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Title: Rumple's revenge

Author: Suns and Stars

Pairings: Dark one/Rumple and Belle, implied Dark one/Rumple and EQ

Genre: angst /drama

Warnings: swearing

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I do not own once upon a time

Intro: the dark one/Rumple goes extreme on the heroes for their mistreatment of his wife

The dark one/ Rumple felt anger and hurt building up inside of him but not wanting the Well the object that has seen them though so much heartache and joy a place where they became husband and wife to be destroyed, so he teleported deep into the forest clearing and let out an angry shout before unleashing his magic on the surrounding area after it was over he dropped to his knees and cried as he did When EQ came and told him Belle had killed herself which he learned 28 years later was NOT the case"

Thinking back on that his eyes turned gold and he bared his teeth and snarled.

It was all HER doing she tore us apart for 28 years, SHE lied to ME about Belle's death and now goes and blackmails me into helping her get snow white's heart and sealed it with a kiss I bet she even knew Belle was watching and that's why she did it He thought.

Closing his eyes, he tried honing in on EQ's magic but was unable to find her so he went for the next best thing Regina.

Teleporting right outside her office door, with a burst of magic, the dark one blew the door open Regina's head flew up towards the door Henry's head also turned.

"Grandpa what is it, is Grandma Belle and my uncle ok?" he asked worriedly.

"Why don't you go see them I'm sure Belle would enjoy seeing you my boy as I need to speak with your 'Mother'" said the dark one/Rumple.

Feeling the sudden tension in the room Henry thought it best to get out of doge as he knew what his grandpa was like when he was like this, hell he had heard what happened to his Aunt Zelena after his grandpa was free from her clutches he had KILLED the wicked witch so whatever his 'mother' did to upset his grandma Belle, Henry KNEW he did not want to stick around for it.

"Bye mum" he said far too quickly for Regina's liking.

Good luck you're going to need it grandpa is pissed

He hugged his grandfather good bye and left, he did not bother to ask WHERE his grandma might be because he already knew where she would be the library.

So once he knew Henry was safely out of ear shot the Dark one drop the pretence of Rumple and turned his eyes back to his former student, and stormed over placing both hand on the desk he leaned in and snarled.

"Where is SHE Regina?"

"Who Gold?" asked Regina.

"Don't play coy with me dearie your EVIL little self WHERE is SHE!" He spat

"I don't…" she chocked off her words as the dark one wrapped a hand around her neck.

"DON'T LIE" he hissed in her ear.

Regina suddenly screamed as the dark one RIPPED her heart out

"You know I could do to you what you did to MY WIFE I could commanded you to leave Storybrooke and leave Henry behind or I could crush your heart instead and who knows I may get to kill two birds with one stone I get rid of you I also get rid of EQ"

Regina's eyes widened in fear.

"So, I ask again Dearie where is she"

Slowly the dark one began squeeze the heart he held in his hand

"F…fine…. she…she in…...the …...lab……. My" she wheezed out.

The dark one gave her an impish smile and giggled light-heartedly.

"Thank you, dearie, however I think I'll keep a hold of this for now" said Rumple tucking Regina's heart into the pocket on the inside of his jacket

"Now you can go back to manipulating everyone for your own agenda"

Yet his golden eyes hardened.

"However my darling Belle is off limits"

Regina grimaced as she rubbed her chest where her heart once was.

"You know everything that has happened can be laid at YOUR feet Rumpelstiltskin for you are the one that turned me into the EQ in the first place." Said Regina

"No Dearie you own hatred turned you into the EQ I just gave you the makeover and the power which I can take away just as easily if you EVER try and take Belle from me EVER again"

"Don't worry about your little MAID I've already had to deal with the hormonal bookworm today"

The dark one's eyes narrowed.

"She tore into me before I could even get a word in and afterwards she blew me though the library doors before putting her foot to my throat and threating me that if WE ever come demanding Her help for ANYTHING to remember she's carrying your child and which means she now has the power to lay waste to this town and the only one who will be saved from her wrath is Henry." Said Regina.

Relaying to the dark one of her encounter with Belle.

The dark one smiled gleefully and let out a shrill laugh and clapped his hands.

"That's my feisty little darling" he said proudly

He gave her a mocking bow before disappearing

******The Mills manor******

He stood just outside the manor and already he could feel the magical barrier that hid Regina from any other magical force.

The dark one snarled.

Can't hide from me dearie he thought.

Taking out his dagger he plunged it into the force field and sliced it open unknown to the dark one thou the break in the force field alerted EQ she smiled before disappearing in a puff of light purple smoke.

Just as the dark one reached for the door knob it opened from the inside. There on the other side was EQ seeing her former teacher she smiled brightly.

"Come on in I've been waiting for you" she told him.

As soon as EQ turned her back on him, the dark one/Rumple grit his teeth in anger yet he entered anyway, slowly closing the door, until h heard it click.

"Come on the potion for Snow is almost finished" said EQ.

Suddenly EQ couldn't move.

"Not so fast dearie there had been a change in plans"

With a twist of his wrist EQ felt herself slammed into the door and held there he then gripped her wrists it was then EQ felt the cold grip of steel around her wrist.

"What, what did you just do?" she screeched

"Magical manacles dearie now you can never use your magic only MY magic can unlock them"

EQ smiled.

"Uh, uh not even the magic my magic I gave you could un lock them because although I gave you that magic over the years it adapted to you so it won't work"

"I thought we were in this together Rumpelstiltskin you said you would help me" EQ shrieked

"No just like the savior you black mailed me and told me if I don't help you, you would harm Belle and Gideon and I bet you plan that kiss because someone might tell Belle or that she may have seen it for herself and I would lose her forever I will not allow you to separate us again as you did 28 years ago." The Dark one/Rumple snarled

The in a puff of magenta smoke they Disappeared.

They appeared underneath Storybrooke hospital.

"Recognize this place dearie it is where your other self, held my WIFE for 28 years now you get to experience all that she had to feel for those long dark years locked up here"

Smiling gleefully.

Opening the door to the cell he pushed EQ inside and locked her in before lifting the little peep hole and waving to the now enraged queen before disappearing once again

****Charming loft****

Rumple appeared just outside the door to the charming's home lifted his hand and knocked minutes later it was opened by David Nolan, who's eyes immediately narrowed.

"You're not welcome here dark one"

"I'll be gone from here as soon as I have a word with your wife, Charming" said the dark one/ Rumple.

David tried closing the door on the Dark one but he was unsuccessful as the dark one just teleported into the living room and found his target, rocking 1 year old Prince Neal to sleep with her was her daughter Emma. Seeing the dark one, Emma shot up and stood between her mother brother and the dark one.

Just then the dark one heard David pulling out his sword.

"Sheath your sword Charming as it will do you no good you couldn't beat me the last time what makes you think you can this time" said the dark one/ Rumple.

He heard the sword being Sheath and smiled.

"Good, now Miss Swan be a good little Princess and take your brother into another room while I speak with your mother"

Emma quickly glanced over her shoulder at her mother before looking back at the dark one.

"Go on Emma its ok honey" David said softly.

She turned and to her baby brother from her mother and cradled him in her arms then made her way out of the room and upstairs

"Uh I see you have your mouth back good for you well maybe know you know not to Piss off my wife with demanding so much of her, after all you go to her for everything your daughter can't handle when it is in fact YOUR DAUGHTERS job as the saviour to save this town no mine nor is it my wife's and you go to her whenever you need a baby sister for the little prince and because my wife is so king hearted even for her own good she says yes and you have taken advantage of her offer to help to the point that you expect her to be at your beck and call, each time you want time away from your baby but I'm here to tell you that stops NOW next time I hear you ask my wife to baby sit for you I will come here and I will TAKE your son from you to remind you that Rumpelstiltskin TAKES children are we clear your majesty?" He asked.

"So, you're not here to take my heart for EQ?" asked Snow.

Rumple grit his teeth

Of course, all the Charming's were thinking of is themselves. Rumple thought angerly

The dark one snarled.

"Answer the question dearie"

"Ye…yes we are clear I will no longer ask Belle to babysit Neal"

"Wonderful now I will leave you to your evening tootle pip"

So, with a flurry of his hand and a show of the dark pose the dark one disappeared in a puff of Magenta smoke .

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