Allies Pregnancy: Mommy is giving Birth!

#2 Matthew and Matt

Date When Baby Comes/Start: July 1st- April 5th

Matt was out on his "hunting" for poachers or traps that may be set out to hurt the animals. So far he hasn't seen any traps out. The Canadian male stop when he saw a bunny was having a small problem. He kneels down to look at it as he saw its' foot was bleeding. Matt pulled out a cloth to clean the wound and stitch it up a bit. When he finished, Matt put the bunny down and pats its cute little head.

"Hop along now," Matt said quietly. Which the bunny hop off somewhere. It made Matt smiled warmly. He started to wonder what would happen with the bunny's life. Have a family of its own maybe? Again, who would know but the bunny itself. Matt walks off more in the woods and started to head back home. Everything is just peaceful today in the woods. That's a good thing. Matt opens the door and heard the house was quiet. Matthew must be napping right now. The male removed his boots and went to the upstairs bedroom. Once he opens the door, he saw Matthew was cringing in bed. And with a painful look on the sweet Canadian male's face.

"Oh god, Matthew!" Matt ran over to his lover. Matthew leans up a bit with the help of Matt.

"H-Hey," Matthew stutter a bit. Matt held his hand as the word panic was written all over his face.

"Is the baby coming?!" Matt asked worryingly.

"Y-yeah," Matthew chuckled a bit, "F-funny thing is that the contraction started at midnight,"

In Matt's mind is saying how is Matthew staying calm at a time like this? Matt shakes his head and held his hand more. Matthew smiled a bit at Matt when he started to feel the next contraction. His water broke about an hour ago and the pain was starting to make him ready to push. Which he didn't want to because he wants Matt to be with him when the baby is coming out of him. I'll tell ya this, giving birth is a bitch… Not that I have given birth in my life.

"Should we go to the hospital?" Matt asked.

"N-no time," Matthew groaned in pain, "S-she's coming right now!"

"Oh shit!"

"Now's not the time to make a big deal of this, Matt!"

Matt panic as he grips his hair. Matthew instructs him to get to the end of the bed to see if the head or anything happening at the end. Matt was going to say something about is he sure, but Matthew just scolds him that they don't have time to argue until the baby is born. So Matt looks down and saw something horrifying. He shut Matthew's legs closed and his sunglasses kinda drop down on his nose. Which Matthew groaned in pain by his legs being closed and the baby is starting to come out.

"Something is coming out of there!" Matt said with a wheeze.

"You don't slam my legs shut!" Matthew groaned.

"S-Sorry," Matt said. Matthew groaned as he then started to push the baby out. It went on a couple of minutes. Finally, their daughter was born. Matt pulled her out and held his crying baby in his hands. Matthew smiled tiredly as he looks up at Matt. Seeing him like this made his heart swell. Matt pulled out the knife and cut the cord. He cleans up their daughter and looks down at her. She had such soft blond hair with a small curl popping from her hair. Matthew could've sworn that Matt had cried when he looked down at their daughter, Mary. When Matthew finally get to hold their daughter, he smiled down at his sweet little Mary as her sleeping form was making Matthew smiled with joy.

"Our baby girl, Mary..." Matthew smiled warmly down at his baby girl. Matt walked over and kissed both his lover and his daughter.

"I love you... the both of you," Matt told his lover.

"We love you too," Matthew said back. Mary reached her hands up as Matt let her grab his finger to her. Mary grabbed his finger while Matt smiled down at her softly. Promising that nothing will ever happen to and he swears by it. He wants to be the best father to her as possible.