At this time on Dragon Island …

''You can stay here as you please, my dad can send you a ship.''Hiccup said. ''However, I hope the Empire does not seek me here, but I have a bad feeling that it will be different.''Starkiller respond.''Do not worry Galen if the Empire is going to follow you will have to get through with us.''Hiccup said.''Okay, now, excuse me, I need a few moments of peace''Starkiller said.

''Well, what do you think of the newcomer?''Hiccup asked his team.'' It seems to me strange but also great at the same time.''Snoulot said.''You saw how he took my two swords from his hands, attracted them to him as by magic.''Tuffnut said enthusiastically.''He was awesome!''Ruffnut said.''What does he think he feels that the Empire will come soon after?''Fishleg asked.''The Empire pursues it has a few things to solve.''Hiccup respond.''But why?''Astrid asked.'' I don't know but we will not let them get to him or the dragon. Ok?''Hiccup said. His team nodded .

In the woods, Starkiller practiced his training when he was interrupted by Hiccup who wanted to know what he was doing.

''Wait, do not scare it's me,Hiccup!''.Hiccup said .''Oh, my apologies more surprised me.''Starkiller said.''What are you doing here?''Hiccup asked.''It's my training, I have to be ready for anything''Starkiller said.''But what are you doing here?''Starkiller asked.''Oh, you know here I wanted to see what you're doing, to see how you're a bit of a genre.''Hiccup said. Starkiller looked at her as if she did not tell her everything.''Okay, I'd like to know how you can attract all the objects around you, how your sable can cut off everything and what they are made of. You can tell me?''Hiccup said.'' First of all, that attraction of objects is called Force and is of several kinds.''

''Something very easy for you when you have such a power.''Hiccup said.''And you can do that.''Starkiller said.''Wait, I can do this too?How?''Hiccup asked shocked.''You can control the Force if you train to become a Jedi Knight.''Starkiller respond.''Can you train me to become a Jedi?''Hiccup asked curiously.''If you wish, but remember to become a Jedi Knight is a great responsibility, I hope you can assume it.''Starkiller said seriously.''I can assume this responsibility.''Hiccup said resolutely.''Okay, first of all, a Jedi knight is a protector of the light side of the Force, which keeps justice and prevents the Sith lords from the dark side of the Force.''Starkiller said.''Oh, I'll keep this.''Hiccup answered.''Okay, letting the talk go aside with the essential lessons''Starkiller ordered.

Hiccup ran through the woods bypassing trees one after another, and salt on their branches.''Speed and agility are the first elements needed to train a jedi.'' Starkiller said. After finished running, Starkiller came and told him''Good job, but now try to run and jump with these stones in the back''.''I think you are joking''Hiccup said very tired.''I mean very seriously you want to become Jedi''.

''The second most important thing is balance and in which you have to free your mind to pick up those stones.''Starkiller said. Hiccup rises in his hands and after a few minutes he manages to keep his balance, trying to empty his mind, but fails.''Hey I did''. ''You have succeeded, then try to raise stone .''Starkiller said incredulously. Hiccup raises his arm as he attempts to raise the rock with the power of the Force, but seeing it fails to unbalance and falls. Toothless began to laugh amused when he saw his friend's failure.''It seems to me or you have failed''Starkiller joked.

After several attempts, Hiccup manages to pick up the stone, but not very high because of its weight.

After a few lessons, Starkiller gives Hiccup a sword, and with the Force he picks up some piercings and throws them to him from different parts. This way Hiccup exercises his sword handling, but also defends himself when attacked from all sides.

Only once did the training have been interrupted because they saw they were attacked by the Dragon Hunters.

''There are three ships full of hunters, what's the plan, Hiccup?''Fishleg asked.''We take dragons and attack defensively in flight.''Hiccup said.''I think I could help.''Starkiller said.''It's too dangerous too many hunters.''Heather said.''I've broken armies ten times bigger, I can stop them.''Starkiller respond lighting their lightsabers.''Okay, you can climb my dragon Toothless if you to want?''Hiccup said.''I don't need a dragon.''Starkiller said.

And at that moment Starkiller with the help of Speed Force managed to jump on the middle ship by knocking three people. The Dragon Hunters were scared a little when they saw Starkiller jump, but they rushed to attack him. He did not even have to use lightsabers to defeat the hunters, he only used the Force and destroyed all ships. The dragons' riders were all stuck with their mouths when they saw the battle and their new income won.

''Oh, Thor!''Fishleg said scared.

''Did not somehow destroy all the corals in less ...''Snoulot said intrerupted.

''...two minutes!?''Astrid said continuing Snoulot's proposition.

''For later.''Starkiller said by going to the woods.