Author: Writie

Summary: Stone Cold comes back, and has to deal with WWE superstars and Divas. New friends, enemies, and possibly even love. Please READ AND REVIEW!

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Stars: Stone Cold, Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler, HHH, and more.

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His departure had been such a big deal. The WWE painted the picture their way, they said he "took his ball and went home." Things didn't seem the same without him there, especially for the fans, and things still weren't the same now that he had returned. Some superstars brushed him off, others talk trash, while some didn't know what to say. Only one thing was certain, not everyone was thrilled the Rattlesnake was back. One of those men happened to be Eric Bischoff, the Raw general manager. He needed Stone Cold for the sake of Raw, but he didn't want him there. Stone Cold came back with a bang, and beat the living hell out of him. The fans went crazy, they missed all the hell raising and beer drinking, but backstage, things weren't so smooth. There were still plenty of bitter superstars, even some of the new talent that didn't know Steven Austin at all, were bitter. Bitter because he walked out on a dream, bitter because he walked out on what some people would have died for, and the fans were dying to have him back. They didn't care about his side, or what his excuse was. There was no excuse for walking out on the WWE. Trish Stratus walked down the hall clutching her side. She and Jazz had just gotten into a brutal fight. Some of the Raw talent stood talking in the hall as she approached.

"Hey Trish, are you ok? I saw you and Jazz fighting out there. So, I guess Victoria isn't your only problem." Stacy said as she approached.

"Yeah, I'm fine. If they wanna mess with me than the can try it, cause I'm not gonna back down!" Trish declared. Test wasn't too far away from them. Evolution was also in the hall, along with the Rock.

"Why the hell is everyone making such a big deal over the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin!? What has he down to make him deserve all the hype? I've taken shits that deserve more attention!" HHH complained smugly gripping his title. The other Evolution guys laughed.

"Your wrong HHH. The Rock is ecstatic that Stone Cold has comeback. Oh yeah, the Rock is looking forward to whipping that candy ass!" The Rock exclaimed. HHH grinned and slapped the Rock's hand.

"You just save some for me" HHH laughed.

"I just can't believe the WWE is letting him back in just like that. If I had pulled a stunt like that, my ass would have been sitting in the unemployment line." Test agreed.

"I heard he left because he was scared of facing Brock Lesnar." Stacy chimed in.

"Please, I could beat Brock Lesnar with my arm tied behind my back!" HHH laughed.

"Maybe with the help of Evolution." Trish mumbled. She juts didn't think it was right to talk about him behind his back. They didn't know his side of the story, or why he left.

"Aww, how cute, looks like Austin has a fan." HHH grunted. "I'm the best in this business, baby." He added as he glared at her.

"Second best" The Rock corrected. HHH rolled his eyes.

"Him walking out show how much he cares about this business." Randy Orton added.

"He gave a lot for the business, and made a lot of sacrifices. He busted his ass just like everyone else. You don't know his side, I'm sure he had his reasons." Trish reasoned. She didn't know why she was standing up for Stone Cold. She never really knew him that well, but she knew how she felt when people talk about her.

"And did you guys see that article? The Stone Cold truth! He talks all that shit in some magazine, but doesn't have the nerve to say it to my face!" HHH complained.

"He had the nerve to talk smack about the Great One, the People's Champ, The Rock, in the article too!" The Rock reminded.

"Your talking shit, and not saying it to his face." Trish argued.

"Looks like Trish has a crush, but sorry Trish, he's not your type. He's not married anymore remember? You only go for the married men right?" HHH joked. "Vince, me when in was with Stephanie." He taunted with a grin.

"I don't have a crush!" Trish snapped. How come if you defended someone in the WWE, there was automatically something going on? She didn't have a crush on him, she hardly knew him.

"All I know is, when Stone Cold left, he should have stayed gone." Batista growled. The other Evolution guys agreed as they followed HHH down the hall. The Rock made his exit as well.

"Sorry Trish" Stacy apologized for not sticking up for her.

"Didn't you use to have a crush on Stone Cold?" Trish asked

"You had a crush on Austin!" Test exclaimed.

"No, I didn't!" Stacy protested.

"Oh, you baking him cookies and flirting with him causing Debra to be jealous was just my imagination." Trish asked with a grin. Test's mouth dropped open.

"You never bake me cookies" Test marveled.

"Andrew, that was a long time ago." Stacy reassured him. He walked in the locker room as she and Trish continued to talk.


Jim Ross sat across from his best friend in the locker room. They were very close, like family. No one had even bothered to contact Stone Cold to see if he was ok. Then, JR sent him a card. Out of everyone in the WWE, JR proved to be his truest friend.

"Steve, your comeback at No Way Out was explosive." JR admitted. "Eric Bischoff deserved everything you did to him." He added.

"I can't believe not only did he have the nerve to fire Stone Cold when he was in WCW, but then he attacks my best friend. He's a crazy son of a bitch." Stone Cold agreed.

"That fans were definitely glad to see you back." JR smiled.

"Yeah, but I know not everyone was thrilled with my return." Stone Cold admitted. "The guys in the back haven't been very welcoming" He added.

"The hell with them. Who care what they think." JR reasoned.

"Trust me, I'm looking forward to raising hell, and kicking some ass." Stone Cold laughed.

"Good, I've missed you, the fans have missed you. I know you don't need it, but good luck, and don't let the backstage talk get to you." JR explained

"Thanks" Stone said to his best friend. He hugged him before he left the room. He walked into the hell and around the corner.

"So, are you going to wear the pick one?" Stacy was saying as Stone Cold past them. Her eyes widened at the sight of the Rattlesnake.

"Welcome back!" Trish called out of no where. He turned around and threw a sharp glance at her. He gave her s slight nod in response and continued to walk. No one had actually said that to him since he had been back, or even acted as if they wanted him back.

"I can't believe you said that to him!" Stacy gasped as if it were a big deal.


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