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Chapter eleven

The air was hot. Bulma,getting up from her deep slumber, turned on her side to get a better view of her surroundings. The bed she was lying on had deep burgundy satin sheets and pillows. The structure was made out of dark wood, probably maple, which was surprising considering the fact that mostly on the ship was made out of metal.

Not too far away stood a table supporting enormous proportions of seemingly delicious food: chocolate, strawberries, cinnamon cookies…

There was also a door, which, Bulma concluded, must lead to the bathroom.

She suddenly felt frisky and decided to observe her clothing. She was wearing a white tunic, very similar to the one she wore at the ceremony. However, this one was much more skin revealing, having no sleeves and a décolleté going all the way down to her navel. The dress was also much shorter reminding her of Earth's mini dresses. She wore no shoes and all of her jewelry had been removed.

She lied there, not knowing what to do. Still feeling a little tired, she decided to go back to sleep, slowly closing her eyes, hoping to delay whatever was awaiting her.

But fate desired something else. As soon as she closed her eyes, she felt a weight close in upon her. She was going to scream but a hot mouth covered hers, muffling her voice. She fought as if her life depended on it but a light squeeze of her tail by the capturer put her defenseless. She finally opened her eyes to discover that her assailer was none other than her new husband…or should she say…her new mate.

"Leave me alone you beast," Bulma shouted.

"I have awaited too long for this woman. There is absolutely no way that you will get out of this," Vegeta replied.

Bulma then decided to try another tactic.

"Well, why would you want anything to do with a sniveling ugly blue freak such as me, my king?" she asked.

"Good try, but it is not enough. I told you I would never underestimate you again and I plan to keep my promise, woman. Plus, you did change a lot in the last year, and for the best must I add. Now, if you cooperate this will agreeable for both you and me. I do not wish to hurt you. You are my mate after all. Our relationship will be based on equality and respect. You must not really desire this for the moment but this arrangement has lots of advantages for you. Plus, I am known to be an excellent lover," Vegeta finished with a smirk.

Bulma quickly got red in the face and said,

" If you think I will simply lay still and let you take me, then you are greatly mistaken, you…you monster."

"We will see about that," he replied mysteriously. "But first, let's eat," he said, a glint illuminating his onyx eyes.

He got up with a feline's grace and speed and made his way to the table, taking back to the bed a bowl full of strawberries and some chocolate fondue, still pining Bulma to the bed.

He  took a strawberry and dipped in chocolate and then drew some patterns in Bulma's décolleté. She was hypnotized by the action and did not react. When the job was finished, he ate the strawberry and threw a famished look at Bulma that made her stomach flutter.

 'I might as well enjoy this,' she thought. Vegeta was, after all, very attractive and very well versed in the art of lovemaking, as it seemed.

He began to lick away the chocolate drawing intricate patterns with his tongue and then going up and ravishing Bulma's mouth. His hand glided down her body, slowly tearing the white material off her curvy body. Bulma completely surrendered to the fire that her king had ignited within her.


Bulma slowly opened her eyes to the new day. She felt an arm around her torso and blushed, suddenly remembering her anterior actions. She did not expect to be such a passionate woman, especially in bed. In the last year, she had discovered a new side to her personality that she had never expected. She was not that little girl that everyone could laugh at anymore. She was now a passionate young woman with fiery determination and courage. And she liked that. Plus, she now had a mate that would respect her and that could ignite a fire deep within her by simply looking at her.

"Woman, stop thinking and come here closer to me," a gruff voice ordered.

Well, he would at least respect her during the night, a girl could not ask too much from her man - could she?

"Vegeta, I was thinking about something," Bulma seriously began. "Now that we have enough saiya-jin women and men, why don't we establish ourselves on a new planet?"

"You read my mind, woman. That was my plan."

" And Vegeta, how did Calirma survive when all of the other girls and women died?"

"Calirma is not really saiya-jin. She was the first human who took the shot you received, about two years ago. We could not risk losing you," he said with a real smile.

" Now enough talking, I still have to make you discover the pleasures of having a tail," he said quickly grabbing her blue tail and stroking it.

Bulma purred and thought, "yes, this will not be so bad after all!" She was finally happy.


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