The sequel begins with a stylized montage, similar to the end credits of the first movie, briefly showing Diana watch the plane come to her island, her and Steve on the boat approaching London, them battling together, and their post-battle dance. Fade to Black, and then the first scene begins:

It is the morning after the bedroom scene of the original movie. Wonder Woman (WW) is waking up; she sits on the edge of the bed, already suited, framed by the morning light streaming in the window. The camera angle hides the fact that Steve Trevor (ST) is also in bed. WW stands up to give her outfit a final tug into place for the day, and then her hand, with a mind of its own, comes to rest gently over her belly, and she pauses...and smiles to herself.

ST: You don't have a baby.

WW: (slightly startled; did not realize ST was awake) We slept together.

ST: Well yes, we "slept together," but... How much biology did you read again?

WW: It was a long time ago...and seemed unimportant then,

ST: -because there were no men on your island. You might want to re-read some of those-

WW: You said that's where babies come from. Sleeping-

ST: There's sleeping together, and there's "sleeping together."

WW: Why didn't you tell-

ST: Look. With all due respect, it's pretty clear you, how shall I say this, in the nicest way, have some reading to catch up on. And, do you really know what it means - what it means to give yourself to someone? I'd hate for some guy to take advantage of you.

WW: Take advantage? (all innocent)

ST: See, that's what I mean. And I'm not going to be that guy. When you give yourself to someone, you should know what it means. Until then... (meanwhile, they are both ready to exit the room) Now, when we go downstairs we should go down separately.

WW: Why?

ST: To preserve your honor.

WW: Was something dishonorable?

ST: They would say we should be married.

WW: Then let's get married.

ST: Is that...something you would consider?

WW: Yes. (confidently, but it is evident she has no idea what it is about)

ST: Well, tell you what, if we're both still alive by the end of this day, that's something we can talk- You know, if you're going to marry someone, you really should know what it means.

WW: (frustrated) You take the stairs. (She hops out the window)

*Cut to where WW lands outside. Samir, Chief and the Scot are standing there. WW lands next to Samir, startling him.

SAM: That's quite an entrance, Diana!

WW: It was the honorable thing to do.

SAM: (a bit of confused silence and baffled looks between Samir and the Scot; then politely,) Did you sleep well last night?

WW: Yes. (matter of fact, absent minded)

SCOT: And how about Captain Trevor; did *he* sleep well last night? (with a giant smile full of inappropriate suggestion)

WW: (sincerely confused about what happened last night, and not finding any suitable response, at last comes up with,) You should ask him.

SCOT: Oh, he's not the sort to say nary a thing about it.

(ST emerges from the front door)

SAM: (dropping the subject) Look at these horses! The villagers gave them to us...

*End of flashbacks

TEXT: ~ 60 Years Later ~

Diana Prince (DP) is giving an educational tour to a group of art students in the museum when she catches a glimpse of someone across the museum who reminds her of Steve Trevor. She thinks her eyes are playing tricks on her, but time and again through the intervening pillars, statues, and other obstructions, she spots him musing through the museum, and she is increasingly convinced he is Steve. Her delivery of the tour becomes increasingly distracted, until she perceives he is getting ready to leave, heading in the direction of the main exit. Fearing he will disappear, she abandons the tour prematurely with a distracted, "Excuse me, I have to..." as she scampers through the crowd to try to intercept Young Trevor (YT) played by Chris Pine.

From an upper level she spots him on a lower level making his way, and in her haste to catch up with him, she contemplates hopping over the rail to drop to the lower level, but the shocked look of a young museum goer makes her reconsider, and she scurries hurriedly down the stairs instead.

At last she emerges through a row of pillars ahead of YT, intercepting him, face to face at a distance of 10 feet or so. YT, who has been strolling towards an exit, adjusts his course to avoid walking into her. She side steps to stay in his way. He adjusts to the other side to pass by her on the other side, slightly crashing into her.

YT: "Excuse me," he says politely, and somewhat bemused, as he attempts to continue on his way, which she is blocking.

DP: (squints, tilts head, not quite sure she has found who she thinks she has) "Steve?"

YT: Have we met?

DP: (growing more certain she has found ST, but confused by his lack of recognition; frowns in thought, baffled)

YT: (Trying to make the unusual encounter less awkward, offers his hand). "I'm Steve." (Adds, half to himself) "...Which you already seem to know." (YT continues, as DP is dumbfounded.) "And you are...?"

DP: (deep in thought, trying to figure out what is going on) "I am *Diana*." (and continues by reflex, tentatively, in a quiet voice, hoping it will trigger a memory, but not wanting to appear too crazy). "...princess...of Themyscira."

YT: (deciding DP is delusional but hopefully harmless, he humors her and makes his escape). Nice meeting you... princess. If you will excuse me. (as he walks past)

DP: (collects her thoughts for a moment, then turns around to face towards YT's back as he is walking away. In a strong confident voice she says,) "Steve Trevor."

YT: (Stops in his tracks and slowly turns back to face her, 10 feet away. Impressed, but confused as to how she knows his full name)

DP: (Thinking this is her last chance to ring a bell, decides to lay her cards on the table before the moment slips away). Steve Trevor, World War I spy for the British allies, (and then adds tentatively) killed at the end of the war on a mission to thwart a gas attack. (Her voice trailing off)

YT: (Takes a step toward her. Impressed again; quizzical. Thinking that DP might be more idiot-savant than crazy) My great uncle? You've, heard of him?

DP: (suspicious that YT is trying to hide his identity). You look *alot* like your..."great uncle."

YT: He's something of a family hero, but he's not exactly in the history books. (with a hint of incredulity) You've, seen a photo of him?

DP: I saw your great uncle... (still trying to figure out what is going on, lost in her thoughts, beholding a flashback face and then the face before her now, in a half voice she continues, almost to herself) ...with my own eyes.

YT: (Raises a hand, half to signal goodbye, half to ward off the crazies, stepping backwards, decides this is way over his head.) Nice meeting you... princess. (Turns and walks away. Gives a quick look back to make sure she is not following.)

DP: (Stands in place, watching him walk away. Her mind assessing, confused, still not sure if he is really ST, or what is up with him. She takes a step to follow him, but checks herself, unsure of everything)

*End of scene*

*Then, Evil Brewing scene: The super villain(ess) describes the MacGuffin and how they need to gather its pieces to put it together.

*Then: Second encounter of DP and YT:

YT is back at the museum, doing research on something; he needs to be there. He looks around warily to see if DP is anywhere to be seen, and breathes a sigh of relief that she is not to be seen. After a moment he looks up from his work and spots DP who is going about her work at the museum. He cringes to avoid her, stepping behind an obstruction, etc.

DP has decided she overwhelmed YT on their first encounter, and she has resolved to play it cool. She passes right by him without batting an eye while she is engaged in a conversation with someone who needs her assistance. YT decides he is not in imminent danger of another unsettling encounter, and he returns to his research, looking up from time to time, increasingly impressed to see that DP is a competent professional engaging with the people who need her help, giving them expert direction and laughing amicably with the people with whom she interacts.

From time to time DP also makes eye contact with YT inadvertantly, but makes no approach, and continues about her business. YT decides DP is safe, and decides to approach her.

YT: You work here?

DP: Director of Antiquities.

YT: A history buff? That would explain a lot.

DP: I apologise if I-

YT: (seeking to spare her an apology he changes the conversation) I was named after my great uncle, the war hero. We never found out how he died; just a letter of condolence and a medal of highest honor from the War Office [or whatever]. How do you know about him? You said something about a gas attack?

DP: (not sure where this is going, but starting to think she might have a chance to get to the bottom of the mystery; she is still not convinced YT is not Steve Trevor of old). We have access to alot of resources here... (formulating a idea) Why don't you come to my office.

YT begins to be suspicious again, hoping things will not get weird. He cautiously decides to go along. DP's office is underground in a somewhat secluded level of the building without many people around. As they approach its entrance we hear the tail end of their conversation.

YT: He blew up a plane?

DP: He was *in* the plane. (as they enter the office, she gestures for YT to take a seat while she closes the door. As she takes her seat at her desk, YT reaches over and reopens the door so he is not locked in with a possible loony, and he retakes his seat. DP continues) ...which raises the question of what you are doing here. (quizzical and suspicious, and a little ominous)

YT: I'm researching [blah mundane].

DP: Is that so. (DP stands up and starts to pace, looking quizzically at YT, wishing she could be sure who he is and what he is doing)

YT: Yeah, I [blah blah mundane]. (YT is increasing uneasy, feeling like he is being scrutinized.)

DP: Is that so. (She opens a case in her office where the lasso of truth rests. She gives it a look but then decides against it and shuts the case)

YT: (glancing at his watch) Say, I've really got to be going, thanks for all your -

DP: (Opens the case and tosses the lasso onto her desktop.)

YT: Nice...whip?

DP: Lasso.

YT: As I was saying-

DP: (closes the door as she passes by.) If you don't mind, I'd like to ask you a couple questions.

DP continues her walk circling behind where YT is seated, quasi interrogation style, but still socially acceptable.

YT: Shoot. (pulls at his collar nervously and adds, to himself) ...metaphorically. (YT reaches over and casually reopens the door again as DP has stepped away from it. DP gives him a look.) "Getting hot in here." he says in explanation.

DP: How old are you?

YT: (surprised by the question, but not adverse to answering) 36.

DP: In what century were you born?

YT: What country?

DP: What century.

YT: I was born (searching) 36 years ago(?) (he offers)

DP: Are you sure?

YT: I was a baby at the time, but that's what they tell me.

DP: That's the problem, you see: false memories, but I am seeking for truth. (DP sits at her desk, fiddles with the lasso; she wishes she could use it in some discreet unnoticeable manner).

YT: I have a driver's license. (YT shifts in his chair as though to bring it forth)

DP: Look at the exquisite work on this artifact. (she says, hoping to get him inadvertantly wrapped). Here take a look at this. (She pushes it across the desktop closer to him)

YT: Yes, impressive. (Being sure not to touch it)

DP: Go ahead, pick it up.

YT: I'm good. (Too suspicious of anything she is offering)

DP: Feel how strong it is, try wrapping it around your arm. (She tosses a strand in his lap)

YT: (half-jumps in his seat, startled as though someone dropped a snake on him)

DP: (hoping YT is sufficiently handling the lasso) When were you born again?

YT: (Brushing aside the lasso with annoyance and a bit of horror). Here's my license! (digging unsuccessfully for his wallet).

DP: No, no. I believe you (she says, not believing him. There is a tense silence until DP formulates her final approach. She remarks pleasantly,) That's a very fine shirt you're wearing; do you know what cuff size is that?

YT: Cuff size? (YT is flattered by the compliment, but losing patience with the randomness)

DP: (coming over to his side of the desk) Would you mind if I measure your cuff? ...with this? (She knows she is grasping at straws here, but she is going for it. She goes to wrap the lasso gingerly around his wrist, but he stands up dismissing it).

YT: (Agitated) I am 36 and I'm outta here, and I do *not* know my cuff size, and I don't want to find out.

DP: I'm sorry if I offended- (YT has left through the open doorway)

YT: (Popping his head back in.) And you may keep the door closed. (he closes it for her, exasperated).

DP slumps down in YT's chair, frustrated, and disappointed for not having found the answers she wanted.

DP: (frustrated with him and herself) I hate that man. (She grabs the lasso on her desk to put it back; it coils around her hand and she speaks the truth, in a whisper). I love him so... (She shakes her head no, and slams the case shut on the lasso to avoid the truth within her. She sits on the desktop with her arms folded, fighting back a tear.)

*End of scene*

*Brief scenes of Villain(ess) and henchmen nabbing pieces of the MacGuffin around the world. Villain(ess) says they have located the next-to-last piece of the MacGuffin at the Louvre, and they will try to get it tonight.

*Third encounter of DP and YT.

Night time. Villain(ess) and henchmen have pilfered a MacGuffin piece from the Louvre; Wonder Woman (WW) smacks them down and gets it from them; the bad guys run away. WW on a rooftop is about to head for home (with the MacGuffin piece in her possession) when she spots YT walking through the mostly deserted street at night. Her better judgement tells her to leave him alone, but then she looks at the lasso which she carries ("Don't you do it, Diana" she says to herself) and she cannot resist.

WW drops down from a building top, landing some distance behind YT, and expertly casts her lasso which wraps him to a lamp post.

YT, startled and fearful, twists to look around behind him to see his attacker, but cannot twist far enough to see who is behind him.

YT: Help!

WW would like to interrogate him without him knowing it is she. She tries to adopt a lower voice.

WW: Who are you?

YT: I'm Steve Trevor. (a little surprised that he answered so directly)

WW: That tells me nothing! Who are you really?

YT: I'm an innocent man! Just, your average kind of guy.

WW: Are you a time traveller?

YT: (Scared, hoping to appease). No!

WW: Are you some evil thing in the form of Steve Trevor? (Pulling herself closer on the rope, hand over hand)

YT: (agitated, knowing there is evil in all men) Not too evil. (sweating, hoping he is passing whatever strange test he is in)

WW: Have you come back from the dead?

YT: Not yet!

DP: Have you been to Themiscyra?

YT: Not that I am aware.

WW: (pulling harder on the rope to squeeze out the truth) Did the gods erase your memory?

YT: No! I mean, how would I know?

WW: (giving up, she puts the top of her head against the lamp post, directly behind YT's head, knowing she has hit a wall; softening, in her own voice, playing her last card, now aware that YT has been telling her the truth the whole time, she knows the answer but asks anyway) Did I see you in World War I?

YT: No, it wasn't me, honestly. (Thinking he knows who is behind this) ...Did I see you in the museum?

WW: Yes. It's me. (deflated because she has not found the ST she was hoping to find, and now embarrassed by the way it all played out. She turns and rests her back against the lamp post so they are back to back with the lamp post between them)

YT: We have to stop running into each other like this.

WW: I'm so sorry.

YT: Would you mind letting me go now?

WW: (She gives a tug on the lasso and it falls away). Don't turn around. Please. (She has no desire to be seen in her WW attire and increase the absurdity any further. Her hopes of finding ST have been dashed, and she is dispirited).

YT: (turns around, but is not able to make heads nor tails of the figure facing away from him leaning up against the lamp post. WW has given up and decides to turn herself in with a sigh of resignation; she steps, turns, and stands before him in all her dejected glory. YT, trying to put a positive spin on things to avoid further hostilities). Great...lion tamer?...outfit.

WW: You are a man of your word; I should have believed you, Steve Trevor. ...Even if you are not the Steve Trevor I was hoping for.

YT: I wish I were the hero he was, but I'm... just your average guy. (He wraps her in his long coat. Though he does not understand her fascination with his great uncle, he has pity on her, since she seems harmless and very pitiful at this moment, and he has an idea of something which may revive her spirits.). Come, I have something to show you.

*continues in Chapter 2