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Chapter 1 – A meeting with Death

Bradley Smith had driven his bus for over forty years, in fact today was his last day behind the wheel of Susie as he had come to call her. He rounded the second to last corner and immediately stomped on the breaks. A boy had stepped in front of the bus, stepped would have been the incorrect term he full on sprinted in front of the bus but then he disappeared. For a moment, he doubted that he had seen a child, but then he saw the three other boys standing on the curb looking horrified. Bradley jumped out of the bus and checked under his wheels. Looking under the vehicle he didn't see anything and when he looked up he saw the three boys sprinted away; he shook his head and climbed back into his bus. Surely, he was getting old and the time had come to hang up his driving boots.

The boy who had vanished had reappeared somewhere else, he felt very comfortable where he had been seated. His eyes felt heavy and he felt tired, he opened them slowly and saw that he was seated in a lush chair but what was more interesting was that there was a man seated across from him; dressed in an immaculate black suit along with a black shirt and tie. Harry looked up at the man's face and realized that he couldn't recognize the man, not because he hadn't seen him before but because the man's face kept changing.

"Hello Mr Potter" he said with a sweet voice

"Hello" he said

"Confused?" the man asked

"Yes, extremely" he said still fascinated by the man's face

"Only after I collect you from this realm will you truly see the true face of Death" he said indicating vaguely to his face

"Are you Death?" he asked with a slight stutter

"My dear boy you'll need to ask more insightful questions than that should you hope to live a longer life. Since you're only eight human years old I will indulge you for three naïve questions" he said shaking his head "Yes, I am Death and no you are not dead, before you waste one of the two questions you have left"

"Why am I not dead?" he asked

Death seemed to smile at the question "That is a question I have been pondering for some time Mr Potter and all I can tell you is that you're fated for some grand purpose. I however hate fate, she interrupts my dealings far too often and this time I may have the jump on her" he said

"Are you going to take my life?" Harry asked

"Only in a hundred or so years, that's if you accept my deal Mr Potter" he said simply

How could Death want to make a deal with him? "What is the deal?"

"Well, since you owe me your life I thought you could help me further mess with fate. She won't want you to die and thus she will be at odds with who dies when they're fated to do something. She will no doubt chose you since your fate involves very powerful people" he said simply

"You want me to k… kill?" he asked

"Well yes, naturally. I'll have someone train you that you can be sure of" he said as if this was normal

"Why me? I'm only a boy" he said flinching at the last word knowing how his uncle threw the word around whenever he was close

"Oh, but you're not which brings me to my deal. I will give you information, spare your life, kill Voldemort and give you training if you kill 10 people for me. I think that's fair, three for information, three for training, three for Voldemort and one for sparing your life" he offered

"Well what if I say no?" he asked nervously already knowing the answer

"Well then, I'll have to kill you, fate be damned but I'd rather not. You see us Powers have a delicate balance between ourselves and while we can change that balance it often has repercussions which range from small inconveniences to destruction of the Power but if we get humans to do our bidding we often find that there are no consequences other than a few mortal lives"

"So you want me to kill ten people?" Harry asked

"I believe that is your second naïve question as I have plainly stated that" he said seemingly bored

"Okay, I'll do it. Now can I have the information?" he said steeling his nerves

"Good, first I need you to shake my hand to conclude our deal. You kill ten people and I kill Voldemort, give you information, get you training and spare your life" he said and struck out his hand which Harry shook quickly

"Now Harry James Potter there are a few things that you should know. First, you're a wizard, yes magic is real and you have been performing it accidently over the years but you will get a letter when you turn 11 which will invite you to a school to hone your skills, this will be where you will spend seven years to try and kill your tenth target which will be the most difficult as he is regarded as the most powerful wizard alive. There's a lot more to those facts but you'll get your trainer to take you to a place called Diagon Alley where you can get as many books and equipment as you want. Secondly, you're a millionaire thanks to generations of Potter's accumulating wealth, none of them rested on their laurels and continuously generated more than they spent. Now you're to go straight to the bank in Diagon Alley and talk to a goblin named Griphook and make it clear to him no one is to know about your visit, understand everything so far?"

"Yes" he said simply, committing the information to memory

"Thirdly, in the magical world people call you the boy who lived since you're the only person to survive the killing curse, they're wrong but it would be up to you to keep up or dispel the illusion. Your magical ability is great and with training you'll be able to able to surpass even Merlin, which seems to be Voldemort's goal but he will be disappointed when I come to collect him" he said

"Can you tell me about Voldemort?" Harry asked

"Of course, his real name is Tom Marvolo Riddle and he is born to a witch and a non-magical man. He had a goal to become the most powerful wizard and rule both the magical and non-magical worlds, he made steps to become immortal and succeeded but our deal will trump that. Deals with Powers are very powerful and can transcend almost all magic and its limitations. He tried to kill you because of a foolish prophecy that was interpreted incorrectly and your mother gave her life to protect you from him in her final moments and that's all I think I should tell you about him"

"Thank you" Harry said

"Now onto your teacher. He is called by many names; the harbinger of death, the emissary of death, Deaths most diligent servant, baba yaga or the boogeyman but his name is Johnathan Wick and currently works with the Tarasov family. His skill is unparalleled and if you're observant you'll learn more from him in a day than from a thousand assassins in a thousand years. You'll learn everything he knows, this is as part of his deal with me. Which doesn't concern you" he said

"When will he be fetching me?" Harry asked

"Tonight at 6, I suggest you meet him at the front door unless you want your relatives assaulted" he warned

"Okay" Harry said "So who do I need to" he started

"I will give you the first three names in a year" Death said

"Okay" He said

"Now Mr Potter as fascinating as this discussion was you need to return and wait for Johnathan to find you. Don't be late" he said and snapped his fingers and Harry appeared on the sidewalk where he had been earlier before he crossed the street. Could he do it? Kill ten people? He guessed he would find out in a year when he got the first three names.

He ran home and hid in the bushes waiting for Johnathan to arrive; he wouldn't pass up the chance to get out of this house. Maybe he should let the man beat up his uncle for all the punishment he had put Harry through, no that may only deny his escape from his prison. The minutes passed when Harry saw an American car pull up outside the house and a well-dressed man climbed out of the car and adjusted his jacket which allowed Harry to see that he wore a shoulder holster with two guns under his jacket

Harry decided there and then that it would be best if the Dursley's never met this man; he jumped out of the bushes and walked up to the man.

"Mr Potter?" he asked in an American accent

"Yes, Mr Wick?" Harry asked and remembered that Death had told him not to ask stupid question

"Yes, are you ready to leave?" he asked

"Yes I am" he said confidently

"Where are you bags then?" he asked confused

"I'd rather not bring along more rags" he said and indicated his own clothes

"I will arrange for clothes then" he said understanding what the boy meant; just looking at what he was wearing, it was oversized and quite used

"Thank you" Harry said and got into the car

"Now I have a few rules, the car stays clean so if you mess in it I expect you to clean. In general I want a clean environment, you and your room will be presentable at all times. A cleaning service comes in thrice a week and you will make sure that laundry is in the basket and outside your room at nine every night before they arrive" he said taking the next turning into the next street

"Understood Mr Wick" Harry said

"Call me John and if I may call you Harry" he said

"That'll be alright by me John" Harry said

"Now lastly, I'm not your friend or your father. We will have a trainer/trainee relationship and even a mentor/mentee relationship if you're keen enough, while you're with me you'll be in permanent danger except when we're at my home. Now I expect you to be aware enough to defend yourself or alert me to possible dangers" he went on to explain

"Okay, where do you live?" Harry asked

"Right now I'm based out of London but I frequently travel to Moscow and New York, after 6 months of our training I will expect you to travel with me since I believe that's how long it should take you to get up to standard. Now onto house rules and I guess training rules as well; we will get up at six every morning, you will go for a run and be back in time for breakfast at seven. You will not eat junk food and you will keep a food journal for those six months, I am not happy with your physical form for an eight year old. You will study weapons in the morning and then we'll do combat training in the afternoon. In the evening's we will arrange for a tutor for Math, sciences, languages and geography" he said

"What time should I be in bed?" he asked showing that he was still a child

"You'll be in bed by 9 until we're happy with your physical growth" John said

"That's okay" Harry said knowing that the Dursley's expected him to be silent after 7

"Now, tonight we will get you some clothes and toiletries. Tomorrow we will get you weapons and then you may enjoy the weekends because I'll be away for business and then from Monday we'll start our training" he explained

"I need to go to the bank still" Harry said knowing that clothes were not cheap

"I know that was what Death advised but I have enough money to help you. You will pay me back with good behaviour and steady progress" he said leaving no room for argument

"Anything else I need to know?" Harry asked

"No, I think we'll have some more discussions later" he said and stopped in front of a non-descript building "In we go now, you will receive formal and casual wear. I will pick out tactical wear so no need to worry about that, I want you to be comfortable and if there is something you'd like I want you to speak up. Clothes are a big part of our arsenal, they help us blend in or stand out depending on the situation" he explained as they walked into the building

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