My Severus is not the cuddly closet romantic who pines after Lily. You will HATE my Dumbledore and Sirius. This fic will be dark…. with some humor because I can never help myself.

This fic will have triggers. There will also be a lot of possessiveness from Severus and pure submissive behavior from my OC. She will not fight or question any of his demands or orders.

August 1995 Grimmauld Place

Severus Snape sat in the library of 12 Grimmauld Place in a large wingback chair reading the Daily Prophet. He didn't want to be there, of course, he had a million of other locations in mind than to be spending his summer. But no, his orders were to stay there where he was needed. Albus insisted he would be needed to stay close.

He'd almost talked his way out of it until they got news of Potter using magic in front of muggles yesterday. Then he was trapped. His job was to find out what he could about the Dementors that had been sent to attack Potter, keep an ear to the ground for death eater activity. Keep up with the Dark Lord's movement.

It was barely after breakfast when he and Black had gotten into another argument, resulting in wands drawn. Of course, Albus jumped in to take the mutt's side. He was ordered to wait in the library until he was ready to be debriefed and given his next order.

He pulled out his pocket watch and opened it, he read the time then hit a button on the top, and it flipped to another clock. He stared at it longingly. It was no ordinary pocket watch, it not only told time, but it had a timer. It was a countdown.

12 days, 288 hours, 17280 minutes, 1036800 seconds

The inside had an engraving on its casing. His thumb rubbed over it gently.

April 19th, 1978 11:45 am

August 19th, 1995 11:45 pm

His heart fluttered in his chest, a little more than a week and time would be up. His train of thought cut short when he heard Black in the hallway and the sound of a female voice. He snapped the pocket watch shut and tucked it away safely. He silently got up and made his way closer to the cracked door.

"My, my, aren't you a pretty little thing." He heard Black say.

"Um…thank you, Sirius. I should go find Harry and Ron." Hermione said. He could hear the tension and panic in her voice.

"You've grown so much since I last saw you. We should really catch up. You're such a precious little thing." Black said.

Severus cracked the door quietly and saw Black cornering the young girl in the hallway. His arms on either side of her against the wall breathing down on her. He had a flashback to when they were in school.

A young Black trapping a fellow sixth year in the same manner. She clutched the books to her chest, trying to hide behind her black wavy hair. Shaking her head 'no' violently as he reached out to touch her face and push the books aside.

"Aren't you a pretty little thing?" he said to the girl.

He grabbed her chin and forced her to look at him. His lips almost to hers as tears streaked down her face. Her hands came up to push him away. Young Severus snapped and drew his wand; he saw red. A loud bang

echoed the empty hallway, and Black went flying away from the girl.

She dropped her books and ran straight to Severus. Before he knew what was happening she threw her arms around him, burying her face in his shirt and neck while silently crying. He wrapped his free arm around her protectively as he kept his wand pointed at Black.

The flashback ended, he saw the current Black reach up to Hermione's face, and Severus instantly saw the girl with black hair. He snapped into action and threw the door open. The loud bang from his wand sent the other man skidding down the hallway on his back.

Hermione froze in fear staring at Severus. "I- I didn't do anything Professor. I swear." She said and threw her hands up.

"Miss Granger, get out of here. And make sure you lock your door at night. Same with Miss Weasley." He ordered her.

She nodded her head and stared open mouth at him and looked back to Black.

"Now, Granger." He snapped with a deep voice.

She almost tripped on the rug in the hall as she made for the stairs going up to the next floor.

He could hear the quick sounds of feet stomping up the stairs. Black slowly got up to his feet and drew his wand.

"Always gotta stick your big nose where it's not wanted," Black said and got into dueling stance.

"It's you who shouldn't be sniffing things that don't belong to you." He countered.

Lupin was first to arrive on the landing, Tonks, and Arthur right behind him. "What the bloody hell is going on?! Albus put an end to this earlier this morning!"

"Black is up to his old school tricks. Cornering defenseless girls and shoving his tongue down their throats." Severus sneered.

"He's lying! I was just talking to Hermione, and he rushed out attacking me!" Sirius yelled back.

"Severus, what was he doing with Hermione?" Arthur's asked in a cautious tone as he took out his wand.

"Cornering her in the hall and telling her sweet little whispers. I stopped him before he could touch her." He explained. His want and his eyes still trained on the other man.

"Sirius!" Tonks gasped and took a stance by Severus.

"Oh, come on! Are you going to believe this Death Eater? We were talking! Just talking! You saw what happened this morning- he's just making up shit to attack me." He said while looking to Remus for help.

"Tonks, if you'd go check on Hermione please," Arthur said and nodded to the stairs.

She gave Sirius a firm scowl then took off to find the young girl.

"You were the same back in school, and you never changed. You like them young and innocent, don't you? So, they can't fight back." Severus sneered. He was trying to taunt him into making the first move.

"Oh, this is about little Miss Ollivander…. you're jealous of me, aren't you? Always have been. You were jealous of James when Lily chose him, and you couldn't keep Ollivander-" Sirius was cut off by Severus sending a nonverbal curse.

He blocked and deflected it to the side, and it scorched the wall next to him. He threw his own in return and then the duel really began.

"Hit a sore spot, have I?! Why did she leave again? Oh, that's right. He made up a story about her traveling through time!" Sirius let out a mocking laugh at Severus until a hex hit his shoulder and he felt the burn.

"What's your excuse for trying to touch innocent defenseless women? I've known Death Eaters who wouldn't even sink that low. I think you were in a cell next to one of them though." Severus shot back.

Arthur and Remus were doing their best to stay out of the way and somehow stop the madness blowing up in the hallway. Arthur yelled down to Molly to get Dumbledore and keep the children downstairs. Spells were flying everywhere, Sirius was panting trying to keep up with Severus who wasn't even sweating.

"Tell me what really happened. Come on. Tell me how she broke up with you. Tell me how she was disgusted with your greasy self and went to find a real man." Sirius was on thin ice now.

"Sectums-" Severus started to cast but was immediately stopped by the thundering sound of Dumbledore's voice.


Both men were staring each other down. The tall, pale wizard stepped in between them and towered over them.

"Severus, you will not attack a man in his own home. He has graciously opened it to us as headquarters," he said gravely.

Severus gripped his wand tighter but stayed silent. Dumbledore looked at Sirius and said "And I'm sure this is a big misunderstanding. Nothing was happening between you and Miss Granger."

His tone and firm look gave the first and only warning that was needed to get the point across.

"Of course, Albus," Sirius said after he gulped.

"Good. Now, Severus, you and I have things to discuss." He said and passed by both men and headed into the library Severus was in.

He followed his mentor and firmly shut the door behind him. He felt the old man's wards around them as he set the privacy of the room. Being a spy for so long, he placed his own as well. Fear nothing, trust no one.

"Please sit. Tea?"

"No thank you. I'd rather get this over with, so I may leave this Gryffindor infested house." He said and sat across from him by the fire.

"You mustn't fight Sirius like that; it's putting a strain on the people here at headquarters."

Severus clenched his fists and shut his eyes for a few seconds before answering as calm as he could.

"When you forced me into this role as your spy, you made it clear my job was to protect people. People I don't care for or about. I could give a damn if these fools lived or died and you know that. But you made it my duty to protect them. So, what did you mean by that? Hmm? Was it protection from the acts of war? From themselves and each other? Or protect Potter from drowning when he looks up in the rain? Because if that's the case, I can always look the other way and let them all eradicate their bloodlines and each other." He vented, and his voice was deep and forceful.

"You care for none of them, Severus? Not even the boy-"

"Especially the boy."

Albus chuckled and set his teacup down. "So, you only care about yourself preservation in all of this? After a decade of service, I'd hope you would have come around."

"We both know I don't give a damn about myself either. I've got the scars and liver damage to prove it. Was there a point to this meeting?" Severus said sarcastically with pursed lips.

"Ah, so it is still all about her. How much longer now? A month?" the older man asked while cleaning his spectacles.

"Next week."

"Are you excited?" Albus smiled.

Severus huffed and made a face "Is that why you brought me here? To gossip like fifth-year girls?"

"Calm down, my boy. I only asked since you've been waiting for her all this time." He explained.

"What are you getting at old man?" he said impatiently and sat up straighter.

There was no way he was going to take another bullshit excuse as to why the date was moved back. He spent the last seventeen years in the service of two egomaniac wizards for one purpose, and he wasn't about to be told 'no' after all this time.

"The girl, I need her when she arrives. She will have something I need." He said seriously.

"The timeline doesn't change? Is that why you sent her in the first place? To hide whatever it is you've needed for the war?" Severus' voice was even lower, and he was leaning forward. Any information he could get about her, he took it in like a dying man gasping for air, a junkie that was looking for the next high.

"She will arrive at the time and date I last gave you. It hasn't changed. When she arrives, I will need her, immediately. Collect her and bring her here. I will be traveling the next few weeks before term starts. If I am not here, you will have her wait for me here. Do not take her anywhere else, do not take her out of this house until I speak with her." His orders were clear-cut, and it wasn't up for debate.

"What does she have? What did you send her with, a weapon? Will she be in danger of having it?" Severus was worried now. If she had something that the Dark Lord wanted it would make her a bigger target than Potter.

"I cannot tell you what she carries. Only one other person knows what it is and that is how it will stay. If Tom knew it was with her and he got his hands on it." He paused for effect. "We'd lose the war." He said gravely.

Severus sat before the older man in a silent rage. "Knowing this, you send her of all people? Why? Of all the order members to choose from, why her?"

"I didn't do it to hurt you if that's what you're thinking. What I'm about to tell you, you must never repeat to anyone." Albus said and locked eyes with Severus. He nodded and sat forward even more. Who was he going to tell anyway? His 'friends'?

Albus made himself another cup of tea and took in a deep breath "Back when Grindelwald was a threat; I made a deal with Gervaise Ollivander. We traded information that helped both of us. In the end, I helped him with a personal family matter, and in return, he gave me a blood oath."

Severus took this information in and processed it slowly. He stood and looked at the fireplace with his hands behind his back. "A blood oath. Goes to the whole family line."

"Yes, his oath granted me one favor of the Ollivander House in which they could not deny or their whole family bloodline would be cursed. One by one their bloodline would die out. For one of the purest bloodlines of the sacred 28, it was a serious matter." Albus paused and looked at the younger man waiting for any response from him. But he stood there looking at the fire soaking in all he was giving him.

He continued "At the time of her departure, the war was beginning. Tom was recruiting everyone, and soon we had no one left to trust. The information I had, the object itself was too dangerous to fall into his hands. I had to hide it."

"And sending a 17-year-old girl into the future was the best you could come up with?!" Severus spun around and slammed his hands on the small table holding the tea tray.

There it was, the outburst he was anticipating. "Believe me. I never wanted to send the girl. It was for the greater good. Only two Ollivanders were remaining. Garrick and his granddaughter. Garrick, our current wandmaker, had begged me to send him, but I couldn't. Everyone would notice Britain's most renown wand maker missing for over a decade."

"You should have let him. You should have spared the girl and let the old man go." Severus' tangent was cut off by Albus.

"What was I to do? Send off the only parent figure the girl had left? Leave her to step into the role of professional wand maker when she was still an apprentice herself?! I couldn't leave the girl in the world by herself." Albus said grimly and shook his head. He kept his head down and stared at the space beside him.

"SHE HAD ME! Am I not enough?! We were to be married! I would have taken care of her!" Severus screamed at the man sitting before him.

"Sending her grandfather, again renown wandmaker, off into the future and leaving her alone would have made her an easy target to Tom. As much as you may hate me and my decision, you know that much to be true." Albus said while standing up suddenly to match his intensity.

"I would have asked for her to be safe from the war, and he would have granted it." He replied smoothly.

"Like he spared Lily and James Potter?" Albus countered.

"I never asked for them to be spared."

Those words hit Albus like a punch to the gut. He quickly reached back for his chair to support himself. He slowly sat down and took a good look at the man before him.

"Then why?"

"I never cared what happened to them. Or anyone at that point in my life. I used the information on the Potters as a bargaining chip to get information on her. I came to you in hopes that what I had was crucial enough to trade." Severus explained and retook his seat.


"Life for life. I brought you three souls for the price of one. I wanted her. Who did you think I was talking about when I begged on my knees to you? Lily?" He scoffed. "She had been dead to me since my fifth year."

"That's why you were so adamant about her after the Potters died."

"I gave you information on the Potters well enough in advance to make a move. What you did with it was irrelevant to the deal we had. Whether they lived or died didn't change the terms." He said as if their lives were pieces of goods for barter.

"Their lives were only worth a date?" Albus' voice was soft in disbelief.

"I begged for a lot more than that." He said defensively.

Both men stared at each other for a few more moments. Both aware they weren't going to get anywhere with the argument they've had many times in the past.

"Is that all you wished to tell me? Bring her straight here when she arrives? Hand over a package? Then we are free to go?" Severus said and swept his hand as if it was a minor thing.

In truth, Severus was almost shaking with excitement. Seventeen years he waited for the one he loved. Sixteen years he'd been a 'death eater.' Fourteen years he had been a spy, a tool for Dumbledore and the Dark Lord. Soon he'd be free from it all, she would return, and they would be free from the war and this life.

"As soon as she delivers the package the blood oath of House Ollivander will be satisfied. She will no longer be needed, and she may return to her family." He said.

Severus' eyes narrowed, and his brows met in the middle. "Shall I pretend I didn't hear any mention of myself in that sentence?"

"It is late, and I have other obligations. For now, I want you to meet with your contacts within the ministry. See if anyone sent the Dementors from higher up or from Azkaban itself. I want names and current locations. Send a Patronus to Minerva when you've got information and wait for me here. That is all." Albus said and waved his hand in dismissal.

"Very well, Albus," Severus said and bowed his head.

He lowered the wards and left quickly. The sooner he was out of that house, the better for everyone.