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-The stake out-

Judy was absolutely losing her mind. She could feel her clothing becoming covered with sweat and try all she might she couldn't get her right leg from starting to thump impatiently. Her eyes darted all around. First to a street lamp, then to Nick, at a passing car, back to Nick.

'That fucking doctor… 'She thought, the image of Dr. Bitter smiling at her with an evil grin entered her mind. He started to laugh manically as storm clouds formed behind him, "yes my plan has worked! Now you must suffer! SUFFER!" The evil version of Dr. Bitter in Judy's mind bellowed.

"You ok carrots?"

Judy returned to reality, her ears turning every which way before zeroing in on Nick.

"Yeah… just peachy!" She said a little too quickly. Unable to look over at her concerned partner. 'Whip out that fox meat big boy and just fuck me on the dash board!' her inner voice screamed.

This wasn't the first time Judy had been in heat without her medicine. It was very different though. All the other times she had been at home and able to satisfy her carnal needs with various toys and the likes. This was before she joined the ZPD however. She had always thought that she would be able to use her medicine and just need some time off. There were times the drugs didn't work 100% and she found herself needing extra attention. Normally it just took one session with one or two good finishes and she was set in less than half an hour.

Without her medicine to numb her needs she was starting to go wild. She would need either a good fucking or a lot of serious attention to get through this.

'Why did I agree to do this stake out? I should have just called in! I was so stupid to think I could control myself!' Judy thought as her mind raced. Cursing her stubbornness, her work ethic, her need to be constantly involved. These thoughts were also accompanied by images. All of them involving her and Nick in various positions. She especially enjoyed the one where he towered over her from behind and rammed his har…

"Cheese and crackers!" Judy suddenly blurted out causing Nick to drop the binoculars he was playing with.

"What?!" he barked back as he reached for the pistol under his seat.

"Sorry... I just... Thought I saw something." Judy tried to play off, her wide purple eyes scanning the dark streets. No one was in sight and nothing had actually changed on the deserted street.

Nick was gasping for air as his heart rate returned to normal. "For crying out loud carrots!"

'Oh God yes… call me carrots! Put that carrot of yours inside me!' she heard her inner voice say as a shiver went down her spine.

"Sorry... It's jus... "She began but Nick cut her off.

"Listen, I didn't want to say anything because I know you and I know how embarrassing it is, but Judy… you gotta take care of yourself or something!" Nick exclaimed as he waved his paws around his head.

Judy froze, her ears beginning to droop, cheeks glowing a bright red as she stared at her partner. Her eyes had look of both fear and relation mixed together. "Take care of... Myself? "She whispered, her eyes twitching. She knew what Nick was getting at but held onto the hope that he was too thick headed to know what was going on.

"Oh come on Judy! We are both adults here! I can tell you didn't take one of those bunny pills! You are obviously in heat and from the look of you I think you are about to just blow up! Plus you have been hot boxing the car the whole fucking shift!" he said as he tapped his snout "did you think I was nose blind or something?"

'Kill me' Judy thought as her ears fell behind her. Her lip beginning to quiver. "I'm sorry Nick! I really am! Normally I would be ok and have taken care of myself or just called in. But this is an important case and I didn't want to leave you alone!" she started to explain, her voice quivering along with her lips.

Nick raised his hands in front of his chest, his expression softened, "hey hey hey, it's ok carrots! I'm not mad, I just don't like to see you suffer like this."

"I'm sorry, I just get so emotional and crazy when this happens." Judy muttered, "I think I just need to let out some... Stress…" She slowly looked at the floor of the car and then back to Nick, a longing look in her eyes. She wanted to suggest something so badly at that moment but just couldn't bring herself to take the leap.

She scanned the street and saw a late night gas station a block behind them in the review mirror. "Maybe I'll be able to... I guess deal with some of my problem in the… bathroom at that gas station." Judy muttered. The thought made her feel dirty and it was the last place she would want to be. The thought of having to sit on a dirty toilet seat while she tried to pleasure herself made her gag a little.

She slowly reached for the door handle and was about to exit vehicle when she heard the door locks click, sealing her in. She was about to turn to Nick to see what was going on when she felt his arms around her waist.

In one fluid motion Nick lifted the little bunny up and placed her on his lap so her back was against his warm chest. She was facing the steering wheel and had to bend her neck back to look up at him. Her ears shot up and her eyes were wide when she felt one of his paws slowly glide down her stomach and towards the top of her pants. His other arm holding her close.

"How about you let your partner help you out. After all, I owe you one for the other night." Nick said confidently.

'Oh thank goodness!' a voice deep inside Judy exclaimed.

"Nick..?" She let out in a timid whisper. She didn't struggle or squirm, she remained perfectly still for him. She placed a paw on top of his wandering one, pressing down gently, encouraging its descent as it went under her tight running pants. Her other paw slowly reached up and pressed against the warm fur on Nick's cheek. She couldn't see his expression but she could tell he was smirking.

'Oh shit! Is this happening? Is this happening…? IT'S HAPPENING' her mind went crazy as she felt one of Nick's paws reach her lips and began to rub gently. This caused Judy to arch her back slightly and shut her eyes. She let out a soft moan as she felt nicks paw explore her. Her grip tightened on his lower paw, giving him the all clear to continue.

"You bunnies... So sensitive... So cute." Nick whispered in her ears which relaxed and fell on his shoulders.

"Call me what you want... Just don't stop..."she let out in a gasp as a wave of pleasure washed over her body. This went on for several minutes. Judy enjoying every second of it that was for sure.

Much to Judy's dismay she felt Nick stop rubbing. She slowly began to look up at him, catching her breath. She was worried she may have taken it too far or maybe he had gotten bored. Only a second later did she realize what was happening when she felt one of Nick's fingers slowly slip inside of her.

Nick gave Judy a moment to enjoy the sensation. The little rabbit nearly jumped right out of his arms letting out a loud gasp which turned into a loud moan. "Oh Nick! That's it!" she let out, her tongue licking her lips. She twitched as her body released an orgasm like none she had ever experienced before.

"Wow... That was easier than I thought" Nick teased, impressed just how wound up Judy had been.

"Yeah... It can be like that sometimes..." She muttered only feeling slightly embarrassed. She tightened her grip on the fox's hand, signaling she needed a second. Nick obliged and let her catch her breath. Chuckling to himself. When Judy was ready she slowly rested her head back on Nick's chest and nodded. Without saying a word nick continued, enjoying the cute noises that would escape Judy's lips every once and a while.

This went on for some time. At one point Nick needed to stop and let his finger rest, of course neglecting to remove it from deep inside Judy. Judy just laid back and enjoyed the attention. Eventually her arm growing to tired on Nick's cheek. Instead she rested it on her chest and let the feeling return.

"So how ya feeling fluff? Any better? "Nick asked as Judy gasped for air, having received another orgasm, her mind losing count as to which one this was.

"Pretty darn good! "She mumbled happily.

"Just pretty darn good? What the hell?What's it take to get an awesome out of you?" Nick asked in a mock annoyed tone.

Judy smirked as she looked straight ahead at the steering wheel. She gently gripped the paw that was in her pants and slowly moved another one of his fingers closer to her lips. She then looked up at Nick, her purple eyes full of lust and want. "This could work." She whispered as she inched his finger closer to her opening.

Nick took the hint and gently slid a second finger into Judy. Judy winced as her mouth opened wide in a surprised gasp. She knew this was coming, she had asked for it, but that didn't mean she was completely ready for the sensation. "Oh my..." was all she could get out as Nick began to slide both fingers in and out. With Judy being small to begin with Nick's fingers easily filled her up in ways she didn't realize they would. It was almost too much to bear.

"Nick. This is... This is… its so good," she said as she began to lean forward. Nick's arm squeezed her back down and held her close once more.

"I'm shooting for awesome." She heard Nick growl from behind her. This threw her over the edge and she could feel another climax coming.

"Keep going and you will get there! "She cheered him on. It only took a few more seconds for her to reach orgasm once more. As she did she let out a loud squeak.

She had thought once she had come again Nick would slow down or stop like he had before to let her catch her breathe. She would never be happier to be so wrong again.

Instead of stopping, she felt Nick chuckle and whisper, "not good enough."

"What?" was all she was managed to say.

Before she could do anything else, even before her current orgasm had calmed down Nick attacked. He plunged his fingers rapidly back into Judy, each push managing to go deeper and deeper.

Judy wouldn't ever be able to describe what she felt next. She felt another orgasm wash over her, then another, Then another! Her mouth was wide in a gawking smile, a trail of drool falling uncontrolled from her lips. Her ears went limp. Her foot began to twitch so rapidly that she almost broke the steering wheel as her strong legs lost all control and bashed against the cars wheel. She let out a mix of screams and moans, not caring if she woke the whole city. Her hands reached all over for something to grab onto. When she couldn't find anything sturdy she grabbed the fox arm wrapped around her waist for support, her paws digging into Nicks strong arms. She had completely lost all form of control over her body and loved every second of it.

"One more good one carrots!" nick said, sounding breathless from behind Judy.

"Nick they haven't stopped!" Judy could barely could get out in between convulsions. "They are all so good!"

This wasn't good enough for the Fox as he added one last finger into Judy. It happened so fast that she wouldn't have been able to stop him if she tried, not that she would have wanted to. The sudden addition was the missing piece. In one final tsunami of ecstasy Judy let out a pleasurable scream. Her body shutting down. She went limp. All she could do was breath, twitch, and drool.

Nick chose that moment to come to a slow stop. He gently pulled his now soaked fingers out of Judy. His arm remained wrapped around her waist. He chuckled as he felt Judy's body twitch every few seconds. They didn't say anything for quiet sometime.

After a short while Judy slowly looked up at Nick who smiled lovingly back.

"Awesome" Judy's voice quivered in a satisfied whisper. She slowly closed her eyes and snuggled into Nick's warm chest, listening to his rapid heart beat. It only took her a few seconds to be completely lost in a sound sleep, her leg twitching every couple of seconds.

"Awesome." Nick whispered back. He gently leaned down and kissed Judy on the head between her black tipped ears. He then looked up and scanned the street, continuing his watch, letting the sweet bunny in his lap fall into a deep and well deserved sleep.

So looks like we are back.

These chapters had previously been removed from my other work: We Just Call Them Extras.

There was some push back which was completely understandable however overall I received nothing but support and encouragement from a lot of the fans.

I had to do some re-evaluation when it came to certain things I wanted from certain characters. Mainly my favorite one Trisha.

I have figured things out now and feel rather confident of where I stand in the fandom. So I am bringing these chapters and more back.

Thank you all again for the out pouring of support with this kind of work. I cant promise you tons more chapters and I am not taking requests since I have now been tied down for a new project along the NSFW lines. I will however do my best to make some more content for you all to enjoy.


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