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Time for…

Chapter 26 – Two weeks of Worry, Angst and all those other fun emotions

Harry stood in front of the common room exit, he wasn't scared of the possible attacks; he was worried for his friends and he was worried about what awaited outside the door. He preferred the darkness and right now an extraordinary spotlight was being shone on him.

"You might as well go through the door" Theo said stepping next to him

"I guess" he said and walked out the door. Things were quite normal until they reached the great hall and all conversation stopped and all eyes were focused on him

"Let's go to our table" Theo said dragging him to the Slytherin table

Harry watched all his friends walked into the room and take their seats. Padma walked over to the Slytherin table and sat next to him

"Morning" she said and kissed Harry's cheek

"Morning Ms Patil, I can't tell you how glad I am you're not listening to the rumours" Harry said visibly relaxing

"Of course, I know you aren't capable of that" she said and dished some breakfast

Harry put his toast down and looked across the hall for the Weasleys but none of them were in the hall and neither was Draco. Harry picked up the newspaper and tried to distract himself; he read through the paper and saw that the suspect in the Rusty Cauldron murder had been found and arrested. They had blamed it on the owners squib brother who had been writing threatening letters over a period of time.

"Students" Albus Dumbledore called from the front of the hall "It saddens me to know that two students have passed on to their next adventure, the governing board and the ministry have decided to close the school. So going forward the school will be filled with Aurors, students are to be escorted between exam venues and their common rooms. Exams will be conducted next, classes are cancelled and all students are to gather in the great hall to study and the library collection will be transported here by the staff" he said sadly but sternly as about fifty Aurors stepped into the hall

"The Weasley family will return on Monday and we hope that everyone will do their best to make know that Hogwarts is still their home away from home. Now, Slytherin House you will be escorted first, Aurors please take them to the common room in the dungeons to collect their school work and have them back. Professor Snape will hand out timetables once in the common room"

The Slytherin table was escorted by thirty Aurors and Padma was forced to join her table, Harry walked in the middle of his group as not to bring attention to himself

"Don't hide boy it only makes you look guilty" an aging Auror with one eye told him as he limped along "And for good measure leave those knives in your trunk, Deaths aura already makes you look suspicious why add in more complications" he said dismissively

Once they arrived to the common room Severus handed out examination time tables and did a headcount.

"Where is Draco Malfoy?" he asked

"I'm here" the blonde said coming out of the dormitories "Has another mudblood died?" he sneered

"You missed an important announcement Mr Malfoy" one of the Aurors said "Come with me" he said and took the timetable from Severus

"Why should I?" he fired back

"Resisting only makes you look guilty Mr Malfoy just come along" Severus said and dragged the boy off with the Auror.

The rest of the day continued in this fashion, houses were escorted to the great hall where they spent the morning studying until lunch when they were escorted back to their common rooms which had been rearranged to serve lunch. Draco returned to the common room at lunch smirking

After lunch they were taken back to the great hall for practical lessons with their Professors limited to the tested material, no extra questions were allowed and no extra 'fun' facts were discussed. This was streamlined learning to get them ready for exams nearly three months earlier. Once the afternoon session was wrapped up they were confined to their common rooms for the rest of the day and ate supper there as well

The week ended up going on this way; slowly wearing down the Hogwarts students, Saturday arrived and everyone was looking forward to having a rest. Theo sat on his bed looking at the rest of the boys in the second year dorm; he looked over to Draco and his blood warded trunk, the blonde boy sat on the trunk going over some notes and mumbled to himself and then looked up and found Theo watching

"Something interesting you Nott?" he said and pulled his wand. Before Theo could answer the door swung open revealing Professor Snape

"Why aren't you up and dressed?" the professor asked them annoyed

"It's Saturday Professor" Crabbe said

"And you have exams on Monday, get up and get dressed and be in the common room in thirty minutes" he said and then left the room

When they were escorted into the great hall they noticed the entire school seemed exhausted and fed up with this new routine. Dumbledore stood at the front of the hall

"Good morning everyone" he said brightly "We have sent out letters to your parents advising that you will need to find alternative placement next year. We have advised the various magical institutions that will be able to take you. Furthermore Hogwarts will reopen once the ministry has had time to fit new safeguards, they have advise that we will take on new students once the current first years have completed seventh year" he said sounding more depressed as the announcement went on

The students split into groups and then started studying once more

"This can't be how Hogwarts ends" Blaise said "Maybe we should pass on our suspicions to the Headmaster?"

"They had Draco for an entire morning, if they didn't find anything then what could we provide. His journal seems to be missing as well and I'm more worried about the Weasleys returning on Monday" Harry said "Remember the prank war last year?"

"What could happen if we're kept here under surveillance?" Theo asked

"Theo don't be so naïve, look around. They're only here to make sure no one leaves, anyone wanting to make a move just needs the smallest opportunity" Harry said

"The same applies to Draco" Blaise said

"Okay let's go to Professor Snape and tell him everything we know" Harry said giving up with his friends

They walked to the front of the hall and found their head of house

"Professor could we have a moment?" Blaise asked

"Under a privacy charm please Professor?" Harry added

Severus cast a privacy charm

"Well?" he prompted

"We think Draco is behind the killings Professor, he may be using a journal to do it" Blaise said

"The entire year he has been different and he has been looking like he has been performing rituals, either giving blood or magic because he constantly looks exhausted" Harry added

"And the news of people dying didn't seem to bother him" Theo said as well

"Where is this journal now?" Severus asked

"Well we don't know, it could be in the blood warded trunk or hidden in the castle" Theo said

"Mr Nott the castle has many secrets and if Mr Malfoy wants to hide something we could search for years and not find it" he said

"But sir can't the Aurors give him veritaserum?" Blaise offered "We can't just let them close Hogwarts"

"We have questioned him extensively and we found nothing suspicious. He was rude but that is the Draco we've come to know and any further questioning would necessitate bringing his father in as well" Severus replied

"So he wins?" Theo asked

"For now, yes" Severus replied honestly

The spell was cancelled and the boys were sent back to the study area where no further discussion was had for the rest of the day. After supper they discussed where they would go the following year and most of the group settled on Beauxbatons

"I wonder what the rest of the group will choose? No doubt they're having the same discussion" Tracey said

"At least my French lessons will have been worth it" Daphne added

"You'll help us right?" Blaise asked

"I can speak French too" Pansy added "Going to marry a Malfoy remember most of his family comes from France"

"Me too" Harry said absentmindedly "The French part not the Malfoy marrying part"

"We'll now I really need to ask mother for lessons during our extended summer" Blaise said and started writing a letter

The weekend came to an end all too soon and then the exams kicked off; Harry had been kept far away from all the Weasleys so that there wouldn't be another scene. Severus acted as Harry's personal escort under Dumbledore's instruction, not that it would have been different if the old man hadn't suggested it. Every exam felt extremely difficult and every student had felt the three months of prep work that they currently lacked.

Harry spent his free moments watching Draco and Ronald; both boys were planning something and Harry was nervous as to what it possibly was. Draco seemed to be getting healthier every day, he was ramping up to something big whereas Ronald seemed to be looking paler each day, and he looked like a desperate man.

Two weeks of studying and examinations flew by and by the end of it; Draco Malfoy looked energised and ready to take on the world, Harry looked concerned about what might happen and what he'd be forced to do and Ronald looked horribly pale and filled with hatred. Harry was seated at the end of the Slytherin table when it happened, as Gryffindor was being escorted out of the hall a killing curse came flying across the hall. Harry fell backward to avoid the curse and saw Draco sneak out of the hall, he heard a horrified scream which stopped when he came back up.

Ronald was advancing on Harry wand in hand; the redhead managed to get three more killing curses off before an Auror managed to get through the Gryffindor crowd and tackle Ronald to the ground

"He killed her" the redhead shouted and cried "He killed her and you're just letting him sit among us"

"Are you okay Mr Potter?" Professor McGonagall asked

"No, I wasn't hit by his spell Professor but I need to speak to Potions Master Snape immediately" he said

"You'll need to stay here until we can take your statement Mr Potter" an Auror said

"Your culprit is getting away" Harry said seriously

"Mr Weasley is in custody" the Auror said simply "He won't be going anywhere"

"Blaise I need a powerful blasting curse to the bottom of the table immediately" Harry sent through the tattoo

"Draco?" Blaise asked

"NOW BLAISE!" he shouted through the connection and the boy held his forearm but cast the spell shortly after causing havoc and then Harry ran for all he was worth searching for Draco but couldn't see anything or hear anything.

"Fuck" he swore

"Looking for me Potter?" Draco said emerging from the girls' bathroom radiating power

Harry heard footsteps behind him and then they came to a halt

"Mr Potter and Mr Malfoy there had better be an excellent reason for this" Severus said sounding furious

"Potions Master now may not be the best time" Harry said grabbing his wand and a knife

"You should listen Severus, after all I can do this now" he said and waved his hand causing Severus to hold his forearm and drop to his knees

"How?" he asked eyes wide "He is dead"

"He is now" Draco laughed "He left his soul in a container and I just sacrificed that very soul in exchange for power and it seems control of his Death Eaters was an added bonus"

"And now for your favourite snake…"

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