Bella just arrived at her boyfriend's house to surprise him. She hasn't seen him in two weeks. She walks inside into the living room, only to stop when she saw her boyfriend and her best friend Angela, kissing each other.

She stood there frozen that she caught them.

"Jake" She whispered in a sad voice as tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Jacob's head shot up to see Bella standing there with tears rolling down her face.

Angela looked up to see what got Jacob's attention.

"Bella, let me explain" She stood up and walked over to her.

"I trusted you. Both of you" Bella said as Jake went to touch her.

"Don't touch me!" She put her hand up to stop him.

"Get away from me!" Bella shouted at them.

She runs out of the house. She gets in her truck and drives to Sam's house, to see Emily. Hoping they can talk.

Bella arrives at their house. She gets out and walks inside to see the whole pack minus Jacob. Emily was in the kitchen.

"Emily" She calls out as she runs over to her and started sobbing on her shoulder.

"Bella, what's the matter?" Emily asked in a concerned voice.

"Jacob cheated on me." She pulled away to see the pack with sad and worried looks on their faces.

"You all knew that he was cheating on me." She said in an angrier voice.

"Bella, I wanted to tell you." Emily said as she walks up to her.

"Why didn't you? You knew I didn't want to start another relationship but you convinced me to give it a go." Bella slaps her face.

Emily gasps out in shock.

Sam walks over to them. "Bella, I suggest we go and talk in private."

He walks out of the house with Bella following behind him into the woods. "Jake imprinted on Angela." He told her in a sad voice.

"What's imprinting?" She asked with a frown on her face.

"We can't tell you." He said as he looked away with a guilty look on his face.

"I was told not to tell you by Billy and the elders." He informed her as he looked at her again.

"Because I'm not part of the pack?" She asked. As she still had tears in her eyes.

"You wanted to protect me from Victoria." She trailed off as she turned her back on him. "But from now on, I don't need you or the pack to protect me anymore." She told him.

Jared walked out of the woods and headed towards them.

"She'll kill you." He said as he reached them. Sam glares at him.

"Just because Jake and you aren't together anymore doesn't mean you're not part of the pack. You are a pack sister." He told her in a calm voice.

"If Victoria gets me, she'll get me." She told him as she looked at the ground.

"Pluss I am a leech-lover." She turned around and walked to her truck. She stopped when she saw Emily standing next to it. She walks past her.

"Bella please." Emily begged her as she stepped in her way.

"Go away Emily." She commanded in an angry voice.

"We still love you as a sister." Sam told her as he and Jared stood beside her.

"You didn't want me when I first arrived and you still don't want me now." She said in a sad voice.

She opened the driver-side door and got inside her truck. She then remembered everyone in the pack made comments that she didn't belong with them. They stopped when they realized Bella was under Edward's spell to draw her to his side.

"Get out of the truck." Paul suddenly appeared with the rest of the pack. Jake was with them but, he had a sad look on his face.

"LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE!" She shouted at them with tears rolling down her cheeks. She looked at Jake when she said that

"I loved you." She murmured to herself.

"I'll miss you." She said to the pack and Emily.

She turned the key in the ignition and drove away from her family, only to slam on her breaks. Embry and Quil jumped in front of the truck to stop her from leaving the Reservation.

"GET OUT OF MY WAY!" She shouted at them.

"Bella, you're important to us and we need to protect you." Quil said to her.

"You are a sister to us." Embry added.

She drove past them with tears in her eyes. She kept them in so the pack doesn't see that she was weak or sad.

She drove past the La Push sign. She saw two wolves in the woods near the border. One was a sandy-brown wolf the other a small wolf with light gray fur. Soon she parked outside her house to see her dad's cruiser in the drive way.

This meant he was home. She walks inside to find her dad in the living room watching football.

"Hey Bells, I thought you were with Jake today." Charlie asked her.

With his eyes still on the tv. He looked up at her when she didn't answer him. She was standing at the doorway with tears rolling down her cheeks.

"What happened?" He demanded as he jumped up and walked over to his daughter.

She hugged him tightly and sobbed onto his shoulder.

He pulled away when she calmed down. "Bella, what happened?" He asked her in a worried voice. Hoping she doesn't go back into her zombie state.

He took her to the couch and sat down with her. "Jake cheated on me." She whispered. "with Angela." She fell asleep with exhaustion from crying for so long.

"What?" He murmured to himself as he looked at her. He notices she was asleep. He takes her upstairs and lays her down on her bed then puts a blanket over her. He left the room and closed the door behind him.