Nov 03 2004

Thane. That is the name I have taken to since my embrace. It's fitting since I have brought final death to the likes of the Sabbat, Kuei-Jin and corrupt Camarilla.

Now I am the Sheriff of Downtown L.A. But this position is only temporary according to Strauss and our lord. I was chosen because the Anarchs are less likely to attack the man who defeated Ming-Xiao, the Sheriff and LaCroix on his own.

I took on Mercurio as a new ghoul. My Heather will never be replaced. Her devotion and intellect are superb, I always consider siring her first.

Although, Nadia Millner has talents in Necromancy and she isn't even a kindred. I made a good call in sending her away from the Giovanni mansion to my apartment with Heather. Once I showed her my power and made her my ghoul she became a loyal servant. Pisha and Nadia has also been helpful in helping me write a book on necromancy. She does well as my ghoul spy.

Samantha has also become a good ghoul. I've been able to cover my tracks with her help. I am ashamed that she is now addicted to my blood like all of these other ghouls, but this is the duty I must fulfill. She has come around and may one day become a wonderful fellow kindred.

Strauss has also been very supportive in my handling of these ghouls and Pisha. He also encouraged that I pursue more research whenever I can. My current studies are into mystical abilities ...

Malkavians, Tzimisce, Lasombra and even the Assamites that I never met, pique my interest. To master the truth, the flesh, the darkness and even more advancements in blood magic would be great for Clan Tremere. Even the powers of the Kuei Jin interest me. I must find a way to learn these abilities within Camarilla law. With this power, my clan shall no longer be a dying breed and protect us from the other clans.

The Noseferatu, keep to themselves and no doubt, have a plan for everything and everything. The reason why they hate us Tremere is because they have not completely infiltrated our ranks. My interactions with Tung and their primogen point to this. But I am sure that even now ... they are watching.

Even the Anarchs prove a great threat. Nines and Jack would be a huge problem if I had to face them one on one and i'd need help against the two of them.

I will have to stay on feet and keep my eyes open during the nights. It is my duty to make sure they aren't the final nights for my clan and the rest of my brethren. As the temporary acting Sheriff, I will do everything in my power to stave off Gehenna and prevent violation of the Masquerade.