Chapter 9: We Meet Again

Ruka can't recall a time she had been so angry in her life. So far only yesterday seemed anywhere close but, compared to right now that felt like nothing. One look at the scene told her everything she needed to know. Unfortunately she can't be rash right now, she needed facts. She took a single long intake and release of air, before she spoke.

"Explain. Now." The words were spoken as orders and her tone was biting. Kubinashi was the one who spoke up, mostly due to the fact he was the only one who wasn't in the wrong.

"Sasuke Uchiha and Kaito had already broken out in a fight when I had arrived. Once seeing what had happened I restrained them both with my wire. After waiting for them to calm, I released the wire. In a sudden rage Sasuke Uchiha attacked us with fire ninjutsu." Kubinashi reported easily. On Ruka's part the only facial movement she made was her mouth, which twitched upwards slightly hearing that Kubinashi tied them up.

"Kaito, as a member of the Osorubeki (Grim) clan I expect better from you. I am quite disappointed in you. Since you also had a part in this mess you will be punished. Understood?" Ruka stated calmly, she always hated having to do this. But, with the festival on, there where people from everywhere. If she allowed a clan member get away with fighting, others will think they can do the same. Kaito looking chastised nodded.

"Yes, I fully understand."

"Good. From today onwards you're grounded for two weeks and you have to help Momoko and Kejōrō in the kitchen." Ruka said this with a sweet smile. Honestly this is actually easy in terms of punishment. Kaito just groaned and nodded. Her eyes turned hard and the area dropped a few degrees. Her voice was like an iceberg it was so cold.

"Now, Sasuke Uchiha. I do believed I already warned you, not to break my rules. Not only have you openly insulted me more than once in my own home. But, you have the sheer audacity to also break my rules, doing so by attacking at least one member of my clan." Her voice was cutting. Sasuke simply showed no care or remorse for his stupid actions. Ruka seeing this only got angrier.

"Do you not understand how serious this is Sasuke Uchiha? You're actions nearly killed several civilians who are members of my village. I could legally kill you right now as Lady Tsunade wouldn't be able to do a thing. Also since you attacked two clan members and some of my villagers, I can punish you in anyway I see fit." Ruka hissed, venom was dripping out her mouth each time she said Sasuke Uchiha. Sasuke's held anger and disbelief but, also triumphant smugness believing that she cant touch him because he's an Uchiha. Unfortunately for Sasuke, Ruka saw that belief and was happy to sadistically crush it.

"Sasuke Uchiha in result of your foolish actions, I herby sentence you to—" Ruka however didn't get to finish her speech because she was interrupted by someone and she wasn't happy about it, until she saw who had called out.

"Hold it!" Yelled out a voice that seemed vaguely familiar but none of the rookies or sensei's (Teachers) could place it. When they saw Ruka's head turn to snap at the interruption they followed her line of sight. There in front of them stood Naruto in all his wore his infamous black trench coat, over his dark red muscle shirt. He wore his ANBU style black pants, with black combat boots. His mask that he is famous for sat hooked on his left hip. He had his silver earring hanging from his right ear. For once he wasn't wearing his gloves and his leg wasn't taped. His katana appeared to be missing as well. His sapphire blue eyes sparkled at his wife in happiness as usual, however the lost any shine looking at the Konoha 12 and the senseis. He could easily see they hadn't changed much. He wasn't sure how to feel about the presence of Kakashi, Sasuke or Sakura yet. His gaze traveled to his wife who looked less than impressed at his interruption, her eyes however told him to carry on.

"Now love, before you possible execute Sasuke and remove the Konoha 12 and their respective sensei's, i'd like to actually talk to them." His voice was sounded a tad cheeky and if it had been anyone else Ruka would have shown them why she was called "The Crimson Blood Princess" for their disrespect. Unfortunately for Ruka or fortunately for Naruto he wasn't anyone else. A sigh came from Ruka's lips as she nodded her consent, causing Naruto to smile brilliantly.

"Great! Now—" Naruto began to speak towards everyone. When he was interrupted.

"Fight me dobe!" Demanded Sasuke with arrogance. The leaf village residents wondered how Naruto would respond and was studying him closely. Naruto however just decided to ignore him.

"Now as I was saying—" Naruto began to speak before being interrupted once more. This caused Naruto to wonder if this is how Ruka felt when he interrupted her.

"Don't ignore me! I demand that you fight me!" Said... well yelled Sasuke. Naruto sighed at decided to simply end it. Naruto turned to face Sasuke.

"No." Said Naruto blankly before turning back towards everyone else. Just as he began to speak again he was once again cut short.

"No? You afraid to fight me dobe? I figured you'd still be a pathetic weakling after all this time." Sasuke sneered. Everyone from Konoha looked embarrassed and thought Sasuke was an idiot, except Sakura of course. Ruka looked extremely amused at his comments, Kaito and Kubinashi looked affronted and Naruto rolled his eyes. He along with Ruka were fully was trying to rile him up and both knew it would work.

"I'm not afraid to fight you Sasuke." Naruto stated without care. Before going back to ignoring the grotesque man, until like always Sasuke said something stupid.

"Of course you are! Otherwise you'd fight me. That's fine you pathetic loser! Run back and hide behind your whore of a wife." He sneered out. Though internally he knew he won and smirked triumphantly. However, Naruto wasn't riled up at all. No. Naruto smiled, it wasn't a nice smile. He decided to give Sasuke a taste of his own medicine. How? That's easy. By telling him the truth.

"Trying to rile me up won't work Sasuke. Why won't I fight you? That's an easy one." Naruto walked right up to Sasuke an amused grin held up on his face, all the while looking directly into Sasuke's eyes. "You're no worth it." With that he turned back towards everyone else. Everyone from Konoha had to pick up their jaws. They hadn't been expecting that reaction.

"Like I had been saying." He pauses for interruptions, great full when Kaito discreetly knocked Sasuke out. "Here's what will happen. Sasuke will be locked up in our prison, both Lady Osorubeki and I will go to meet with your lady Hokage and then we may come to an agreement. Until then Sasuke will remain here locked up. Before you argue, he attacked two members of our clan, verbally insulted the head of said clan more than once. This isn't a bargain or deal, this is what will happen. Do I make myself clear?" Naruto spoke authoritatively. Konoha nodded, knowing there was nothing they could do. Naruto's smile returned. "Good. Contact your lady Hokage. It was a experience meeting you all again." Said Naruto cheerfully, before disappearing completely.