--Chapter 7--

Maddy's P.O.V

Me and Shan walked into form late but Shan came up with an excuse that Jeffries some how actually believed. She told him we had an emergency photography club meeting about the cameras and there conditions. I can't believe he actually bought it not to mention Shan is a scary good liar. That said she's probably a better liar than me, actually scratch that anybodies better than me.

As I walked over to my desk I realised Lily was sat with Tom I guess it was only normal to choose to accompany her, it was Lily's first day in all. I didn't focus on that, there is only one thing I thought about, full moon next week on Thursday I was so excited. The full was like a release of energy it was...it was nice. But it also made me sad to think about full moon, it just marked another month that I wasn't with him, without rhydian. Another month alone.

Maybe lily will be able to help feel the void of rhydian. Oh no. I made the worst first impression with lily, I'm gonna have to make it they best apology to her for this morning. I waited until the bell went and immediately ran after her to apologise, but every looked at me weirdly, but I was weird at the end of the day.

"Hey, ummmm lily"

"Hi Maddy"

Her tone was sweet but I couldn't tell if you liked me or not.

"I wanted to apologise about earlier, it's just when I'm upset I go to somewhere else like zoning out, I'm sorry like really sorry...sorry"

"Maddy it's okay you where upset and everyone has there own ways of dealing with it. That's totally fine and apology excepted."

"Thanks "

"So what do we have first?"

"Biology with parish so it's this way, follow me"

Iily seems like she didn't mind the incident from this morning and I guess this is a great way to start it off. We talked the entire day about her life and mine, we've already become good friends maybe me, tom, Shan, and lily and be best friends except she'll be the only one who won't know my secret and I wanna keep it that way. For now at least anyway.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it and yeah I guess that's bye for now.