So, these days were kinda difficult for me, my mother had a surgery and I kinda got pessimist during it and I wrote this on the waiting room #sorrynotsorry

She didn't spect this.

Who the hell is going to spect this? Something that it seems so far away from you. Something that you always watch on the tv or in the movies. Who the hell spect that to happen to your girlfriend?

Okay, Alex is a DEO agent, Maggie always spected that if her girlfriend got hurt, it was going to be because of a rough alien, because of something out of this world, but not for this. Not for this case that herself in the station used to call "wrong time, wrong place"

Alex just went out to the grosery store to buy a damn bottle of water. Just that. They went to the same store just two hours earlier. They go to the same store every fucking day of the week. And then this happened.

According to Jhonson (Maggie's partner) a robber broke into the store asking for the money. He saw Alex reaching for her gun and just like that, he shoot her. Just like that. He shoot her right in the abdomen. Not once. But twice.

And there she was now. Laying in a hospital bed, attached to uncontable wires and tubes coming out of her body. Maggie didn't even know where to start looking. Didn't know if it was safe to hold her hand. Didn't know if she could live without Alex.

The only thing she can do right now and know that its safe, its talk to her. So she took Alex's limp and cold hand, so carefully, between her owns, fear in every move, and starts talking.

"Hey, Danvers. So, I read somewhere that it's kinda good talking to you right now, and if I'm being honest, I don't know what to say, you know?" she lets go a shaky breath, trying to not cry "So I'm just saying that you need to get together your dirty clothes. You can't just let them all over the bathroom floor. And you need to eat better, take out it's not food, Danvers. And movie nights with Kara, we really need to stop letting her pick the movie, I just had enough of romcoms for a lifetime. I love little Danvers, but her taste in movies is just gross" she says letting go a little laugh, suddenly getting serious again "But the most important thing, Ally. I need you to wake up. I just found you, I can't lose you now. We have so many things to do. We have so many people to know, so many discutions to have, so many love to give. We have to adopt Gertrude and let Kara spoil her. We have to take the rest of my stuff to our apartment. We need to take some vacations, I don't care if we don't go anywhere, I just want to be with you" Maggie lets out a sob "I have to propose, damn it" she says in a whisper. Now tears falling freely on her cheeks. She whippes them away furiosly "So, don't you dare to die on me, you heard me, Danvers? Don't you dare because I need you. Because I can't imagine my life without you in it" she leans over and kisses Alex's hand "I love you, Ally. I'm not going anywhere, and I hope you aren't either''.