Chapter two, here it is. I'm planning on working on my writing a bit more to make it better. I'm going more detailed, if you catch my drift. Also, remember how I said I'd do the (X) thing on chapters with lemons? Every chapter might have lemons, so I may change that in the future. Enjoy!

Chapter Two (X)

Aaron woke up the next day, still naked by the now burnt out campfire. He got up and stretched a moment, and took a quick glance around for Loui. Nowhere to be seen, and he couldn't find his clothes, either, so he decided to wait there a bit for him. What would happen if somebody saw a naked boy running through the woods alone?

It was about half an hour before Loui showed up.

"Where were you?"

Loui noticed him, blushed, and gave his trainer a nervous smile.

"I got hungry." He told him.

Aaron knew he was lying, he could always tell. He decided to question him a bit.

"Why are you covered in leaves?"

"Oh, that...I, uh, had to climb a tree, for some Oran berries..."

Loui realized his mistake as soon as he said it. Oran berries grow on bushes, not trees.

"Stop lying, Loui."

Loui looked down at the ground in shame.

"You can come out now, he knows." He called behind him.

Out from the tree next to him came a female Sylveon, it's fur glistening white in the morning sun, however unkempt and matted it was.

"Hi," she introduced herself, "My name's April."

A little annoyed, Aaron covered himself with his hands and asked Loui who she was.

"Well, I originally did go out to get food, but I saw her and we ended up talking for a while."

Aaron thought for a moment.

"You didn' anything, right?"

April spoke up.

"No, I'm a virgin."

"Well where are you from?"

"I come from a farm farther north than here. I worked and lived there, but I wasn't family. I wasn't making enough and couldn't support me and my boyfriend, so I left. And here we are."

She smiled and tilted her head a bit.

"Sooo...can I come with you guys? I heard you two are fun."

Aaron blushed.

"Loui what did you tell her?"

They all had a good laugh, but after that it was time they packed up and left, and Aaron's jeans and belt were all that were salvageable from the night before. They found their way back to the railroad tracks and walked along them, hoping for another train to pass them. One eventually did, but it was as they walked into a nearby town, so they decided to stop there for now. It was a very small town, Loui realized as he read the population sign.

"Morrisville, population 201."

It consisted of one long line of houses with a few restaurants and shops spread out here and there between them. The trio decided to stop at a burger joint and wait for the next train.

"So, you guys just, like, hop from freight train to freight train for travel?"

"Yeah," Loui answered, "Except for that one time numbnuts here got us lost." He motioned to Aaron.

"Shut up!" he said playfully with a mouthful of burger.

They left the restaurant, guilty they didn't have the cash to leave a tip when they spotted a train coming along the tracks behind the restaurant.

"Quick!" Aaron shouted. They all ran around the side of the building to the back, and Loui used his psychic ability to pick up all three and plant them onto the train.

"That's always fun," Loui said as he caught his breath.

April was jumping up and down.

"That was so fun! You two do this all the time?"

"Everyday," Aaron answered. "And it gets really cold pretty quickly with the wind, so we usually go behind crates and build a fire."

The trio took a good look around. Piles of crates on both sides. They got to work, and it took a few hours, but they had everything set. A wall of crates on both sides. One for the fire, and one holding all the other supplies. They each sat on crates around the fire.

"Hey April, can you go get a couple snacks from the bags in the back?" Loui asked her.


She got up and ran around. After about a minute, she shouted to the guys.


Loui looked over at Aaron, who was sleeping. Loui took a glimpse of the sunset as he got up to help the girl. He went behind the walk of crates to the bags, opened one of them to show her which one they were in. She reached down and took a bag of chips in her maw, and the train made a sharp turn. She fell over and hit her arm on a crate.

"Ow!" She shouted. "Owee owee oweeee!"

Loui bent down to help her get up.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, thanks."

"It only takes a few trains before you get used to things like that."

April giggled and stared deep into Louis eyes. Her smile turned into a look of lust as she jumped up and pinned him down. He fell onto his back, the girl standing on his chest, looking down at him.

"Ow...hey, what did you--"

"It's pretty obvious we both want each other."

He stopped and thought for a moment. She was right. He wanted nothing more than to feel her from the inside, from her mouth and her womanhood.

" seem so innocent..."

"Doesn't that make you want me more?"

She licked her lips, and Loui started to get a bit hard.

April went down and nibbled on his neck a bit, then went back up and kissed him. Not song kiss, like with Aaron the night before, this was just a quick peck. She continued her pecks, going lower and lower. First his mouth, then his neck, chest, stomach, groin, and she stopped at his member, now fully erect.

We do this and afterwards, we can get your human friend to join in on the fun."

"Why can't we get him now?"

"Because I want you and only you to claim me. Take my virginity."

With that, she went down in between his legs and started to play with his balls with her tongue a bit. She liked the way they jiggled as she put them fully in her mouth. She spit them back out, and used one paw to use the spit from his balls to slather the rest of his manhood. He winced in pleasure when her paw hit the tip. She noticed a bit of precum spilling from him, and licked it all off. Then, using her tongue as a guide, she started to put his tip in he mouth. She went a bit lower, and had about half of his penis inside. Her tongue felt softer than his trainer's, he thought. And the fangs she had were spread just enough to rub each side of his dick just a bit, making it feel more three dimensional. She got three of the five inches in when he hit the back of her throat, and she overcame her gag reflex to engulf the entire thing. She even went the extra mile to go past the knot. She stopped there for a second to let her warm saliva collect on his region, and she slid it back out, topping it off with a kiss after.

"That was beautiful" he congratulated her.

She winked and wrapped her paws around his shaft, and started to stroke, her paws getting wet from a mixture of her spit and his pre. She went from tip of the tip to the start of the balls with every stroke. This lasted a few minutes but before he could cum, she stopped and pulled her hands away. She turned and put her rear towards him.

"Claim me."

He sat up. Because she walked on all fours and he on twos, this made mounting her a bit awkward. But he made it work, and held his tip up to her flower.

"You ready?" he asked.

"Yeah, but go easy until you break the hymen. Then you can ravage me."

Loui liked the sound of that! He started to slide his member in and about three inches deep, he hit her hymen.

"All good?"

"Do it, babe."

With a powerful thrust, he broke her hymen, claiming her virginity as his own. She had to stop for a moment due to pain, but she told him to keep going. He started off a bit slow after the hymen break, only going about three inches in with each push. Her saliva from earlier proved to be great lubrication.

"I'm ready for more," she told him. "Give me all you have, baby!"

Heeding her orders, he picked up the pace, going fully in every thrust. Her inner walls fitting his dick perfectly, making every movement slide like a puzzle piece. She started moaning with every thrust. Figuring she was closing in on her orgasm, he snuck a finger in her asshole, and she lasted only a few seconds after that. He came right when she did, his knot expanding, trapping his hot, sticky loads inside of her. There was so much that some of it escaped even the knot, and she hurried to reach down, scoop it up with her hand, and lick it clean. Still bound together by the knot, they heard grunting from the other side of the crates. There Aaron was, masturbating to the duo.

"Come over here, Aaron!"

He did as told, and slid himself inside of Loui's ass. Because of his size compared to the Pokemon, he could only get half of it in, so he put his hand up to it to finish it off. He came in his partner, pulling out to let his seed spill all over. As that happened, Loui's knot shrank and he could pull out of her beautifully pink sex. The all sat there, their backs to the crates.

"Next time, tell me when you guys do this. I would've loved some of that sweet Sylveon."

April turned to Loui.

"I hope I'm pregnant. I want you to be the father, what with that skilled cock of yours."

The heat they created was plenty, and they didn't need the fire. They all sat on the edge of the open boxcar train, their legs and in Aaron's case, his penis too, hanging from the side of the train as they stared into the night.

The next morning, none of them remembered falling asleep, but there they were, laying by the fire. Aaron awoke to find the other two passionately kissing.

"Are you two a thing now?" he asked them.

Loui broke the kiss and answered.

"Yeah, but don't think I've forgotten you, master." He winked at his trainer. He blushed at the sound of that as he got up to grab his jeans. They were by the edge of the train, and as he reached for them, he accidentally kicked them, and they went flying from the train, the belt still there, which was right next to it.

"Shit." He muttered.