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Chapter Two

Apparently, Draco walked quickly. Harry looked for him in the entrance hall once he reached the castle, but didn't see him there. He knew that, even among the throng of students making their way to dinner, he would have easily spotted the tall Slytherin's distinguishable head of platinum blonde hair. Harry figured he'd gone to his dorm first to put away his broom. Harry needed to do that as well. Sighing defeatedly, he went against the crowd of students heading to the Great Hall, instead making his way to the main staircase.

When he entered the Gryffindor common room, he was instantly bombarded by his friends.

"Harry! Are you okay? Where have you been? You just grabbed your broom and ran off before. What's going on?"

"Mate, took you long enough. I'm starving but Hermione insisted on waiting for you to get back before going down to dinner."

Harry wasn't surprised by Hermione's concern, that was to be expected. Harry knew Ron's stomach dictated his life, but that comment made him internally laugh regardless.

"You didn't have to wait for me." It was the only honest thing he could think to say that didn't give anything away. He wasn't exactly dying to tell Ron and Hermione everything that had just happened. He wanted to keep those moments with Draco for himself. Besides, he didn't even know what there was to tell. Draco had left so suddenly. Where did they stand?

"Of course we waited for you." Hermione said. "What were you doing anyway?"

"Come on, 'Mione, you can question him at dinner. I'm fucking hungry." Ron said, rubbing his stomach as if to prove his point.

"Ronald, you can wait five more minutes for dinner. You act like you've never eaten a decent meal a day in your life."

"That's not even the point."

"That's a very valid point."

Harry rolled his eyes. They never did stop their annoying little arguments even after becoming a couple. He was used to it by this point.

"I'm going to put this upstairs, alright?" Harry said before darting up the staircase to the boy's dorms. He doubted he'd be missed, at least for a little while. He put his broom away before sitting down on his bed. He needed to collect his thoughts.

Everything that had happened since he'd walked down to the dungeons had been nothing short of amazing. But what did it mean? Harry was fairly sure he knew how he felt, despite this whole thing with Draco being so sudden. With the confiding in him, the flying with him, and the best snog of his life with him, what else could it mean to Harry?

But what was Draco thinking? Since when did he feel like he could do any of those things with Harry? Was it just as sudden for him? Would he regret it?

Harry shook his head sharply. He shouldn't dwell on that last question. It didn't seem like that could be possible anyway. It hadn't felt like a casual, meaningless snog. Draco had been… sweet. He felt confident saying Draco felt something.

All Harry knew for sure was this, he wanted to see Draco again, and not just next week for tutoring.

He stood up, figuring he'd left Ron and Hermione waiting long enough. He made his way back downstairs and saw that they had stopped arguing, but still seemed annoyed with one another.

"Finally. Let's go," Ron said, sounding a little irritated. Hermione stood with her arms crossed, refusing to look at Ron. Harry was right, they were still angry at each other.

The walk to the Great Hall was silent. Harry tried to mentally prepare himself for the moment Hermione would start to interrogate him. Luckily, they made it all the way to the Gryffindor table without one word said to him.

He forced himself to keep his eyes down until he was seated. Not paying attention, he filled his plate with random foods. When he couldn't put it off any longer, he lifted his head and glanced across the hall.

Draco was sitting at the Slytherin table with his two friends, Blaise Zabini and Pansy Parkinson, who had also returned for this Eighth Year. He seemed to be listening closely to something Pansy was saying, with his signature smirk present on his face. Harry couldn't help thinking that he looked just as stunning here as he had outside.

As if sensing Harry's eyes on him, Draco turned his attention to the Gryffindor table. Harry felt himself flush when their eyes connected, but he couldn't look away. Draco directed that smirk at him now and quirked an eyebrow. After god knows how long, Harry looked back down at his untouched plate.

"Harry, are you alright?"

"Hmm?" Harry's eyes snapped to Hermione. "Yeah, I'm fine."

"You've been acting weird today." Ron noted.

"Oh. I don't mean to." Harry supposed that was the truth.

"How'd tutoring with the slimy snake go?" Ron asked, snorting in laughter at his own insulting reference to Draco.

Harry shrugged and said noncommittally, "Oh, you know. Not bad."

"Really? Not absolutely fucking awful?" Again, Ron laughed through a mouthful of food. Hermione looked disgusted.

She said firmly, "I'm sure Malfoy was perfectly fine. He's here conditionally and he's on probation. He's not going to do anything to mess that up."

"Yeah, like that'll stop him from screwing with Harry. The guy's a prick."

Harry found himself getting more and more irked with each rude comment Ron said about Draco. But he knew he couldn't show it.

"No, he was alright actually. Yeah, I was surprised, but I really need my Potions grade to go up, and if he can help me then I'll be civil." Harry tried his best to sound impassive.

Ron snorted again. "Well, I wish you luck, mate. What was with you running away with your broom though?"

Harry went with the only potentially believable reason he had come up with. "Oh, you know, as civil as we can be, I needed some fresh air after dealing with Malfoy for an hour and a half."

Hermione shot him a curious look. "You went flying by yourself?"

"Uh, yeah. Is that bad?"

She considered that. "I guess not. Besides, what would I know about anything to do with flying?"

"Absolutely nothing," Ron stated bluntly, which began another minor argument between him and Hermione. Harry ignored them, finally focusing on his meal.

By the time he looked up again, Draco had left the hall. Harry nearly groaned. There was no way he'd find him tonight. But still, he was determined to find him as soon as possible.


Sunday went by uneventfully. All Harry could think about was Draco. He was still unable to track him down. He couldn't exactly go up to him during meals, and with no classes that day he didn't run into him at all. It was killing him, having to wait this long to even have a word with the Slytherin. If it wouldn't have screamed desperation, Harry would have sent him a letter by owl, but he knew that was too much. Still, in his pathetic state, he'd considered it.

Potions was his first class on Monday. Harry was anxious to get there just to see Draco. He tried to think of how he could possibly get him alone for a minute. Before Saturday, they'd never talked to each other in or out of class, so he knew it would be weird and bring about awkward questioning if he were to just go up to Draco at any point. Would he have to suffer through this insanity until the next tutoring session? He was sure he'd go mad.

Harry entered the dungeon classroom feeling nauseous at the idea of being so close to Draco but not being able to talk to him. Ron and Hermione walked in front of him as they made their way to the table they always shared with Ernie Macmillan. Draco was already in the room, seated at the table farthest form Harry's with his two friends. Harry tried his damnedest not to look in his direction.

Slughorn set the assignment for the day. Once Harry returned to the table with all his ingredients, he set to work. He focused hard, remembering everything Draco had taught him. After about a half hour of hard work, he thought he was doing pretty well.

"Shit, I forgot the grab the belladonna." Harry heard Draco's familiar voice break the silence in the classroom. He couldn't help but glance sideways at Draco as he stood up from his seat. "I'll be right back," he told Pansy and Blaise.

He began to make his way across the room towards the cupboard where the student ingredients were stored. Harry tried not to watch him, he really did, but his eyes followed Draco's every step from his table to the cupboard. Harry found himself idly wondering if the Slytherin always walked with such grace.

When Draco came out of the small room, he took a different route back to his desk. He was walking towards Harry's table with a mischievous grin on his face. Harry's heartrate increased as Draco got closer. He glanced to his right. Hermione was focused entirely on her potion and Ron was looking into his girlfriend's cauldron, copying her work. He glanced to his left. Ernie looked similar to Hermione, his attention solely on his assignment. None of them noticed Draco approaching.

Harry looked up just as Draco was walking in front of his desk, nearing his spot. He watched as Draco surreptitiously dropped something into his cauldron. Harry's mouth dropped open in shock. He stared at Draco, who's eyes were already on him. Draco winked and continued back to his desk.

Harry had no idea what that was about. Had he missed a step and Draco had noticed? Was he trying to help him again? What the hell?

Suddenly, his potion started bubbling rapidly, before rising to the top of his cauldron and spilling over the edge. Harry couldn't think of what to do, he just watched his ruined potion make a mess on the table. The students and their professor were all looking at him and his cauldron by that point.

Just as suddenly as it had started, it was over. His useless potion was vanished. Harry spun his head around looking for who had done it, as he knew it wasn't Slughorn. (Harry had been staring at the professor, horrified, just a second before.) His eyes found Draco standing next to his table with his wand in hand.

"Professor Slughorn, I'm sorry, I don't know what happened." Harry quickly stammered out, turning his head back to the front of the room.

"That's alright, Harry m'boy." Slughorn said. He sounded disappointed, but not at all surprised.

Sadly, this was nothing new for Harry. His poor performance in Potions was exactly how he'd landed himself in tutoring with Draco. He thought he'd been doing alright today, though, after all Draco had taught him during their first lesson. He knew his most recent failure couldn't be his fault. It had everything to do with whatever Draco had dropped in his cauldron before. Why would Draco intentionally destroy his potion?

"Professor, if I may," Draco spoke up out of nowhere. "Potter made a lot of improvement on Saturday under my watch. Perhaps if I assist him in class as well it would be more beneficial to his progress."

Harry gaped. What the hell was Draco doing?

"Hmm…" Slughorn considered Draco's idea. "I suppose it couldn't hurt. You are a tremendously talented potion maker, after all." Draco nodded his head once in thanks to the compliment. "Alright. Mr. Macmillan, if you wouldn't mind moving to that table over there," he pointed across the room to a table seating three Ravenclaws, "And Mr. Malfoy you can sit with Harry here."

Harry could do nothing. He couldn't make a sound as Ernie nodded in confusion and began collecting his things. He turned to Ron and Hermione and saw similar expressions of shock on their faces. He shrugged, trying not to make a big deal out of it. Draco returned to his table and gathered his own cauldron and bag. Harry saw Pansy and Blaise whispering questions to their friend. He brushed them off before making his way across the room and sitting down next to Harry, as if he did this every day and it wasn't at all odd.

Harry found his voice once Draco was settled in his seat. "What the hell was that?" Harry hissed under his breath. "You made me look like an incompetent arse."

Draco inquired calmly, "You're angry?"

"I…" Harry paused. This was exactly what he wanted, wasn't it? Some time with Draco. Even more than that, it was now obvious that Draco wanted to talk to him too. Harry realized, despite what Draco had done to his potion, he wasn't angry at all.

"Say the word and I'll leave you alone," Draco continued when Harry failed to form a legitimate response. Again, he sounded emotionless.

"Fine, I'm not angry," Harry muttered. "But couldn't you have found another way to talk to me besides ruining my perfectly alright potion?"

"Yes, your potion was quite good. I'll admit I was impressed. From what I can tell, I must have had some effect on you the other day." He smirked as he watched Harry out of the corner of his eye while appearing to anyone else like he was staring avidly at his cauldron in front of him.

"You did," Harry confirmed. He hadn't missed the double meaning in Draco's last sentence, but he was determined to stick to talking about potions since Ron and Hermione were sitting directly to his right. He wouldn't be surprised if the couple (or at the very least Ron) were trying to figure out what he and Draco were talking about. Although, he was confident they were talking low enough that his friends wouldn't hear. "Like I said on Saturday, you're the best potions teacher I've ever had."

"I don't believe you used those exact words. However, that's an even higher compliment than the one on Saturday, so thank you Harry."

Harry nearly shivered. Draco had called him by his first name, and said it so seductively. If they hadn't been in the middle of class, Harry most likely would have jumped him because of his voice… among other reasons. He pushed away thoughts of snogging the life out of Draco.

"You do realize you just signed yourself up to sit with a bunch of Gryffindors during every class, don't you? I would think that's the last thing you want."

"What I want is to sit with you," he stated simply. Before Harry baffled mind could think of any sort of response to that, Draco continued. "Well, come on, help me finish my potion. It's too late now to start yours over."

Harry nodded, trying to regain focus on the assignment. They set to work, Draco letting Harry do most of it for practice. During their first tutoring session, Draco hadn't hovered. Now Harry felt like Draco was practically on top of him. It didn't bother him in the slightest, but it was damn distracting.

Harry went to stir their potion, which according to the book was the last step. He grabbed the stirrer and made half a turn when a hand gently wrapped around his own, stopping him. He inhaled sharply in reaction to the soft touch.

"Other way, Harry," Draco whispered in his ear, not letting go of his hand.

Harry swallowed hard. "Oh. I thought it was clockwise."

"Nope, counter-clockwise." Again, Draco's smooth voice was directed into his ear.

"Sorry," Harry murmured, feeling his face heat up.

"It's nothing to be sorry about. That's what I'm here for, to help you." Draco began moving their hands to stir the potion counter-clockwise. Once they completed the eleven turns the book directed, he let go of Harry's hand. Harry instantly found himself missing Draco's touch.

Under Draco's direction, their potion came out perfect. They even finished before everyone else in the class. Once Slughorn had declared their potion exceptional, he and Draco sat in their seats, which were a little closer to each other than was necessary.

"I was thinking." Draco turned sideways in his chair to better face Harry, like he had the other day. This time, his knees were pressed into Harry's thigh.

"Uh huh?" Harry felt like an idiot for only being able to produce sounds, not actual words and sentences.

"I don't think once a week is enough practice for you." He spoke even quieter than before, and Harry got the feeling he wasn't referring to practicing potions. "I'm available to help you again tonight after dinner, if you think that's a good idea."

Harry nodded slowly. "Yes. I think that's probably best for me. I clearly need it."

Everyone was packing up now. Class was over. Harry grabbed his school bag and turned to leave, but Draco was waiting for him. He looked around, making sure no one was watching, before leaning towards Harry. Their faces were so close, and all Harry could think about was how desperately he wanted to feel Draco's lips against his again.

"Quidditch pitch. Seven thirty. Don't be late."

With those last hushed words, Draco turned around and walked out of the room. Harry felt like he might faint. Draco Malfoy was going to be the death of him.


"Okay. Am I going to have to be the one to address the issue here?"

Harry's fork froze in midair, halfway from his plate to his mouth. He prayed that Ron wasn't talking about what he thought he was.

"What's the issue, Ron?" Hermione said, not taking her eyes off the rather large book about god knows what that was propped up on the table in front of her.

"Malfoy!" Ron snapped. Harry was right. He had been wondering when the topic would come up. Apparently, dinner was the time to discuss it. "We haven't said a word about it all day!"

"What about Malfoy?" Harry asked, trying to sound unconcerned.

"I'm surprised you're not more freaked out about this than I am! I'd punch that git in the face if it were me!"

"You're overreacting, Ronald." Hermione said. "I mean, I guess I find it odd that he's offering to help Harry more than he's obligated to, but I doubt he has any ulterior motives. Who knows, maybe he's doing it as some sort of thanks to Harry for defending him during his trial."

Ron snorted at that, clearly finding it hard to believe. Still, Harry was grateful that Hermione had put it in terms like that. It sounded at the very least plausible, and allowed Harry to continue like nothing different was going on between him and Draco.

"Yeah, and besides you saw my potion today," Harry said. "That's up to him if he wants to help me out, but I'm not turning it away since he offered."

Ron blinked at them for a moment before saying, "You're both insane."

Harry didn't want to talk about this anymore, for fear of doing or saying something that would give him away. Besides, he had to find a way to sneak his broom out of his dorm to go meet Draco soon.

"I'm full. I think I'm going to go back up to the common room."

"Do you want us to come with you?" Hermione asked, giving him a worried look. This didn't surprise him. He supposed he had been acting very weird over the past few days.

"No that's okay. I feel like I'm always hanging around you guys. Not that it's a bad thing, I just meant maybe you'd like some time alone." Harry grinned at Hermione's blush and Ron's thumbs up. "Really, I'm good. I'll see you guys later."

Soon enough he was outside with his broom. Draco had beaten him to the pitch again. He stood leaning against the door of the locker rooms with his arms crossed. Harry was surprised to find Draco without his usual smirk on his face. Instead, there was a small, genuine smile playing at his lips.

Harry approached him and said, "So, are you ready for me to kick your arse again?"

"Bring it on," Draco replied in a confident drawl. He held up a snitch for Harry to see, before releasing it. Again, Harry wondered how he'd gotten it.

They played another Seeker's game, which lasted much longer than their first one. The snitch was being difficult and the darker it got, the harder it became to find it. Harry eventually beat Draco to it, but again, it was a very close match.

Once they were back on the ground, outside the locker rooms, Harry leaned back against the wall and said, "Are you sure you're not just letting me win to make me feel better? Both games we've played could've gone either way, they were very close."

Draco took a few steps forward to stand directly in front of Harry. He placed one hand flat against the wall next to Harry's head, half trapping him in. Harry's breath hitched. Draco was so close.

"While that would be very sweet of me to do, it would hurt you more than help you. Besides, since when have I been known to do anything sweet?"

"I don't know." He paused before forcing himself bring up the only topic on his mind. "You were sweet on Saturday when you kissed me." He could hear the shyness in his own voice. He hated how timid he sounded. He wanted to appear confident, not scared. Trying to sound both mocking and self-assured, he added, "But that lasted a total of two seconds before you pulled away, leaving me to finish the job and do all the work."

Draco's eyes were locked on Harry's. The normally silvery-grey color of those eyes seemed much darker now, probably from the lack of sunlight. Still, Harry thought they were beautiful. He noticed when a flicker of emotion flashed across Draco's face. He didn't know what the emotion was, so he was left pondering what Draco could be feeling.

While remaining poised as ever, Draco finally showed a real reaction. His face split into a wicked grin. "Oh, you did all the work? Hmm, well I apologize for that. Perhaps I can make it up to you somehow."

The second he finished talking, his lips were on Harry's. Both of his hands cupped Harry's face, holding him in place as he kissed him hard and fast. This was much different than their first kisses. This was desperate and passionate and mind blowing. Harry could only moan in contentment and follow Draco's lead. Draco really was the one doing all the work this time.

Draco pushed Harry back so he was pressed more firmly against the wall. Harry gripped tightly onto Draco's hips, pulling him impossibly close, as the blonde continued to do wonderful things with his tongue. Draco removed his hands from Harry's face in favor of burying them in his hair and tugging at the dark locks.

Kissing Draco was even better than he remembered, and he found he liked this new, almost rough snogging. It made him feel like Draco needed him. Hell, Harry knew he needed him too, especially after this.

Like last time, it ended abruptly. Draco extracted himself from Harry's grasp and took a few steps back.

Harry almost didn't care that he was whining. "Stop doing that."

Draco laughed. "Sorry. I don't mean to. I just… You make it very hard for me to control myself, so I had to stop before it was too late."

"Oh?" Harry's eyebrows shot up.

Draco nodded, then said, "Besides, I have an idea to run by you."

"Go ahead." The sudden subject change threw Harry off too. He wanted to hear more about this lack of self-control Draco apparently had around him.

"Well, I remember vividly the first time you rode a broom." He glared at Harry, but Harry could tell he wasn't angry now about their confrontation that took place a little more than seven years ago. "I also remember that someone saw you flying and instead of expelling you, made you seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch team."

Harry was confused. "Yes. Professor McGonagall."

"Well, why don't you ask her to write to some of the teams you're interested in playing for. She can be your reference. Sure, you can't play this year on your house team, but McGonagall knew from the first time she saw you fly, when you were eleven no less, how naturally talented you were. She watched you play for six years following that. She can honestly portray how good you are."

Harry thought about it for a second, it wasn't a bad idea. Then he thought of something else and his heart dropped. "I can't."

"Why not?"

Harry sighed before explaining. "In fifth year, I told McGonagall I wanted to be an Auror during that career advisement we had to go to with our head of house. Of course that evil bitch Umbridge was at my appointment, and they got into an argument because Umbridge said I'd never be an Auror. McGonagall said she would do everything in her power to make it happen for me. I can't go to her after all that and tell her I changed my mind."

"Harry, you have to tell these people eventually. You don't want to be an Auror and if you keep trying to please everyone else, that's exactly what you'll become. Think about yourself for once. I know one of your best qualities is your selflessness, but you have every right to be selfish now. Especially when it comes to something as important as choosing what you want to do for the rest of your life."

Draco sounded a little frustrated, but Harry got the feeling it was only because he genuinely cared. He still vaguely wondered where all these strong feelings had come from so suddenly, but chose not to address it at that moment.

"I know, and I don't want that to happen. I just feel like, as much as I've done, the people who are counting on me to do this have helped me out so much. I don't want to disappoint them."

"You can't live your life trying to make everyone around you happy. You'll only end up hating yourself and resenting all those people along the way. Trust me."

Something in Draco's voice and his words struck Harry as peculiar. "How do you know?"

Draco scoffed. If he hadn't sounded frustrated before, he definitely did now. "Please, Harry. You think I wanted this?" He pulled up his left sleeve and Harry saw the significantly faded, but undeniably present, Dark Mark marring the pale skin of his forearm. "You think I don't resent my father every day, even though he's locked away in Azkaban? Not to mention almost every member of my family and their closest friends that I've known all my life. I made the wrong choice. I could have said no. Maybe I would have gotten killed for that. Still, the ultimate reason I did it was to please my father and my mother and my Aunt Bellatrix… the list goes on."

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't think…" Harry stammered, not sure what to say.

"Now, I understand it's a very different situation. But if you're unhappy in your life, especially if you made the choice that caused you to be unhappy, you'll resent everyone and everything, including yourself. You're the last person who deserves to be unhappy."

Like he had done on Saturday, Draco reached out a hand to gently trace Harry's lightning bolt scar with his finger. The finger was soon replaced by his lips. Harry's eyes fell closed of their own accord, and he remained perfectly still while Draco held his lips to his scar for some time.

"Now, was that sweet or what?" Draco murmured against his forehead.

Harry had to chuckle at that. "You're going soft, Malfoy."

"That's Draco to you." Harry felt Draco's lips form a smile. "And I really am going soft, as you said, which is entirely your fault."

"My apologies. I assure you, it was unintentional."

Draco pulled himself away from Harry's scar. "Oh, I know. You have absolutely no idea the effect you've been having on me."

Harry stared up at him. "And what does that mean?"

"Another story for another time. It's far too late to be getting into it now." He ran his hands through Harry's hair before pulling him in for one last intense kiss. Far too soon for Harry's liking, he was pulling away.

"What did I say about leaving me hanging?" Harry grumbled in disappointment.

Draco ignored that. As he grabbed his broom, he said, "I expect you out here tomorrow, same time. These first two games have been far too close for my liking. You're going to need a bit more practice." Once again, he walked back towards the castle while Harry remained stock-still.

Whatever effect he'd apparently been having on Draco, he knew for a fact Draco was now having that effect on him.


Harry didn't realize how late it was when he started making his way back to the castle. Only once he was walking up a staircase that led to the Gryffindor dormitory did he check his watch to see that it was well past curfew. He entered the common room quietly only to find it deserted. He walked silently up the stairs to his dorm and opened the door as noiselessly as he could. He heard the light snores of some of his dorm mates as he stashed his broom under his bed and slowly opened his curtains, as he knew they usually made a sound when pulled too quickly. Just as he was about to lie down, someone spoke.

"Is that you, Harry?" He knew immediately it was Ron. Sure enough, his friend pulled open the curtains surrounding his bed and looked at Harry through half asleep eyes.

"Yeah. Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you. Go back to bed."

"Why are you in so late? Hermione and I came back here after dinner and you were gone."

"I… uh… was just out. Doesn't matter, really. I'm sorry I woke you up." Harry said, praying Ron would drop it and fall asleep again.

Instead, Ron sat up in his bed, looking curiously at Harry. Then he gasped and said in a low voice, "You were with a girl, weren't you?"

Harry's jaw dropped to the floor. He really didn't know what to say to that. On the one hand, that would be a good excuse that wasn't too far from the truth. But then he'd have to come up with a name of his 'girlfriend' or give Ron a reason why he couldn't tell him who it was.

"I… I... No." It came out like a question.

"Was it my sister?" Ron looked like he could've thrown up at the thought.

"No." Harry was finally able to say something honest. "You know we never got back together."

"I know. I think we're all just waiting for you to get your shit together and then you will."

Harry knew the Weasleys, especially Ginny, had been disappointed when he'd told her after the war that they couldn't be together. But the idea that the family was still hoping it would happen killed him. It wasn't happening anyway, but it especially wasn't happening now.

He shook his head at that thought. He and Draco were still technically nothing. Maybe they could be something someday. But he didn't want to get his hopes up.

"I'm sorry, Ron. I know for a fact I can't get back together with her, ever."

Ron sighed. "Well then who was it?"

"No one." Ron shot him an incredulous look. "Really."

"Well what were you doing then?"

He decided to be partially truthful. "I just went flying and lost track of time."

Ron asked, "By yourself again?"

Harry nodded. "It's actually peaceful. And I didn't realize how much I missed being in the air."

Ron yawned. "If you say so." Harry thanked Merlin when Ron laid back down. About a minute later, Harry knew he was asleep. His snores gave him away.

With Ron sound asleep again, Harry laid down in his own bed. He had trouble falling asleep, though. He couldn't stop his mind from running wild.

Harry hadn't had feelings for someone in a very long time. After today's events, he was positive he liked Draco. In fact, he really liked Draco.

This situation was foreign to him. First of all, Draco was another bloke. Surprisingly that didn't concern him too much, it was simply new for him. Next, hadn't he and Draco hated each other for almost seven years? Did all that animosity fly out the window at some point? Finally, and most significantly, he'd never felt anything like this for anyone so quickly. He'd never felt this instant passion, intensity or desire with anyone else before. It was brilliant, but confusing.

Eventually, he was able to fall asleep, his thoughts filled with nothing but blonde hair, grey eyes and unbelievably soft lips.


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