Takes place at the end of Happy Feet Two

This day had been filled with fear and joy, filled with worry then happiness, a day of sorrow-turned-celebration because one Penguin decided to unite not one, not two but three nations to help and guide one another as true friends would. Now the Penguins of Emperor Land had marched over to Adele Land for a temporary home and the Penguin that united the three nations was named Mumble and this Penguin once before saved Antarctica from starvation and now his own home from extinction. Mumble was called kind, calm, but most of all courageous by his nation especially on the trip over to Adele land. Now it was time to rest from the excitement and hope for a new home to arise. Which one did in only two short days. But something greater happened with the Happy Feet family, something that would spark joy and adventure.

"What are friends for?" to "Hear My Voice" Begins

Mumble found a young Penguin named Age to be a part of his family. Age, after a few weeks, met his long, lost friend now mate Hayley and together they had a daughter named, Syrena. They had wonderful weeks with their daughter but one week was filled with fear, adventure, and love. A week that tested the love of a family and the courage of father`s. After this event, Syrena left with her soon-to-be mate Zev to meet his parents with the aliens to the mainland and the adoptive son of Mumble, Age, would have a son named Judas who was one of the first albino Penguins of Antarctica but was bullied and treated worse than what Mumble ever went through. Judas was destined for so much but threw it all away one day in a fight with his father. Judas ran away and wasn't seen for over three weeks. Even though Age still loved him, he had to move on with his life and had to find a new home near an abundant supply of fish for Emperor Land. Everyone had to move including his wife, Hayley and Mumble, Gloria, Gabriel, Sapphire, Jake, Kourtney, Seymour, Niki, Eric, Bo, Atticus, Sic, Mary, C.J., and Noah, the leader of Emperor land. Adele Land was fine so Ramon, Carmon, and Sven stayed where they were.

"Original Character" stories Begin

Mumble would adopt another Penguin, before and after the events of "Family Bonds of a Different Kind", named Arpheus who tragically went through emotional abuse from her father, Leon, who never saw the talent and beauty she had. She was given to Mumble by the mother, Alexandria, who wanted more for her daughter. Arpheus lived a happy life and fell in love with the best male singer at the school, Aaron, but would believe herself to be a curse, a burden to all she knew after an incident involving the death of her Mother, Alexandria, and the unwelcoming, cruel parents ofAaron resulting in Arpheus running far away from Emperor Land and into unknown territory where she met two Penguins named Cloud and Vasquez who took her in to stay but if she were to stay permanently she needed to perform for "The Boss" who was implied to be cold-hearted and accepted only the best performers into his home. But there was more than one who had gone through a lot.

Auron who lost his to-be mate, Claire, to a monstrous leopard seal, tragically, on the night of their mating ritual. Auron was scarred on his left eye from the horrid incident. Auron wandered aimlessly through the endless lands of snow singing in agony and sorrow until he fell to the ground hoping to wake up in Penguin Heaven with his beloved mate but instead met up with Cloud and Vasquez who encouraged him to not give up. Reluctantly, Auron chose to go with them even though he had a heavy dislike in Cloud for his cold-heartedness and attitude toward not only him but the female Vasquez putting tension between them. Auron was taken in but only temporarily until he gets better in a room where Vasquez lived.

Raven, a young, beautiful woman with natural dark, blue eyes who lost her mother before she was born, lived in a colony that held a twisted version of the Great Guin that believed love and heartsongs were just unnecessary to live life. She tragically was sexually, emotionally, and physically abused by the cruel men, women, and Matriarch of the colony. She escaped the colony filled with fear and was lost but filled herself with enough courage to go on and one day, hopefully, save her Aunt, Vanessa, and her Father, Claude, from the clutches of the Matriarch. She wandered the snowy wastelands and stumbled upon a colony that easily welcomed her for her unique eyes and beauty but if she was to stay she needed to perform with another young, beautiful lady who came from Emperor Land.

Pat is a young male Penguin who likes to stylize his head and is son to Samuel and Alex who knew the Happy Feet family. On the day of graduation, Pat was hungry and began hunting Tuna but was nearly killed by a leopard seal that broke his right flipper. Pat was rescued by Cloud and Vasquez who were welcoming to him. Cloud admired Pat`s strength from surviving the incident for going in the water and nearly getting killed by a leopard seal while Vasquez was more concerned over his wellbeing. They took Pat in and placed him near a fellow male Penguin who looked very bony and sorrowful.

Thus, their story begins. Soon.

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