"Mr. Redmen has withdrawn more than thirty million dollars from the Plan's account. Mr. Redmen claims refunding the Halcyon Pension Plan has always been his intent. But sources say Redmen was coerced by the vigilante." On a computer, a reporter talked about the recent actions of the hood.

Ava clicked a button and closed the computer screen before turning to Karen. "It seems like the hood has been busy recently."

"Oliver stroke Redmen before we could take any actions." Karen said. "Redmen was a D-level authorization to us. Now he's basically disabled."

"I don't understand." Ava asked. "Both Hunt and Redmen are nothing but wealthy people. They have nothing but cash, and even their wealth is minimal to that of Umbrella. These people have little value to you, and yet you seem angered that they were attacked."

Karen narrowed her eyes, and a glimpse of emotion came across her eyes. "I am afraid that is classified. Now, we need to stop further attacks, which means we need to take down Oliver Queen. An alpha strike team should do the job."

"Yeah..." Ava was deep in thought and it took her a while to realize what Karen actually said. "Wait wait what? You are planning to kill Oliver Queen? Don't do that!"

Karen seemed surprised. "Why? He attacked our assets, which makes him an enemy, and we kill enemies."

"Don't kill him. If I can beat him in the duel, I will be able to turn him to my side. It will be good for both of us. On the other hand, if you kill Oliver Queen, then the rest of the Queen family will be Umbrella's enemy and Moria Queen will stop at nothing to avenge her son." Ava said quickly as she tried to come up with reasons to save Oliver Queen. She might be angry at him, but the two are still friends, and Ava will not allow Oliver to die.

"The Queen family does not pose a threat to us." Karen said, "But I suppose you do make a good point. After all, why kill someone and destroy his assets when you can take them for yourself? So let's make a deal. I am going to give you a chance to defeat Oliver Queen in the duel. Before that Umbrella will not attack Oliver unless he attacks us."

"There is an operation going on in Starling City. An operation known as the Undertaking. It's not helpful for Umbrella, but high command decided to get involved after someone important asked for a favor. Still, the result of the operation is insignificant, which is why it can be the target of the duel. If Oliver Queen manages to sabotage the Undertaking, then you have lost the duel, and Umbrella will take him out. If he fails, then you win the duel. If you win, the man will be one of us if he obeys the rules, and if he doesn't, he will still be killed. Deal?"

Ava looked at Karen for a while before nodding. "Deal. But if you break the deal, don't be surprised when I destroy your Corporation." She threatened.

Karen smiled instead of getting angry, which makes Ava worried. A smiling predator is way more dangerous than an angry one. "And if you break the deal, then don't blame me for putting a hole into your beautiful face."

Ava glared at Karen, who had a grin up like nothing happened. "I have information suggesting that Oliver Queen is planning on targeting Martin Somers, another supporter of Umbrella." Ava gave one final warning glare at Karen before bolting out of the door.

In the shipyard of Martin Somers

"You, listen up." Martin Somers barked at one of his men, completely losing the pleasant impression he had before the media. "The longer this goes on, the more likely the media is going to crucify me. You shut this trial down, you understand me?"

"It seems like you have gotten yourself into some trouble." Somers looked up and saw a man in black jacket walking in. He had a pair of dark glasses that covered his eyes entirely. He was not surprised to see the man, nor was him angry from the man's rude words. In fact, he seemed a bit scared of him.

"This is not a problem." It is difficult to imagine someone like Martin Somers scared. "That bitch, Emily Nocenti, will soon see his father. I will not be compromised. The Undertaking will not be effected."

The man smiled. "You better be right, for your sake. Because if you are compromised, then on the next day there will be news of a man convicted for murder and drug dealing who decided to suicide in jail. Trust me, either way works with me."

Martin Somers nodded as he tried to keep a solid face up but failed.

Suddenly, the light of the shipyard went out. Four sounds of something going across the air was followed by the sound of three bodies hitting the ground. Wait? Three bodies?

Somers looked up and found the man in black holding an arrow in his right hand. The tip of the arrow was just inches away from the man's chest, but those inches were impossible to pass by.

The attacker, a man in a green hood, seemed shocked too. "Who are you?" He demanded in a deep voice.

"Just an FYI, I can crush you with the tip of my finger." The man in black said as he let go of the arrow, "But because of your friend in red I can't kill you, but that doesn't mean I have to be a sitting duck." Friend in red? Ava? How is she related to Umbrella?

"Get on the ground!" The hood ordered but knew the man in black will not obey. He aimed his arrow threateningly, and just as he expected, the man didn't get on the ground. What he didn't expect was the man turning around and leaving with his back open to the hood.

The hood took the chance and fired several arrows at the man in black, but then the strange thing happened. All of the arrows stopped inches before the man in black and fell on the ground, as if they hit a solid wall. The hood narrowed his eyes in disbelief and fired some more arrows, all of them ineffective. Before he could come up with a solution, the man was gone.

The hood signed and turned around, firing an arrow at a figure that tried to escape. Martin Somers fell on the ground with an arrow through his left leg, screaming in pain. The hood walked up and knocked the man out.

"Martin Somers! You have failed this city! You will testify on that trial tomorrow and you are going to confess having Emily Nocenti killed!" The hood practically yelled at Martin Somers, who was hanging head down. Later, he fired two arrows at the hanged man, missing him by inches but still scaring the shit out of him.

"No no!" Martin Somers shouted subconsciously, too frightened to think clearly.

The hood continued. "Who was that man back in the shipyard?"

Martin Somers seemed to have regained some logic. "If I tell you, I'd be dead in less than a day."

"If you don't tell me, you will be dead now!"

"Do you think you frighten me?" Somers magically smirked. "I can stop you with a few gunmen. But him, he can kill me whenever wherever he likes. And he's not alone."

"But you are in my hands!" The hood said before aiming at Somers...

Ten minutes later...

"Ahhhhhh, OK, OK I will tell you." Somers screamed. His body was covered with arrows. "He's a member of the Umbrella Corporation. Some sort of captain, I think. He has this magical power to move things with his mind or something like that."

Umbrella again? Hunt was protected by Umbrella Agents and now Somers? "How are you related to Umbrella? What are they planning?"

"An operation called the Undertaking." Somers said. "It's...Uhhhhhh." He started to choke. The hood scanned the perimeter with his bow raised, but he failed to spot any enemy as his prisoner choked to death. Signing in frustration, he turned around and jumped off the roof.

"How did Oliver meet Yao Fei?" Ava asked.

"He met Yao Fei when the latter put an arrow in his chest on a beach." Ethan said, "It seemed like Yao Fei was watching the...oh my god." He suddenly seemed alerted. "We need to get out of here now."

"What? Why?" Catherine asked.

"If Yao Fei was patrolling around the island, looking out for potential threats, then there is a high chance he is doing that right now." Ethan said quickly, doing his best to urge the others up. "And to him, we are no better than Oliver Queen. Yao Fei is cool, but getting shot by him is not so cool."

"He's right." Ava said."Yao Fei is not necessarily a friend. The fact that he accepted Oliver doesn't mean he will accept us."

"So what's your suggestion?" Luke asked.

"We go with neither Yao Fei nor Fyers." Ava replied. "We find Oliver Queen, and find a chance to take down both sides."