Gabrielle felt another pair of hands pressing to her back, rougher than Hermione's, but breathtaking nevertheless. A shiver of anticipation went through her as they moved sideways, gently caressing her skin as they traveled over her body, and soon, they arrived at her breasts. She opened her mouth to moan, but Hermione pushed her tongue into her mouth, her lips sealing the noises she was planning to exhale. She felt his chest pressing on her back, every contour of his chest muscles clear on her skin. More importantly, she could feel his erection resting on her lower back, triggering another internal debate. She knew that it was the point she needed to call things off. She didn't have the will to do so if it went any further, on that she was clear. However, her rationality found itself overcame by her desire, losing ground with each passing second. It was a hopeless battle.

Then, his hand slid lower, dealing the blow to conclude her internal battle. In the end, it didn't matter whether it was a one-time event. She would never find a better, more arousing opportunity for her first time, with two people she loved. She rose on her her toes, his shaft sliding between her ass cheeks. An approving moan from Harry signified that he got her message loud and clear.

One of his hands left her breast and grabbed her hair instead. He pulled, not hard enough to really hurt, but hard enough separate her from Hermione's lips. Gabrielle found herself away from Hermione's lips, only for Harry's lips to take their place. Gabrielle could feel herself melting under his attention, shocked by the difference in the feeling. Hermione's kiss was soft, coaxing Gabrielle's passion out gently, but sensually. Harry's kiss was hard, aggressive, demanding, yet filled with a passion enough to set her heart alight. She responded with an enthusiasm uncharacteristic of her, her moans going out of control as his tongue invaded her mouth.

Hermione was far from idle while Harry was busy melting her last vestiges of resistance. With her lips busy, Hermione's lips shifted towards the nearest target instead, and clomped on her neck, her teeth occasionally engaging to leave faint hickeys. She traveled down, continuing to leave occasional marks on her path. Gabrielle could feel Harry's hand sliding towards her ass at the same time Hermione finally arrived at her tits, locking her in a delicious double assault. Gabrielle felt the soft texture of Hermione's tongue tracing the boundary around her tits before her lips joined the action once more, sucking her skin, with the occasional scrape of teeth. Her tongue reached the peaks of her breasts, caressing Gabrielle's nipples insistently.

Harry disconnected from her lips, leaving her voice free, her moans echoing on the walls. He slid lower, low enough to be able to press his lips to her nether lips. She hissed in surprise, blindsided by the explosion of pleasure born from his tongue, the times she touched herself paling in comparison. Every beat of his tongue pushed her already supercharged body closer to release, their impact multiplied by Hermione's attention. Then, the climax hit her like an out of control dragon, only the arms wrapped around her preventing a nasty collision with the floor.

She barely reacted as she was carried to their bedroom by Hermione and Harry, too busy enjoying the aftershocks of her climax to get bothered. She felt the cool texture of the covers pressing to her back, jolting her out of her daze, only to see Hermione as her head positioned between her legs. She pushed her head down without warning, her tongue tracing the paths that had been created by Harry moments ago. Not having anything else to do, Gabrielle closed her eyes and moaned…

Only to cut midway by a sudden intrusion. She opened her eyes in surprise, only to find the crown of Harry's cock between her lips, its musky aroma tickling her taste buds. "Open wide," Harry said as he pushed his hips forward. Gabrielle had no recourse but widening the distance between her lips to allow the passage of his shaft, not that she had any problems with it. She tried her best to tease his crown with her tongue as he moved back and forth. At first, she felt self-conscious about her own lack of skill, but the appreciative noises Harry made went a long way to combat her insecurities.

Meanwhile, she could feel Hermione's fingers exploring the cracks and crevices of her body, adding a whole new dimension to the pleasure she was experiencing. Her soft touch and consistent treatment by her tongue sharply contrasted by Harry's rough attention, but the difference somehow elevated both of them. Gabrielle put her hands on Harry's stomach, tracing the contours on his abs as he continued to invade her mouth.

With her passion rising each second, she was late to react when both Harry and Hermione suddenly pulled back. When she looked down once more, Harry was already standing between her legs, his shaft pressing against her entrance. "Are you ready?" he asked. She just nodded. Flooded with excitement, she didn't trust her voice not to crack. A glance was enough to see Hermione perched on the edge of the bed, her fingers repeatedly disappearing in her slit.

Harry pushed forward, penetrating her barrier in one smooth motion, a sharp pain stealing a gasp from her lips. Harry's lips pressed hers in response, providing a very welcome distraction from the pain, which soon faded into nothingness as she got used to splitting presence stretching in her tunnel. "I'm ready," she murmured when they separated for a breath. Harry looked deep into her eyes, his emerald gaze freezing her. For that moment, she was sure that Harry was a legendary male veela, making a thrall out of her with the allure of his own.

He pushed once more, slowly sliding in and out, every time pushing just a bit forward, discovering new depths of her tunnel for the first time, "Yes," she murmured in excitement when she caught a movement with the corner of her eye, and Hermione's head popped into her field of vision, attacking her nipples with a reckless abandon. Her teeth, her lips, her fingers, all focused to maul the supple flesh of her tits. "This feels amazing," Gabrielle shouted. "Harry, Hermione, faster please!"

Harry said nothing, just quickened his pace, his shaft scraping her insides. But instead of quickening, Hermione pulled back entirely. "If you want better service, you need to pay for it first," Hermione said. Gabrielle stood confused, trying to understand what she meant, but before she could ask qualification, Hermione moved, placing her knees both sides of her head, her body bent, her head hovering just above Gabrielle's nether lips, like her nether lips which were hovering above Gabrielle's lips.

Gabrielle aborted the question, as Hermione dived to her snatch, tongue clamping to her clit, teasing it just an inch away from Harry's cock, which was invading deeper and deeper into her core. She decided such a nice favor deserved a reply in turn. She placed her hands on Hermione's hips, pulled down, and glazed her slit with her tongue, Hermione's sweet taste filling her mouth. A gesture appreciated by Hermione if her rumbling gasp was any indicator.

She felt Harry's hands reaching to her bottom, grabbing her tightly. For a moment, Gabrielle thought it was a continuation of his earlier tease, but then he raised her hips just a bit, though Gabrielle noticed its significance moments later, when Harry pushed the entirety of his shaft inside her. Pleasure rippled through her, every deep push compounding her pleasure, assisted further by Hermione's diligent attention. She felt her body clenching as another orgasm, even stronger than the first one hit her, forcing her to enjoy Harry's slams even more.

She was barely able to focus anything other than her out of control breathing, so she didn't notice the movement around her until she felt something hard pressing between her breasts. Her gaze focused on her front, only to see Harry's cock resting between her tits. "Ready for the next step," Harry said, then pressed her tits together, squeezing his shaft in between. More importantly, Gabrielle could feel Hermione positioning between her legs, her hands resting on her thighs, her breath caressing her slit. Harry pumped between her tits, his cock sliding easily between her breasts, still lubricated with her own juices, while Hermione's tongue grazed her opening.

Gabrielle opened her mouth and leaned forward, capturing the crown of Harry's shaft between her lips as he rocked above her chest repeatedly. She could feel his throbbing in her mouth, every push driving him deeper into her mouth while still constrained by her boobs. Gabrielle felt overwhelmed, both by the pleasure, and the attention duo paid to her. She moaned in satisfaction, every single one earning more for her pleasure. Harry's hands over her breast shifted to the back of her head, stabilizing her, and Harry pushed his shaft inside her mouth once more, this time deep enough to the back of her throat. He gasped, she moaned, her pleasure further enhanced by Hermione's tongue, which stopped dallying at her entrance, repeatedly pushing inside her wet tunnel instead. Then, without any warning, the shaft in her mouth twitched hard, and sprayed her mouth with the copious amounts of his liquid, most of it sliding from the edge of her mouth.

She felt overwhelmed by the sharp taste invading her mouth without any warning, the acute but pleasant aroma hijacking her sense of taste. She lay listless, but once again, Harry and Hermione didn't let her gather her wits, shifting their position once more. Hermione lay above her, their chest pressing together, her lips nearing towards her face. "Sharing is caring," Hermione said and before Gabrielle could understand her exact meaning, she leaned and licked her chin clean before moving onto her lips. Hermione licked her lips, slowly, sensually, coaxing her to open her mouth.

Hermione's tongue slid inside her mouth as soon as she opened it, stealing a part of Harry's gift from her. Gabrielle's tongue wrapped around hers, trying to prevent her raid, their hands exploring each others' body with impunity. Gabrielle felt like her heart was about to burst from her chest. She felt a pair of fingers pressing to her entrance, pushing inside her tunnel without any delay. Pleasure rose quickly once more, especially after he pressed his palm on her clit, assaulting her from multiple angles. The sound of flesh hitting flesh rang in the room, again accompanied by overwhelming pleasure. But this time, it was for Hermione. She squirmed with pleasure under Harry's attention as he pushed his shaft inside her again and again, his fingers still busy with Gabrielle's tunnel.

Gabrielle hadn't thought it was possible, but the idea of Hermione laying above her while being fucked by Harry mercilessly triggered a whole new level of pleasure, helped by the fact that neither of them was neglecting her, Hermione keeping her lips busy while Harry attended her lower lips. The sound of every slam was accompanied by the push of his fingers, steadily constructing yet another orgasm. She was getting steadily closer to it, when the pressure from his fingers went suddenly absent, but only to be replaced by something much thicker before she could protest, pushing deep inside her in one smooth motion, only to pull back and repeat a second later.

Under Harry's alternating attention, pleasure became overwhelming once more. Gabrielle lost her ability to comprehend words, not that it was necessary as three of them were locked in a dance of ecstasy, even the lightest touch enough convey a message, every orgasm pushing her closer to unconsciousness. But, even as the world faded into a black nothingness, Gabrielle was sure of one thing. There would be a repeat… Or many…

Gabrielle was unable to keep a sigh out her lips as yet another day filled with meetings passed, sapping a part of her willpower. Of course, her co-workers weren't helping her days to become any better. Most of them were under the mistaken impression that they would have a chance with her if they bothered her enough. Like she would raise her hands and declare their victory against her patience, followed by a passionate five-minute rumble. Still, the others with their backhanded compliments were even worse, mistaking her with an empty-headed bimbo that would sleep with them just to prove herself she was indeed beautiful.

With a sigh, she raised her wand and apparated to the studio apartment she was living alone. Which was she was blindsided by two voices, welcoming her in a chorus. "Hi Harry, Hermione," Gabrielle said, a smile spreading on her face despite her best efforts. Harry was sitting in the chair in a normal manner, or what would be called normal if it wasn't for the fact that he was naked. That, and the fact that Hermione, who was equally naked, was jumping up and down his lap.

"You are overdressed," Harry commented and waved his wand. Just like that, Gabrielle found herself in a matching clothing style with her surprise guests. She walked towards them, the smile on her face widening even further. Sometimes, all you needed was good friends to help you cope with stress…

The End