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There was a light brown brick house with two tone red tiles on the roof. It was in the country side of Besalu, Spain on its own little hill surrounded by green fields and a forest. The front door was large with a fresh coat of maroon paint, its shutters freshly painted as well. Plants hung from little hooks on the roof molding and some sat on window sills. Smoke was coming out of it's chimney and the sound of a loud whistle could be heard coming from inside. It was closely followed by the sound of stomping feet, moving furniture and slamming doors.

Juliet was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. She was older now, closer to the age she should have been when she returned from her time travel. Her hair was shorter, now at her shoulders and layered. She picked up the frying pan and separated the eggs she was cooking onto five plates that already had bacon, hash browns and toast on them. She waved her wand and sent the plates floating to the kitchen table where two hungry mouths sat eagerly waiting for their food.

Two boys close in age sat at the table, they were 7 and 8 years old. Both had medium length black hair that almost covered their eyes and ears, they looked identical to their father except for their silver eyes. Those came from their mother. The younger of the two started eating his bacon.

A sharp whistle came from behind the counter, 'Oliver Lucius Snape! You know we don't eat until everyone is at the table. Put it back.' Juliet scolded and put her hands on her hips. He dropped the bacon immediately and sat up straight.

The fireplace in the living room activated and turned the room green briefly before the sounds of coughing started. Garrick stepped into the kitchen after he vanished the soot from his robes.

"Hi Papa!" Oliver greeted.

"Good morning, Papa." Samuel said.

Garrick walked to Juliet and kissed her on the forehead before taking a seat at the head of the table and tucking the napkin into his collar. "I'm just in time aren't I?"

Oliver laughed and Samuel smirked at their grandfather being silly. Juliet brought two coffee mugs and poured coffee in both. She gave one to Garrick and started to prepare the other. 'How was your meeting, papa?' she asked as she stirred her cup.

"Boring as ever! I don't know why the Minister of Magic was required to attend a "Ghost's right to file taxes and claim self employed" meeting. Seriously." He rolled his eyes and took a long sip from his coffee. "Where's Robbie?" he asked and looked around.

"He was out in the garden earlier." Samuel said.

"Papa, can you tell me something about the war?" Oliver asked suddenly.

Garrick smiled and set his cup down "What would you like to know?"

"Did Voldemort have to do blood magic to save me too?" he asked bluntly and blinked his big silver eyes at his grandfather.

Garrick cringed slightly and looked over to Juliet who raised her brow for him to try and explain that one.

"Well… no. Voldemort didn't know your mother was pregnant. In fact no one did, not until we all came here." He said and handed Oliver a piece of bacon in hopes to silence his awkward questioning.

"What do you mean no one knew? Dad knew right? That's why he stayed behind."

Juliet sat down in her seat and ruffled his hair before answering 'He stayed behind for all of us, our family and millions of other families. He was very brave. We didn't know that I was pregnant with you, it was too soon to know at the time.'

"Was that a stampede or the children? I thought the lab downstairs was going to collapse on me." a deep voice said from the entry to the kitchen.

'Both.' Juliet signed and stood to greet him with a kiss and the cup of coffee she prepared for him.

"Why the hell are you in my chair?" Severus asked Garrick as he walked in.

Garrick looked over his shoulder at Severus and shrugged while drinking his coffee. Severus looked down at him when he reached the table, "Why the hell are you eating my food? Move."

Garrick rolled his eyes and moved to the next chair. Severus sat down and looked to Samuel, "Go get Robbie so we can start breakfast. Oliver, go feed Corvus."

"Yes, sir." They said in unison and scraped their chairs back loudly and running off to do as told. Juliet got up and made another plate of food for Robbie and summoned an extra chair.

Severus cringed at the noise and scowled. "It seems that my silencing charms on the bottoms of the chairs has worn off again."

Juliet smiled brightly at him and started to make her own cup of coffee.

"No, they hold alright. I just remove them whenever you're gone." Garrick said and smirked into his cup.

Severus turned to the older man and scowled "Why the hell are you here? Don't you have a government to ruin?"

Juliet whistled a warning and signed, 'Be nice.'

Garrick barked out a deep laugh "You know, people would pay to have breakfast with me. But I cleared my schedule to come and visit my family."

"You're ditching out on the Vampire housing meeting aren't you?" Severus smirked.

"Can you blame me? They want to live in the city, Severus. In apartments above Diagon Alley!"

"I thought you were pro magical creatures and all that." He waved his hand casually.

"Have you seen the designs? They want sky lights and tall windows. They're vampires, Severus. What do you think is going to happen when the sun rises? I don't care that they're in Diagon, I just think that we can find better housing. The old catacombs underneath are perfect but then I get slammed for wanting to hide them in a corner." He ranted.

'Maybe you need to have a better way of saying it?' Juliet suggested.

"Yeah I have a team working on it already, I just couldn't get away from the damn activists." Garrick said and poured another cup of coffee.

"You know, after the war they said you can step down. Retire already before they find your dusty old body stuck on an elevator." Severus said as the boys and Robbie joined the table.

"They begged me to stay!" Garrick argued and stabbed his eggs with his fork.

The boys giggled when their father leaned over and whispered "They begged him to stay away."

Severus laid in bed with his wife curled up against him, her leg draped over him and her fingertips tracing patterns on his bare chest. He hummed in approval and said "Have you thought of names for this one?"

Juliet moved her hand to her stomach and rubbed it gently. Then she signed 'I wanted to name him after Robbie.'

Severus lifted his head and looked at her with a quirked brow "We don't know if it's a boy yet."

She rolled her eyes, 'The child is yours, it's a boy. It's in your genetic make up- boys with black hair, distinguished noses and big ass heads.'

Severus snorted at her hands making the movements for a giant head "Distinguished isn't the word I would use for this nose."

She laughed at him. Severus rolled over to face her "I like that name, and I think Robbie is going to shit a kitten when he finds out. You better tell Garrick this doesn't mean the next one is going to be named after him."

She smiled and kissed him. Her hand reached for him and traced the scars on his neck softly, causing him to shiver. 'Do they hurt?'

He shook his head no, "No, they are sensitive though. You did a wonderful job of saving me, Princess."

Juliet's face dropped and a sad look in her eyes. 'Promise me you won't ever do something like that again.'

"Like what?" he asked and pushed the hair away from her face.

'Leave me, go off and be a hero, show up in the middle of the living room dead-'

He sat up and rolled on top of her, bracing himself with his arms at her sides. He parted her legs and nestled himself between them and sighed softly. Her breath hitched when she felt him press against her. "That was 8 years ago. We've been over this, I didn't leave-"

'If we're being literal, you sent me away.'

"But that wasn't leaving you. I wasn't divorcing you- ok I got the point." He said and stopped arguing when she gave him an angry look. "I wasn't trying to be a hero, I was trying to keep my family safe. And I wasn't dead… I was close to it though, I'll give you that one."

'Promise me.' She signed and cupped his cheeks.

"We do this once a week, Princess." He reached a hand up and cupped her chin.

'And I will keep asking for my promise, because I love you and I never want to go through that again. The princess swears to always take care of her Dragon.'

"And the Dragon swears to always take care of his Princess." He said and leaned down to kiss her.

She deepened the kiss and tugged on his bottom lip. He growled and bucked his hips into her, "The Dragon wants to enter your castle."

She breathed a giggle and wrapped her arms around him "I love you Severus." She whispered.

"I love you, Juliet."