? As in ex-general Tenma Gozen?!' Lester thought to himself as the man walked down the steps, all of the students bowing in respect as he did (including Crystal and a scarred Wendy).

"You are students of Avalon Academy! You are meant to represent the best and brightest of the next generation!" The large man stated before gazing down on the two responsible for the commotion. "Miss Lanchester, it seems you've assaulted another one of your male classmates."

"B-But s-sir!" Julia shouted, shaking nervously. "H-he's a-a-a…"

"If you say pervert again, I'll have you run the Golem Gauntlet fifty times. Understood?" The man asked, meaning every word. All the redhead could do was nervously nod her head in agreement. The headmaster then turned to face Lester, causing the amethyst-eyed man to sweat profusely.

'The rumors weren't kidding. This guy's scary as hell!'

"I don't believe I've met you before. Would you so kind as to introduce yourself?" Gozen asked with a neutral tone. Lester quickly saluted before he started talking.

"Lester Mayfield, formerly a student of Promiga High! Age; 15! Height; 5'4! Weight; 124! My magic is…"

"Now, now. There's no need for all of that." The older man responded, causing Lester breath a sigh of relief. "Tell me, son; have you had your initial battle assessment yet?"

"No, sir. I've only been here for a couple of hours." Lester replied. Gozen then looked at both him and Julia. He then looked and saw that Desmond had just finished his run at the gauntlet and an idea came to his head.

"Would you be willing to take it now?" He asked. The students began to whisper about how most students usually had three days to prepare for their assessment, but the headmaster asking a newly arrived student to take it immediately, while not unheard of, was a tad unorthodox. Most of the students suspected that the new guy would reject the offer and take the usual prep time.

However, Lester gained a cocky smirk on his face before answering, "Hell ya!", surprising everyone except Desmond.

"Figures that's your answer." The blond-haired man said, getting everyone's attention. "Always gotta be the center of attention, huh?"

"I wouldn't be me if I didn't." The black-haired man replied before turning back to face Gozen. "So, who am I fighting?"

'Okay, where did this come from?' Crystal wondered. Up until now, she pegged Lester as a polite, if somewhat aloof guy. But now, he had an air of confidence and cockiness about him. 'Is he one of those people whose personality changes in battle?'

Gozen pointed his cane at Julia, surprising the redhead and making Lester's smirk widen.

"Looks like today's my lucky day." He said before cracking his knuckles, which only served to tick the redhead off.

"You think you stand a chance against me? I'm ranked #15! There's no way a newbie from the sticks defeat me?"

"You wanna bet on that, red?" Lester taunted.

"Save it for the battle." Gozen stated. The two foes glared at each other before stepping into the arena, the students clamoring in excitement as they did.

"What is that boy thinking?" Carla asked as she sat next to Wendy and Crystal.

"No idea." The bandana-wearing girl said, her eyes slightly opened and staring at Lester (who was stretching his arms above his head). Gozen stood at the edge of the arena before pulling out a gray and green spherical device. After feeding some magic into it, the device started to float in the center of the arena.

"Please present your student IDs!" Gozen ordered. Lester and Julia did just that, and the device scanned them. It then proceeded to fly up above the arena and showed projections of their rankings.

Julia Lanchester

Year 3

Rank 15

Lester Mayfield

Year 2

Rank 587

"He's in the lower five-hundreds?!" Wendy asked in shock.

"He must've had an exceptionally high score on his entrance exam to illicit that kind of ranking." Carla commented. Desmond was also watching from the audience, kicking back in his seat.

'Alright, buddy. Let's see how far you've come.' He thought to himself. Back in the arena, left and activated the mana barrier, which began counting down from thirty. As it did, Lester and Julia stared each other down, ready to go at each other as soon as the countdown hit zero.

'I'll prove that this trollop is just like every other disgusting male.'

'Time to show Avalon what I can do!'

And then the countdown blared as it reached zero. As soon as it happened, Julia held out her left hand and chanted, "Light-Make: Spears!"

Seven elaborately designed light-blue spear constructs manifested next to her. The redhead then moved her arm forward, sending the spears flying towards her foe. In response, Lester's eyes glowed again. And right when the spears were close to him, the black-haired man leaped high into the air, dodging the spears and backflipping onto the barrier.

"Time to make a scene!" Lester shouted before using the barrier as a springboard to jump directly to the other side of the wall, touching down feet first before bouncing off of it and to another side. This continued as he moved faster and faster, ricocheting all over the barrier.

Julia was not deterred by this and redirected her spears to give chase. However, Lester's sporadic ricocheting was proving to be pretty useful, as whenever the spears shot in his direction, he quickly leaped away.

"What's the matter, red? Can't hit a moving target?" Lester taunted, which only serve to aggravate Julia even more. She then quickly manifested a throwing dagger construct behind her back, waiting for her chance as her foe keep bouncing out of the reach of her spears. And as he was about to bounce off of a wall with his back facing downwards, the redhead saw her opportunity.

With a quiet chant, she commanded her dagger to fly upwards. Lester saw this in the corner of his eye and quickly activated his magic again. The blade reached its target, but to the surprise of everyone, it simply shattered upon impact with his shirt.

Unfortunately for Lester, this distraction caused him to lose his momentum, and he ended up falling flat on his face, causing a few members of the audience to laugh. However, he quickly leaped back up.

"I'm ok!" He shouted with a smile. However, much to everyone's surprise, Julia started to chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Lester asked his foe.

"I've discovered your magic." Julia stated, shocking her opponent and the audience. "It's Density Alteration; a magic that allows the caster to alter the density of anything their skin touches from rubber to titanium."

Lester scowled as his foe continued to talk. "You were turning your sandals into rubber to leap and bounce off the barrier walls. And when my dagger hit you, it shattered. It stands to reason that you altered the density of your shirt and turned it into a steel-like material. Am I right?"

The brown-haired man said nothing, causing the blue-eyed woman to laugh again. "Looks like I am. I'll admit, I wasn't expecting that to be your magic. And to be fair, you seem to be rather skilled with it. However…"

She then raised her hand, creating twenty more light spears above. "A weak magic like that can only take you so far! I'm honestly shocked you were admitted in with such poultry magic that doesn't even let you attack!" The spears then began to spin rapidly, effectively become hard-light drills.

'Shit! She's going right for the kill!' Crystal mentally shouted in her mind.

"It's time you learned your place, you disgusting excuse for a man!" Julia proclaimed. However, instead of being fearful of the attack, Lester just sighed.

"Honestly, I don't know what's worse. The fact that you're a sexist asshat, or that your insults are so predictable." The brown-skinned transfer student proclaimed, which only served to anger the redhead.

"Light-Make: Rotating Spears!"

And with a flick of her wrist, the flying spears launched ahead.

"Lester!" Wendy yelled out while Crystal looked on in concern.

"Congrats." Lester said with his head down as the projectiles closed in. "You guessed my first origin magic. However…"


In a quick slash, the first spear was destroyed, shocking the audience.

"You haven't guessed my second origin!" Lester said with a smirk as the other spears closed in.


In an instant, all of the light spears were destroyed. And the audience was quickly able to determine what happened. Floating next to Lester was an effigy of a man in an elegant set of dark purple armor, complete with a black cape billowing from its shoulders and a black domino mask on its pale white skin. In its left hand was a rapier with a golden guard and pitch-black blade while its right hand was held behind its back, similar to a fencer's stance. It looked at Julia with its sharp amethyst eyes and a smirk on its face.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" Lester began to say before gesturing towards the knightly effigy. "Making his Avalon Academy debut, please give it up for my Fighting Spirit; Amethyst Knight!"

The now-named figure gave a bow, causing the audience to cheer as Julia shook in anger.

Crystal gave a whistle at this while Wendy and Carla looked in awe. At the bottom of the bleachers, Desmond looked at his old friend with a proud expression.

'So this the result of your training. Way to go, Lester.' He thought to himself, the image of an angry boy replaced by the confident wizard that stood before everyone.

"Don't mock me, you piece of shit!" Julia shouted as more and more light spears began manifest over her. "10! 100! 1000! Light-Make: Thousand-Spear Rain!"

And a seemingly endless volley of energy spears began to make its way towards the two. However, Lester showed no fear. In fact, he smiled as the rain of light weapons approached him and pointed his pointer and middle finger ahead. "Now then, let's finish this with some style! Graceful Flourish!"


With inhuman speed, Amethyst Knight began to swing its rapier to deflect the spears.


No matter how many spinning spears Julia manifested and launched at the two, Amethyst Knight deflected every single one of them. Soon enough, Lester began to strut forward, one hand in his pocket and the other hanging freely as his Fighting Spirit continued to block the attacks.

"What was that you said about my magic being weak?" Lester asked the now sweating Julia.

' the hell can he order his Fighting Spirit to deflect that many attacks?!' The redhead asked as Amethyst Knight continued to deflect the attacks. 'His mind would need to process a crazy amount of infor...HIS RANKING! The only way a new student can get a ranking like that is a perfect test score!'

Lester reached closer and closer, but as he did, Julia hardened her resolved, and she held her hand out.

'NO! I won't be intimidated by a lowly man!' She thought before enveloping her arm in magical energy. "Light-Make: Cannon!"

A cannon construct manifested on Julia's arm, making Lester stop in shock as energy started to gather within the barrel. However, this only lasted for a moment before he smiled again.

"What the hell are you smiling for?! I'm about to blast you to smithereens!" Julia shouted in anger.

"It's just that's you're aiming at me. And by doing so, you took your eyes off the real danger."

The redhead was confused for a brief second before coming to a horrifying realization. She turned her head and saw that Amethyst Knight was floating right behind her, sword at the ready. In desperation, Julia attempted to quickly turn around and blast the fighting spirit…


...but the knightly effigy was faster and smacked her unconscious with the guard of its rapier.

Julia Lanchester: KO'ed!

Lester Mayfield wins!

The crowd (which included Crystal, Wendy, Carla, and Desmond) stood up and applauded the brown-haired man, amazed by the display of skill and magic the new student showed. Lester was surprised by this but smiled anyway, taking a bow with Amethyst Knight copying his movements.

And this was where it all began for me. What started a simple plan to improve my life turned into something much more. I had no idea of the battles that awaited me. That this was where I would meet my soulmate. That I would see things that most people my age could only dream of seeing.

And it all started here, at Avalon Academy.

Author's Note 2: And here it is! The first chapter of my first Fairy Mythos spin-off! But before any asks, I don't plan on making this an ongoing story. Just about thirteen or fourteen chapters. As for where this story takes place concerning the main series, this chapter takes a few weeks before the Fighting Festival Arc.

And yes, we finally see Wendy Marvell folks. And in case you're wondering about her connection to Cait Shelter or why she's at Avalon Academy, that'll be explained in the next chapter!

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