ATTENTION: This story contains detailed and drawn-out sex between Humans and Pokemon. It was made for the purpose of both fetishes and entertainment. If you are offended by this sort of thing, now is your chance to leave. I obviously don't own Pokemon, I'm just a regular guy. Enjoy!

(X) Marks chapters that have lemons in them. This will feature sex scenes all straight, gay, and lesbian. In my version, Pokemon can talk to humans. It just makes everything easier. I will also not be describing what any characters look like, as I think it's better if you imagine it for yourself.

Chapter One (X)

Aaron woke up when his head hit the floor of the train after it went over a bump. His pillow he made of hay had been scattered to the point where it made no difference from the hard ground. He opened his eyes and opened the door of the freight he was in. Sunrise, the sky mostly dark purple, except for the direct center of his view, which boasted the top of the sun peeking over the hills, breaking the darkness with a beautiful golden glow.

Loui needs to see this, Aaron thought to himself. He looked to his left to find Loui, Aaron's Lucario, sleeping on his bed of hay, which was somehow still fully intact. Aaron debated on if he should wake Loui up to see this. He decided he would, because they had to get moving anyway. He put his hand on Loui's shoulder, and nudged him a bit till his eyes opened.

"We have to go," Aaron told him.


"Well, I wanted you to see this sunrise. And, according to me Pokegear, there's a diner we can stop and eat at in a mile and a half."

Loui's stomach ached with the thought of good food. They both stood up as the train went near a lake, readied themselves, held each other's hands, and jumped into the water. They swam to the edge of the lake, and Aaron saw Loui pull himself to the shore, his fur dripping. He couldn't help but stop and stare for a moment. "You coming?" asked Loui. Aaron broke from his trance and started moving, pulling himself up onshore and pulling his shirt back down from his chest. They both let the sun dry them off as they made their way to the diner.

After breakfast, Aaron and Loui were full for the first time in a while. The day was mostly spent walking along the road by the railroad tracks, mostly grass and hills. Nighttime struck, and Aaron dug into his backpack to find a lighter for a fire. The duo gathered sticks and leaves for a tent, and spent the next hour and a half making it. They made it just big enough for the two of them. They each sat on a log by the fire, just staring at it, and talking.

"Today was a great day, master," Loui told Aaron. He always loved when Loui called him that. They weren't in a relationship, but...Aaron would like to be.

He decided to make a move.

"I'm gonna go get some more firewood," he said, and as he got up, he knocked Loui off of the log, and landed on top of him on the ground, completely on accident. His face turned red.

"Ow!" Loui barked, but was suddenly more surprised by what he felt. He felt Aaron getting hard.


Aaron got up as quick as he could, but it was too late. Loui knew. He sat down in front of Loui, his back to the fire, his face redder than anything the fire could produce. They stared for a moment.

Loui broke the silence.

"Master, I--"

"I know it's wrong. I just can't help're so..." He couldn't finish his sentence.

Loui looked down so Aaron couldn't see his face. "Well," he started, "You should've told me sooner."

He lifted his head up to face Aaron. He was smiling. He leaned forward to get on all fours, and slowly crawled to Aaron with a devilish look in his eyes, exaggerated by the fire. He was trying to intimidate Aaron, and it was working. Aaron was almost scared of what Loui would do to him. He backed up until he was up against the log they were just sitting on, and he had nowhere to go. Loui caught up, still on all fours, and put hhis arms on either side of the log, trapping Aaron, his nose mere inches away from his Pokemon's muzzle. Loui leaned in and locked mouths with him, making sure his tongue was dominant. Aaron was fully erect by now. Loui took his hand off the log and put it on his Master's chest, opened his claws, and tore his shirt off, careful not to cut his new toy. Aaron broke the kiss, and reached down to undo his belt, but Loui stopped him.

"I want to do it."

Loui looked deep into his Master's eyes, and slowly undid his belt, never looking away. They were both breathing heavily after the kiss, still remembering the taste of each other. He lifted up the belt to show Aaron it was off, then threw it. He took his hand down unbutton his jeans, still not breaking the gaze, and slowly unzipped. Loui was finally starting to get hard, precum starting to show from his tip. With his pants out of the picture, he could finally get to the underwear...and what was inside of it. Not sparing any time, he yanked the underwear off with force. They both looked down at each other's goods. Aaron was a bit bigger than his Lucario, but that's because he was taller.

"You take charge," Aaron said.

Sparing no time, Loui reached down and took Aaron's balls in his hand, playing with them a bit.

"Quit teasing!" Aaron shouted, playfully.

Loui backed away a bit, lowering his muzzle to his Master's cock. He kissed the tip, then gave one slow lick from the bottom of the balls to the very tip, making sure to get his Master's pre. He looked up at Aaron and licked his lips lustfully. He wrapped his mouth all the way around it, and went down four inches, about halfway.

"Is that all you can do?" Aaron asked. Loui lifted up a finger, signaling him to wait. He slowly went further down, inch by inch, until he had the entire thing down, and his nose touched his Master's stomach, and slowly went back up, leaving the tip with a pop.

"Beg for more, Master." he ordered Aaron.

"Please, I want it so bad!!"

Loui gave him a wink, and went all the way down again. He started off slow, but picked up the pace until he had the full eight inches in his mouth every second. In and out, in and out. Aaron pulled up the dirt with his hands, and leaned his head back with his tongue out in pure bliss. He started moving his hips forward with every movement his partner made.

"I can't take it!!" Aaron practically screamed.

Hearing this, the Lucario took two fingers and slowly slid them into his Master's ass until his knuckles hit the cheeks, and starting wiggling them around. After that, he only lasted about ten more seconds, and he spilled load after load into his pet's mouth. Loui tried his best to keep it all in, but there was too much, and some leaked from the sides of his mouth. He pulled his fingers from his trainers ass. Loui got back up to eye level with Aaron and they were locked in another kiss, although their members were rubbing on each other the while time. Aaron tasted himself in Loui's mouth, and he loved it. He pushed Loui off, and lifted his legs up, revealing his ass.

"Take me." He told his Pokemon. Without hesitation, he did as instructed, and put in the full 5 inches.

"You know about my knot, right?"

"I don't care. Do whatever you want to me! I've waited for this for so long!"

Loui started pumping. Every time Loui's cock went back, Aaron leaned back into him to make more of an impact. Loui started pumping Aaron's member while he fucked him in the ass. It hurt a bit, but Aaron barely noticed through pure ecstasy. Loui clenched his teeth and closed his eyes as he prepared to cum. He lifted his head up and moaned to the point of almost screaming as his knot expanded inside of Aaron, trapping all the nectar inside. Aaron came next. It wasn't as much as the first time, but it shot hard enough to reach his chest. After about a minute, Loui's knot shrank and he could pull out. Aaron leaned forward and licked every last bit of semen off, and they locked lips again. They were so tired, they didn't make it to the tent before Loui fell asleep on Aaron's naked body, wrapped in his arms, both smiling after a night of the best love either had ever had.