Pat`s story was altered a little for the purpose of keeping the story chronological to the finale. As well as Auron`s story simply because I don't know when it took place, so I placed it as between the events of "Raven of the Night" and "Arpheus` Aurora."

Raven POV

After all the commotion, Raven was staring down at Judas who laid there with a small smile on his beak while others began slowly picking him up. Judas complied a little to the help just for the time being and said, "Alright, enough, I got my own pair of flippers like you all." Judas stared at the White Ones and said, "Thank you Dear Ones for coming, almost died of laughter." Judas looked at the others, "And such the likes."

Raven spoke, "Juda- or boss what happened to you, really, if I may know." Raven asked a little scared of him and his almost sadistic laugh, still echoing in her mind within that dim-lighted cave.

He slowly turned his head and looked at her gorgeous eyes and said, "I`m better now, my dear, and go on now with your friend, here to practice for tonight. Others will give you more information. Go, please. Now." Judas said this almost embarrassed of himself yet maintained a strong sense of leadership within it all.

Judas POV

He held something for her, Raven.

Arpheus POV

They both exited the cave, finally, and into the morning sun and wind while walking away to a more open area near a large arch, unbeknownst to them, that was once part of the entrance and exit to the old Emperor Land. Where Mumble walked away in exile and sorrow, eventually returning with his good news about the fish all those months ago.

Her mind was left in fear and turmoil from her previous occurrence with the Happy Feet family and to learn from a complete intimidating stranger that he was the son of someone who connected so well to her is just dumbfounding and left her speechless all over in mind, body, and soul. Raven noticed this and asked, "Arpheus, are you okay?"

Arpheus snapped out of it and said, "Yes, Raven, just shocked and just so…" Arpheus paused for a moment with Raven remembering what Judas told her and said, "Oh, its okay if you don't want to talk about it." Arpheus smiled a little and said, "Your fine, lets just go talk to Vasquez…and Cloud, I guess." Raven nodded and they both waddled over to them both but stopped; it didn't look or sound pretty.

Vasquez POV


"Why can`t you just be nice once in a while and just accept others for how they are, Cloud?" Vasquez said, angry with him and his act in front of the boss. Cloud responded, "Who are to talk to me this way, your pathetic as the other two and I don't need a partner with me, but it just so happened to be you of all the elite and rookie penguins of this Guin-forsaken camp."

Vasquez was done with his partnership and act saying, "I`m going to act like I just didn't hear that." "What, hurt yours and all, just cry and be done with it." Cloud walked away and shrugged with flippers in frustration and Vasquez was left alone with Arpheus and Raven watching in the distance.

Raven POV

Raven quietly walked over to Vasquez and said, "Hey, Vasquez." Vasquez turned around saying, "Hey, you two uh just forget about him, he`s a grump but just needs time to cool down. Anyway, how was the boss, did he like you two, or did he and I kind of ruin it for you both?" Raven answered, "Actually, you both apparently set the stage for us. It leads to a…reveal and such but he seemed to study us rather very much and asked about our whereabouts and events, but he lost it with himself."

Curious, Vasquez asked, "What was it, that happened to him?" Arpheus answered first, "It`s a little personal but he`s related to the Happy Feet family that adopted me into their home." Vasquez was puzzled and said, "You mean the Happy Feet family? "Yes, them. What's the matter?"

Vasquez looked like she wanted to throw up her entire stomach and said, "Oh, just start rehearsing either in a duo or singles, just…start singing." Raven asked, "Wait, Vasquez- "Vasquez continued "All performances start when the moon is highest in the sky so just sing. And meet at this area behind the arch when you`re ready, just sing." Vasquez sledded away as fast as she could and disappeared into the distance.

Arpheus POV

Arpheus was as puzzled as Raven and said, "So let's, just do as she says and…just sing." Raven nodded.

"Okay, Arpheus, okay."

Arpheus started remembering Mumble, Gloria, Age, Hayley and all those who adopted her into their lives. And what a mess she forced them into. "Pathetic."

Sorry made this short due to school night, but just letting y`all know I`m still here and active. Sorry, again, for the long wait, another chapter soon.