Meta had once thought mirrors were beautiful. He found their clean, precise panes of glass and their illusion of depth fascinating. He had lost that inclination when his shadowy counterpart locked him within one and shattered it. Meta had hoped dearly that Dark was gone for good after being shattered by Kirby, and then again when he returned only to be defeated by Dedede. At least until Dark himself appeared in his bathroom mirror one morning shave, laughing and gloating about how Mirror-Worlders only temporarily shattered. Meta had found at least one upside in that Dark was unable to pass through to his side from a regular mirror. Unfortunately he was still subject to the doppelganger's morally deficient ramblings.

"Good morning, my dear Meta. My, you seem a little rough around the edges," Dark tittered, standing where Meta's reflection should be. Meta shot back a withering glare.

"You say that every time you see me," he grumbled. He felt his chin, pleased that it was suitably smooth. Facial hair was not a great look for someone whose natural hair color was blue.

"Well, perhaps you simply look dreadful every time I see you. Ever consider actually brushing your hideous blue mop," Dark replied languidly, studying his nails. They were as perfectly maintained as the rest of him.

"Ever consider leaving my bathroom mirror," Meta snapped, reaching for his toothbrush.

"It's mine as well," Dark countered, gesturing at the bathroom behind him. It was covered in an assortment of hygiene and beauty products that looked offensively pricey. The fixtures were all black tile, white marble and silver spigots.

"I'm not the one with the ability to gaze through mirrors," Meta shot back. His side was quite utilitarian, composed of simple tile and steel. On another occasion Dark had mocked Meta for a solid 40 minutes over his cost-effective approach to hygiene products and his lack of anything to "touch up his grossly neglected face." He'd tried to leave, but apparently the stainless steel of his workshop was reflective enough for Dark to follow.

"Only one of my many traits that make me better than you," Dark preened.

"What, your voyeuristic tendencies? Oh what a shame that my psyche isn't a Freudian nightmare like yours," Meta drawled.

"You know, shaming me for my twisted depravities might actually work if I was at all ashamed of them," Dark purred, revealing his perfectly white fangs in a devilish grin. Meta made a face like he'd just stepped in gum.

"Oh I'm perfectly aware of that. You are remarkably descriptive about them," he groaned. Many would find Dark's silky voice and flirtatious mannerisms irresistible. He found the man about as charming as a seagull with chronic diarrhea.

"My morals are as absent as my gag reflex," Dark added.

"If only you'd choke," Meta said, not even waiting for a reaction as he loaded his toothbrush with toothpaste. He steadily and thoroughly cleaned his teeth, trying not to think about how they were both slightly yellow and slightly crooked compared to his counterpart's flawless dentition. Whatever, his fangs were larger anyway. He became acutely aware of Dark's single remaining eye staring him down as he spit out the toothpaste and rinsed.

"I gue-"

"If you make some insipid comment about spitting or swallowing, I will find a way to get through that mirror and I will wear your intestines as a necktie," Meta snarled, causing Dark to actually recoil. Meta definitely had him beat when it came to pure intensity.

"And you accuse me of being depraved," Dark quipped, running a hand through his perfectly coiffed hair. It returned to its original appearance, no doubt loaded with products as expensive as the average car.

"You are, by your own admission, a manipulative tyrant who thrives off of the darkest impulses and desires of your fellow man," Meta said flatly. Dark pressed a hand to his cheek, feigning coyness.

"Aren't you quite the charmer?" Dark paused, and made a sweeping motion with his hands "Go on."

"I really ought to shatter this wretched mirror," Meta sighed, leaning over to splash his face with cool water. Dark laughed, the sound hypnotic and borderline intoxicating. They may share the same voice, but Dark knew how to use it to its full potential.

"That's what, the tenth time you've said this? Face it, you're too intrigued to chase me away," Dark chuckled. He quieted, and leaned forward, a deadly smile on his lips. "Too fascinated by how evil you could be," the words were like poisoned honey, creeping into and sticking in Meta's mind. Meta shuddered, leaning back an equal amount. He met the others gaze, expression fiery and steeled in equal amounts.

"As you are fascinated with how noble you could be. How clean and untainted you could be," he said. His voice was as cutting as his blade. Something sparked in the other's eye, but was quickly extinguished.

"It's a morbid curiosity. It's interesting to see what I would look like were my considerable sex appeal stripped away," Dark said, narrowed eye betraying just the barest hint of genuine anger.

"You say this like I care" Meta said, mourning the loss of their briefly serious conversation. Dark gave Meta an appraising look, tapping on his chin.

"Although… We do share the same face, even if your style and grooming habits are atrocious. If you put just a little effort in maybe you wouldn't be such an embarrassing mess," he said.

"I am… How do the youth put it? Ah, yes. A hot mess," Meta said, sarcasm dripping from his tongue. Dark let out a snort before clapping a hand over his mouth and composing himself.

"'The youth'? We aren't that old," Dark chuckled. It was a surprisingly warm and genuine sound. His usual malevolent grin quickly found its way back onto his face. "Or, at least, not old for our kind."

"Hm," Meta responded, retrieving a towel from a small closet and looping it through a metal bar affixed to the wall. He gave a glance at his shower. It was enormous by all standards, custom built for accommodating his wings. He looked back at Dark. "Leave now," he hissed.

"Oh? Not going to put the 'show' in 'shower-"


"Very well. See you soon," Dark purred, hoping he'd put enough huskiness in his voice to make the other uncomfortable. He leaned back in his chair as the mirror faded back to show his own reflection. He sighed and allowed himself to slouch out of the careful posture he usually held. Despite the fact that Meta was simply him from a parallel dimension, he was still terrifying and exhausting to face off with. No manipulation or mind games with him, only pure intimidation and sheer willpower. In his own realm, he was a feared tyrant. But he had no hold over Meta, no leverage or advantage. It was terrifying and tantalizing in equal measure.

Dark pushed his chair back and stood, stalking off to vent his frustrations on whatever poor bastard crossed his path first.

(Sort of a rare pairing? I don't know, I'm just a filthy shipper.)