In a city sited on top of a mountain far above the clouds, just below where the stars shine the brightest, there lived the most powerful beings on Earth called gods. Currently, in a meeting hall decorated with fine marble that reflected like a mirror, the purest gold outlined every corner with elegance. 13 magnificent thrones each pretraining their own personality came to a complete circle around a thriving hearth.

There were only three gods in the meeting room now. To be more precise, the three most powerful gods to exist, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, or the Big Three for short. However, you may think because they are the most powerful they must be the most responsible, right? Well then you don't know Greek mythology then do you, dear reader. The Big Three were currently arguing over something or other, I can never keep track. This can only end so well.

"I am your King and you will do as you're told, Poseidon!" Zeus yelled causing some thunder to go off in the distance.

"We're all Kings here Zeus and I don't have to listen to you!" Poseidon yelled back rather maturity.

Hades was staying out of this one for once sitting in his often abandoned, obsidian throne, but that may not last much longer as even gods have limits. And Hades limit was fast approaching, let's see what happens.

"YOU TWO NEED TO SHUT YOUR CHILDISH MOUTHS RIGHT NOW!" Surprisingly or not, Hera was the one to yell this. Poseidon and Zeus were quick to shut up, even Hades was rendered speechless.

"Why can't you actually try not to act like five-year-old humans and more like thousand-year-old gods that you are?" Hera turned to Hades and smiled,

"Thank you, Hades for actually trying to keep a cool head. I know it isn't easy."

Hades returned the smile in kind, rather enjoying watching his younger brothers get scolded like children. Poseidon and Zeus glared at him with stares that could kill ten mortal men.

"But we all know fully well you can be just as guilty as these two." Hera added, making Hades drop his smile, while Zeus and Poseidon picked theirs up.

"Hera with all due respect though I do argue just as badly, I fully admit, but so do you. You have no room to judge here." Hades countered with his own defense.

"Yes, I do argue with Zeus quite a bit, BUT I argue as a wife with her husband, who cheats, A LOT. I wouldn't consider that childish nor unreasonable."

"Now before I must listen to any more bickering Demeter, Hestia, and I have decided the best action to take was to force you three to get work together." With that said Hera snapped her fingers and a bright light surrounded three very confused brothers.