What if the roles of both Zarc's and Ray's reincarnations were swap around. What if Yuya,Yuto,Yugo and Yuri had the dimension bracelets while Yuzu has the pendulum pendent.

Bird of Rebellion-Lyrilusc - Assembled Nightingale

A masked women was standing outside of LDS in an alley as people walk by. She looks up at the building, holding an LDS badge in her hand. Inside LDS, "With Mobius the Frost Monarch, I attack Power Dart Striker! Ice Lance!" Sawatari declares. Mobius materializes an Ice Lance and charges past Power Dart Striker, reducing Kakimoto's LP to zero. "Woah…" Ootomo gasped. Sawatari smiles. "Sawatari cards you've got this time are ridiculously strong!" Kakimoto says. "You've got it wrong, what's ridiculously strong isn't the monsters it's…" Sawatari corrects him. "Sawatari!" His friends finished the sentence. "Oh yes!" Sawatari promptly comments in English. Sawatari "What's important is the skill of the duellist, calculated tactics, precise decision making, a tough spirit, gifted looks, the perfect combination of them all is…" He claims. "Sawatari!" His friends finished. "Yes! Yes!" Sawatari replies again in English. "Simply put, those who deserve to win will, a perfect duellist and that is…" He simply claims. "Sawatari!" His cheers again. "That's right! Actually wait with these new cards I would prefer if you called me Neo Sawatari!" Sawatari request. "Neo-!" He starts. "Sawatari!" His friends cheers. "Okay! Okay! Ladies and gentlemen…" Sawatari said. "Looks like she actually influenced him a bit…" Ootomo comments. "By Yuzu Hiragi right? Yamabe asked. "Don't say that name!" Sawatari infuriated much to his friends' disdain.


"And the answers is…?" Yuzu asked. "ZERO!" Yuya and the children answers as Sawatari remembers his embarrassing loss at the hands of Block Spider.

(Flashback ends)

"The reason I lost to her was because of the cards! Just because I wasn't lucky enough to have Pendulum Cards!" Sawatari furiously claims. "WHAT?!" Yamabe shocked. "That totally contradicts what you just said!" Ootomo points out. "And you had the cards since you tricked Yuzu into giving them to you!" Kakimoto points out. "I'll do whatever it takes to beat her!" Sawatari vows. "Yuzu Hiragi! Just you wash your neck and wait!" He tells her.

The individual in question was washing her face at You Show Duel School, with the boys, while Yuya stands by with some towels. "This feels great!" Yuzu comments. "Gives me the shivers!" Futoshi agrees. "After a sweating it out in a duel you've gotta do this right!" Sora comments. "Yuzu you've got some dirt on the back of your neck" Yuya points out. "Be sure to wash it properly!" He tells her. "Yeah, yeah!" Yuzu agrees. "You only need to say it once!" Yuya points out.

Later, Yuya was on his way back to You Show Duel School for Yuzu and the boys with Ayu. "Jeez, if they wanted ice cream that much they should get it themselves!" Yuya mutters to Ayu.


"Ice cream! Ice cream! Ice cream!" Yuzu and the boys chants as they leap up and down.

(Flashback ends)

"But while complaining you still bought them a bunch, you're really nice Yuya!" Ayu points out. Yuya then stops "Yuya?" Ayu asked. Yuya bends downs and tells Ayu to be quite, as he sees Ootomo and Yamabe walking on the top of the bank. "Sawatari is going all out isn't he…"I'll do whatever it takes to crush Yuzu Hiragi" he says…" Ootomo said. Yuya and Ayu gasp in shock "Sounds like he's going to do something awful! He's going to be focusing on just attacking her weak points!" Ootomo continues. Yuya gets a determined look on his face "Oh! We better hurry he gets even more selfish when he's hungry" Ootomo tells Yamabe and they leave. "Sawatari!" Yuya exclaims, and follows Ootomo and Yamabe. "Yuya!" Ayu calls out as she follows him.

At the harbor warehouses, the masked woman is standing on one of the roofs, looking at the LDS building. Inside one of the warehouses, which has a dartboard on the wall, Yamabe and Ootomo arrived "Sawatari sorry for making you wait!" Ootomo apologizing. "You're late! Sawatari chives, sitting with Kakimoto. Sorry!" Yamabe apologizing. "We got you your Sweet Milk Apple Berry Pie with Honey!" He tells Sawatari. Outside, Yuya looks at warehouse number 52 "Yuya…Shouldn't we let Yuzu know…" Ayu asked. "During the last duel Yuzu desperately tried to save me, now it's my turn to protect Yuzu!" Yuya thinks as he remembers the duel Yuzu has ageist Sawatari. He decides. He hand Ayu the ice cream "Ayu you head back to Duel School first!" He tells her. "B-but…" Ayu mutters. Yuya runs around the corner. The masked woman turns and sees Yuya, and gasps when she sees his face "Why is he here?!" The masked women surprised. As Sawatari takes a bite out of his food, Yuya rips the door open, and Sawatari begins to choke. "You coward!" Yuya calls him. Ootomo hands him a water bottle, which he begins frantically drinking "I'll do whatever it takes to crush Yuzu" you said?" Yuya reminds him. "I will never let you!" He said. Sawatari gasped for air "Yuya Sakaki!? Why are you here?!" He asked. "I don't have to explains that to you!" Yuya replies. "You've got some pie crumbs on your mouth…" He points out. "What?!" Sawatari surprised and annoyed. "Sawatari, use this" One of his friends hands him a napkin to clean his face with. "Yuya Sakaki it looks like you've fallen into our-" Sawatari begins to tell Yuya. "Duel me!" Yuya interrupts, telling Sawatari. "And beca-" A flustered Sawatari tries to continue. "I'm going to beat the crap out of you!" Yuya declares. "The goddess of victory is-"Sawatari attempts to boast further. "What's wrong are you afraid you'll lose to me!?" Yuya insinuations. "Let me talk!" Sawatari snaps. "I don't plan on listening to you! You coward, sore-loser, second-rate duellist!" Yuya exclaims. "Second-rate you said…?" Sawatari offended. "No, you're even below that! Third-rate! Fourth! A hundred-rate duellist!" Yuya continues. "Sawatari shakes with anger "Now you've done it…" he said. Ayu continues to run to You Show. Kakimoto shuts the door of the warehouse, and Yuya turns, holding his Duel Disk. "What you just said…if you want to take it back now is your chance "Sawatari said as he walks across Yuya. "Too bad I don't feel like it, one bit!" Yuzu replies. "You cowardly, sore-loser, hundred-rate duellist!" He repeats his insult. "That ignorant attitude of yours…" Sawatari mutters as he puts on his Duel Disk. "I'm going make you regret not knowing your place!" He warns Yuya.

And then Kakimoto screams, much to the shock of both Duelists. He's thrown back from the open door as the masked Duellist walks in. Yamabe and Ootomo run up behind Sawatari "Who are you?" Sawatari asked. "Back down" The Duellist tells Yuya. "Huh? What's with you?" Yuya asks her, but she's focusing on the LDS badge pinned to Sawatari's collar. "Showing up all the sudden…are you suppose to be a knight that's come to save the prince?" Sawatari asked as Kakimoto joins his friends. The Duelist flings her cloak aside, activating a purple Duel Disk with a strange body "That's an odd duel disk you have there…" Sawatari picks up. "So you don't intend to answer my questions then?" He asks the duellist. "Hold on what're you doing, butting in like this!" Yuya protest. "This is my duel!" He states as he tries to assert his place in the Duel, but she stops him "I don't want you to get hurt anymore…" She said to Yuya. "Eh?" Yuya surprised. "Well aren't you cool?" Sawatari remarks sarcastically. "But you should leave it at that, Knight. You'll embarrass yourself" He seriously tells her. His opponent unresponsive "This'll be a perfect chance to test out my new deck" Sawatari said. "I'll crush you!" He expresses confidence. "DUEL!" Both players declares with the masked man being labeled as "Unknown." "I'll got first!" The masked Duellist decides. Go ahead…Knight" Sawatari said. "I set all five cards from my hand, face-down!" The Duellist states, much to the shock of the onlookers. "I end my turn" The Duellist said. Sawatari laugh "Woah now, you come in here acting all cool, and that's all you can do?" He mocks. "Sawatari end her!" Yamabe tells him. "You didn't draw a single monster?" Sawatari asked the masked women. "I feel sorry for you, you don't got it, do you?" He mocks. "Didn't you hear me?" The women asked. "I ended my turn" She states. "Huh?" Sawatari annoyed.

Meanwhile, Ayu had finally gotten back to the Duel School "Yuzu!" She calls out. Ayu trips into Yuzu arms "Look out!" Yuzu said. "Woah!" Futoshi said as he catching the ice cream. "Are you okay?" Yuzu asked Ayu. "Yuzu!" Ayi cries. "The ice cream is melted!" Futoshi bemoans. "What a waste…"Sora bemoans. "Ayu, what happened, where's Yuya?" Yuzu asked. "Yuya is…Yuya is in danger!" Ayu tells Yuzu. Yuzu gasped.

Back at the warehouse "I'll show you my perfect duelling" Sawatari exclaim. "My turn, Draw!" He declares. "Allow me to use those set cards of yours" Sawatari asked the Duellist. "If there are two or more cards in my opponent's Spell or Trap Zone, I can Special Summon this card from my hand!" He states. "Come forth, Escher the Frost Vassal!" Sawatari declares (ATK: 800). "And now I release Escher and Advance Summon…Mobius the Frost Monarch!" He declares (ATK: 2400). "Alright! In a instant he summoned a 2400 ATK monster!" Kakimoto cheers. "Mobius' effect activates!" Sawatari declares. "When this card is successfully Advance Summoned I can choose two Spell or Trap Cards on the field, and destroy them!" He explains. "Freeze Bust!" Sawatari declares. Mobius forms a sphere of ice in its hands, then tosses it at the Duellist's Lyrilusc's Winged Lance and Lyrilusc's Crescent Fowl, destroying them. Yuya gasp in shocked. "I'm just getting started!" Sawatari states. "I activate the Spell Card: Tribute Carnival from my hand!" He declares. "The card allows me to Advance Summon again after one Advance Summon succeeds!" Sawatari explains. "He's going to release the 2400 ATK Mobius and Advance Summon another monster?" Yuya shocked. "That's right!" Sawatari confirmed. "I release Mobius the Frost Monarch and Advance Summoned! Come forth, Mobius the Mega Monarch!" He declares (ATK: 2800)."Usually this would require releasing two monsters but, if it a monster that was successfully Advanced Summoned you can release it and have one counts as two!" Sawatari explains. "This is the power of Mobius the Mega Monarch!" He states. "Cool!" His friends cheers. "Mobius the Mega Monarch's ability activates!" Sawatari declares. "When this card is successfully Advance Summoned I can choose three Spell or Trap cards on the field, and destroy them!" He explains. Mobius forms ice tornadoes in both fists. "Hey Knight, how about using those cards before they get destroyed!" Kakimoto asks the masked women. "It'd be pointless! If the monster was Advance Summoned using a WATER- type monster, Mobius the Mega Monarch prevents the targeted cards from being activated!" Sawatari points out. "Freeze and shatter! Blizzard Destruction!" He declares. The remaining cards, Lyrilusc's Gregarious and two more copies of Lyrilusc's Crescent Fowl were destroyed by the fired blizzard, something that both Yuya and the Duellist feel "Huh…? How come I can feel the wind even though this isn't an Action Field?" Yuya confused.

Sawatari grins "With this all of your set cards have been destroyed and your hand is at zero. On top of that you don't have any wall monsters out" He comments. "After that cool entrance this is pretty pathetic" Sawatari said. "Hey, you need to get it together! If this is all you got it'd be better if you let me-" Yuya said. The Duellist silences him with a glare. "Now then, my gloomy Knight. I'm sorry for the rude awakening but I'd appreciate if you stepped down from the stage" Sawatari mock apologizes. The Duellist didn't response. "Battle Phase! I make a direct attack with Mobius the Mega Monarch!" Sawatari declares. The spikes on the armour of Mobius begin to extend and a blizzard begins blowing. Yuya gasps "I activate the Spell Card in my graveyard: Lyrilusc's Crescent Fowl!" The duellist declares. "Huh!?" Sawatari's friends shocked. "From the Graveyard-!?" Ootomo shocked. "A Spell Card!?" Yamabe shocked. "You're going to activate a Spell Card from the Graveyard you said!?" Sawatari shocked. "When a direct attack is declared, I can Special Summon as many of these cards as monsters as possible" the Duellist explains and she does so, Special Summoning them all in Defense Position (DEF: 300X3) (LV: 1X3). "When the card's Special Summoned using this effect are sent to the Graveyard they are banished!" The Duellist explains. "She got three monsters onto her field in an instant!" Yamabe exclaims. "You set those cards intending to use their abilities to Special Summon them then?" Yuya asked as the blizzard blows. "Hmph, they're just wall monsters you summoned while you were flustered!" Sawatari snorts, pointing out. "I'll destroy them! Go, Mobius the Mega Monarch! Attack Crescent Fowl! Imperial Change!" He declares and Mobius, which charges through one, destroying it. "When the destroyed Crescent Fowl is sent to the Grveyard and is then banished" The Duellist states. "Looks like you just barely saved yourself this time…" Sawatari said. "I set one card and end my turn!" He states. "I guess I'll let you live one more turn" Sawatari comments. "Neo Sawatari is the best!" Kakimoto cheers. "There will be no next turn for you!" The Duellist tells Sawatari. "What?" Sawatari asked. "My turn, Draw!" The Duellist declares. "I thought you'd put up more of a fight but…Your duelling…I don't feel the sharpness of a blade or the power of a bullet in it. Not even a fragment of it" The Duellist admits. "What was that?" Sawatari asks. "What is this girl saying?" Yamabe asks. "Oh, my sides!" Kakimoto laughs. "Cut it with the jokes!" Ootomo tells the duellist. "I activate the effect if my Lyrilusc's Gregarious in my Graveyard!" the Duellist declares. "By banishing it, I can draw one card for each card with the name "Lyrilusc" on my field and in my Graveyard!" She explains as she draws three more cards. "All the conditions have been met. When there are two monsters with the same level on my field, my deck's evolution manifests itself!" The Duelist comments. Yuya looks at the Duellist in confusions.

"I use the two Level One Crescent Fowl to, construct the Overlay Network!" The Duellist declares. They transform into purple swirls and disappear into a galaxy-portal, causing a column of blue lightning to erupt from the portal. "It can't be-?!" Sawatari gasps in shock. "That's-!" Yuya gasps in shock. "Birds with beautiful wings! Gather on the battlefield and take brilliant flight! Xyz Summon! Dance in the sky! Rank 1! Lyrilusc - Assembled Nightingale!" The Duellist chants. The Artiste appears behind her (ATK: 0). "Xyz…Summon?" Yuya gasps. "Woah…she summoned a monster from her Extra Deck?" Yamabe surprise. "She was an Xyz user?!" Kakimoto surprises. "Seriously?! Xyz Summoning is a course only the top level elite students ay LDS choose to take!" Ootome surprise. Sawatari claps "I'll admit I was surpised when you Xyz Summoned so quickly" He admits. "But, are you planning on battling against my Mobius with that monster? Lyrilusc - Assembled Nightingale's ATK is 0, while on the other hand Mobius' ATK is 2800!" Sawatari points out. Yuya looks at the duellist in worry. "It seems your Xyz Summoning turn out to be a bluff!" Sawatari states. "Xyz Monster's true power is to use their soul their overlay units to annihilate their foes" The Duellist explains. "Enough with your Xyz lessons, I'm not interested!" Sawatari expresses disinterest. "Then I shall have you bear witness to their power!" The Duellist says. Lyrilusc - Assembled Nightingale's effect activates!" She declares. "Assembled Nightingale's ATK is equal to the number of overlay units times 100!" The Duellist states (Assembled Nightingale's ATK: 200). "Next I activate the Spell Card: Lyrilusc's Sentinel from my hand!" She declares. "Now my Assembled Nightingale gains 700 ATK for each card on the field, but the damage you would take from Assembled Nightingale is halved and you monster isn't destroyed on the first battle!" The Duellist states (Assembled Nightingale's ATK: 2300). Next I activate the Spell: Lyrilusc's Glow!" She declares. "For each Winged-Beast on the field Assembled Nightingale gains 200 ATK until the End Phase!" The Duellist explains (Assembled Nightingale's ATK: 2500).

"Next I activate the Spell Card: Lyrilusc Dispersal from my hand!" She declares. "Until the end of this turn, this card can lower one Level 5 or greater monster on my opponent side of the field ATK by half, and Assembled Nightingale's ATK increase by that amount!" The Duellist explains as the Artiste's wings unfold, and they shoot out purple lightning that binds Mobius (Mobius' ATK: 1400) (Assembled Nightingale's ATK: 3900). "Assembled Nightingale's ATK is-!" Kakimoto shocked. "It's over Mobius'!" Yuya shocked. "No way!" Sawatari exclaims. "I'm not finished!" The Duellist states. "I activate the Spell Card: Lyrilusc Mimic!" She declares. "This card copies the effect of a Spell Card in ether our Graveyards. The effect I choose is Lyrilusc Dispersal! The Duellist states. "So then than means she can do the same thing again?" Kakimoto asks. "This is bad!" Sawatari's friends exclaims and more purple lighting shoot out and binds Mobius (Mobius' ATK: 700) (Assembled Nightingale's ATK: 4600). "An attack of 4600!" Yuya exclaims. "No, no, no way!" Sawatari shocked. "Battle Phase! I attack Mobius the Mega Monarch with Lyrilusc - Assembled Nightingale!" The Duellist declares. "And when Assembled Nightingale battles, it can attack to the same number of overlay units it has!" She states. "Go! Crush that glacier with your talons! Strike of the Whirlwind Violation!" The Duellist orders and it flies forwards with its talons glowing as it attacks, It srikes Mobius, but it wasn't destroyed (Sawatari's LP: 2050) Assembled Nightingale then attack again, and it stabs Mobius and it explodes, throwing Sawatari backwards. Debris goes flying, and the Duellist rushes forward to shield Yuya, a stone cracking the lens of one of her goggles. The hangar itself is damaged, as Sawatari rises unsteadily to his feet (Sawatari's LP: 100). "What the hell is this?! It's not an Action Field but we felt that impact…!" Ootomo shocked. "The girl's monster power was what sent us flying!?" Kakimoto asked. "This is bad!" Yamabe exclaims.

The Duellist steps forward "I will only ask you once, you will answer me properly!" She tells Sawatari. She holds up the badge "Is this badge from LDS? What is your connection with Academia?" The Duellist asks. "A-Academia?! What are you talking about?" Sawatari asks. "Don't play dumb!" The Duellist yells. "I mean it! Anyone who's enrolled in LDS has a badge like that! I don't know anything about this Academia or whatever! I swear!" Sawatari protest. "Then I have no business with you" The Duellist declares, and the Duellist turns to leave. "Idiot! The Duel isn't over yet!" Sawatari points out. "Trap Activate: Ice Rage!" He declares. "This card can be activated when a WATER-type monster on my field is destroyed in battle; it destroys one of my opponent's monsters and deals damage to them equal to its ATK!" Sawatari explains. Yuya and Sawatari's friends gasps in shock. "Your Lyrilusc - Assembled Nightingale is destroyed and I'll have you take it's ATK, 4600 in damage!" Sawatari declares. He laughs "I read your moves and planned ahead by setting that trap card and now I've won!"Sawatari declares. "Such cheap tactics…it's child's play honestly" The Dark Duellist expresses her contempt. "What was that?!" Sawatari furious. "I activate from my Graveyard the Continuous Spell: Lyrilusc's Winged Lance!" The Duelist declares without even turning around. "When my opponent's Trap Card activates by banishing this card from my Graveyard, I negate the effect of the Trap card that trigger it and destroy it!" She explains. The lance appears from a Graveyard portal "And then! It deals 100 points of damage to my opponent!" The Duellist further explains. Sawatari panics, knowing that the lance's impact will be real, "Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! Waiwaiwa-!" He begs. "Experience this with your very own flesh! The rage and sorrow of the battlefield!" The Duellist tells Sawatari as she turns to point as the lance fires at Sawatari. Sawatari was hurled against the wall and pinned to it by the lance - but it's only pierced his jacket (Sawatari's LP: 0).The holograms vanish.

The Duellist removes her mask, and the flames from her previous attack, still smouldering on the floor, cast light on her face - she bears a striking resemblance to Yuzu. Yuya and Sawatari gasps. "Yuzu!" Yuya shock. "I-it was you-!" Sawatari shock, and passed out. "Sawatari!" Kakimoto calls out as he and the other two rushes over to him. "Crap, this girl is dangerous!" Ootomo exclaims. His friends flee with his unconscious body, Ootomo taking charge. "Run away, hurry!" Ootmomo exclaims. "Yuzu! Why do you look like that?" Yuya asks "Yuzu". But then his bracelet begins to glow "What's happening?" Yuya wonders, and the bracelet's glow more blindingly, and when the light fades, "Yuzu" was gone. "Wait, what?" Yuya looks around. "Yuzu!" He calls out. "Yuya!" Yuzu answers, running in. "Yuzu?" Yuya confused. "Are you okay?" Yuzu asked. "Yuzu…You're Yuzu aren't you?" Yuya asked. "Huh? What're ypu talking about, Yuya?" Yuzu asks. "Then that wasn't Yuzu…?" Yuya realizes. "What?" Yuzu said. "Why does this place smell like smoke?" She asks. "Were you having a bonfire or something? Man that reeks!" Yuzu comments as Yuya sees the faces of Yuzu and the masked Duelist in his mind.

OC Cards

Lyrilusc's Winged Lance (Continuous Spell)

During either player's turn, when your opponent activates a Trap effect that target a monster(s) you control: You can inflict 100 damage to your opponent. During either player's turn, when your opponent activates a Trap Card: You can banish this card from your Graveyard; negated the activation, and if you do, destroy it, and if you do that, inflict 100 damage to your opponent.

Lyrilusc's Crescent Fowl (Spell Card)

Target 1 face-up monster on the field; it gains 300 DEF. When an opponent's monster declares a direct attack while this card is in your Graveyard: You can Special Summon , from your Graveyard, as many copies of "Lyrilusc's Crescent Fowl" as possible as Normal Monsters (Winged-Beast-Type/WIND/Level: 1/ ATK:0/ DEF: 300). (These cards are also still Spell Cards). If Summoned this way, banish them when they are sent to the Graveyard.

Lyrilusc's Gregarious (Spell Card)

When this card is in your Graveyard: You can Banish it and for each "Lyrilusc" Card on the Field you get to draw one card from your Deck.

Lyrilusc's Sentinel (Spell Card)

You can increase the ATK an "Lyrilusc" monster by 700 for each card on the field, but when it battle your opponet's monster; that monster isn't destroyed and your opponent take halve the Battle Damage.

Lyrilusc's Glow (Spell Card)

Until the end of this turn one "Lyrilusc" monster gains 200 ATK for each Winged-Beast Monster on the Field.

Lyrilusc Dispersal (Spell Card)

Until the end of this turn, you can halve one Level 5 or higher monster on your opponent's Field and increase one "Lyrilusc" monster by that amount.

Lyrilusc Mimic (Spell Card

You can choose a Spell, Trap or Monster's effect from either player's Graveyard, and this card will gain that effect.

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