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~*~ Hatsuharu ~*~

Love, hate, anger, longing
and dreaming. I feel it all
when I am around you. I act
as if I do not see the way
you turn me down all the time
but I do. If I did not see
I know I would not be worthy
enough to love you.

And now I will not see you
I know very well that you
do not and will not ever
love me. I can not spend
another day with you any
where near me so you will
not see me for awhile and
if I have it my way then

I still dream of you the
pain from those dreams is
to much. Every one tells
me that they are worried
because I dont go to school
any more. Are you worried?
Do you even care? You must
tho because you are my

~*~ Torhu ~*~

They don't think I see it
but I do. I know why neither
of them has never even once
looked at them. I think I
am one of the only ones to
know this. And I will never
tell them I know. I will try
not to at least.

With the coming of new students
it becomes more and more clear
to me. I know its true I just
wish they could be more true
to there hearts. I really
wish they were.

I love them like family.
They are my new family thats
why I could never love them
in any other way. Many think
that I do but I don't I am
just a friend. I am just
a friend an important friend.
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