This is my first fanfiction. I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER. There will be more chapters if you like my work.

They were surrounded by death eaters in the department of mysteries and there was no escape. He could see defeat staring him in the face. Slowly Lucius Malfoy removed his mask and faced Harry,

"Give up, Potter. You and your friends are surrounded and there is no escape for you."

Harry knew that he couldn't risk the lives of his friends. Lucius Malfoy was right. Suddenly from the back Bellatrix stepped forward,

"You're not threatening at all Lucius. Are we going to stand here and chit chat all day? I'll deal with these babies."

Harry took a step forward. His heart was threatening to break out of his chest. He had lead his friends into this mess. He couldn't believe how stupid he had been. He remembered what Snape had said and he realized now that he had been right. Voldemort had taken advantage of his mental weakness and used it against him. And now if his friends got hurt. It would be all his fault. He knew there was only one way to negotiate.

"Why did Voldemort want me to come here? Why did he show me visions of this place?"

Bellatrix laughed hard at that. Her cackles resonated against the walls and sounded even more menacing and then she stepped forward as her laughter died out and pointed her wand at his chest and she shrieked,

"How dare you speak his name. I'll teach you some respect very soon"

Without warning, Lucius Malfoy and the rest of the death eaters pointed their wands at Harry and his group and cried out,


And they were disarmed before they could even blink. Harry felt the fear more than ever and he knew that the situation had gotten from bad from worse in milliseconds. He felt Hermione grip his wrist, he knew she was trying to reassure him but it wasn't making him feel better. It made him more scared for their lives and he had to do something as soon as possible.

"I'll do anything that you want. Just let them go"

Harry hated how weak his voice sounded but this was the only option he had left. Behind him everyone was shouting and yelling at him.

"We'll fight them, Harry. We'll die for you. Don't do this."

"There's no we anymore, guys. This is over. I can't risk all your lives"

"Come here Potter and we'll let them go." Lucius Malfoy spoke up.

Harry knew he had no choice. He broke free of Hermione's tight grip on his wrist and walked towards the group of death eaters. He felt Bellatrix wrap one arm around his neck and felt her wand digging into his chest. He stood still and waited for Lucius to keep his end of the deal. Lucius Malfoy pointed his wand at a galleon and whispered,


The galleon glowed blue and he took it to Hermione,

"You're the smart one out of this group. So, if you don't want Potter to get hurt more than he should then take your friends and leave. It's your only option."

Hermione took the galleon hesitantly and stared at Harry. Harry couldn't bear the tears in her eyes so he looked away and closed his eyes tightly. She signalled everyone to put their finger on it and they accepted begrudgingly. And as soon as the portkey was activated, they all vanished in a whirlwind of colour.

Harry breathed out a sigh of relief and felt the fear in his chest fade away. Lucius Malfoy came towards him,

"Time to fulfill your end of the deal."