-WildeHopps scenario #107-

A brief return to the WildeHopps silliness!

Note: This takes place before our bunny and fox decided to get serious, for now, they are just keeping it casual. :P

Zootopia, a city where anyone can be anything.

While originally considered a little naive and unrealistic this saying was slowly becoming a reality to a certain purple-eyed bunny in the ZPD.

Judy had always dreamed of becoming a police officer but little did she know what other wonderful things could be attached to such a goal.

To the doe from BunnyBurrow, she was living her best life.

She was respected at the ZPD after solving the missing mammals' case and the corruption in city hall. Of course, she didn't do this on her own.

Her fantastic partner Nick Wilde had been instrumental in helping the bunny with her first big case and now the crime-fighting duo were considered some of the best officers in their precinct.

It wasn't all about the ZPD though.

Outside of work Judy's social life flourished. With an almost constantly booked schedule, the bunny found herself enjoying a series of fun-filled events almost every week.

Whether it was movie night with some of the girls in her squad, shopping with her friend fru fur and her goddaughter, or karroking with Clawhauser. The bunny was a true social butterfly.

Tonight was no different.

Nick and Judy were taking part in their semi-weekly tradition of visiting one of their favorite watering holes; the 10-7 bar.

Hidden away in Zootopia's central district the first responder-only bar was a refuge to those who were on the frontlines when it came to ensuring the city of Zootopia didn't fall into chaos.

Even though one of the bartenders was the definition of chaos.

"Ack! Trisha!" Judy blurted out for what must have been the third time that night as a certain bubbly brown bunny scooted into the booth Nick and Judy were occupying. The doe in the blue 10-7 bar shirt immediately squished herself against Judy, rubbing her cheek against the gray bunny who blushed but giggled happily.

"Don't you have other patrons?" Nick chuckled from his side of the booth as he watched the two bunnies share a quick cuddle.

A small cardboard coaster flew through the air and expertly landed between Nick's ears.

The fox was unphased by the small object, having seen Trisha's bar trick many times before.

Besides arriving for some quick affection Trisha had also brought a fresh tray of drinks for her favorite bunny and 3rd favorite fox.

"Already took care of my section," Trisha said with a wink to Nick. "So I can come and give you all the attention you needed."

"Gee thanks," Nick chuckled as a fresh drink slid his way.

The fox and blue-eyed bunny locked gazes and stared at one another before Trisha crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue which caused Nick to roll his eyes.

"Also I am getting off in a few so wanted to see if you two were closing out for the night or…"

The doe wiggled her shoulders playfully and Judy beamed as she looked across the table at her ZPD partner.

Nick let out a sigh, "How can I say no to those faces."

"Yay!" Judy exclaimed, knowing this meant the duo would become a party of three when Trisha got done with her shift.

"No seriously how can I say no, I'm trying to figure out how," Nick added which was met with an eye-roll from the two bunnies.

Whenever Trisha got off work early it didn't exactly mean she would leave the bar, especially if Nick and Judy were there.

The doe would wiggle her way into hanging out with her favorite crime-fighting duo.

Judy always enjoyed it, having a bunny as playful as Trisha to talk to always led to some interesting conversations.

Nick would always protest as a joke but Judy had seen on one occasion how Nick seemed slightly disappointed when Trisha had to call it an early night and was unable to join them.

Trisha excused herself and hurried around the bar, making sure all her tables were taken care of.

Judy watched as a group of firefighters protested the bunny calling it a night and even invited her to join their table.

Trisha however politely declined before nodding over at Judy and Nick.

The table of fire mammals looked over and made a few fake boo noises.

"Why drink with the donut munchers?"

"One because Judy is far cuter than all of you," Trisha said loudly.

"And Two she doesn't want to sit and listen to how you all just sit in recliners all day," Nick shouted loudly.

All the firemammals burst into laughter and soon jokes about the two departments were exchanged.

Judy even joined in at one point, the drinks in her system giving her a little bit of liquid courage.

"I think I hear a smoke detector going off boys, better hurry up before someone with a garden hose does your job for you," The bunny said as she stood up on her table and pointed at the firefighters who all burst into laughter at the doe's hijinks.

"Carrots off the table," Nick chuckled as he reached up and grabbed the doe by the paw. "Before-"

"Hopps!" Came a shout from the bar.

All eyes went to a painted dog in a navy blue 10-7 shirt with a fire department logo on the chest.

Judy's ears drooped and she gave the painted canine a weak smile.

"Don't you have some parking tickets to write?" The painted dog asked which caused a few tables in the bar to cheer.

Judy gave the painted dog a smirk but before she could say anything Trisha joined in on the trouble from one of the tables she was serving.

"Hey Em!" The brown bunny said loudly as she finished putting a few drinks on the table.

"Yeah?" Came a loud response from a lovely otter who was mixing drinks behind the bar.

"Why do they call Firefighters first responders when they always wait for the ZPD to secure the scene before going in?" Trisha asked loudly as she sauntered by the table of fire mammals who all feined insulted looks.

"Good question, guess we should call them second responders," Em teased as she continued mixing her drinks.

"Someone call a medic because ya'll just got burned!" Came a shout from somewhere in the bar.

This was the atmosphere Judy loved most about the 10-7. While they were all different departments they could still goof off and poke fun at one another but the moment anyone was in trouble you better believe they would gladly stand with one another.

Once Trisha was done serving her tables and closing out she joined Nick and Judy at their table. Carrying her own mixed drink she had crafted behind the bar. Having taken a second to change in the back into a tight black t-shirt that showed off her figure rather nicely.

At first, the doe sat right next to Nick who actually put a paw around the doe's shoulders.

Judy sat across the table, her lower lip quivering slightly as she watched.

Nick and Trisha always did this, playfully teasing Judy who would pout until Trisha came to the bunny side of the table.

It didn't take long for this to happen, Trisha normally only sat on Nick's side for a minute or two before she was happily nuzzled against her bunny from the ZPD.

As the night went on and the drinks continued the three chatted about their week, gossip from the bar, and just general goofy subjects.

With the drinks flowing the way they did though the subjects soon turned a little more risque.

Till eventually, "So wait the last time you banged was how long ago?"

While Judy nearly spat out her drink to the question Nick was, always, calm and collected.

"Couple of months ago."

"Oh wow, that's rough," Trisha chuckled as she sipped at her drink.

"Well between the academy and saving the city," Nick began.

"Don't foxes mate for life?" Trisha asked as she raised a brow and gave the fox a playful wink.

"Oh gosh that old trope, no. We don't mate for life. Don't bunnies love multiplying?" Nick asked as he gave Judy a wink, causing the doe to blush.

"Well, we are pretty good at multiplying," Judy responded.

"Plus we are like the only ones willing to admit we enjoy sex. Which gives us a bad rap," Trisha added. "Even though everyone enjoys it and would jump at the opportunity to get busy every chance they get."

"I am not sure everybody-" Nick began before Trisha sat up and cleared her throat.

"Hey, who wants to bang in the backroom?!"

As one all the hands in the bar went up as several eager mammals looked over at Trisha who had a smug smirk on her lips.

"No one is banging in my bar!" Came a shout from the painted dog behind the bar.

There was a loud collective groan from all the mammals before someone spoke up.

"What about 3rd base?"

All eyes went to the painted dog whose eyelids drooped.

"2nd base."

"What about 3rd if it's you?" Trisha asked loudly.

"Trisha!" The painted dog shouted before pausing. "I'll see you in the back in 5 minutes."

There was a series of catcalls as Trisha raised her glass at the owner of the bar, knowing she was joking but secretly wishing she wasn't.

Trisha then returned to the conversation she had been having with Nick and Judy.

While Nick was rather amused Judy was blushing so much she could barely make eye contact with anyone.

"What about you Judy? Or have you been saving yourself for me?" Trisha asked as she gave the doe a nudge.

Judy only mumbled at first but Trisha and Nick picked up the word, "Years…"

"Wait years?!" Trisha blurted out before Judy put a paw to the doe's mouth.

"Yes years, ok. Between the academy and all that…I just…didn't have time for dating and-"

"Who said anything about dating?" Trisha snorted to which Nick nodded in agreement.

"I mean…what like a random hook up?" Judy asked nervously. "I have never even thought about-"

"What about Nick?" Trisha nodded to the fox who this time looked incredibly surprised.

"What?!" Judy asked loudly before putting her paws to her mouth. "I mean…I wouldn't…not that it's wrong and umm-"

"Wow this is too good," Trisha giggled.

Nick nodded in agreement, "What's wrong, couldn't imagine yourself with a fox?"

"No, it's not that!"

"So you have imagined yourself with a fox before though?" Trisha asked with a smirk.

"What? Ye…no…I mean…I umm.."

Trisha and Nick began to giggle before Judy growled and proceeded to sip her drink, "Quit ganging up on me."

"There is nothing wrong with it my sweet bunny," Trisha said with a giggle before leaning over and gently kissing Judy on the cheek.

Judy continued to playfully pout but leaned into the kiss nonetheless.

"I mean to me sex is just fun and I like having fun," Trisha admitted. "I mean I even had a few friends with benefits in school."

"A few?" Nick asked as he raised a brow.

"Hush," Trisha said without looking at the fox.

"You wouldn't happen to have pictures."

Trisha and Judy looked over at Nick who raised a glass and gave them a smug wink.

"It's hard to tell if he is joking or not," Trisha chuckled.

"Right?" Judy chimed in.

"You two will never know," Nick laughed.

The night carried on but eventually, the last call went out and the bar started to close up.

Nick and Judy paid their tab and were about to ask Trisha if she needed a ride home before they spotted the bunny chatting with a rather cute raccoon in a medic uniform.

Trisha and Judy locked eyes and the brown bunny nodded to the door before giving Judy a wink, signaling she would be fine on her own.

Nick and Judy watched in mild admiration as Trisha and the raccoon slowly strolled out together, the medic blushing as the barkeep whispered into her ear.

"That trouble maker," Nick muttered.

"She likes making new friends," Judy said defensively.

"Oh yeah, five bucks says that friend is going to be on her back in 30 minutes with that bunny between her legs."

..It actually only took 20 minutes…

After stumbling out of the bar the duo strolled back to Nick's car.

After joining the ZPD the fox had needed to get his own mode of transportation since Finnick refused to play the role of Zuber driver every day for the cop.

Not that they didn't get together on the weekends still and sit in parking lots drinking beers out the back of the old van mind you.

As the two reached Nick's car the fox let out a sigh as he wobbled in place, "I may need a few minutes Carrots…"

Whenever Trisha joined their little drinking nights the duo always seemed to overdo it, especially since Trisha got a discount at the bar.

This had happened once or twice before. The fox and bunny needing to hang out while the fox sobered up.

On one occasion they actually had to call a Zuber to pick them up, Nick returning to his car in the morning.

Judy smirked up at the fox, proud that the canine knew his limits.

"We can at least sit in the car though," Nick suggested as he reached for the passenger side door.

"Or…" Judy piped up which caused Nick to stop and look at the bunny who swayed back and forth.

Whether it was a mix of the spirits in her system or just Judy's normal confident self it was hard for the bunny to tell. After the night's conversation though a thought crossed her mind.

"We can sit in the backseat and hook up?"

The way she said it so innocently and nonchalantly caused Nick to blink in disbelief a few times.

"Hook up?"

Judy blushed slightly before glancing up at Nick.

"I mean it's like Trisha said, sex is fun, and you and I both like fun."

"You make it sound so casual," Nick laughed before taking a step back and unlocking the door to the backseat.

"What? You and I have been friends for a bit," Judy explained as she strolled to the now open backseat. "Unless you think this will cause issues.."

"You mean risking the friendship and stuff?" Nick chuckled. "Carrots after all we have been through I think a night of amazing sex wouldn't hurt."

"Oh so it's going to be amazing is it?" Judy asked as she climbed into the backseat, her tail wiggling excitedly.

"Well I mean it is with me," Nick added smoothly as he followed the bunny into his backseat and closed the door.

Fortunately for the two, the parking spot they were in was the corner of a local lot, the lights having burnt out long ago and with no cars nearby they would be left alone for any late-night activities.

Once the door was closed behind them Nick turned to Judy only to see the doe unbuttoning her top.

Her bright purple eyes went up to Nick and she raised a brow, "What?"

"I will be honest I thought you would have chickened out," the fox chuckled as he lifted up his own t-shirt and tossed it aside.

"Oh hell no!" Judy laughed as she tossed her shirt onto the floor before undoing her bra.

The two had actually seen each other naked once before. On a bet, Nick had convinced Judy to return to the mystic springs oasis. Not wanting to deal with her partner's smug face for a week she agreed and the two actually had a nice time sunning themselves and even joining in on a nude yoga class.

It was thanks to this that stripping down in front of one another wasn't an awkward affair.

"Like I am going to live down suggesting this and then bailing….oh hi!"

Judy was a little caught off guard when she managed to get her pants pulled away only to have Nick push her down onto the seat.

The bunny watched as the fox's head went down between her gray legs, seconds later her eyes bulged as she felt a large warm tongue slide across her slit.

"Oh fuck me…" Judy moaned loudly as she fell limply on the seat.

"In a minute," Nick mumbled as he slid his tongue into the bunny who immediately arched her back.

"Cheese and crackers Nick!" The doe groaned as she reached down and grabbed the fox by one of his ears and pulled him close.

The bunny was immediately hit with a wave of pleasure as her friend swirled his tongue inside the doe's entrance, her breathing growing erratic as her chest heaved.

"Oh wow…ok…yes…" Judy mumbled happily, her ears laying limply on the car seat.

Nick's silver tongue seemed to have more talent than just hustling, the way the fox explored his partner's entrance had her melting.

"Ah! Ok wow…" Judy moaned.

"You say wow a lot," Nick teased from between Judy's legs.

"Because it feels good," Judy whined as she ran a paw over one of her breasts.

After a short while, Judy felt a warm feeling in her legs begin to course all over her body, her leg thumped slightly at first but when the climax finally came she lost control.

"Oh fuck!" Judy let out as she arched her back and came all over Nick's face.

The fox remained between the doe's legs for a second or two before slowly sitting up and grinning down at the panting bunny.

"Told you I was awesome."

"Shut up and get your dick out already," Judy panted, her eyes fluttering close. "I'll suck it in a second. I just need to catch my breath."

"You don't have to ya know, we can just get to the main-"

"I want to though!" Judy piped up.

"Ok ok, " Nick laughed as he sat up in the back seat and undid his belt, shimmying from his pants.

When Judy finally collected herself she sat up and stared at the large erect mass between Nick's legs.

The doe looked down and shook her head, "Ok Nick you are really gonna have to go easy on me ok?"

"Because it's been a bit?"

Judy rolled her eyes as she leaned down, her breasts pressing against Nick's leg as she grasped the large red rod in her paws.

"No, because look at this thing!"

Judy began to rub at Nick's cock before opening her mouth and just diving in, her lips engulfing the fox's tip and slowly going down.

When she came up for air she let out a gasp, "Like fuck Nick it's the size of my arm…that's why."

"Well I mean fox and bunnies and sizes," Nick chuckled as he brushed the doe's ears from her head.

"Yeah, and massive fox cock," Judy mumbled before taking a breath and going down on her partner once more.

Judy couldn't remember the last time she had given a blowjob, she had a feeling it hadn't been since her high school graduation when she was dared to do it. Judy had never stepped back from a challenge and the same stayed true that night.

As Judy lathered Nick's dick with her saliva she felt the fox occasionally run a paw over the back of her head or heard him let out a moan of pleasure.

I'm in a parking lot sucking my fox partner's dick! Cheese and rice I didn't ever see this coming…

"So how much do you know about sex with a canine?" Nick asked as Judy took a second to pull Nick's cock from her mouth only to gently slide her tongue up his shaft.,

"Oh I am a total expert," Judy said huskily before looking up at Nick and winking. "Let's pretend I have no idea."

"Well, there is a thing we do when we climax called Knotting."

"Knotting?" Judy asked as she continued to rub the fox's shaft.

"You feel that mass at the bottom?" Nick asked.

Judy looked down and noticed how Nick's cock swelled just before the balls.

She then leaned down and began to suck at the swelling which caused Nick to grunt and arch his back slightly.

"Yeah well, that swells up and locks us in place with our partner when we cum."

"Oh so now you are cumming inside me?" Judy asked as she sat up and rubbed the fox's tip with the palm of her paw.

"I mean if not then maybe-"

"I want the whole experience Wilde," Judy said with a wink. "Besides not like you can knock me up so go ahead."

Judy then stood up and straddled Nick's lap.

"Ok Carrots if you say so," Nick chuckled as he put his paws on the doe's hips.

"Just remember slick, nice, and slow, or else this is the last time we hook up."

Judy gave the fox a wink before taking a deep breath.

"Can't believe we are about to-"

Nick's thick tip slid between Judy's lower lips and the doe's mind went blank as she immediately winced her eyes shut.

"Oh ok!" Judy gasped as she arched her back and looked up at the ceiling.

"Everything ok Carrots?" Nick asked as he continued to slide into the doe.

"Yeah…just fine Slick!" Judy moaned. "Keep going ok?"

Down and down the bunny went, the fox's cock invading her insides.


"So tight…" Nick mumbled.

"Bunny sizes," Judy said mockingly before gasping.

When Judy finally reached Nick's lap she felt so full already and didn't want to admit she had already orgasmed on the fox's cock.

"Oh wow, you took all of it," Nick chuckled.

"Woot! Well, what can I say but- OH MY GODS!" Judy blurted out as she looked down and noticed her stomach had bulged to fit the large cock.

"You ok?"

"Wow…umm…" Judy blushed before looking into Nick's eyes. "I didn't realize how much that would turn me on.."

Nick chuckled before adjusting himself on the seat, "Shall we?"

Judy took a deep breath and nodded.

Off they went.

Things had started off slow as Judy requested but soon things began to heat up.

Judy was in control on Nick's lap, the fox only resting his paws on the doe's waist or occasionally groping her breasts.

The bunny would slide up and down on the vulpine's erect cock, her ears falling limply behind her.

At first, she took it slow but soon the doe was riding up and down in rapid movements, her stomach bulging every time she came down.

"AH ah ah ah! Nick!" Judy let out as she put her paws behind her head and bucked her hips up and down.

"Carrots," Nick moaned as he held onto the doe.

Up and down Judy went, her breasts bouncing in Nick's face as she screamed her friend's name.

The two lost track of time but soon Judy picked up on how carnal Nick seemed to have gotten.

The way his teeth were gritted in pleasure, how he growled with his moans, the tightness of the grip he had around her waist.

"Ah. Carrots I am about to cum."

"This the knot?" Judy asked as she bounced up and down.

Nick just nodded.

"Fill me up Nick," Carrots moaned as she let her head fall back.

The base of Nick's cock suddenly swelled up as Judy came down upon it. At first, she thought it wouldn't fit but she let out a loud grunt when she felt the mass suddenly pop between her lips and deep inside her folds.

Warm liquid began to pour into the bunny who fell forward and rested her head against her friend's chest.

"Ah…oh Nick…yes…" She whispered as she felt rope after warm rope of cum fill her insides.

She had never felt so full before and the feeling was so warm and wonderful she couldn't help but thump one of her legs in happiness.

After a few more twitches Nick finished cumming inside his partner and simply wrapped his arms around the bunny, holding her close as they caught their breaths.

"That was pretty damn good Wilde," Judy mumbled into the fox's chest.

"Not too bad yourself Hopps."

The two sat like that for a bit before Judy slowly sat up and looked down between their legs.

"You came inside me…" Judy mumbled as she shook her head. "Never had that happen before."

"First time for everything," Nick said huskily.

"Think there is a second time for everything?" Judy asked, her ears going up as she sat on her friend's lap and gazed into his green eyes with a shimmering pair of purple.

"Try everything right?" Nick chuckled.

"Oh bonus points for the song quote," Judy giggled before looking rather serious. "But seriously how long before round two because I want more of that."

Nick's eyes widened slightly as he looked down between their legs and then back into the fire in Judy's eyes.

"Maybe by the time we drive back to your place?"

"Good," Judy said, suddenly becoming her normal bubbly self. "Because it's been a while and I want to try some other positions."

"So this is going to be a normal thing?" Nick asked with a chuckle.

"For now let's just keep it casual," Judy said with a smirk. "You know, like casually banging every other night at first."

"Every other night?!"

Hey all!

So after a few drinks at the bar, I decided to write a casual scenario between our favorite crime-fighting duo. It is kind of refreshing to return to the couple that started all this madness.

I am still working on some awesome commissions and am super excited to share what we have been working on. There are a ton of new stories on the A O of the 3 if anyone is interested.

Hope to have more content soon!