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Chapter 1: A Hatful Farewell and a Faithful Meeting

May 2000

Our opening scene begins with Hinata Sou, a majestic traditional Japanese building still in its glory, once a holiday inn now turned in to all girls dormitory and ran by strangely enough, a man, Urashima Keitaro the mago of Urashima Hina the owner of said dorm. Being a man in a all girls dorm would seem like a dream to any hot blooded male, but if you were to ask Keitaro he would tell you else wise, the constant beatings he receives from the tenants would kill a normal man or any human but not the immortal ex-Ronin who is near indestructible let it be sword slashes, heavy artillery or bone crushing punches nothing can phase him… that is till today

We are in the Kanrinrin's room where open books scattered everywhere each one opened to reveal complex mathematic equation and in the middle of the entire mess sits Urashima Keitaro as usually struggling with his studies,

"Argh…how do you do this stupid question?" throwing his hands up in surrender and then lying on his back " maybe Narusegawa can help?" he spied at the boarded up hole above him, which separated him from one of his tenants Narusegawa Naru, the long haired brunette with the looks of an Tenshi but the right hook oh a oni.

" Hey, Narusegawa could you help me with this calculus ques…" his sentence was cut short as he was met with a half dressed but very mad Naru, " Eh… wait I can explain… I … I …" him babbling trying to explain but all the words came out as nonsense as the extra blood was flowing to his head

" You hentai! I just woke up and the first thing in the morning  I see you peeping on me" she said through gritted teeth and whilst cracking her knuckles.

" Wait I didn't mean to! I just wanted to ask a question. I … ARGH!" a powerful blow sent him flying in to the atmosphere

" Hentai." Putting her cloths on she walked out " maybe a nice dip in the hot springs would help."

Mean while above Tokyo an unknown object can be seen soaring through the sky at top speeds " Why me?" was the question Keitaro asked himself just then he spotted the park lake" Oh at least my landing will be soft" just as he said this he flew over the lake and crashed towards the trees, " ow, so much for soft landing". Whilst picking himself up he noticed that his body was hurting more than usual but considering this always happened he ignored it and began his long walk back to the dorm.

" Finally the last step… ha…ha…ha. I need…to get…some…sort of…lift…up…these stairs." These were the words of Keitaro as he finished climbing the dorm's stairs " I wonder if she's cooled off?" hw stared at the building.

" I'm back!" calling out to no one in particular

" Sempai! I was so worried are you alright?" a concerned voice called out from the kitchen soon followed by the owner of the voice, Maehara Shinobu the youngest tenant of the dorm and caretaker of all the housework.

" I'm ok Shinobu-chan," he lied his body still aching  " I'm just hungry that's all"

" Well everyone else finished breakfast, I left yours on the table."

" Arigato Shinobu-chan you always treated me so well." He gave her a sincere smile and patted her on the head.

" It's okay Sempai," she quietly said blushing bright red

("Why does my body still hurt like this?") Keitaro said to him self as he sat down and began eating, suddenly he felt his stomach began to hurt " Oh… I can't eat this" spitting his food out holding his stomach.

" Sempai… you don't like my cooking?" Keitaro immediately looked up to see Shinobu standing at the door all teary eyed.

" Wait! It's not you food, it's just that my stomach…" he got up to explain to her but to no avail she had already ran off crying to her room.

" Gomen Sempai!" came the teary response

" Shinobu-chan wait! Ack Motoko-chan" to his horror he just ran into the local kendo expert unsheathing her sword " it's not what you think." He slowly stepped backwards hands frantically waving in front of him pleading for mercy.

" It's not what I think?" was the response of the angry woman " what hentai thing were you trying to do to her, Urashima?" the patience in her voice wearing thin as she stepped closer sword now fully unsheathed.

" I swear nothing."

" LYIES URASHIMA!! DIE!! ZANTETSUSEN!!" a massive surge of ki came from Motoko's sword and directly at Keitaro.

" Twice in less than 4 hours." Were Keitaro's final words before he was once again sent flying.

" That'll teach you hentai."  Motoko smirked looking at the Keitaro shaped hole she had just made.

Once again above Tokyo " Why does it hurt so much today? Am I finally going to break?" Keitaro asked himself in mid flight holding his torso in pain.

A few hours later outside of Hinata Sou stood Keitaro torn clothing and wounds visible all over him, " my body it's…breaking apart, slowly but I'm sure of it. They won't believe me if I told them, I better lay low." As he walked through the doors an idea struck him " I know I'll just stay in my room, sleep and recover, yeah I can stay out of trouble that way." Smiling to himself for coming up with such a great idea.

"I made it and with out any hassle." Keitaro sighed a breath of relief as he closed the door to his room. " Ah my futon is still out, ew! What's that smell?" Keitaro's nosed twitch as he picked up a veil sent of alcohol in the air, (" I think I'll just open some windows and get some sleep"). And so he did and when he opened the window he took in a deep breath of fresh air, but just as quickly as he breathed in he coughed hard, falling to the ground clutching his ribs.

(" The pain! I just need some rest that's all!") He crawl over to his futon and snuggled in, (" This is so warm, hey? What's this? It feels soft and round.") He grabbed the object harder.

" Mmmm…" Came a soft moan.

("Oh no it can't be.") Slowly he began to lift the blanket with his free hand hoping that his hand wasn't holding what he think it was, but to his horror it was what he thought, he was groping Kitsune's ample chest. " Oh no."

" Mmmm… Keitaro trying to take me?" Kitsune Konno the local trickster gave him a quick wink, " I don't know what Naru-chan will think though."

 " Oh. My god!! I'm so sorry!" he jumped to his feet apologizing.

"Hee…hee… you'll have to get me more drunk first." She slipped down her clothing down to her shoulders showing off her cleavage

Suddenly the door bursts open due to a flying kick delivered by one Kaolla Su the ever-hyperactive gaijin of unknown origin. " Hey Keitaro what are you doing? Ooo..." she stares at Keitaro then at the half naked Kitsune " Ooo… Keitaro's going to get laid." She sung dancing around " What's getting laid?" she asked them.

" No! It's not that!"

" Keitaro! What the hell are you doing?" Naru popped her head down the hole furious at him "I'm trying to study…"

 She trailed however upon seeing Kitsune's state and she quickly dropped down to the ground driving her foot in to Keitaro's body. " YOU HENTAI!" she growled at the poor ex-ronin " Kitsune-chan did he do anything to you?" she asked her in a much softer tone.

" He…he tried to take me." She pretends to cry on Naru's shoulder. By now everyone else had gathered at Keitaro's room. All staring at him.

" You disgust me, Urashima." Motoko giving him a death glare

" Sempai!" was Shinobu reaction to the seen on the verge of tears

" Please! All of you it's not what you think." Keitaro desperately pleading with them.

" You Hentai." Naru rose to feet her back facing him her face shadowed.

" Narusegawa, please."

" DIE!!" she pulled her arm back to deliver him her most powerful punch ever

(" I'm dead, I won't be able to survive this.") Naru's fist made contact with Keitaro's head sending him flying through the window beyond the horizon.

" How could you?" Naru's silently said to herself as a single tear rolled down her cheek.

Somewhere above the ocean:

("I can't hold on any longer,… I can't feel my body… I can't even stay… awake…I")


Keitaro's half dead, unconscious battered body hit the cold hard ocean, where he'll go the ocean tide will decide.

It's been hours since Keitaro's been adrift the life slowly draining away from him, just as all hope seems lost the tides change and carries him to a nearby small island.

" Ahhh… its such a great day." Said a beautiful young woman in a light and blue sundress as she stretched her arms enjoying the sunshine and the feeling of the sand between her toes " I wonder what will happen today? Who knows maybe I'll find a man! Ha ha ha!" she laughed to herself the trees behind her sweatdropped " Nah. Just kidding." She waved it off and continued her stroll down the beach. Just then she spotted something, an unknown object lying in the shore.

" What's that?" she rushed over to investigate and to discover Keitaro seriously wounded, clothing torn, gashes and bruises all over, his body was cold and pale, " Oh, my God! Hey you ok?" she shook him violently and then stopped realising what she's just done " Ack! What am I doing?  Hey wait I'll carry you back to the village just hang out." She quickly draped his arms around her neck and rushed off to the forest towards the village.

End of chapter 1

Japanese terms


Ronin-A masterless Samurai (a warrior). Or a high school drop out.

Kanrinrin- roughly translates temporary manager





Arigato-Thank you


Zantetsusen- translates slicing steel sword I think

Ki-Spiritual energy


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