Okay, this chapter may have been the most exciting one I've written so far (for me at least). There are many things that will happen here so sit back, relax and enjoy the action! :)

Warning: Slightly mature content ahead.

Chapter 27: As They Came

The moment he set foot on the island's stony ground, the vivre card on his palm sprung into life, crawling pleadingly toward its owner. He looked around the place sullenly, keeping his senses keen and equipped from any sudden attack.

"Don't leave the ship unguarded. I'll go alone," he said to his crew without turning his head around.

"Aye! Aye! Captain!" one of his subordinates exclaimed as he descended back into the ship.

He sighed, a nasty frown plastered on his face as he buckled his weapon comfortably upon his shoulder. He took a step forward, the heel of his shoe thudding on the heavy stones underneath, and proceeded to walk through the enemy's territory without any hint of fear like how he did a thousand times before.

Zoro stared in awe at the obliterated area behind an abandoned building. The ground was tampered with huge cracks and craters which, upon one innocent look, would make someone think that this had been a fucking meteorite landing site.

The swordsman noticed the heaps of fallen bodies scattered on the area, and he was dead sure that the cook was the one who did this. "Cook!" he shouted and ran around, his good eye frantic in finding that familiar halo of blond hair.

There was no way the cook would be captured by a bunch of weaklings. Not unless there was a shichibukai, an admiral, a yonkō, or… fuck. What if the bastards pulled some dirty tricks?

"Zoro!" Usopp shouted after him. "Stop running around!"

"I'm not running around!" Zoro yelled back, a frown pulling down his features. "I'm going to that stupid place!"


The swordsman's pace slowed down, his footsteps gradually halting because of that familiar high voice. With a sigh, Zoro turned his head around in frustration. "What?"

Sora breathed deeply for a few times, wiping the sweat off her forehead through the sleeve of her gray cloak. After catching her breath, the teenager looked Zoro in the eye. "I have something to say."

The swordsman's eyebrow raised a fraction. "Spit it out."

"The note that the enemy left to us… it's another trap. I mean, it was the supposed rendezvous place for Sanji-san and the scouts, but I'm pretty sure that it's not the place where my grandfather, as well as Sanji-san, are held right now. The place on the note is probably an ambush plan for Sanji-san in case what they did to Kaitarou didn't succeed," Sora explained to the man.

"What do you mean?" Zoro asked with a frown.

Sora's hand clutched the fabric of her cloak, her emerald eyes shining brightly under the moonlight, as a determined smile crept on her thin lips. "I think I know how to find them."





Then another one.

As tiny drops from the leaky water pipe resonated inside his ear, Sanji's vision swam into the thin slit of dim light between his lids. He tried to focus his eyes, pointing out a few details of his surroundings and roughly estimating where the hell he was right now. The coarse surface of the cold stone floor buried at Sanji's cheek and sides, and the steel bars in front of him cast vertical shadows along his slumped body.

He tried to talk, to lift himself up from the floor, but he couldn't fucking move. He felt so weak and it was as if his body was dead to the world. Wait, was he dead? He remembered gasping for air, the painful burning sensation inside his chest as his lungs cried for oxygen. He also remembered choking on his words as his airway tightened.

Where the hell was he?

Sanji heard voices approaching his cell, their footsteps echoing louder and louder as they reached the blond's hearing radius. Even if he wanted to spout insults, curse his captors or better yet, kick their ugly faces in, he couldn't bring a single word out.

"You sure we don't have to put more shackles on him?" a bearded man said with worry-tight eyebrows.

"No. He can't even fucking move, idiot!" the man with a weird hat responded in an irritated manner.


"Shut up!" The latter man gave a small case to his companion and Sanji heard him unlock his cell, the steel door rattling on its hinges as it flew wide open.

The two men walked toward Sanji, their large built towering over his limp body and their thick legs completely blocking Sanji's field of vision. "Oi, blondie." Hat Man nudged Sanji's leg but he couldn't feel anything. Pleased with the lack of response, the man looked at his companion and jerked his head. "Go on."

The bearded man crouched in front of the blond, cautious in case the fallen pirate was feinting weakness, and pulled a loaded syringe out of the small case. The blond's system fired up with adrenaline, but without a motor response, it appeared to be just too pathetic.

"Can't feel a thing, huh, blondie?" Hat Man said complacently as he crossed his arms across his scarred chest. As his companion injected a strange fluid on the cook's arm, he said, "Don't worry, 'lil whore. You'll definitely be able to feel again in a few minutes."

The two men smirked in satisfaction. After pulling the needle out, they both hauled Sanji up from the floor, holding both of his arms as they dragged the blond out of the cell and through a foreign hallway. His feet glided on the rough surface and his head was hanging low in front of him like a lifeless doll.

After a few minutes, the two men dragging Sanji away stopped on their tracks and placed the blond against a hard surface. They chained both of his arms above his head, his feet shackled with heavy iron as the tip of his toes brushed against the wooden floor below him.

At that moment, Sanji started to feel strange. Sweat began to pool beside his face, on his neck, back, arms, legs… fuck. Everywhere. He felt so freaking hot.

The two men noticed the blond's changing state and they both smirked at Sanji's discomfort and deep breaths. "Heh," Hat Man uttered haughtily. "Already reacting, huh, blondie?"

After a few seconds, Sanji's vision was blinded by white light. His eyes squinted at the intrusive brightness as the heavy curtains unfurled to reveal the star of the night. Sanji heard a few shocked gasps, loud cheers from the crowd and the host's loud voice booming everywhere inside the large auction house.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen," the host said in a jovial voice. "May I present you the missing Strawhat Pirate, Sanji Blackleg!"

The crowd's became chaotic and their loud voices rang inside Sanji's ears. His senses started coming back but his muscles felt so stiff. He felt so hot. He felt so fucking hot.

"But being a part of the notorious crew isn't the only appeal of this gorgeous man right here," the host said with a smirk, enticing the audience more. The man put a finger under Sanji's chin and lifted his head up, allowing the bidders to fully see his helpless expression as his mouth hang open for throaty breaths.

"This filthy pirate here," the host started, "is also a nasty whore."

Several bidders strained their necks in their attempt to get a better view of Sanji's sensual expression. Fuck. It was that thing that they injected him. He could feel his pants tighten and that embarrassing reaction was not left unnoticed by the audience as the host laughed at his humiliation.

"See, ladies and gentlemen? He's already this needy." The host turned his head toward the two men beside Sanji and smirked as he jerked his chin meaningfully toward the blond.

The next thing that Sanji heard was a tearing fabric and the audience's shocked and delighted cheers. Air rushed around his body as his shirt was ripped from the midline, exposing his gloriously defined abs, flushing a beautiful shade of pink and glistening with sweat.

"Blackleg Sanji belongs to a very, very rare male species."

'Fuck. Please don't go there,' Sanji pleaded desperately inside his mind. And he couldn't hide the anger that welled up inside his chest for referring to him as some kind of rare species. This fucking asshole.

"This pirate here," the host continued, "is capable of bearing children."

The whole auction hall went dead silent as Sanji's heart dropped from his chest. He wanted to scream out because of this utter humiliation. The bastard had just announced to the world about his strange condition. And if the Celestial Dragons wouldn't hunt him down for it, then other world nobles would.

Pleased with the stunned reactions, the host hoisted his flag to signal the start of the bidding. "The starting bid is two hundred million bellies!"

"Three hundred!" a fat man quickly raised his hand as his eyes basically stripped Sanji up to the bone.

"Three hundred and fifty!"

"Five hundred!"

"Six hundred!"

The bids carried on but Sanji couldn't hear them. His head was clouded by the overwhelming sensation on his lower abdomen. Even the slightest touch became too sensitive for him. He was practically on fire. He felt so pathetic.

So fucking filthy.

"Going once? Going twice?" the host said, scanning the crowd for another bidder to raise the bid but when no one raised his hand, he beamed brightly and raised his flag once again. "The bidding is now closed at one billion and three hundred million bellies!"

The audience clapped as the man who technically bought Sanji stood up and waved at the crowd. He was wearing a luxurious suit, a spectacle and just from one look, anyone could say that he was indeed a world renowned noble. When the man stood upon the platform and in front of Sanji, placing his cane under the blond's chin to further examine his face, the world noble bastard smiled as lascivious interest glinted in his eyes. "You got nice eyes. I want to have a son with blue eyes like yours."

"B-Ba…" Sanji tried to speak in a strained voice. "Bas… tard."

"Oh?" the man said in amusement. "Quite a mouth, I see."

"We can give you a few shots of the drug we injected him for free," the host told him.

"I'll pay. Ship all of your stocks to my mansion first thing in the morning. I need to tame my new pet," the man said with a lecherous smirk. "Or sex slave, perhaps."

The host grinned and bowed at the noble. "Of course, my lord. We'll ship all of the drugs to you immediately."

"Good," the man said. "Close the curtains. I need some time alone with my slave."

"As you wish. We'll give you the Bomb Collar for your slave right away." The host walked away and waved his hand as a signal. The curtains started to slide back, slowly extinguishing Sanji's last ray of hope.

The man pinned Sanji's head to the side with his cane. He gasped, disgust churning his stomach as he felt the man's tongue lick his neck. His skin tingled at the contact, electrifying every fiber in his body as he shivered in traitorous pleasure. A moan escaped from his lips and Sanji wanted nothing but to die right there in shame.

The man's other hand crawled on the exposed skin of his abdomen, stroking every indentation and ridge with lusty fingers. Sanji felt the back of his eyes burn and his lips formed slowly the only coherent word in his mind right now.

"Zo… ro."

A blast of wind hit across the platform in lightning speed and the next thing that Sanji knew was the crumbling of the wall behind him, the splitting of the platform and the falling debris from the ceiling. Moonlight shone from the outrageous crack above him and he caught the fast flash of a figure in front of him. His bidder was coughing large amounts of blood and crumpling like a piece of paper on the wooden platform.

Sanji's heart stopped for a second as his blue eye stared in shock at the mass of green in front of him. He heard a low growl from the man as his grey eye gleamed with fierce, demonic energy. His arms and katanas were dark and coated with Armament Haki and Sanji wondered for a moment if the man really did cut a fucking huge auction hall into half.

The scouts began to lunge toward Zoro. The swordsman bent down lower, accumulating power for his attack. "Santoryu." Zoro slashed the air with profound strength. "One Hundred Eighty Pound Canon!"

His opponents blasted against the chairs and walls of the auction hall. There was a stampede of people near the entrance as they all ran for their lowly lives. Sanji gasped as pain shot through his body. Fuck. It was getting worse. "Z-Zoro," he said hoarsely.

"I won't let them touch you again, Cook," Zoro uttered in a low and serious voice before he ran toward his remaining enemies.

Sanji almost cried in relief and gratefulness. He tried to wriggle his hands free from the chains but his arms felt like freaking liquid. His pants felt so tight and it was suffocating. It was getting fucking painful.

Sanji's visible eye landed on the fallen man in front of him. His eye widened as his bidder pulled out a pistol from his coat and pointed it at Sanji. The man's finger caressed the deadly strip of metal and as he pulled the trigger, a strange blue dome engulfed the whole auction hall.

The bullet sprung free from the barrel, the loud sound ringing in Zoro's ears as he whipped his head automatically toward the cook, eye wide in horror and mouth slack in muted shock. Then–


Sanji's vision was blocked by a tall, coated figure faster than a blink of an eye. The bullet never came and he saw how the man in front of him slashed the bidder into goddamn half. The strange blue dome dissipated and the man straightened on his feet.

Sanji saw his recognizable dark, rugged side-burns, beard, piercings, and the all-too-familiar tattoos running at the back of his hands and along his long, bony fingers.

"LAW?!" the swordsman shouted in disbelief. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Relax, Zoro-ya," the former shichibukai said in his low baritone. "I'll help you first with this mess."

Law mainatined his distance near Sanji as Zoro continued to fight freely across the entire auction hall. After three minutes of chaos, Sanji felt another jolt of pain rattle his body. He groaned loudly and tried to tense his thighs to somehow ease his hurt but it was no fucking use.

Law seemed to notice his pain and he examined Sanji for a moment before lifting his hand and saying, "Room."

The blue dome returned and engulfed the whole auction hall once again. "Shambles," Law said as he raised his index and middle fingers.

The next view that greeted Sanji was the line of thick trees. They were in the middle of a forest and possibly at the top of a hill or mountain. "Wha–?" Zoro muttered in shock and as he realized what happened, he immediately turned around and faced Law with a terrifying scowl on his face. "Why the hell did you get us out of there? I still have to kill those bastards–"

"I have to do it," Law explained. "Blackleg-ya is in pain."

"What?" Zoro's eye found Sanji's pain-stricken face and his chest instantly tightened at the blond's tortured condition. Zoro cut Sanji's chains and the blond helplessly fell over the swordsman's shoulder. "Oi, Cook!"

Zoro shook Sanji's arms but the blond kept his eyes closed, his eyebrows pulled together tightly as his mouth gasps for heavy breaths. "What the hell's happening?" the swordsman asked in slight fear and panic.

"He's been drugged," Law explained. "We need to get him back to the ship."

"Wait. Usopp and the others are still…" Zoro tried to finish his thoughts but he was interrupted by Sanji's fingers clawing desperately on his coat.

"Don't worry, Zoro-ya. I ran to them earlier and I gave them the location of my ship. They must be there by now," Law said.

The swordsman was relieved but he couldn't be completely satisfied with all the sudden turn of events if the cook was still trembling painfully inside his arms. He tightened his hold around the blond and looked Law directly in the eye. "Let's go."

The man summoned the blue dome once again, bigger than the ones Zoro had ever seen before, and they transcended into time and space faster than the speed of light. Zoro's boots landed on the deck of Law's submarine ship. Usopp immediately helped him carry Sanji, following the former shichibukai inside the ship and through metal hallways.

"Lay him here." Law motioned in one of the patient beds in his infirmary.

"Is he okay?" Usopp asked worriedly as he stared at Sanji lying on his side, his chest rising and falling heavily in every labored breath.

"Why is he in pain? Did those bastards give him poison?" Zoro balled his hands into tight fists and anger began to crawl inside him.

"No," Law replied which somehow managed to lift off a part of the burden from Zoro's shoulder. "But he needs help."

"What help? Tell me," Zoro said, desperation and utter compliance palpable on his face.

Law turned his head to Usopp first, politely asking him to give him and Zoro a moment of privacy. When the sharpshooter reluctantly closed the door behind him, the man looked back at Zoro with those usual expressionless eyes.

"Blackleg-ya needs relief."

"What?" Zoro scrunched his eyebrows in confusion.

"I received a call from Mugiwara-ya and he told me about you two. As well as about your son," Law explained. "He asked me to fetch you and your companions as I happened to be in a nearby island. My apologies if I unintentionally invaded a confidential matter such as that."

Zoro had unshakable faith in Luffy. If his captain decided to keep Sanji's secret from him to honor his nakama's request, if he decided to tell Law about their son and to let him follow them to this island, then he was fine with it. He completely understood.

Because he trusted Luffy with his life.

"It's fine," Zoro replied honestly. "What do I have to do?"

"As I've said," Law reiterated, "Blackleg-ya needs relief. He was given a sexual drug, an aphrodisiac, and the only way of getting it off his system is through ejaculation."

Zoro's jaw fell at the doctor's words. After a few seconds of stunning silence, the swordsman spoke. "Don't you have an antidote for that?"

"If I have, then I've already used it up," Law said and looked at Sanji's trembling shoulders. "A sexual drug is not poison, so the body won't produce antibody against it. Its only effects are to heighten the person's physical senses, increase blood flow and to maintain erectile function. So the only way to counteract its effects is to clear it off from his system. And based on Blackleg-ya's signs and symptoms, those bastards have given a synergistic drug to cause muscle weakness to his extremities."

"You mean… I…?" Zoro blinked at the ludicrous proposition of the doctor. It wasn't that he didn't want to do it. Hell, he had wanted to do it ever since he realized he loved the stupid cook. But there was just something… wrong with the time, place, and everything. It wouldn't appear and feel like how it should be. It would be in an entirely different context.

"Do you want me to stand on your stead?"

"Fucking no!" Zoro scowled at the man and walked past him toward the edge of Sanji's bed.

An amused glint flashed across the doctor's usually impassive eyes and he turned around to leave and give the couple a moment of privacy. When Zoro heard the metal door close, he lowered himself on the bed cushion and ran a hand along Sanji's arm.

"Oi, Cook," he said softly.

Sanji gasped in response and a silent tear fell from the corner of his eye. "Z-Zo…ro."

"Shh. I'm here. I'm here," the swordsman whispered to Sanji's ear as he laid himself behind Sanji and continued to give comforting strokes on the blond's trembling arm.

"It… it fucking… h-hurts," Sanji bit his lower lip and he was sure that he would taste blood in a few moments.

"Cook." Zoro placed a gentle kiss behind Sanji's earlobe. "Let me help you."

Zoro knew from the way Sanji's muscles tensed and relaxed that the cook was probably attempting to move but he couldn't bring himself to it. Sanji's limbs felt flaccid and stiff at the same time and the excruciating pain on his lower abdomen was twisting his body into a writhing ball of agony.

"Zo…ro," Sanji gasped the swordsman's name. "Please…"

Zoro's face warmed up and he reached out for the cook's pants before he could debate himself to it. The cook needed his help. He had to take the cook out from this grave pain. He didn't want to do this under this kind of circumstance but he had no choice. They had no choice.

Zoro flicked the fly open and lowered down the zipper. His fingers stopped at the waistband of Sanji's underwear and he leaned down to whisper to the blond's ear, "Do you trust me?"

Sanji inhaled sharply, feeling the rush of shameful excitement through system elicited by the drug. "Yes," he answered breathily. "I love you."

The innocent words hit Zoro like a tsunami. His chest brimmed with affection toward the blond and he planted a kiss on Sanji's cheek as he let his hand roam deeper. The blond gasped when Zoro held him and his skin sang at the much awaited contact.

Sanji almost cried when Zoro started pumping him. He could feel the insufferable pain slowly ebbing away as pleasure trickled through his veins. The blond's mouth hung open in a breathy moan, his fingers gradually summoning their strength as he clawed on the bed covers beside him.

"Zoro," he called the man's name in a choked gasp.

"Cook." The swordsman continued to plant small kisses on the blond's temple and cheek as he applied the right amount of pressure at the perfect time and at the perfect places which made Sanji lose his mind. The swordsman was being gentle, peppering him with comforting kisses to ease Sanji's inner turmoil.

"Ah… Ah… I can't–Zoro!" A few more pumps and the cook spilled over the covers, his whole body shuddering from the intense release and from the clearance of the hateful drug from his system. His consciousness flickered and Sanji breathed deeply to calm his rapidly beating heart. He could feel strength slowly coming back to his limbs and relief, more than pleasure, washed over his entire body.

Sanji faintly felt his pants zip up in his dazed state. The swordsman hugged him from behind, burying his face on the crook of Sanji's warm and damp neck. "Sorry," he muttered on the blond's skin.

"Don't…" Sanji said quietly and he wanted nothing but to turn around and place a reassuring kiss on the swordsman's lips but his current state proved him otherwise.

Zoro's arms went a bit tighter around him, his face burying deeper on Sanji's neck, and he could feel a pang of guilt and worry from the man behind him. "I didn't want to."

"I said it's fine, Idiot Marimo," Sanji replied, hoping to lighten the mood up. "Did you find Kaitarou?"

"Yes," the man whispered.

"Is he fine?"


The blond sighed in relief and it was the last straw that was keeping Sanji away from unconsciousness. His eyelids felt heavy like lead and mercury and he let his eyes close on their own. Just before he succumbed to the awaiting darkness, he felt a soft pair of lips pressing against his neck, calm breaths tickling the hairs on his skin and a gentle thumb caressing the inside of his forearm, enticing Sanji to lay himself bare inside those strong, protective arms as he plunged himself into a deep, deep lullaby.

Light seeped through his heavy, half-lidded eyes. Sanji blinked the bleariness away, swallowing the dryness on his throat, and he pushed himself up to have a look around. His eyes landed on the needle inserted at the back of his hand. Right. He was in Law's ship. He remembered being carried to this room, lying down on this bed and… being taken care of by Zoro.

His cheeks flushed at the memory of the man's calloused palm around him, stroking him in every perfect way that Sanji could imagine. He pushed the thought back in his mind, pondering that it was not the right time to have an unwanted arousal.

He yanked the needle off his hand and a few drops of blood stained the white covers under him. Sanji planted his feet on the cold metal floor, sighing in relief that his strength and senses had finally come back to him.

His blue eye caught the familiar hue of green hair across the room. Zoro was leaning against the wall, sitting cross-legged on the floor with his head bowed down as his three katanas rested comfortably against his right shoulder. The blond pushed himself up, slightly tipping off his balance as he regained his motor function, and walked barefoot toward the sleeping man.

Sanji knelt down in front of him. His curly eyebrows pulled together as he took in the dark bags under Zoro's eyes, his slightly chapped lips, a few shallow cuts on his arms and the faint discoloration tainting the corner of his mouth.

The blond reached out, ghosting his thumb over the man's bruise beside his lips. 'He must be tired,' Sanji thought. Zoro should have had woken up by now. His nakama had a very keen sense for intruders invading his private circle, like a sixth sense that woke him up to avoid any surprise attack. He was a heavy sleeper. He could literally sleep through raging storms, under falling snow and scorching heat of the sun.

But seeing how dead he was now to the world, the swordsman must have been through a lot since the moment they got separated in the island. Sanji leaned forward, angling his head low to the side to press a soft kiss on the swordsman's slightly parted lips. Everytime he kissed Zoro tenderly like this, he felt a strange flutter in his stomach and a course of warm sensation inside his chest. It felt good. But most of all, it felt… right.

When Sanji pulled back, the swordsman's eyelid opened slowly, blinking the blurriness away a few times before his voice moved his lips. "Cook?" he said quietly as he lifted his head up to stare at the blond.

"Yeah, Marimo, it's me." Sanji brushed his thumb over Zoro's cheekbone.

"You fine?"

"Yeah. Thank you," Sanji replied truthfully. He did owe Zoro his life. Again. If things weren't the way they were now, if they were just plain nakama like how they were before, then Sanji's man pride would probably not be too happy of being saved by his rival.

The swordsman hummed lowly in satisfaction and he held Sanji's hand, pulling it away from his face and lazily intertwining their fingers together. "Glad you didn't cry like a damsel," Zoro said with a teasing smile on his lips.

Sanji rolled his eyes at the man. "Oh, fuck off."

Zoro chuckled and leaned forward to meet Sanji's lips in a brief kiss. "'m also glad that I made it in time."

After finding himself from the fleeting moment they'd shared, the blond looked Zoro in the eye and said, "How did you find me?"

"Sora," the man explained. "We managed to haul a couple of conscious bastards from the area where you kicked their asses. Behind that abandoned building. She used her ability to extract information from them. That's how I ended up in the auction hall."

The cook's eyebrow rose. "You're alone?"

"Yeah. Why?" the man questioned.

"You got lost, didn't you?"

A heavy blush spread across Zoro's face and he grumpily pulled his hand away from Sanji, crossing his arms over his chest defiantly as he shot a deathly glare at the stupid blond. "I didn't get lost. The trees moved."

Sanji laughed at the absurdity of the whole event. So, Zoro could've had arrived sooner, huh? Well, it didn't really matter. He couldn't get tired of pissing the other man off by pointing out his awful sense of direction in every chance he got. "Figures," Sanji said with a laugh.

"Wait. Where's Ranport-san?" the blond asked as reality set back in.

"He's not in the island," Zoro responded with a frown. "But Sora's able to know his location."

"So we're going to wherever the hell he is now, right?" Sanji asked hopefully.

"Yeah," Zoro said as he planted his feet on the floor and hoisted himself up, pulling Sanji with him in the process. "Law's ship surfaced two hours ago. We managed to get away from the island less than half the original travel time." Zoro tapped the metal wall with Kitetsu's hilt as a pleased grin plastered on his face. "This contraption's pretty convenient. Quite fast, too."

A crease appeared between the cook's curly eyebrows. "Wait," he said. "How long have I been out?"

Zoro shrugged. "Two days?"

"What?!" Sanji's eyes bulged out of their sockets in shock. He had been out for two fucking days?

"Stop bitching, Cook. You needed the rest."

"But–But still!" Sanji sighed and scratched the back of his head, discomfited with himself. Oh, man, he really did fuck up.

Before Sanji could ask further questions, the two pirates heard a loud splash, like a sky island had fallen from the heavens and rocked the gentle waves around the ship. Sanji cursed as he tried to keep his footing on the metal floor. "What the fuck is that?" he shouted furiously.

"Heh." Zoro grinned as he looked at Sanji. "Right on time."

Sanji's forehead creased in confusion and before he could interrogate the bastard, Zoro clutched at his wrist and ran out of the room. The blond cursed at the senselessly laughing marimo and he dreaded to kick the bastard's ass everytime he missed the very much obvious stairs leading up to the deck. However, the green-haired man didn't bite to his insults. Zoro was just running up the stairs, dragging Sanji with him with that wide grin on his face.

And before Sanji knew it, the door to the deck opened and sunlight blinded his entire vision. The blond reflexively put a protective arm over his eyes, trying desperately to adjust at the sudden radiance and that was when he heard a familiar laugh booming louder than any noise around him.

"I distinctly remember reminding you not to do that!" Law shouted. "You could've landed on my ship!"

"Sorry! Sorry!" the other party laughed loudly as no trace of regret seemed to hint on his voice.

Sanji's blue eyes widened in sheer disbelief. His heart slammed hard against his chest and his blood rushed quickly through his veins. He was rooted on the spot, unblinking and currently incapable of doing any kind of motion. And when the familiar face's dark eyes held contact with the blond's, his mouth opened in a broad smile and he immediately climbed over his ship's railing.


The blond snapped out of his shock but was a split second too late before he was rolling on the deck with tight arms coiling around him. Sanji cursed at the impact, but the boy above him just gave him a very happy smile, erasing any form of annoyance within him and melting his heart in every way possible.

"Long time no see!" Luffy exclaimed as he grinned broadly at his long-lost nakama.


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