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Draco wasn't sure where they'd apparated to, but considering Hermione had been in the bathroom, and she was pregnant, he had a decent idea. The thought something happened to the child worried him slightly, especially considering she had not her husband, a man she'd warmed up to quite quickly for hardly knowing him, and they were in the exact middle of a nasty row. He hoped that it hadn't been the wear on their bonds that had caused any harm to the child, for Severus would never forgive himself. Even if he was being terrible, this was one thing Draco wouldn't wish upon the man.

He was saddened that his and Harry's own conversation would be null after this event, knowing very well his husband would wish to take care of Hermione. As if they weren't already.

While frustrated, they both cared for the young woman, a fact which would never change as long as their lives went on with her in it. Walking upstairs, Draco went to the bedroom she was staying in and fixed everything up, waving his wand over the room to assure she would not come back to any type of stress, if she did come back here. She may end up back at hers, they would hope, yet Draco had a nervous inkling she wouldn't inform Severus until they'd very well sorted things out on their own.

Her stubborn nature was probably why there were several scripted and torn letters littering the desk. They were all unfinished, and each one had Severus' name scrawled across the top in hopeful, loops, script.

"Oh, Hermione," he sighed as his magic finished placing the parchments in her drawers.

Leaving the room feeling more than sorry for Hermione, Draco grabbed a book and apparated to St. Mungo's in a hurry.

He hated hospitals, for the sole reason of who Harry was. It felt like his husband had always landed in this place more than a healthy amount of times, and it stuck each time. What if they did have kids in the future? They'd be seeing their father in the ward more often than not, and he'd come home bruised and battered. It would scar the darling little things, because there was no reason a child of Draco Potter wouldn't be just darling, and he didn't know if that was a healthy environment for a child.

"Where is Madame Snape?" He wondered to the witch sitting at the front desk, her tasks obviously keeping her busy enough to make her glare.

"Fifth floor, room fifty-seven, Mr. Potter."

Draco was more than thankful she recognized him, his heart beating rapidly at all the things that had unfolded in the past few days. Why them? What in Merlin's name had been so bad that their family had to be cursed, that Harry and Hermione had been thrown into this reality of all places and subsequently shattered everyone else's normalcy? Draco didn't hate his husband or his friend at all for what had been done to them, yet resentment for the one responsible lingered regardless.

His whole life had been tossed to the dragons, and while he still had his Harry, he now had burdens beyond what was once his imagination's limits.

The fifth floor did not come fast as Draco pulled himself up and through the people, all equally sad and joyful, annoyed and relieved, alike. Room fifty-seven seemed to hold a terribly gray aura over it when he approached, however. This was certainly not a place with happy occupants, and while Draco hadn't been gone long, Harry Potter bringing in Hermione Snape would elicit immediate care.

The knock was followed by the grim look of Draco's husband, daunted and much older than he was.

"What's happened?" He whispered, grabbing on to the wizard's hand, much needed contact happening as Harry pulled a grim visage.

"Healer did a pregnancy spell and it came up negative, she's lost the baby," he told him definitely.

"Have you told Severus?"

"No," Harry snapped, then cooled almost directly after the outburst, "He needs to know, though, and Hermione refuses to let me tell him. She just wants him over here, is all, won't let me say a lick of why."

Nodding, Draco then offered to get Severus, knowing he'd be at the school and that he'd be worried still over Marcus Black's status of missing. This, however, trumped that, and Harry knew it too. Regulus wouldn't be entirely thrilled about the precedent, yet neither would Sirius. It was simply a choice they all had to make.

"I have to keep up the search for Marcus, today. Don't care if I'm off," Harry suddenly declared, and apparently, Draco had thought wrong of Harry's precedents.

"We have to be here for Hermione right now, Harry. We cannot simply go off galavanting in attempt to find a student. No matter who he is."

"Get Snape here, then you'll be here, and hell, call Ron if you need, but I can't suffer like this anymore, I need to make things right. It's like I got here and your world fell apart. I'm sorry," Harry bolstered, brushing past Draco until his arm was caught.

"Relax, I know it's been heavy the past few days, but it will calm… you just upset the magic a bit is all," he tried to calm, stepping after Harry and placing a kiss on his cheek.

"Really? I think I've brought hell here just as I did in the other world. Nothing's right, never has been for me." The brunette seemed frustrated, and with a quick turn, he got Draco to release his grip.

"Harry, you're being ridiculous right now. I think the kids talk last night was too much-"

"No," another surprise was the cut-in Draco just experienced when his husband seemed vehement- "I still want to do the adoption thing, Draco, I think it's great."

He didn't have the heart to express how defiantly he'd changed his mind on the subject.

"I'm gonna go get Severus. But it is Sunday, so stay here, for Merlin's sake, can you imagine what Hermione is thinking in there?" Draco rattled off, kissing the Auror quickly and apparating to Hogsmeade.

The walk to Hogwarts was downright awful, mostly because of how miserable he felt, yet Draco braved it anyways, knowing he had no choice. He wanted to run into as few people as possible, especially McGonagall, seeing as she'd ask questions, and Remus Lupin was one to avoid as well. Unfortunately, luck would have Draco only half-lucky as Severus opened his private quarters' doors, joined for tea by said Defense Against the Dark Arts professor.

"Severus, I need a private word with you," he stuttered slightly at first, but Draco easily squared himself up as black eyes bore into him in discontent.

"Do you now? Has Hermione sent post by nosy godson?" He inquired, chuckling.

"Is everything alright? You look stressed," came the voice of reason, Remus.

"No," Draco declared, throwing away his initial want for privacy, "Hermione's landed herself in Mungo's and is demanding to see you, Severus."

"Mungo's?" He breathed, glass falling, though Lupin was quick and had it safely gliding towards him in an instant.

"Yeah," Draco felt foolish replying.

"What in Merlin's name for?" Snape demanded, Remus standing and looking more worried by the moment.

"Can't tell you that, she just wants to make amends."

The room was tense, and maybe it was the wrong thing to say to get him to leave his dungeon, but Draco figured he couldn't lie. Hermione wouldn't have wanted that, and Harry would kill him for lying in a situation like this one.

"I take it Harry is with her now, yes?" Remus wondered.

"He took her. Could you tell McGonagall for us, we really should be off, Severus," Draco hinted heavily, seeing as he'd made no movement to leave or do anything.

"Of course, and tell him to get back to Marcus as soon as possible, please. It sounds terrible when someone else is hurt to say that, but Sirius will be here soon, and he'll start throwing his godson bribes if isn't working night and day on it."

Draco almost smiled… but he couldn't seemed to muster one, and a nod sufficed as Severus seemed to grab his cloak and nod in agreement.

"Take me to my wife, please," Severus nearly demanded, stern as his eyes softened and hardened on the trip there, never staying in one place or in one emotion. The conflict physically hurt the blonde as he took the potion's master to Mungo's to see Hermione.

Draco nervously wrung his hands, wishing now for any help from... really anyone. His father or his sister, someone that could calm his nerves and offer him that small bit of solace that Harry needed as well. Maybe he should phone James and Lily, Hermione had not her parents, and the Potter's were good as.

"She's in room fifty-seven, Harry's with her now, but I think I'm going to call his parents and get them here.

Nodding curtly, Severus went forward to the room and knocked, trading places with Harry who tossed him a vulgar glance and came to Draco.

"That is one conversation I wouldn't ever wanna hear," he muttered, looking up quickly, "But I think we need to call Lily, love."

"Mum," Harry muttered, as if he'd forgotten about her existence entirely. Knowing what he did, Draco was surprised that he hadn't been clung to her form and his father's for hours on end. He was handling having his parents back rather well in reality.

"Is that alright? Hermione's parents, as we unfortunately know, aren't too fond of this situation."

"Yeah, I'd love to see my mum anytime. She'll be here for Hermione of course, but... It's just a lot right now to say anything because I feel the need to seriously go out and help look for Marcus," Harry sounded exasperated when he spoke.

"Stop, love, let's just get through today. I know it's a bloody awful Sunday, but it is what is," Draco soothed, taking his husband's face in his hands and kissing him, lips soft and wanting.

Harry responded, feeling settled at the touch, and Draco really couldn't have been anymore thankful that he could give such a peace to the Auror.

Severus looked at his wife's sleeping form with resentment, then he let the resentment fall on him for resenting her while she lay hurt or ill in the hospital. He had no clue what was going on with her, but by all means he hoped their child was alright.

"Hermione," he bid unfortunately, wishing he hadn't when her voice spoke her friend's name instead of his own. "No, it's Severus."

She turned, looking at him with a weak smile.

"I'm sorry," her first words, though he wasn't sure he could forgive her for her mistakes quite yet, "I know you don't understand, but I was an extremely independent witch who had to solve not only my own problems, but Harry's and Ron's too. The other me… well, who I am is a different person, but that doesn't make this any less real. Harry still loves Draco, and he was so understanding when it happened. I saw the hesitance, though, and I couldn't let you go through the pain I saw on Draco's face, I wouldn't allow it. You went through so much from what I knew, I couldn't be the cause of your strife."

"I've lived quite the happy life here," Severus amended, trying to get her to see his reason, though his rebuttal was weakening with each word his wife spoke.

"I bet your father still hated your mother," she said reasonably.

"And myself. I still don't get why you couldn't tell me," he wondered. Surely she had a better answer than who she was as her reasoning.

"I thought I could get away with it… integrate to life here and no one would be the wiser, bar Draco and Harry of course, and I didn't want to hurt you. I wanted you to be seperate from the man I knew, Severus, because you're not him, and I know that."

His resolve broke because there were truth in her words and pain in her voice, and all he wished to do in that moment was heal her and take her home, it was what she needed. They both needed to be home on that Sunday afternoon.

"Why are you here, witch?"

Hermione shuffled uneasily, reaching for his hand that he willingly gave, loving the feel of their palms touching, the heat she gave off invigorating him.

"Have you forgiven me?" She wondered, "Because I do not want to be forgiven because of what happened, that is no way to continue a marriage."

Dread filling his entire body, he nodded and squeezed her hand, bringing it to his lips for an encouraging kiss.

"Right. There's no easy way to say this, and I can't promise it won't hurt you at all-" Severus felt the fear tenfold, and her hesitation nearly murdered him, "-but I've lost the baby."

Severus' breathing stopped, his heart palpitations loud thunders in his head as the room seemed to fall silent. His resolve broke, and the stress and hurt from the past few days seemed to have come crashing down on top of him.

"I'm sorry," he mustered somehow, before tear fells and the weight of the past crashed over him, hitting him full force like a stunning spell.

They'd lost a child both had so desperately wanted, and it was just as real as the pain Regulus was feeling, if not worse. Neither he nor Hermione would ever know what their child sounded like, or what subject at Hogwarts would be their best. He was sure she would have been a Gryffindor like her mother, and yet they'd never find out. At least Regulus would one day have Marcus back… they hoped. Though, with Harry on the case, and all of this happening right then, Severus was never more sure in his best-friend's son.

"Don't apologize," Hermione whispered, though she sounded like her words were begging, "Come here and know that I love you, Severus."

"Did the healers give you reason as to why it happened?" He asked, denying her hug, not wanting to hurt her.

"Well, Harry was in quite a flurry thinking that it was because of our bonds being so harshly tugged on, but the healer said there was no magical folly, it was just human err."

Hermione had abated a fear he didn't even know he had, and that was that this entire thing was the fault of him. It wasn't, obviously, but he felt like an awful person for not being at her side sooner. What a git he was, though he now saw her point in having their talk first. It too her being in Mungo's for them to speak, yet he would have forgiven her in a heartbeat if that news had been told first. Though, it wouldn't have been forgiveness, it would have been something else entirely, and he would have harbored those dark feelings of regret and pain for months after 'forgiving' her, which would have all in all made things worse.

Once again, his lovely Hermione was too smart for her own good.

"I love you," he told her genuinely, picking himself up and out of the pit the news had drug him into. He'd been quite the arse over the past few days and now he needed to change that by being strong for his wife and taking her home.

"You two are so sweet," a soft voice came from the door, it just creaking open now, proving she'd only heard what Severus had said.

"Thank you, Lily," Hermione voiced, looking quite excited to have the elder witch there, a woman who had been like a mother to her since her own had quite blatantly abandoned her.

"Harry told me what happened, and he's gone off to work now to find Marcus, even though I told that boy not to," she told them exasperatedly, coming around the other side of the bed to Hermione's left, "Draco tried to stop him, too, but he's hard-headed like his father, it's uncanny."

Severus grinned, thankful for his friend, and thankful Hermione had told him about the things she'd known of her life that wasn't here. Not having Lily? He couldn't imagine having a world where her bright red hair- it was not dyed, she persisted to that day still- wasn't floating about them, and when her bubbling presence wasn't filling the room with laughter.

"How do you feel in your stomach area, sweetheart?"

"There were no muggle procedures done, so I feel fine, except mentally of course, but that's why I have Severus to help heal."

Lily smiled, shared a look with him, and he felt that shiver down his spine telling him she knew more than she'd say then… or possibly ever. He and Hermione had made up, so it was likely Lily wouldn't take what she knew any further than where she'd gotten the information from. His galleons were certainly on the frustrated and stranded Draco out in the hall.

"And he has plenty of friends to help him get through his wonderings as well. I know it won't be easy, but at least you are young and healthy, Hermione, so you can always try again."

"Thank you, Lily," Hermione said graciously, and he had no idea how she mustered any grace in that moment. Severus could barely hold tears back.

"Surely, my darling, you are like a daughter to me. I wouldn't support you any less. Now, do you mind if I get Draco back in here, and I think Severus you should see about getting a healer in here to discharge your lovely wife. I wouldn't want to be cooped up here any longer than is needed, and I suspect Hermione does not either."

"I agree, Lily," Severus said stoutly, in a rush to have his wife home and in their bed, a night of rest before them. He would just tell McGonagall to cancel his potions classes for the week, just to be safe. He was sure the students wouldn't be in too much of a fuss over it.

Then again, he could simply ask Draco to fill in, though he felt that he wouldn't be entirely fond of that situation seeing as he was the housewife of his relationship. That, and Draco was probably still frustrated with him.

He kissed Hermione gently on the lips, feeling their bonds swell and recover, and then Severus was gone, wanting her home and everything to be alright again. Watching Lily as the healer explained how Hermione would have to do this and that, he saw Draco animatedly rush back into the room. The elder witch rolled her eyes, a gesture Severus had always been able to see on her from miles away, and entered the room as well, and soon they were all visiting Hermione, quiet but more peaceful.

The only problem was now finding Marcus Black, and hopefully nothing else terrible would come their way.