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The Howling Whirlwind - Yosen Lost Tornado!

"Next up, we have our second match of the day! You Show Duel School's Yuzu Hiragi vs Leo Duel School's Shingo Sawatari!" Nico announces. "Do your best!" The kids cheers. "Yuzu!" Yuya cheers. "Stick with it!" Gongenzaka cheers. "Burning! Hot-bloodied!" Shuzo cheers. "All right, Yuzu, this fight us your step towards getting closer to Yusho. Put your all for it!" Yoko muses. As Yuzu walks out into the arena "Is that the rumoured Pendulum user?" A man notes. "But I hear some people say that Pendulum Summoning isn't real!" A woman said. "Yeah there is the rumor that her Duel against Strong Ishijima was bogus, too…" The man said. But their comments are cut short when Sawatari walks into the arena, playing a tune by blowing on a leaf and dressed in a straw hat, rode and sandals. Yuzu was dumbfounded. "What kind of cosplay is that?" Tatsuya wonders. "Mabuta no Haha by Hasegawa, isn't it?" Shuzo identifies it. "The cards are calling to me…telling me to draw! Another star has risen into the heavens!" Sawatari dramatically declares. "Behold! Duelling's greatest star!" He declares himself, completely befuddling Yuzu and the crowd. Tilting his hat "Do you know who I am?" Sawatari asks Yuzu. Yuzu snaps out of her daze "Sawatari, right?" She comments. "Wrong!" Shingo tells her. He tosses off his costume, standing in his school uniform "I'm Neo New Sawatari!" He tells her and his teeth gleam. "Neo New Sawatari is the best!" Kakimoto, Yamabe, and Ootomo cheer for him in the crowd. "Neo New…?" Yuya confuses. "They mean the same thing…" Yuzu tries to point out to Sawatari. "I nailed it!" Sawatari congratulates himself.

"Yuzu Hiragi, I have quite a few grudges against you!" Sawatari tells her. "Grudges?" Yuzu asks. "First: You stole my Pendulum cards, defeated me with them! How disgraceful!" Sawatari states. "You had stolen them in the first place! Remember?" Yuzu protest and Sawatari gave annoyed look. "Second: You had an Xyz-using doppelganger injure me! How disgraceful!" Sawatari continues. "But it wasn't me then! And I heard your weren't injured either…" Yuzu replies. Sawatari nearly loses his composure "Third: You attacked and injured my dear father! There is no greater disgrace!" He states. "That wasn't me either…" Yuzu points out and Sawatari gets an embarrassed look on his face "I'll repay those disgraces a hundred times over right now!" He claims. "Mark my words, Yuzu Hiragi. You will lose this Duel and experience the greatest disgrace ever!" Sawatari tells Yuzu. "What's this!? Sawatari is already declaring his victory!" Nico comments. "His introductions are always so long-winded…" Hokuto comments. "Pendulum Summoning may had led you to victory up until now….but today, it will be your path to defeat!" Sawatari claims. "I'll lose to Pendulum Summoning?" Yuzu surprised by the comment, and Sawatari gives her a savage grin. Yuzu remembers in shock what Sawatari told her.


"There are rumors that Leo Corporation is independently developing Pendulum cards. I'm going to get my hands on those…and defeat you!" Sawatari tells Yuzu.

(Flashback ends)

"Could Sawatari have Pendulum cards…?" Yuzu wonders.

"I wonder how this match will turn out?!" Nico wonders. "Now, let's select the Action Field! Come on!" He declares, and the card spins around in the globe above them until it reveals Sunset Stronghold. "We have it! Action Field On! Field Spell: Sunset Stronghold, activate!" Nico declares , and a barren wasteland materializes around the Duellists, with a wooden temple behind Sawatari that is surrounded by a trench. "Let's go! Duellist locked in battle!" Sawatari yells. Kicking against the earth and dancing in the air alongside their monsters!" Yuzu calls out. "They storm thought this Field!" Both of them yell. "Behold! This is the newest and greatest evolution of Duelling! ACTION!" Nico finishes. "DUEL!" Yuzu and Sawatari declare and Nico snaps his fingers to scatter the Action Cards.

"I'll let you go first!" Sawatari tells Yuzu. "My turn!" Yuzu declares. "When neither of us controls any monsters, I can Normal Summon this card from my hand by reducing its Level by 1!" She states. "I Summon Layla the Melodious Virtuoso!" Yuzu declares (ATK: 1600) (LV: 5-4). "I set one card and end my turn!" She states.

"Now, Shingo Sawatari, your Legendary Revenge Duel has just begun!" Sawatari tells himself. "My turn, draw!" He declares. "I activate the Continuous Spell: Yosen Training Grounds" Sawatari declares. An altar with several candles on it appears behind him "Whenever a Yosenju Monster is Summoned or Special Summoned, I can light up one Yosen counter!" Sawatari explains. "Yosen counter?" Yuzu surprised. "And now I Summon Yosenju Kama 1 from my hand!" Sawatari declares. The Beast-Warrior emerges from a red whirlwind (ATK: 1600), but immediately sets off another "When Kama 1 is successfully Summoned, I can Summon another Yosenju besides Kama 1 from my hand!" Sawatari explains. "Come forth, Yosenju Kama 2!" He calls out. Kama 2 appears from a blue whirlwind (ATK: 1800), and then, just like "Kama 1", it too sets off another whirlwind. "Furthermore, when Kama 2 successfully Summoned, I can Summon another Yosenju besides Kama 2 from my hand!" Sawatari explains. "Yosenju Kama 3!" He calls out, who appears from a green whirlwind (ATK: 1500). "What's this!? Sawatari has managed to Summon three monsters at once!" Nico asks. Sawatari laughs "Being able to Summon multiple monsters at once isn't unique to Pendulum Summoning!" He claims. Yuzu grunts. "I've successfully Summon three "Yosenju" monsters! Yosen Training Grounds will now get three Yosen Counters!" Sawatari states. Three of the candles on the Training Grounds altar light up.

"Th…that's kinda creepy…" Ayu calls it. "That deck might be pretty strong!" Tatsuya admits. "Amazing, Sawatari…no…Neo New Sawatari!" Yamabe calls. "You're really the best!" Ootomo claims. "I activate Kama 1's effect!" Sawatari declares. "Just once when I control another "Yosenju" monster, I can return one card from my opponent's field to their hand" He explains. "What?!" Yuzu gasps in shock as Kama 1 lassos Layla with its chain whip "Go back, Layla!" Sawatari declares and it dissolves. Yuzu grits her teeth as she returns Layla to her hand. "Oh no! Yuzu's Field is wide open now!" Shuzo gasps. "If she gets attacked now…!" Tatsuya gasps. "Let's go, Battle Phase! I attack directly with Kama 1!" Sawatari declares. "Hiragi is already in a pinch!" Nico comments. "Yuzu!" Yuya cries her name as the Yosenju charges towards Yuzu while swinging its chain-whip, but she takes off running "Continuous Trap: Melodious Pinch Helper!" Yuzu declares. "This card negates an opponent's direct attack when activated!" She explains as Kama 1 stops shorts, but Sawatari just smirks. "And it allows me to Special Summon from my Deck an Melodious with 800 or less ATK with its effects negated!" Yuzu continuous to explains. "I Special Summon Glissando the Melodious Diva in Defense Position!" She declares (DEF: 2300). "Glissando's DEF is greater than the ATK of either Kama 2 and Kama 3! Now you can't attack anymore!" Yuzu states. "Fine then in that case I activate Kama 2's effect!" Sawatari responds. "This card can make a direct attack by cutting its ATK in half!" He explains (Kama 2's ATK: 900). Yuzu gasps in shock "Then that means he'll just pass thought the defending monster like it was nothing!" Yuya realizes. Yuzu quickly begins to flee towards the castle drawbridge "I won't let you get an Action Card!"Sawatari warns her. "Time to battle! I attack directly with Kama 2!" He declares and unleashes his attack. Yuzu was nocked off the bridge and into the empty moat (Yuzu's LP: 3100). "Too bad…" Sawatari said as he looks down at Yuzu. "Next up, I activate Kama 3's effect!" He declares. "When another "Yosenju" monster deals Battle Damage to my opponent: I can add a "Yosenju" monster besides Kama 3 from my Deck to my hand!" Sawatari explains. "I add Yosenju Oyam to my hand!" He states and shows the card to Yuzu. Yuzu gets up and stares at Sawatari. "And after that Yosen Training Grounds' effect activates!" Sawatari declares. "Once per turn, I can use three Yosen Counters to add a "Yosenju" monster from my Deck to my hand!" He explains. "I add Mayosenju Daibak to my hand!" Sawatari states though he didn't show the card to Yuzu. "It wouldn't be fun if I ended this so soon, so I set one card and end my turn!" Sawatari comments. "The three Kama brothers return to my hand at the end of the turn they're Summoned!" He states as the three Kama brothers return to his hand. "Using a card effect to return all his monsters to his hand, leaving his field wide open…Is he planning something?" Yuzu wonders. "Now, let's continue the show, Entertainment Duellist Yuzu Hiragi!" Sawatari suggests. "Sawatari is taunting his opponent without a care in the world!" Nico remarks.

"Even if it may be a trap…I'll do everything I can with my Duelling!" Yuzu thinks. "Let's go! My turn!" Yuzu declares and draws Dulcet the Melodious Sorceress. "Here it is!" She exclaims. "I, using the Scale 1 Arial the Melodious Sorceress and the Scale 9 Dulcet the Melodious Sorceress, set the Pendulum Scale!" Yuzu declares. As the two monsters appear in their Pendulum Zones "With this I'm able to summon Level 2 to 8 monsters simultaneously!" Yuzu explains. "Here it comes!" Ayu and Tatsuya cheers. "Pendulum Summon!" Futoshi cheers, while Kurosaki watches from the sidelines. "Swing, Pendulum of the Soul! Draw an arc of light across the ether! Pendulum Summon! Come forth, my monsters!" Yuzu chants. "Layla the Melodious Virtuoso! (ATK: 1600) And with its radiant singing voice, Mozarta the Melodious Pendulum Maestra!" She declares (ATK: 2600). The crowd cheers. "There it is! The Pendulum Summoning that Hiragi used to beat Strong Ishijima!" Nico announces. "That's Pendulum Summoning!" A woman said. "It really does exist!" A man said. "Now it's my turn!" Yuzu comments. "If Yuzu attacks directly with Mozarta and Layla, she wins!" Tatsuya exclaims. "It looks like a trap no matter how you look at it though" Sora comments and licked his lollipop. Sawatari chuckles. "Let's go Battle Phase! I attack directly with Mozarta the Melodious Pendulum Maestra!" Yuzu declares. "I activate Yosenju Oyam's effect from my hand!" Sawatari declares. "When my opponent declares a direct attack: I can sent one "Yosenju" monster from my hand to my Graveyard, and Special Summon this card!" He explains. He discards Yosenju Kodam, and Oyam towers over the field (ATK :?) "Unknown ATK?" Yuzu surprise. "Oyam's ATK is the same as the original ATK of the monster it battles!" Sawatari explains (Oyam's ATK: 2600). Yuzu gasps. "Since I successfully Summoned a "Yosenju" monster, I light one Yosen Counter!" Sawatari states. "So what now? Are you going to crash your monster into mine?" He asks. "I'm not done yet! I activate Layla's effect!" Yuzu responds. "Once, during the Battle Phase, this card can increase the ATK of one monster by 600!" She explains. Layla pounds on its chest-drums and sends out a shockwave that boosts Mozarta's ATK (Mozarta's ATK: 3200). Sawatari grits his teeth. "Go, Mozarta! Elegant Graceful Wave!" Yuzu declares, blasting a hole in Oyam. "If Mozarta destroys a Level 5 or higher monster, battle damage is doubled!" Yuzu remind Sawatari, and the second wave of light destroys Oyam and sends Sawatari flying "That one hurt! Sawatari takes a whopping 1200 points of damage!" Nico comments as Sawatari lands (Sawatari's LP: 2800). "I activate Oyam's effect!" Sawatari declares. "When this card is destroyed by battle, I can add another Oyam from my Deck to my hand!" He explains. "What's this!? Another Oyam that she just defeated got add to her opponent's hand!" Nico informs the audience of the twist as Sawatari holds the card high. "Even if I attack now, he'll just Summon another Oyam…At this point, I should just…" Yuzu thinks. "I end my turn!" Yuzu states and runs down the moat.

Sawatari watches her go and chuckles "From now on is the real deal! Shingo Sawatari's Legendary Revenge Duel!" He states. "Yuzu Hiragi! Now, you will come to fear the power of Pendulum Summoning!" Sawatari tells her. Yuzu gasps. "Fear the power of Pendulum Summoning?" Yuya surprised at the comment. "Jeez, he just loves to narrate everything doesn't he?" Masumi comments. "Behold, Yuzu Hiragi! My turn!" Sawatari tells Yuzu and draws Yosen Whirlwind with a grin. "I summon Yosenju Kama 1" Sawatari declares (ATK: 1600). "And with Kama 1's successfully Summoning, I Summon Kama 2 and Kama 3!" He states (ATK: 1800) (ATK: 1500). "And also, I activate Training Grounds' effect!" Sawatari declares. "With three Summons of "Yosenju" monsters, I light up three more Yosen Counters!" He states. "Sawatari once again fills his field with three monsters!" Nico fills the crowd in. "This is exactly the same as his last turn!" Ayu gasps. "At this rate, Kama 1's going to bounce back Mozarta to Yuzu's hand!" Futoshi panics. But instead of using the effect of Kama 1 "Battle Phase! I attack directly by halving Kama 2's ATK!" Sawatari decalres (Kama's 2 ATK: 900). "A direct attack!?" Yuzu surprised. "Huh? He's not going to use Kama 1's effect?" Yuya surprised. "Sound like there's a reason for that…" Sora states. Yuzu leaps up, grabbing a stake in the wall and swinging towards an Action Card, but she's blown away before she can reach it and the card itself is blown out of the wall. Yuzu lands with a crash on the ground (Yuzu's LP: 2200). "Yuzu!" Yuya calls out. "And now, Kama 3's effect activates!" Sawatari declares. "When another "Yosenju" monster deals Battle Damage to my opponent: I can add another "Yosenju" monster from my Deck to my hand!" He explains. Kama 3's dagger shine as Sawatari adds a card from his Deck "I add the Pendulum Monster: Yosenju Shichu L to my hand!" He states. Yuzu gasp.

The crowd bursts into murmurs "What's this?! Sawatari has Pendulum cards!" Nico explains. "So he really does have them!" Yuzu muses. "Pendulum Monster?!" Yuya shocked. "No way!" Gongenzaka gasps. Shuzo just watched. "I activate Training Grounds' effect!" Sawatari declares. "By using three Yosen Counters, I add one "Yosenju" monster to my hand!" He states. "I add the Pendulum Monster: Yosenju Shichu R to my hand!" Sawatari declares. "He has two Pendulum cards!" Yuzu mutters. "Yuzu Hiragi, just like I told you, Pendulum Summoning will be your path to defeat!" Sawatari tells her. Yuzu grits her teeth. "I, using the Scale 3 Yosenju Shichu L and the Scale 5 Yosenju Shichu R, set the Pendulum Scale!" Sawatari declares. Both monsters rise in their Pendulum Zones successfully. The crowd went in awes. "He did it…but with a Scale of 3 and 5, he can only Summon Level 4 monsters!" Yuzu gasps. "Level 4?" Sawatari repeats. Sawatari laughs "Sorry, but that's not the case…" He comments. "I activate Shichu R's effect!" Sawatari declares. "When there is another "Yosenju" card in my other Pendulum Zone, its Scale rises to 11!" He explains (Shichu R's Scale: 11). Everyone gasps in shock. "With this, I'm able to summon Level 4 to 10 monsters simultaneously!" Sawatari states. "Pendulum Summon!" He declares. The portal opens, releasing a giant green tornado "O wind-clan chief of phantoms! Gouge these lands with your raging cloak! Come forth! Mayosenju Daibak!" Sawatari chants. Daibak, a giant weasel of green wind, roars as it stands (ATK: 3000). Everyone was in shock.

"What a shocker! Sawatari's performed a Pendulum Summon!" Nico asks. In the Leo Corporation control room "Pendulum energy detected! Physical image levels are normal!" A technician declares. "Power balance and the mass are stable as well!" Another technician declares. "President, it's a success!" Nakajima tells Reiji. Reiji just watched silently. The crowd cheers. "Neo New Sawatari is amazing!" Yamabe claims. "Yosenju are the best!" Kakimoto claims. "Training Ground gains one Yosen Counter!" Sawatari reminds them. "So wait, Yuzu Hiragi isn't the only person who can Pendulum Summon?" A Woman surprised. "but Sawatari just did it in front of us!" A man surprised. "We knew this would happen someday, but to think someone else learned it this soon…!" Shuzo muses to Yoko. "And not only that, the summoned monster is Level 10!" Tatsuya gasps. Sawatari was energized by the crowd "That it! Scream! Cheer more!"He tells the them. "The fun has just begun!" Sawatari yells. "That's Yuzu's line!" Ayu, annoyed, protest. Drunk in his excitement "I am the truly chosen man, Neo New Sawatari! And I don't have just Pendulum Summoning in my arsenal! I am going to go beyond it" Sawatari claims. "Beyond it!?" Yuzu exclaims. "I activate Daibak's effect!" Sawatari declares. "When this card is Normal or Special Suumoned: I can return two target cards from my opponent's field to their hands!" He explains. "I return your Arial the Melodious Sorceress and Dulcet the Melodious Sorceress to your hand!" Sawatari declares. Daibak blasts a tornado at the two Sorceresses and returns them to card form. "We're not done yet! With Daibak on the Field, I activate the Continuous Trap: Dizzying Winds of Yosen Village!" Sawatari declares and a whirlwind came out of the card. "Any non-"Yosenju" cards returned to the hand from the Field are sent to their owner's Deck instead!" He explains. Yuzu gasps in shock. "Her Pendulum Cards are sent to her Deck!?" Nico shocked. "Hiragi's Pendulum Summoning has been sealed!" He explains. "And on top of that, I pay 800 LP (Sawatari's LP: 2000) to activate the Continuous Spell: Yosen Whirlwind" Sawatari declares. "I end my turn" He states. Yuzu grunts. "But my turn doesn't just simply end! Let me show you the Sawatari Legend Combo!" Sawatari states. "Yousen Lost Tornado!" He declares. "Yousen Lost Tornado?" Yuzu confuse. "Yosen Whirlwind's effect is: When a " Yosenju" is returned to my hand, I can return one card on my opponent's Field to their hand!" Sawatari explains. "And Dizzying Winds of Yosen Village's effect is: Any non-"Yosenju" cards returned to the hand from the Field are sent to their owner's Deck instead!" He reminds Yuzu. Yuzu gasps in shock. "The three Kama brothers return to my hand during the End Phase!" Sawatari states.

"With this, Yosen Whirlwind's effect returns three of your cards to your hand, and with Dizzying Winds' effect, they're blown away to your Deck!" He explains. Twin tornadoes emerge from the cards. "Get back to the Deck! Pinch Helper, Glissando, Layla!" Sawatari declares as the twin tornadoes blasted them back to Yuzu's Deck. "More and more cards are being wiped off of Yuzu's Field!" Yuya gasps. "Only Mozarta remains!" Gongenzaka exclaims. Laughing "Of course, I'll be having her leave the stage as well!" Sawatari claims. "Daibak's effect activates!" He declares. "At the end of the turn this card is Special Summoned, it returns to my hand!" Sawatari explains. "Yosen Lost Tornado!" He declares as Mozarta vanishes. "Bye-bye, Mozarta!" Sawatari comments. "That's why he didn't use Kama 1's effect earlier! So he could send Mozarta to my Deck instead of my hand!" Yuzu realizes. "What do you think?" Sawatari asks Yuzu. "This tornado literally catches opponent's cards in dizzying winds and blows them into the Deck!" He states. "This is Sawatari Legend Combo! Yousen Lost Tornado!" Sawatari declares. "So he's sealed Yuzu Hiragi's Pendulum Summoning, then?" Hokuto muses. "That's pretty good, coming from Sawatari at least" Yaiba comments. "His naming sense this time was awful though" Masumi snorts. "I am Neo New Sawatari! The man who will give birth to a legend!" Sawatari declares. Yuzu grits her teeth. "Finally, Shichu R's Pendulum Scale returns to normal" Sawatari explains (Shichu R's Scale: 5).

"This is the Pendulum sealing technique you taught him, President!" Nakajima realizes. "Pendulum allows cards to revive themselves on the next turn whether they are returned to your hand or destroyed. That is their greatest strength. But if you return them to the Deck…" Reiji explains.

"Yuzu's Field has been laid bare! And with only one card in her hand, she's truly in a do or die situation!" Nico explains. "It'll be over for you on my next turn!" Sawatari states. "Now show me your final struggles!" He tells Yuzu. "If she can't use Pendulum anymore…!" Futoshi gasps. "What will happen to Yuzu?" Ayu worried. "My turn…" Yuzu quietly declares. "Yuzu! Don't give up! You have to keep burning!" Shuzo shout to encourage her. "Man up!" Gongenzaka shout to encourage Yuzu. "Yuzu!" The kids shouts. "Wait! Yuzu is…smiling!" Yuzu tells them. "What?" Gongenzaka surprised. "I'm completely cornered…And yet, I wonder why…I feel so excited right now!" Yuzu thinks. "It's time we settle this once and for all!" Sawatari tells Yuzu. "Settle this? Don't be ridiculous! The Duel has just begun!" Yuzu comments. "What?" Sawatari asks. "Draw!" Yuzu declares. "I set two cards and end my turn!" She states. "Huh? That's it?" Yuya surprised. "What's this, now? I went out of my way to hype things up and you do something so boring?!" Sawatari comments in mock disappointment Well. I guess you can't help it with an empty hand and no Pendulum Summons!" Sawatari comments in mock disappointment, but Yuzu was already jumping to the top of the wall. "If I don't have any cards, then I just have to look for more!" Yuzu explains. "Huh?" Sawatari confused. Yuzu begins to sprint off "Yuzu!" Yuya cries out Yuzu's name. "It'll be fine! Her eyes are still filled with strength!" Gongenzaka reassures Yuya and Yuya smiles. "The fun has just begun!" Yuzu declares.

OC Cards

Layla the Melodious Virtuoso (Pendulum/ Effect, Type: Aqua, Attribute: Earth, Level: 5, ATK: 1600, DEF: 900, Scale: 2)

Pendulum Effect: Once per turn, when a monster you control battles a monster: You can target your battling monster; it gains 600 ATK until the end of the Battle Phase.

Monster Effect: If neither player controls a monster, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand), but its Level is reduced by 1. Once per turn, when a monster you control battles a monster: You can target your battling monster; it gains 600 ATK until the end of the Battle Phase.

Melodious Pinch Helper (Continuous Trap)

Activate this card when an opponent's monster declares a direct attack: Negate the attack, and if you do, Special Summon 1 "Melodious" monster with 800 or less ATK from your Deck, but its effects are negated. When a monster you control battles an opponent's monster: You can send this face-up card from your Spell & Trap Zone to the Graveyard; halve any battle damage either player takes from this battle.