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Epilogue: A second chance at happiness- a second promise

July 2002

It's been more than a year since that incident occurred and the girls decided that it was probably the best to leave and that they did the very next day without even saying goodbye. Things haven't quite been the same since then, everyone in Hinata Sou lost all their vigour Motoko was constantly training herself to eradicate all of her 'emotional weaknesses' but in the end she over did it and hurt herself and now she's just been discharged from the hospital after recovering from fatigue and muscle injuries. Shinobu lost her edge as well as shown in her decline in cooking skills, she would cook with half the normal enthusiasm now and then you would find an eggshell or two in your omelette or even some under cooked meat and so on but no one really noticed it as they were all in their own state of depression and then there were also the other chores they were either half complete or done horribly. Su, though always happy couldn't really be bothered anymore her inventions caused less and less chaos each day [Wouldn't Keitaro be happy if he had stayed] as there was no one to play with, she even walked instead of bouncing and running like she used to, though she tried to act as everything was OK on the outside and that Keitaro will come back soon they all knew better as Motoko said at nights Su would cry in her sleep about Keitaro. Kitsune… no explanation required, she's drunk, and we're talking really drunk since that day her alcohol intake almost doubled, gone with all the schemes and cons she wasn't really the fox anymore but a broken woman. Mutsumi having finally returned from China got the info from Tama about everything and she tried her best to cheer everyone up but to no avail and the fact that she was slightly heart broken as well didn't help but she stayed close in case they needed her. And then there was Naru she took things the worse, she dropped out of Toudai almost immediately as it brings back awful memories and then she would spend the rest of day locked up in her room regretting everything if only had been more decisive this wouldn't have happened she keeps telling herself. Occasionally she would sneak into Keitaro's old room and look at the various things and then cry to herself. This was the average day of Hinata Sou since that day, it wasn't the same without 'him' and speaking of 'him' they've never heard from him since and they didn't expect it either because of they way they had treated him they had wanted to say sorry but never got the chance, in away they knew they deserved it but still they wanted to see him at least one more time and tell him how they really felt.

Walking up the stairs of Hinata Sou Haruka contemplates what she will tell the girls about the news, after a while she decided she should tell it straight and not sugar coat it they've deserve that at least. "Girls." She called out opening the door and winced at the sight before her all the girls were just laying there doing nothing like zombies. "Erm… girls I have something to tell you all." No response. "It's about Keitaro…" that caught everyone's attention they all had the same look in there eyes.

"Why? What's going on?" Kitsune asked.

"Is Sempai alright?"

"What has happened to Urashima?"  They all asked Haruka worryingly all that is but Naru.

"You see, I just got a letter from him and well… it's an invitation."

"To what?" Motoko inquired.

"It's a wedding invitation." She let the words sink in "Keitaro and Reiko are getting married in 3 days time."

Stunned silence.

"This is a joke right?" Kitsune probed. Haruka just shakes her head and hands her the envelope, everyone including Naru this time crowded around Kitsune as read the letter out. "I can't believe that this is real."

"We're really going to lose him." Motoko stated.

"Sempai, we haven't told you that we're sorry." Shinobu cried out on Kitsune.

"Naru…" Kitsune turned to her friend on the couch.

"But why are you telling us, Haruka-san?" Motoko readjusted herself and asked.

"Because…" She lit a cigarette noting the expression on their faces. " This could be like the final chance to persuade him…" she looks at Naru "If you know what I mean and don't let it go. Personally I'm too busy so I can't go so er erm." She shrugs and tosses the invitation on to the desk. "You lot decide, I have a tea shop to run." Giving the girls a wave Haruka left them to decide.

"So what do you think?" Kitsune mused.

"Sempai said he never wanted to see us again, remember?"

"True…" Motoko nodded sadly.

"Naru, I think you should go." Kitsune slammed her hands on the table.

"What, why me? He said he didn't want to see me." Naru managed to answer after snapping out of her state of shock.

"Yeah but think about it. He might've changed his name but he's still Keitaro! That means deep inside he still has feelings for you. No buts!" She stopped Naru's protest "Yes he might've said he never wanted to see you again but it's about a year he's probably cooled off by now, true he has Reiko now but maybe just maybe you can get through to him. It's your last chance Naru, take it by the throat and don't let go! Push all doubts aside." Kitsune stared deep into her friend's eyes.

"Naru-sempai, kitsune's right this is probably our, I mean your last chance to persuade Urashima!" Motoko threw in her thought.

"Go for it Naru-sempai!" Shinobu chimed.

"Yeah, go get him back!" Su jumped around her vigour returning to her.

Looking around Naru saw the support that they were giving her. "Thank you." She whispered tears welling in her eyes. "You're all right, I've got to tell him!" Naru declared.

Aoi island 3 days time daybreak

"Sighs… I can't believe it's been so long." Tadayoi mused looking out the window.

"Mmm… what?" Reiko hugged him from behind.

"You know it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding." He turned to her.

"That's western superstition, is it? But I don't care." She kissed him. "At noon today we'll be Mr and Mrs Kane or would you prefer Urashima?" She teased him.

"No, that name brings back memories."

"Ok, I understand." She kissed him again and walked off. "See you sweetheart."

"Mm… later." He turned back to the scenery. (" I can't believe it's been a year since I've heard from the girls maybe I was a little too harsh on them, I wish I can say sorry but I can't call them I don't know how they'll take it and I don't want to upset Reiko.") He sighs again. " Why do I have a bad feeling about this?"

Aoi airport some time later

"Seta-san, thanks for the lift." Naru thanked her former mentor as she unsteadily walks out of the upside down bi-plane.

"No problem." Seta replied putting a band aide to his bleeding head.

"Alright, this is it Naru. No turning back now. Tell him how you really feel." She clenched her fist in determination. "Now, where's the church." She took out her invitation and map. "Ah." She looked up from the map. "There it is." She inhales deeply "Let's go."

"How do you feel Tadayoi-kun?" Granddad asked the young man.

"A bit nervous." He adjusts his bow tie in front of the mirror. "I mean this is a life commitment I'm about to make." He struggles even more so granddad helps him out.

"Don't worry, you two will be just fine." He reassured him. "There."

"Thanks." He turned to face himself in the mirror. (" Can I really do this?")

"You better hurry up, we only have about an hour or two left." Granddad gestured at the clock.

"I know."

"I'll see you down the isle then, I've got to go check on Reiko after all I am giving her away." He turned to leave but Tadayoi stopped him.

"Where's the best man?" He asked.

"Dr Ishida is here already, strange having a woman as the best man… but then there was nobody else and she particularly threw herself into the role even if it meant wearing a tux." He stroked his chin before leaving the young man alone.

"I wonder if I'm doing the right thing? Sure I'm happy getting married but I feel as if something's missing." He said to himself and felt a chill running down his spine.

It was now noon and everyone, almost the entire town has now settled down for the ceremony. The organ player began playing the organ playing the classic here comes the bride and down the isle stood Tadayoi in his white tux [I can't be bothered with the details think volume 14] with Dr Ishida by his side wearing the traditional black best man's tux telling him not to worry too much. Then finally the bride came through the doors escorted by Granddad, never has Tadayoi ever seen such a stunning sight, there she was slowly walking down the isle dressed in an elegant white silk wedding dress which made her even more beautiful than usual, a thing he thought quite impossible she was already beautiful enough. As she came up to him granddad handed her over placing her hand into the young man's hand, then the minister said his verses and then the couple exchanged vows of their own, some people cried, Kame especially he was blowing his snout with a hankie the reason for him being there in the first place was because he was invited for the party celebration afterwards mainly the BBQ roast not that he mind.

"Now that the couple have said their vows, is there anyone who object to their union?" The minister asked crowd.

"I do!" The doors burst open revealing Naru on the other side. 

"You!?" Reiko spat out venomously "What are you doing here?"

"Myah!!" Kame readied himself.

"I've come to see Keitaro." She marched towards the two ignoring the stares the people were giving her.

"Myah!" Kame opened his mouth and flames began to gather but he was stopped by granddad.

"Naru, why are you here?" Tadayoi asked mixed feelings swirled inside him.

"Keitaro… I just wanted to say sorry." She looked down at the floor. "Sorry for everything that I've done to you and I don't blame you if you never forgive me and I know I can't persuade you to come back with me but believe me when I say this, I love you, I always have but I was too afraid to admit it." She faced him tears in her eyes "And I want what is best for you, I wanted to be one to make you happy I really did but if you think that being with Reiko will make you happy I won't stop you." Now she turns to the stunned Reiko and took her hand. "Reiko, please don't make the same mistakes that I did." Reiko smiles a genuine smile at Naru and nods. "And promise me that you'll look after him."

"I will and thank you, it takes a lot to let someone go like that and I hope that you will forgive me for all the things that I've done to you."

"Naru, I…" Naru stopped him with a kiss to his lips. Shocked he couldn't react to it until she broke the kiss.

"Bye Keitaro, I hope you have a happy life." She turned and ran tears running down her face.

"Naru!" He was about to chase after her but stopped when he realised that Reiko was next to him "Reiko-chan, I…"

"I know, just go." She turned him in Naru's direction.

"Thanks." He whispered something into her ear before he took after Naru.

"You're just going to let him go?" Dr Ishida asked.

"Don't worry he'll be back."

"Naru!" Tadayoi shouted after Naru making her stop.

"Why did you follow me?"

"Well, I wanted to say something to you too." He approached her and noted that they were in the church's backyard with the lush green grass beneath them and over looking the ocean. "Naru, a lot has happened hasn't it? I mean two years ago life was much simpler but know this… do you sometimes wish that we could go back to that time?" He looked up at the sky.

"Yeah, I do."

"But we can't can we?"

"No, I suppose not... just what are you getting at Keitaro?"

"What I'm getting at is that we can't go back to that time but we still have the memories don't we?" He placed his hand on her shoulder and looked into her eyes. "Though I can't love you anymore the way I used to I can still care for you as a friend and I care too much about you to let you walk out of my life like that, so what I'm trying to say is… will you forgive me and let us be friends again just like the old times?"

"Only if you forgive me." She hugged him.

"You know I always will." He returned the hug. "Now come on, we have to get back to the wedding or else Reiko will think I've ran off with you and she'll get mad, and believe me when she gets mad it's scary." He joked.

"Worse that me?" she jabbed at him.

"Much worse." Both laughed "I wish everyone else was here I wanted to apologise to them as well."

"That can be arranged." A voice sounded from the trees.

"Kitsune?" Naru looked up at the trees and there she saw Kitsune as well as the rest of the Hinata gang.

"Heh heh. You caught us." Kitsune landed.

"I thought you were all back at Hinata Sou because you said that if we all came it might worry Keitaro and he'll take it the wrong way."

"Well, that was the plan but we got so worried that we came using Su's invention."

"Yep yep mecha-tama's a go go!" Su danced around.

"I'm glad everyone's here." Tadayoi smiled.

"So are we!" they all responded.

"So do you all forgive me?"

"Sure we will." They all hugged him at the same time causing him to get a nosebleed due to certain parts of the female anatomy that he was smothered with.

"Heh heh it seems like he's still the same old pervert!" they all laughed.

"Come on, we need to get you back to the wedding. I mean you can't be late!" Naru hosted him up and they all walked back to the church together, deep inside Tadayoi smiled to himself this was what he was missing all along. Back at the church after many stares and explanations the wedding proceeded wonderfully, everyone cried and cheered as the two kissed.

"You know I'm happy for the two of you." Naru munched on the cake. "Mmm… good."

"Thanks Naru, I'm glad your OK with this. Mmm, it is good." Tadayoi replied whilst dodging Tama as Su chased her.

"Hey Reiko I stepped aside so you better make him a happy man." Naru jabbed at the new Mrs.

"Oh, I will. Just you wait until tonight sweetheart." Reiko snaked an arm around her husband and the two women laughed at his reaction.

"I'm going to miss those days." Naru sadly said.

"…" Tadayoi turned to his wife and she nodded. "You know Naru after our honey moon we figured we'd still have plenty of time so… we were wondering if was ok with you and the girls that we stay at Hinata Sou for a while."

"Really?!" She stared at the two disbelievingly.

"Yeah, it's OK with me. Besides I always wanted to see this Hinata Sou of yours anyway." Reiko shrugged.

"So can we?" He stopped as he received a fierce bear hug from Naru. "I'll take that as a yes… can't breath…"

"Hey, hey! That's my husband you're holding, get your own!" Reiko complained and then laughed. The rest of the wedding went like that, it was chaotic and wild just like a normal party at Hinata Sou.

Next day Airport

"I'll see you soon then." Naru said to Tadayoi holding his hands gently in hers.

"Yeah." He smiled at her and looked at the girls behind her boarding the plane. "By the way Reiko and I have a gift for you." He turned to Reiko who on hearing her name walked up to the two and held out a small pendent in her hands.

"Take it. It's a good luck charm." She notices Naru's sceptic look "Don't worry, it's the real deal this time. Me and Tadayoi got it blessed ourselves." She shoved it into Naru's hands.

"Thank you." She examined the silver pendent and noticed the four swords engraved on it. "What are these?"

"It's a symbol, may the four swords protect you. I never did knew what to do with it, so I want you to have it as a memento of our time together." Reiko shrugged.

"A memento eh?" She looked at it again "I wish I had something to give you as well."

"Don't worry about it." Tadayoi told her and waved it off.

"So… this is goodbye?" Naru asked sadly.

"For now." He corrected her. "We'll come and visit."

"Right!" Reiko jabbed in.

"Right." Naru smiled "Goodbye then." She gave Tadayoi a quick hug and left. "Remember come soon!" she waved as she reached the door of the plane.

"We will!" The two waved back at the slowly disappearing plane.

"Well, sweetheart ready to start our new life together?" She nudged her new spouse.

"Heh, heh." He just laughed idiotically and scratched his head.

"What type of answer is that?" she playfully hit him who dodged and ran. "Hey! Get back here and take it like a man!" she chased after him.

Off in the distance two figures observed the two. "Did you expect this to happen?" Granddad said to his companion.

"No." the short female form replied "But at least it turned out alright and the wedding was excellent." She nodded.

"Mmm." Granddad nodded and looked up at the sky. "So, who'll inherit Hinata Sou now?"

"I don't know. Since I'm sure he won't leave her side… so until I've decided I'll talk to Haruka-chan and ask her to look after it for now… but I'll probably leave it to Kanako-chan when she's ready." The woman nodded and noted the helicopter above them. "Here's my ride." She grabbed onto the rope ladder. "I'll see you again Ichiro-san!"

"Indeed, Hina-san!" He waved at the retreating figure.

"Did you hear that?" Tadayoi asked.

"What? You mean that helicopter? Ah, it's not like you've never seen one before." Reiko shrugged releasing him from a headlock. "Come on, we need to get packing!" She dragged him back to their home.

"Yeah, sure." The bright sun hung high in the sky shining with might signalling the beginning of a new day. A lone cherry blossom petal gently glides through the air and landing in the middle of the clear blue ocean.

Years later

Eight years have passed since that day and everyone have gotten on with their lives. First there was Shinobu possibly the most successful out of them all, after finishing her first movie she caught the attention of a famous movie producer in Japan and began starting in other movies, all of which where instant hits and eventually she made it to Hollywood where she stared in even more films and became a world renown actress known for her sweet innocent demeanour on the silver screen and winning the hearts of millions. She even owns her own line of fashion wear, some of which were her personal design called 'Shinobu-wear' which is as popular as she is. Right now she's staring in her latest movie 'A love so close yet so far' the story is about a young girl in love with another man who only sees her as a little sister and she competes with this other girl from the man's promise for his affection, the critics say this will be her best movie yet and will defiantly get her the Oscar for best actress yet again.

Kitsune reduced her drink load and finally stopped job hoping, settling down she started writing which was mainly about the activities of Hinata Sou though she based it on real life it was widely accepted as fictional work by the mass public as majority of the contents where mainly impossible, so they think. Apart from that nothing else changed about her, she still lazes around but lately there have been rumours running through Hinata Sou that she's been seeing something but she's keeping it all hush-hush.    

Motoko after learning more about the art of the sword from the Kane family, as she often travelled to the island and spared with Reiko learnt that the true art of the sword those not lie within the power of the sword but instead the sword within the warrior and in order to truly obtain the title 'Greatest Swordswoman' one must make peace with one self and thus obtain harmony and balance. Carrying this state of mind she challenged her sister back in Kyoto and successfully defeated her, though after many attempts. Though she is the sensei of the dojo she still remains in Hinata Sou where she continues to home her skills, and quite a while ago she became an aunt for the second time.

Su returned to her home country and turned down all of her suitors, actually they all ran away after seeing 'Mecha-Tama Version Omega: Seek-Kill-Destroy-Grill-Slice-Dice war machine' but unfortunately it went AWOL as usual and required her entire home country's military to take it down. It took 4 months but they won after the thing's plutonium reactor core ran out of energy but the thing didn't go out with a whimper though it went out with a bang, a really big bang but thankfully it was near the desert the 100 mile blast radius didn't reach the major city but the shock waves did. So until they rebuild the city Su will remain at Hinata Sou until further notice… which could be forever, it was a really big mess.

Mutsumi decided to stay at Aoi Island with Tama keeping the married couple company but mainly as Dr Suzuki's assistant, the head of the turtle breeding programme and so far everything's been great they even managed to breed a turtle which can retract into it's shell and look like a watermelon nobody knows how they did it though. Carrying out her education on the Island Mutsumi soon graduated along with Tadayoi, Naru and Reiko and generally remained her same old self, still ditzy but her health is improving as the sea air helps quite a bit. Tama hijacked Mecha-Tama version V and piloted it back to the desert to find the turtles again, how a turtle can pilot a massive and complex machine such as a Mecha-Tama will forever remain a mystery along with the secrets of the Turtle Civilization. 

Seta and Sarah didn't change much except Seta paid off all of his debts after he recovered a incredibly rare artefact in the desert and sold it off to a British museum for a large sum of money, but unbeknownst to him the artefact was a sacred item belonging to a certain secret civilization and right now Seta is on the run from certain shelled creatures. His whereabouts are currently unknown to all expect Haruka who still keeps in contact with him, speaking of which their relationship has grown some what how much though nobody knows.

Dr Ishida wrote a report about the human mind in which it talks about how emotions can effect the mind even when the host themselves are unaware of it, this book became a vital instrument in the treatment of certain mental cases through out the world and gained global recognition. Finally after 3 almost death experiences she decided to sell off her arsenal of explosives but she did not however part with her 'fridge'. Suddenly one day when she entered her office she found that it had been stolen and no sooner after that a madman appeared on live TV threatening to blow up the world with a bomb, obviously extreme measures were taken and armed soldiers moved in to take him down but to everyone's surprise and especially the man involved they found out the bomb was a dud. Everyone laughed, expect the man and the soldiers enjoyed the beverage within the 'bomb' but they all went to the hospital afterwards due to uncontrollable bowl movements, Dr Ishida's favourite drink was You-go juice. The madman is now treated and ironically with the book that Dr Ishida wrote, sadly Dr Ishida never got her fridge back.

And finally there was Reiko, Tadayoi and Naru whose fate was once again intertwined…

Isolated park

Gently a cherry blossom petal lands next to a woman on the bench, often the woman would look up from the book she was reading and check on the child playing away from her in the sand pit a small smile makes it way onto her lovely face. Time has done nothing to this woman, as she remains as beautiful as she was eight years ago pushing a stray strand of hair away she looks up to the sky and breaths in the autumn air, her gaze now again on the child only this time to be joined by another. Then from behind a man places a hand on her shoulder causing her to turn and upon doing so she smiles at the man.

"You're late." She told him.

"Yeah, sorry about that the traffic was awful." He scratched his head.

"So how many times did you crash this time?"

"…3 times." He reluctantly answered.

"Figures." She smiles once again. "You know, he looks a lot like you when you were young." The woman indicated to the boy playing with the child.

"He is my son after all, though his eyes take after his mother. Say, that girl looks just like you!" The man pointed to the girl the boy was playing with.

"She's my daughter you baka!" The woman planted a fist on the topside of the man's skull. "Just like old times." She pulled out her fist and the two laughed.

"Ha ha, Naru… it's been a while hasn't it?" The man asked. "Sorry I haven't visited more but ever since… you know I thought I'd better give you some space and you having those managerial duties and all I thought it was for the better." The man sounded depressed.

"Tadayoi, I know you meant well and it's sad that he left me. I never thought I get married after letting you go but it just happened, I met him after I got back into Toudai and… he reminded me so much of you that I thought…" Naru paused "But in the end it wasn't meant to be he wasn't you and he realised that and left, but the strangest thing was I wasn't heart broken it was as if I knew it was coming." She finally stopped. Gently Tadayoi placed an arm around her.

"I'm sorry." He said and hugged her tighter.

"Don't." She snuggled against then let him go. "Don't want your wife to get jealous now, do we? There's already been one bad marriage we don't want two." She wagged a finger at him. "By the way where is Reiko?"

"She's back home looking after our baby girl, she's sure a hand full keeping us awake every night." He shakes his head.

"Ah… to be a parent again." She turns back to the kids. "Hey… Ta-Keitaro." He turns to her not having been called that in years. "Have you ever wondered what it would've been like if you and I got together? What our children would've been like? How our lives could've been different? Have you?" She asked him a hint of regret in her eyes.

"I have at times." He looks into her eyes. "But the way I figure it, fate has its ways of making things right and in the end it'll work out but it might take a long time though." He winches at his son as the girl slaps him and shouts pervert. " Look at our kids, who do they remind you of?"

"It's kinda like us when we were kids." Naru smiles

"Mmm hm, as a matter of fact it was at this exact park all those years ago that you and I made that promise."

"To get into Toudai." He nods.

"I think our kids will fulfil our promise that we made."

"What do you mean?" She follows his gaze and sees the two linking their pinkies. "Oh, I see. So this is like our legacy passed on to our kids."

"Sort of, but I'd like to think of it as a second chance. To see what it would've been like if the promise succeeded but through our children."

"Do you think it'll work?" She leaned against him.

"Only time will tell." He leaned onto her as well.

"A second chance, huh? I like that." She finished thinking of the days of her past and wondered what it would've been like if she had that second chance but she knew she wouldn't need to wait long as it'll soon be revealed to her through her daughter but for now she's content being that she once and still loved. "I wonder, a second chance…hmm." She whispered.

"You know kei-kun, I hear my mommy say that if two people go to Toudai together they'll find happiness there?" The girl patted on the sand.

"Really? That's what my daddy said too!" Young Keitaro scratches his head just like his dad.

"So it must be true!" The young girl clasped her hands together. "So let's go together! OK?"

"Really, Na-chan? You'd want to go with me?" She nods.

"Let's pinkie promise!" She extends her pinkie to him and he takes it with his own.

"We now pinkie promise, now and forever!" The two chanted.

"There's one more thing Kei-kun." Nako blushes slightly as she moves in and kisses him on the cheek and holds on to her pendent with the engraving of the four swords. "I swear onto this pendent that my mommy gave me that I'll wait for you." There was a sparkle in her eyes when she said that, it was as if her mother spoke those words instead of her.

"And I'll wait for you." He replied

Under the autumn sky two young lovers renew the promise that their parents once made to each other, the promise lives again but now through the second generation. A second chance at what could've been.

Footfalls echo in the memory

Down the passage which we did not take

Towards the door we never opened

Into the rose garden.

T. S. Eliot 1888-1965: Four Quartets 'Burnt Norton' (1936)

The end of

'Second chance at happiness'

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