This is my first ever fan fiction so it won't be great but it will hopefully get better through time so yeah


This takes place after season 1

Of Wolfblood, so tom and Shannon know the secret and rhydians still gone

Chapter 1

Maddy's P.O.V

~~~~~~~Maddy's dream~~~~~~

Maddy ran with her speed as fast as her legs could carry her through the dark dingy forest. He was chasing her. Kyle was chasing her. Kyle dug into his pocket and threw down a small match, which would soon set a light to several leaves in the forest. Maddy crouched down on all fours growling at the fire but then a hand grasped her shoulder, turning she saw him and screamed...

~~~~~~END OF DREAM~~~~~~

Maddy's P.O.V

I was sat up screaming, it was the same dream again. Ever since rhydain left I don't feel safe any more, he wasn't there any more and if Kyle came back or worse who would help me, how would I fight Kyle on my own. Yes, I had tom and Shan but there not wolfbloods. I don't think I've ever felt more alone, theres a void in my heart that no one can fill but rhydian.

I could hear my mums foot steps from down the hall as she rushed down the hallway to me.

Mum burst open the door with her eyes widening and speeding over to me and holding me in her tight grip " Its okay pet, it was just a dream that's all it was, a dream".

Maddy - " Its the was the same one again's just..I don't feel safe any more without rhydian"

Emma - " don't worry pet , we're here don't worry"

A moment of silence past and mam loosened her grip from around me and said "right now you best start getting dressed for school unless u wanna be running for the bus"

Maddy - " if I ran I would get there before the bus"

~~~~~~~~AT SCHOOL~~~~~~~

Reluctantly, I went into school, also know as hell. I paced quickly down the crowded corridor straight to the darkroom , I needed to be alone. I unlocked the dark black door with my rusty key , it only just managed to fit through the keyhole. I got in and slouched on the sofa and I began to sob. Tears were streaming down my face, my eyes were red swollen and puffy.

I must of cried myself to sleep because I woke up to Shannon shaking me and asking " what the hell are you doing, it's lunch time, how long have you been asleep for?"

I looked at her puzzled and replied " don't know, I got her about 10 minutes before form I must of...don't worry"

"Must of what maddy"


" it's something I know that tone now tell"

" I was crying okay, I think I cried myself to sleep and missed most of school"

" is this about rhydian"


I lept into shan's arms hugging tight and sobbing. How am I meant to face this.

Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed it