Story takes place when Ezra meets the Ghost Crew for the first time. And he has quite a number of suprises. I don't own star wars rebels or any of its characters.

Ezra's Pov

Looking over the ledge of the rail, seeing the market from way up high reminds me of my family. Before that fateful day happened. Before the Empire took them away. Gathering my dual blasters, the dark saber, vibro blade, few grenades, and a E-11 light blaster rifle- courtesy of a storm trooper who gave it "willingly"- I went off with a few guns to the black market in trade of gear and money. Hopped off the tower and stared at the sky seeing one thing I hated. Star destroyers. "must be here for the rebels on lothal." I said.

Hopping onto the speeder I raced for the black market. An hour later I got over 4,000 credits, some power cells, a red kyber crystal, and managed to steal a few parts for a miniature mandolorian shield. Perhaps this will prove to them that I do belong in Clan Bridger. Looking down on

my wrist where the family Crest is. Well it's now time for my daily, time to mess with some bucket heads. Running on the roof tops I notice a lasat, a mandalorian, and a man in green clothing. Interesting bunch. They must mean business. Feeling the force calling out to me. Why does it call them out to me? Time to follow. Kanan's PovThe force was warning me of something. Something may go wrong this time. "Sabine, Zeb, keep your eyes out peeled and sharp. I have a feeling today won't be our lucky day." "understood." Both said simultaneously. "Let's try to hurry this up."Ezra's PovRunning past them and bumping into the man. "watch it kid." "My apologies sir." Noticing the man's face clearly as one of the rebels of Lothal. I start running away onto the rooftops, seeing they're heading to a imperial convoy I decide to follow them. Seeing the imperial convoy, I pale. There are at least 60 Imperials, even the Shadow troopers are here! These guys are in big trouble if they decide to attack this convoy. Getting my dual pistols ready incase to help them.

Thats the first chapter for my new series I'm making. Comment on how you think this is so far. Be as honest as possible. I'll post a second chapter tomorrow morning or afternoon.