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Chapter 39 – Finding a way

Draco watched as they dragged the limp body into a chair

"This is one of the guards at Azkaban, he is the deputy warden" his father explained

"Wake him" he said and watched as the man was woken

"Where am I?" the man asked confused

"You are in my current residence, Mr?" Draco asked

"White. What do you want with me?" he asked

"I need to know everything about Azkaban" Draco said "In as much details as you can"

"Or else?" the man asked braver

"Or else you'll have more of this. Crucio" Draco said and cast for a full minute

"I've had worse than that boy, do you think I became what I am today without going through training for this situation?" he laughed shakily

"Everyone breaks eventually" Lucius said over the man's shoulder

"Legilimens" Draco attempted to breach the man's defences but was thrown out rather quickly

"I see" he said and turned to the table and opened a suitcase revealing various knives and tools "Time to put that knowledge to work"

"Son, you don't have to do it yourself" Lucius said "We can get that muggle back here to do the torture or we can use the Cruciatus curse"

"For someone so intelligent you're awfully stupid father, look what that curse did to the Longbottom's. Physical pain on the other hand will serve us better"

Harry stood across from Theo waiting for the instruction to bow; he looked at his best friend who grinned, he was excited for this duel. It had been a while since they had fought one another. He looked to the crowd and saw Gabrielle blow a kiss to him; he smiled back at her

They were given the signal to bow and then the fight started; both boys fired off spells as soon as the call came. Spells collided in mid-air and Harry chose to dodge the ones that came close

He grinned back at Theo, no longer did they take the wait and see approach as they did in their first duel. They each where going for the win

Theo cast various curses that Harry did not recognise; he was holding back against everyone else but he knew a true fight was on his hands. Harry dodged the spells but had to put in much more energy than his previous duels, he cast his ice spikes at Theo who countered with a heavy wind charm which sent the spike back at Harry who hastily side stepped them

"They are scary good" Astoria said to Hermione

"They are the two best fighters in our group, they both have power and skill. Neville would be next since he has less skill but he has the power Harry does. And don't forget this is them holding back"

"Have you seen them duel using dark magic?" Astoria asked jealously

"I have, but it was because Theo asked me to analyse his style"

"Why would he ask you?" Daphne asked from the other side of Hermione

"Well we are sort of dating" Hermione blushed

"Well done Granger" Astoria said and slapped Hermione on the back

"Oh no he is bleeding!" Daphne exclaimed

"They both are, look at Theo's left leg" Hermione said scanning her boyfriend

Harry switched from ice to fire and sent off flaming serpents followed by flaming arrows; Theo erected a large copper shield in front of him and then sent off a wave of water from behind the shield

"He made a mistake" Gabrielle commented to her sister

"Because he can't see from behind the shield?"

"No because he used quite a bit of magic to erect that physical shield, he is going to be down on power. He had Harry at a disadvantage because Harry had been using more draining attacks but now they should be equally tired" Gabrielle said knowing that both boys were reaching their limits magically

"This duel has been going on for nearly thirty minutes" Blaise said as he watched Harry bombard Theo with cutters and stunners "And Harry is getting tired if he is switching to stunners and cutters, the transfiguration takes a lot more magic"

"He is lucky that Theo pulled up that shield" Neville agreed "Unlike the rod he used against you that shield is bulky and required a ton of magic"

"You're going to have a tough time against his girlfriend" Blaise commented

"I know, she thinks quick and casts quicker" Neville said looking across the hall where Gabrielle sat next to her sister "But I won't fall for her tricks like her sister did"

"You better not" Blaise laughed

Harry stood panting, fighting Theo had drained him. He knew it was a mistake when he switched to high powered blasting curses and summoning before Theo and he thanked Merlin when Theo drained himself with that ghastly shield. Said shield vanished and revealed a panting Theo, still grinning. He was enjoying every minute of fighting Harry.

Harry summoned three knives and banished them at Theo before sending flaming arrows as well.

"He's lost the match" Fleur said "He has almost no magic left"

Gabrielle looked deflated that Harry had chosen those spells when he knew they would drain him to the point where he could only perform simple magic. She watched Theo deal with the arrows first as they moved quicker; he side stepped the knives and the spell she didn't recognise Harry cast and prepare for his counter attack. But then Harry vanished and appeared behind Theo and cast a stunner ending the match before collapsing himself

"What just happened?" Blaise asked over the noise in the hall

"I think apparition within the grounds is forbidden just like Hogwarts so the French students are rightfully losing their minds" Neville said

"Are you telling me Harry just illegally apparated in an area where it shouldn't be possible?" Blaise asked shocked "How has he gotten so far ahead of us?"

"That would seem like the case, the ministry might want to question him but he won the duel" Neville said

"Mr Potter wins" the Headmistress said sourly "We will have a ten minute interval before the next match"

Gabrielle rushed to the area where the boys were being treated; Theo was up already and standing by as the healer tried to get Harry to wake up.

Harry woke but not in the hall where the duel had taken place; instead he woke in what looked like a ritual room. He saw Death sitting in a chair looking tired

"You look like death" He joked

"It's time you foolish boy" Death said seriously "You will need to kill more frequently now, it strengthens the bond"

"Why now? Is refilling my core that difficult?"

"Yes" the Power said simply "Without you killing and strengthening me but still being able to fill your core it is tiring. Especially when you decide to go toe to toe with a powerful opponent and then completely deplete your core. For any other magic it would severely hurt their magic"

"You're angry. I'm sorry" Harry said seriously "I was having fun so I didn't even think about the bond"

"It is fine Harry, it is not only your fault I look like this. Fate has been winning more battles against me, I need my servants now more than ever"

"What do I need to do?" Harry asked

"Just shake my hand" Death replied

"Remind me of the repercussions of this deal" Harry said

"You become my servant and your core will refill from mine; it will be different to what we have now in that you still generate about seventy percent of your own magic, you'll probably be down to about thirty. Again your aura will take on a darker shade and you will find darker magics easier and lighter magics will take more work, your healing spells will harm anyone but you"

"What about things like patronuses?" Harry asked "I've read that they're one of the spells that dark wizards can't perform"

"You'll find out that when you try" the Power said "Now take my hand"

"Not very friendly are we? Okay but I'd like another wand" Harry said


"Then why should I make the deal, it doesn't hurt me to refill from your core" he said serious

"Damn that fucking Johnathan" the Power raged causing the temperature in the room to drop to freezing "Do you want the world to be thrown into chaos? That is what will happen when I die because you keep using my power without providing me power in turn"

"I gave you the Philosophers stone for this power" Harry said simply

"Fine" the Power sighed knowing that he needed to make this deal more than Harry did at this point "You will not see me until the moment after you take Dumbledore's life, no help will be coming from me. I cannot and will not protect you from Fate should she decide to act"

"Fine" Harry said and looked into that ever shifting face

"Here" Death said handing Harry a wand which was the same as his current one in every way except the colour


"Yes. Now what tattoo will you take?" Death asked

"Mors Vincit Omnia, same place as John has his Fortune favours the bold"

"You are capable of not being an inconvenience" Death said proudly "See you in a few years Mr Potter" the Power said and took the boys hand

Harry did wake in the duelling hall then, he saw the flashes of spell fire. He sat up and saw Gabrielle bleeding from her wand arm but she was still using it. Neville looked in equally bad shape, he couldn't move as freely as Harry knew he could

"Mr Potter please stay in your bed, we still need to monitor you. Your core is depleted" the healer said and ran another scan on Harry "Impossible"

"There's a problem?" Harry asked

"No, your core has been refilled already" the healer said looking as he looked at his chart "I want to take you to the hospital for further tests"

"Am I in any physical danger?" Harry asked annoyed

"No you're not but…"

"Then I will be leaving your care" he said and hopped up off the bed

"Mr Longbottom wins" the Headmistress announced

Harry rushed to the stage and saw the female healer already at work with fixing her arm

"You're up Harry James?" she smiled weakly

"I am, sorry for causing you to worry" he smiled back at her

"Your friend is amazing, I hope you beat him" she smiled and then took a blood replenishing potion

The final was scheduled for the following weekend and the group made their way to an empty part of the gymnasium.

"It is nice having everyone together for a change" Theo said smiling "To think that the school year will be up soon"

"Yeah, it was nice being here. But I think I still like Hogwarts better" Harry said

"Says the man who got himself a French girlfriend" Lavender teased

"Okay maybe not everything about Hogwarts" he admitted causing his friends to laugh

"So Gabrielle what will you do next year when Harry is back at Hogwarts?" Padma asked

"Well I've decided to take your example Padma, I'll be transferring" she smiled

"For Harry?" Padma asked almost confrontational "That is foolish"

"Padma, maybe tone down the aggression a little bit?" Daphne said quietly "You broke up with him remember"

"Yes for him but also for the friendships I have with Blaise, Theo, Neville and Astoria" she said "You see here I don't have friends, because of my gifts"

"Well we look forward to more sparring sessions with you Gabby" Neville said trying to clear the air

"Next time I'll win the duel" Gabrielle fired back

"Just get Harry injured before the duel. I'll help" Theo whispered loudly causing more laughs

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