Dragonball: RPG X

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Chapter 5: Explanations

24hrs Later

Kakarot had been giving me looks for the past day. The end of our conversation left a bad taste in my mouth. My last life was filled with secrets, and I already felt that I was filling this one with secrets as well. My mom had questioned us as soon as we returned, confused by the tension between us, but my explanation fell short. I could sense Nail still off with Elder Moori, but little else had changed between the Ginyu Force arriving here, and now.

'Which begs the question...What the fuck?' I thought.

The Ginyu Force...They weren't alive in my last life. We had the Strike Forces, and that was all that was needed. Yet here, now, the Ginyu Force show up unannounced. Thankfully they weren't a match even for Nail, let alone myself or Kakarot. This was worrisome regardless, though. What other mysteries were filling the Universe while I was stuck here playing catch up? I could only hope that with more training, and a bit more time, I would be able to take them head-on.

"Kll, the Namekians are on the move," Kakarot says, pulling me from my thoughts.

"They are, yeah. Heading this way." I reply. "I see your ability to sense energy has gotten even better."

One thing about Kakarot that had carried over from my previous life is that Kakarot was simply amazing. He learned so quickly, his strength and energy would skyrocket seemingly at random. He was out, training, hours after even I'd called it a night. The fact that I was still stronger than he is was based solely on my genetic advantages.

"Let's go see what they want…" I said, making my way out the door.

Moori, Nail, and a few other Namekians had arrived shortly after. I didn't sense any hostility, mainly just curiosity, and a bit of caution.

"Kll, may we talk for a moment?" Moori asked, shortly after landing.

"Of course, what can I help you with?" I ask.

Moori pauses, glancing at Nail, before continuing. "It's been brought to my attention that you are aware of the Dragonballs…"

"That's right, yes," I answer.

"Is that what brought you to Namek?" Moori asks, "For the Dragonballs?"

"No, of course not. As I explained to Nail earlier, if I wanted the Dragonballs I could have taken them on day one." I explain. "I also don't speak Namekian, so they would be useless."

"What are Dragonballs?" My mom asks, watching on.

I don't answer, meeting Moori's eyes instead.

"You haven't told your friends?" Moori asks, confusion evident.

"I haven't, no. They didn't need to know about them." I answer.

Moori studies me closely for a moment, before looking at Kakarot and my mother. Whatever he is looking for he must have found, because he turns back to me almost immediately.

"I see...Do you have an explanation for the arrival of those men?" He asks.

"I know as much as you do," I say, shrugging.

"I believe you, Kll." Moori answers. "I also do not think you are a threat to my people. I have been cautious in the past few months, but I think you've shown that if you meant us harm, you would have done so long ago."

"Elder, please!" Nail interrupts. "It isn't safe to allow them to remain here, knowing about the Dragonballs!"

"Nail, please. You can sense their intentions just as well as I can." Moori says.

Nail gives him a scathing look, before launching into the air, flying off into the distance. I watch him go, worried that this could lead to tragedy.

"You need not worry, Kll," Moori says, sensing my worry. "I'll speak to him soon enough."

"Thank you Moori...Was there anything else you need?" I ask.

He hesitates for a moment before shaking his head. "No, I believe that's all."

The crowd behind him breaks up, heading away from the area. I watch them go in silence, before turning to face my friends.

"The Dragonballs are seven large golden spheres, that when brought together, can grant you any wish," I explain, before heading inside.

"Wait, what?" Kakarot asks, swiftly following me. "What do you mean any wish?"

"Immortality, money, even bringing someone back from the dead," I reply, settling on the couch. "Anything you could wish for."

"Then why aren't we using them?" My mom asks. "We could do so much!"

"Because they aren't ours to use. The Namekians are very strict on what they are used for. We need a place to live, and we can live here for a long time, as long as we don't mess things up. Trying to use the Dragonballs would end that very quickly." I explain.

"We could take them by force!" My mother says fiercely. "They couldn't kick us off the planet."

I sigh, shaking my head. "And that's exactly why I didn't tell you. It's disappointing that your first thought was violence."

"I-I...You're right…" My mom replies. "But we could bring Vegeta back to life."

"We may one day still be able to," I explain. "The Namekian Dragonballs aren't the only set."

Six Months Later

It had been a standard year since we had landed on Planet Namek, and in that time, much had changed. My own power seemed to grow in leaps and bounds. Nail had abandoned training with me and Kakarot, spending all his time training on his own. I could sense his Power Level jump up every week or so. I didn't spend much time sensing his energy, but at times it was hard to ignore.

'I just don't get it…' I thought as I dodged a blast of energy from Kakarot.

I did my best to push the thoughts from my head, but somewhere in the back of my mind, I felt a tickle of worry. A little further behind that though I felt pain, as in my distraction I had allowed Kakarot to kick me in the back of the head. I righted myself, catching his follow-up punch with my forearm, returning several hard blows to his stomach. It was grossly unfair how quickly my energy increased, being able to heal from injuries overnight. Poor Kakarot had to actually wait to heal, which made me pull my punches a bit.

"Take this!" He yelled as he pulled back from, a loud fwoop as he releases a blast of energy right in my face.

I'm thrown back, and for a moment I feel a towering rage fill me.




My HUD flashes with the warning, but it almost immediately fades, the smoke around me clearing away in an explosion of energy.

"Kll?" Kakarot says flying to me. "What the hell was that?"

"I don't know…" I reply.

"Your energy increased by a lot for just a moment. You were glowing, too." He says, studying me.

"Was I?" I ask, closing my character sheet.

"Yeah...Power up to your power strength real quick?" He asks.

I nod, and with a thrum of energy my Aura lights up around me. A few moments later and I was at max power, the energy I'm putting out swirling the air around us.

"Still looks and feels the same to me," Kakarot says, studying me.

"No change. A bit over 16m." I reply, before powering back down.

Inside my thoughts were in turmoil. For a moment, I was sure I nearly lost control, preparing to wreak havoc on planet Namek, the next in a long line of tragedies to befall them.

"Either way, I think we may need to start taking our training off of Namek. We're both getting too strong for the planet to handle our full powers...I think I should also teach you Instant Transmission. I really should have done that last year." I say, before dropping to the ground far below, Kakarot following behind.

"That's a good idea, Kll. I'd like for us to go all out, and we're both holding back now." He replies before we land on the blue grass-covered ground.

I consider what to say for a moment before I turn to Kakarot. "I need to explain something to you."

"So let me get this straight...When you said you weren't an 'Anomaly', but the 'Legendary Super Saiyan', you meant that you inherently have a transformation outside of our Oozaru form." Kakarot says, contemplating what I've told him. "A transformation that every Saiyan can at least reach a type of, but for you, it sends you into a rage that will generally end up with the destruction and death of everyone around you."

"That's almost word for word what I said, yes," I reply, deadpan.

"First, how the hell could you possibly know this?" Kakarot asks, "Second, why the hell wouldn't you say something before now?"

"...Honestly Kakarot, I was worried," I explain. "Worried that the fear our people have for the so-called 'Anomalies' would change things, once you know that I actually am a danger."

"Then why tell me now?" He asks, studying me.

"When my power rapidly increased, I felt...rage. For a moment I feared that this was the moment. The moment I transform, bringing ruin and death to Planet Namek." I reply, looking down. "That's why I need to teach you Instant Transmission, and we need to start training off-planet. Because eventually, it will happen. Eventually, I will lose control, and you will need to leave me behind to live."

Kakarot was peeved at me for a few days, but he didn't let it show very much. We moved our training to a rocky moon with a very light atmosphere a few solar systems away. It took me several days of popping around, checking each planet, to find a place suitable for training. While I could breathe in space just fine, I needed a place Kakarot could survive. Once I had found it, our training commenced. As always, Kakarot picked up Instant Transmission after less than a week of trying, beating my own record of nine days. I wasn't jealous, of course. Just a bit miffed.

Either way, with that part out of the way, we could get back to training for real. The universe was moving along without me. I needed to get things finished here and return to Planet Saiyan. I knew that if there was one thing that would solidify my rule, it would be killing Frieza and freeing my people. His power was much greater than my own for now though. I had a few years left before I felt this needed to be done, and by then I hoped to have Kakarot break through his limits...until then, I needed time. Time to grow, gain strength and become what I once was. A warrior that surpassed the Gods.

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