"Take care, Ain.", the red-haired boy smiles to him.

"You too, Elsword.", he looks back at the party. "I'm going."

"We'll definitely become stronger, the day when we can meet you again."

With a small nod, he turns away and leave, he has to become stronger in order to complete the mission he was given.

"Ain, are you sure about this?", the boy asks him curiously. "Can't you just stay with us?"

He smiles and ruffles the boy's hair, answering him. "I want to stay too, but this has to be done. Elsword, promise me you'll become stronger the next time we meet."

The boy nods with confidence, his eyes sparkling. "That's a promise, all of us will become stronger and so are you."

"Sure, promise.", he chuckles.

The boy's bright grin that day, was indeed unforgettable as he leaves the party for his own journey.

Where are you going?! Ain!", the small knight calls out to him.

When the knight catches up to him, he turns back and stop him. "Elsword, this- I have to do this. Please let me go, it's too dangerous for you."

"If it's too dangerous, wouldn't it be better if all of us travel together?", the young knight questions the priest.

"I'm sorry, but this is beyond your abilities. I'll come back, Elsword.", he smiles reassuringly. "Until then, promise me that you'll become stronger."

The boy hesitates for a moment, but then he looks up at the man. "Not unless you'll also become stronger, Ain. Promise me, promise me that you will."

"I promise, Elsword."

The knight finally lets him go, slight hesitation remains in his eyes.

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