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I was playing with my pen bored out of my mind. The chemistry teacher kept rambling about something, and even thought I didn't pay attention, I knew I would have a perfect mark in the next exam. Why did I have to go to school when I knew even more than the teachers themselves?

As soon as the bell ringed, I got out of my seat and walked to the bathroom. Why was my life so boring! I looked at my reflection. I wasn't popular. I was considered a freak because of my blue hair. I was a little skinny for my 16 years old. I couldn't wait to finish this year and finally be able to work fully as a scientist at capsule corporation's, our family business. Nobody here knew of my real identity with the exception of the principal. It was an idea of my father and I was pretty happy about it. How could I live thinking some people were my friends only because of my money ?

I had one last class until the end of the day. I silently walked there thinking about my solitary life. At least, it was one of my favourite classes : physics. We were doing mechanics this session and I was finally able to express myself completely since the teacher gave me higher assignments to do. He knew I was well in advance on the other students.

" Freak, where do you think you're going".

A cheerleader had me cornered. All I wanted to do was to get out of there. She was going to continue with her snapping remarks when the physics teacher intervened.

"Go to class Chi-Chi. You know better than to terrorize Bulma. Do you want another detention? "

" No, sir. " She then walked away but not before whispering to me, "Till next time, blue head. "

I was literally shaking. Chi-Chi Mau was not only the most popular girl in this school but also the strongest one. No one knew how but she always had known just the right move to put her adversary unconscious for a few days. This is why nobody, especially me, wanted to mess with her.

She had dark brown hair and  large deep brown eyes. She was one of the prettiest girls of the school next to Cindy Lao who was the typically blond girl with blue eyes. However, Cindy, thought lacking in the brain domain, was very nice with everyone including me. She was the only one in this school who sometimes talked to me.


" Now, students, please read from page 31 to…"

The teacher was interrupted by a announcement made on the intercom.

" All students are asked in the auditorium, please, immediately ! This is an urgent situation. All teachers please report to my office. Thank you."

We all quickly scampered to our feet, scared of missing even one second of our free weekend time. 

When we were all seated, the principal asked to Chi-Chi Mau, Cindy and myself to meet him after the reunion. He the quickly dismissed everyone by saying that the school would be close for an undetermined period as every other school in the world. Immediately after his speech, a large commotion could be heard as I rapidly walked trough the dense crowd trying to reach my destination. I finally arrived to the principal office to be pushed by Chi-Chi who wanted "to get out of this hell hole as soon as possible" as she so delicately said.

We were met by a funny sight. The principal was scared out of his mind by three strangers. And, might I add, three pretty strong looking man. One had long black hair, another was bald and the last one had black hair pointing in every direction, a scar adorning his face. The bald one saw us and quickly said,

" Finally, they arrived. I never saw a race so slow. I guess we can now dismiss our host. "

He then formed a yellow ball in his hand and launched it towards our poor principal who died before our eyes. I screamed and Cindy fell unconscious. Chi-Chi did not utter a word. Who were those people ? They turned their attention to us and mentioned us to follow them which we did without a single protest. We finally arrived to the gym where the one with the scar said,

" I am Bardock. This is Nappa and Radditz. We are aliens from a different planet named Vegeta-sei. We are sent in each school from this planet to chose three girls. One has to be the more intelligent, another the prettiest and the last the strongest. We won't tell you our motives yet. Your principal gently agreed to deliver your names and you will now follow us to our base with no complaints. Understood ? "

I could see Nappa eying Cindy very strongly. He suddenly appeared at her side and groped her and his comrades just laughed. I was horrified out of my mind as I saw Radditz approaching Chi-Chi very rapidly. I couldn't leave Cindy, the only compassionate girl I met in this school, dealing with this alone. Therefore, I sprang on Nappa trying to rip him from her. Unfortunately, he was clearly a lot stronger than me and easily flung me across the room. He then stalked towards me looking at me predatorily.

"I think you nee to learn your place girl! ," he roared.

" No I think you  need to see you can't just come here, announce us that you conquered our planet and ravish us. We are beings just like you, you… you…bastard! ", I screamed my temper getting the better of me. 

Anger flashed trough his eyes and he was on top of me in a fraction of second. He was about to strike me when my scientific mind suddenly kicked in. I struck a pressure point on his arm, then kicked him behind his knee. He then fell on the floor and I kicked him in the groin. I rapidly scampered off seeing the unbelieving look the other persons in the room  had on their face. Just as Nappa, who had regained his senses, was about to attack me, Bardock said in his native language,

" Stop, this one looks valuable. I think she is the intelligent one. She looks however capable of fighting and feisty. I will put her in the Multiple category. She could be a valuable asset to our future plan. Lets just knock them out cold and bring them to the base. "

They then quicker than the light hit us on a nerve of the neck and we all fell in a black void scared of what the future had in store for us.


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