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Yesterday, had possibly been the worst day in his life. Satine, a very dear friend of his had died just after the performance of a lifetime, and more importantly, just after being reunited with her true love. Her true love, Christian, was now absolutely insane. The man had held Satine in his arms as she died, just after the curtain closed on Spectacular, Spectacular.

Toulouse downed another glass of absinthe, staring numbly out the window. Even in his drunken state, the information had sunk in. So he drowned his sorrows in absinthe, hoping the Green Fairy may take his troubles away.

Just below his room he could hear the heart-wrenching sobs of Christian. To his left he was aware of Satie staring at the piano keys. To his right were The Doctor, passed out on the floor, and the Argentinean, blissfully asleep.

He could only think how it was his fault. All his fault. He felt incredibly guilty, and all the absinthe in the world could not change that feeling. Toulouse had brought Christian into this world. Satie had even voiced his opinion it may not be the best idea. But no, he had to push it. The little dwarf began to cry again, and buried his face into the cloth of his shirt.

"Where am I?" The rough and demanding voice of the Argentinean announced his awakening. He saw his small friend in tears, and yesterday's events came flooding back to them. He climbed onto the bed next to Toulouse, and put one arm around his little friend. No one liked to see Toulouse sad. Toulouse and sadness were not usually things that you associated with.

"Toulouse. It is not your fault. Go to sleep and don't think of it anymore." The Argentinean coaxed, and suddenly Toulouse's face resurfaced.

"It's all my fault! If I had never taken Christian to the Moulin Rouge, never introduced him to Satine, they wouldn't have been in love! And this wouldn't have ended so badly." He managed to choke out.

"Yes, but then Satine would have never known love at all. And that's even more terrible." The Argentinean reasoned. A faint smile bloomed on Toulouse's dismal face. He'd never thought of it that way. His friend would have died without love. A fate far worse.

"But what about Christian?" Toulouse suddenly asked, tears of worry springing back into his eyes. The Argentinean was silent, and eventually he shrugged. Christian was still alive. And he felt the pain of losing love, and there was not much you could do about that. They both realized it, and again Toulouse began to worry.

"All my fault. All my fault." He muttered, staring out the window. Even the windmills bright lights seemed unusually dim. The windmills movement seemed slower. The whole world seemed to be mourning for Satine and Christian.

"Toulouse. It's not your fault." Satie spoke up from his seat on the piano bench. He was usually quiet. And as he was, he listened better than others, heard more than others, knew more than others.

"It's Zidlers." Satie said bitterly, refusing to meet his two friends gaze. Toulouse remembered figuring out what had been going on that night. Apparently Satie had too. But Toulouse still argued.

"I brought him there! I told him to meet Satine! If I'd never done that, then Zidler would have never even gotten the chance to make Satine lie to him." Toulouse cried, fresh tears springing into his eyes.

"Toulouse. It's not your fault." Christian's voice said. Toulouse turned to look at Christian, who stood in the door, tears still running down his face. The room lapsed into silence once more.

"It's no ones fault. Don't blame yourselves." He said softly, turning and leaving.

Christian made one other stop. The Moulin Rouge. He'd heard Toulouse upstairs, and even in his misery he realized he loved his friends, too. He could not bare to see them suffer, and he would comfort them all before the day was done. And he did. He saw each of the girls, he saw Marie, and he saw Zidler.

For months he was not seen. The boho's and the girls grew worried. True, the Moulin had shut down. But most of the diamond dogs knew nothing else than that life, and found shelter with the Bohemian artists. Toulouse's apartment was a popular home to many, and at one time, at least three or more of the ex-Moulin Rouge workers could be found there.

A year went by. The anniversary of Satine's death. No one had seen Christian since the day after Satine had died. But today, Toulouse decided someone must visit him. He knocked lightly on the door, and heard no reply. Toulouse turned the knob and pushed the door open slightly.

"Go away." He heard a raspy voice command. In a sudden flash, Toulouse remembered Christian's anger when he'd told him Satine had loved him. He wanted to run, hide back upstairs. But he had to know what had become of Christian.

"Christian?" Toulouse asked softly, stepping into the room. Christian's eyes fixed onto the dwarf, at first in anger. But seconds later, he could only think how much he'd missed his friend.

"Come here." Christian said, beckoning Toulouse forward. A smile lit up his face, using muscles he'd left unused for a long while. Toulouse shuffled forward, gazing curiously at the wall of papers. Christian pushed a stack of papers at Toulouse.

"Read." He commanded. Toulouse sat down on the bed, and began to read Christian's story. Occasionally he would burst into laughter, and every so often he began to cry. Throughout the whole story, Toulouse hadn't drunk a single gulp from his bottle of absinthe.

"I miss her." Toulouse said, looking up with tears in his eyes. He was finished, and pushed the story back at Christian.

"So do I." Christian replied, struggling not to cry.

"We miss you, too, Christian. You can't stay here forever." Toulouse then said, remembering why he'd come here in the first place.

"I know!" Christian replied with a small laugh. The laugh surprised him, but he continued. "I was just finishing my book. Judging by the fullness of your bottle, I think it was a success."

Toulouse smiled, and grabbed Christian's hand. Not wasting one more minute, he dragged Christian up the stairs and to his room. There was a party. Nothing special, just a party. Everyone was glad to see Christian. After a few rounds of absinthe, they had the Argentinean read Christian's new book.

The group sat patiently, listening to his amazing story that they all knew so well. Perhaps the biggest surprise was when Nini began to cry. During Christian's recollection of the tango, she burst into tears. Through muffled sobs she said she missed Satine a lot, and wished she had never been so cruel. For many of the other girls present, this made them cry as well.

"The end." The Argentinean announced the book's reading complete. Afterwards, as the party started up again, Toulouse went over to Christian.

"Will you publish it?" He asked, his dark eyes wide and inquiring. Christian had been quiet mostly, not talking to too many people. Toulouse seemed to have an incredible effect on people though, that made them just want to tell Toulouse everything.

"Yes. In the morning." Christian replied, looking down at his friend.

"I'm coming with you!" Toulouse announced before rejoining the party, and leaving Christian to his thoughts.

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