Chapter 11

Lillian entered the Diva's locker room taking a seat next to Trish. Trish looked up from her Women's title which she had been admiring, and gave her a smile. She noticed Lillian's serious expression, she looked as if she had something important to say but didn't quite know how to began.

"What's up?" Trish asked curiously. Lillian stood up clasping her hands together and letting out a sigh.

"It's crazy how many cuts they've made to the Women's division, or to the roster in general." Lillian remarked.

"Yeah, now Molly, Vicky and I are the only active female wrestlers, and of coarse Lita but she's injured. I'm sure the Women's division will be fine." Trish reassured trying to stay positive. "Is that really what you came in here to talk about?" She asked with the raise of an eyebrow sensing there was something more.

"We've been friends for a long time. When your really good friend's with someone you can practically finish each other's sentences. You know when there's something wrong and your not afraid to confide in each other. You can even tell when they like someone. I'd like to think we're that close." Lillian explained with a warm smile.

"Of coarse we are." Trish smiled. She was afraid Lillian was finally going to confess she had feelings for Stone Cold. She and Lillian had both been friends with Stone Cold for a while now and neither had tried to take it passed friendship or even admitted too feeling anything more. Trish and Stone Cold had numerous exchanges of flirty banter over the past few months, but that had been it.

"We've both hung out with Stone Cold, and a while ago you asked me if I had feelings for him." Lillian reminded.

"I remember." Trish nodded uncomfortably. She had a feeling she really didn't want to hear what Lillian was about to say. Why did have to like the same guy as one of her friends? Seriously, could her luck get any worse?

"Trish, look at me. We've been good friends for a long time and I would never want to lose that. No man is worth a friendship. I mean, you even knew I had a crush on RVD before I told you. We've always been able to read each other." Lillian explained sincerely.

"I feel exactly the same way. If you have feelings for Stone Cold you should go for it." Trish answered.

"Trish, I know you like him." Lillian laughed.

"What?" Trish uttered in surprise.

"I can tell, it's like a best friend's 6th sense. You have this sparkle in your eyes whenever he's around. It's actually very adorable." Lillian cooed batting her eyelashes. "Plus, you blush even at the mention of his name, your blushing right now." She giggled. Trish's cheeks burned turning a light shade of pink. She was right.

"I do not have a..." Trish began to protest.

"Don't even deny it Stratus. Remember I can tell, it's the 6th sense." Lillian smiled.

"Alright, fine. I like him!" Trish confessed covering her face with her hands. She really wasn't used to having this reaction over a guy. Trish Stratus, blushing, or maybe even a bit shy over a guy? Who would have thought?

"I know!" Lillian exclaimed with a laugh. It was so obvious.

"How long have you known?" Trish exclaimed.

"Long enough." Lillian smirked.

"But what about you? Don't you have feelings for him?" Trish questioned.

"No, I only like him as a friend." Lillian assured her.

"Are you sure?" Trish asked. "Because I would never want to ruin our friendship or make you feel awkward if Stone Cold and I ever did become more than friends." She added.

"I'm positive. Trish, you know I wouldn't lie to you. So, now I'm telling you to go for it." Lillian smiled.

"But I don't even know if Stone Cold feels the same." Trish reminded with a frown.

"First of all, he'd be an idiot not to, I mean I'd seriously have to give him a good slap. I've seen the way he looks at you Trish, and that's not the way you look at a friend. I think your the only person who's ever made that guy blush." Lillian smirked.

"He's so cute." Trish gushed with a giggle. It felt so good to be able to finally talk to someone about this. It was such a relief to know Lillian didn't have feelings for Stone Cold.

"Oh my God, you like Stone Cold!" Lillian squealed. "So, when are you gonna tell him?" She inquired.

"I don't know..." Trish answered with a look of uncertainty.

"You have to tell him!" Lillian cried.

"Well, what about you? Do you still like RVD?" Trish asked biting her lower lip.

"I don't know. You tell me." Lillian smiled.

"My best friend's 6th sense says yes!" Trish beamed. "Two women as gorgeous as us should not be swooning over guys. We should be making them swoon! I mean, you and RVD should already be together by now. He really needs to get a clue." She complained.

"I have an idea. I can talk to Stone Cold to see how he feels about you, and you can talk to RVD to see how he feels about me." Lillian suggested. "But first, let's go get something to eat. I'm hungry." She continued as she and Trish exited the Women's locker room.


Trish and Lillian made their way towards the cafeteria when they were stopped by a whiny cackle.

"Well, if it isn't the slut of Raw." Dawn Marie laughed.

"Does that make you the slut of Smackdown?" Trish snickered.

"Trish isn't a slut!" Lillian interrupted.

"Oh, how sweet, standing up for your girlfriend and all." Dawn Marie sneered. She slapped Lillian across the face, who stumbled back in surprise. Trish got in Dawn Marie's face and Dawn pushed her. Trish returned with an even harder shove.

"You know, what's even more embarrassing is that your chasing after as has-been that doesn't even want you! He's the Rattlesnake, Trish. He's gonna use you and make you look like a fool!" Dawn Marie snapped.

"You don't know anything about him!" Trish snickered.

"How pathetic, your actually in love...Well Trish, I personally can't wait to see you get your heart ripped out of your chest. How will everyone else react when they find out? I mean this could hurt your reputation. It's common knowledge your a slut and all, but come on, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Trish Stratus? What do you wanna be his 9th wife?" Dawn Marie laughed wickedly with a mocking smile. Trish was fuming now, and she was just about ready to knock this bitch's head off.

"Hope I'm not interrupting anything..." Stone Cold Steve Austin called as he approached. "Trish, Lillian..." He nodded. "...Dawn Marie." He added gruffly.

"Actually, Trish was just confessing that she's completely in love with you." Dawn Marie smiled as Trish's mouth dropped open. "She's really rather pathetic." She smirked in amusement. Trish looked to the ground, blushing shamefully. This really wasn't the way she wanted Stone Cold to find out about the way she felt.

"Pathetic? Do you know who your talking to? Your talking to the 6-time WWE Women's Champion! This woman has accomplished more than any other woman in sports entertainment. She's the Diva of the Decade for cryin out loud." Stone Cold exclaimed. "Let me ask you something. "How many times have you been Women's Champion? How many times have you been Babe Of The Year? How many times have you been on the cover of a WWE publication?" He questioned. Dawn Marie's mouth dropped open and for the first time she was stunned silent. Her cheeks burned with embarrassment.

"So, no I don't think she's pathetic. I actually think she's very sexy." Stone Cold grinned gently hooking Trish's chin with his finger. A smirk played across her face. "I'll see you ladies later." He added walking off. Trish lips curled into a smile and her heart fluttered as she watched him leave. He certainly did have a nice ass. Trish shook those thoughts from her head and returned her attention to Dawn Marie.

"She's not worth it, let's just go." Trish smiled referring to Lillian.

"Not yet." Lillian answered walking right up to Dawn Marie and slapping her. Lillian turned and began to walk away and just as Dawn Marie lunged forth in attack-mode, Trish caught her with a hard clothesline.

"And that's why I'm the Women's Champion." Trish grinned. Trish and Lillian walked away leaving a very angry Dawn Marie on the floor.

"This isn't over!" Dawn Marie declared yelling at the top of her lungs.


"So, not only did Stone Cold stand up for you, but he called you sexy." Lillian gushed. "Whoa, ok. That's weird." She uttered suddenly distracted by the vision before her. Lita was sitting on Kane's lap and they seemed to be laughing.

"They are married." Trish shrugged.

"Yeah...but, she used to hate him. I don't know, it's just kind of weird." Lillian explained.

"I don't think so. I mean some might find them unconventional, but I think their good for each other." Trish offered.

"That's funny, kind of like you and Stone Cold. A bit unconventional but perfect for each other. I mean your both smart, funny, sarcastic, talented, charismatic..." Lillian continued.

"There he is." Trish interrupted. Stone Cold stood across the room talking with Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels and Chris Benoit.

"You should go talk to him." Lillian urged.

"What should I say?" Trish asked.

"I don't could thank him." Lillian suggested. Trish gave her one last glance and without one word began walking towards the group of men. When she finally approached them she mustered all of her confidence and a smile played across her face.

"Excuse me, boys." Trish interrupted.

"Hey, Trish." Shawn, Randy and Chris seemed to respond at the same time. Stone Cold offered her a nod.

"I just came over here to talk to Stone Cold." Trish explained.

"Should we leave you two alone?" HBK asked.

"No, that won't be necessary." Trish answered turning her attention to the Rattlesnake. "I just wanted to thank you for standing up for me the way you did." She smiled. To everyone's surprise She placed a quick kiss on Stone Cold's lips and walked off with a smile. The other guys whistled loudly while Stone Cold looked on in surprise.

When Trish re-approached Lillain she wore a huge smile.

"You kissed him! What did he say?" Lillian asked.

"He didn't really have time to react." Trish admitted with a smirk. "After we eat, I'm going to talk to RVD and get the two of you together once and for all." She declared.

"Trish, I don't know. I think if he liked me he would have went for it by now." Lillian frowned.

"He'd be an idiot not to like you and I'd have to slap him if he felt otherwise. Where's the confident Lillian Garcia I know? Trish asked playfully.


Trish had been looking for RVD all over. He had been injured recently but she had heard that he was backstage at tonight's show. She really wanted to talk with him. Not only to see if he was interested in Lillian but to make sure he knew Lillian liked him. She was afraid he might still think she herself liked him. Trish walked further down the hall and her face scrunched in confusion. She could have sworn she heard noises coming from a nearby closet. Why would anyone be in a closet? Trish pulled open the door and her jaw practically dropped to the floor. Molly Holly and Christian were making out. They were literally all over each other. If she hadn't seen it herself she would have never believed it. Molly and Christian broke apart in horror as soon as the door opened.

"You said no one would find us!" Molly whispered with a scowl to Christian.

"Oh my God, I'm sorry..." Trish laughed hysterically.

"This isn't...we weren't...he forced himself on me!" Molly stammered frantically.

"Hey! Did not!" Christian cried. Trish laughed harder, this was too funny. Maybe Molly wasn't as innocent as everyone thought. Trish was now laughing so hard she was holding her stomach.

"Oh, shut up! You like Stone Cold Steve Austin!" Molly snapped.

"She does!" Christian cried as Molly stormed off in a huff. "Molly wait up!" He called running after her.


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