Entering the final arc.

Cover Art: Kegi Springfield

Chapter 50



Jaune didn't normally curse. His mom told him off when he did, and every single older sister tattled on him, so he got into the habit of not swearing all that much, but he felt this was a situation which kind of deserved it, because seriously, mother-fucking magic.

Oh, and Ozpin was a wizard – and possibly immortal. Nothing big, just, you know, a complete breaking of all laws of physics, biology and more. Not that he was too smart on sciences, but even he could tell `living forever as a wizard` wasn't exactly normal. Hell, he'd have accused Taiyang of making a joke of him if it wasn't for the serious look on his face. And the sudden realisation he had of what Cinder's powers were.

Magic, though? Come on…

This was going to put a cramp in his plans, big cramps. Oobleck taught him to work around everything he thought Jaune might run into, but obviously witchcraft and wizardry wasn't one of them. Did Ozpin have spells that could let him listen in on people? Well, no, obviously not, otherwise he'd probably be using those. Did Ozpin have spells at all? For a guy that was an immortal wizard or something, he'd been surprisingly ignorant of the fact the VSS was after him. He'd also not realised Ruby had been kidnapped and lost the last maiden to an ambush by Cinder.

What was the point of being a wizard if you were going to let all that happen? Oh, and there was Salem to contend with.

No. I need to focus on Cinder first and protecting Vale. If Ozpin wants to wage a war against Salem, fine. I might even help him. But the first thing is to make sure we have a home to protect and come back to.

But until the Vytal Festival began, there was precious little he could do. Roman was busy, Cinder wasn't responding to messages, and Emerald would only send back "Be patient. Talk to you soon." whenever he asked her what their next step was. There was still no telling what Roman's game was, either. He hadn't forgotten Roman's involvement in the death of Oobleck, nor forgiven it. Oobleck might have asked him to let it go, and he would, to a degree. He wouldn't go after the crook out of revenge, but he would see him brought to justice. For now, however, he just wasn't as big a threat as Cinder was.

Meanwhile, Ruby was refusing to talk to him, Ironwood wanted him to make the new VSS, Ozpin wanted him to continue working undercover with Cinder and his team wanted him to recruit them or something.

Oh, and magic.

"I hate my life…"


The festival crept up on them without any real warning, or at least it felt like it. Obviously, the festival – and especially the tournament – was all the news channels would talk about, but their dorm didn't really have a TV, and when you spent every day fighting other students, you didn't want to spend the evening watching reporters discuss their favourites and odds for more fighting among students.

The days were instead filled with a mix of light training, team strategies and general teamwork building – much of which had to be reassessed now that he and Blake had come out to the others, and Pyrrha wanted to incorporate their advantages into the fights.

"I'm not sure I see the point," Jaune said. "The whole thing is just going to be you carrying us to victory anyway."

"You don't know that. With your training, you might even be stronger than me."

"I think you're really putting a lot of faith in his training," Blake drawled. "He can't even beat me in a fight."

"You're not exactly weak," Jaune groused. "I think I'm doing pretty well to even hold you off for as long as I do, thank you very much."

"True, but I'm still no match for Pyrrha."

That didn't stop Ren suggesting they come up with tactics to use, of course, nor did it stop Yang from loitering around and spying on them – and Jaune had to stifle a laugh when Pyrrha loudly accused Yang of being a spy, to which the blonde acted with feigned offense and stomped away. They had no idea. Yang really played her part well.

He knew what she'd really come by for, though, to check on him and make sure he wasn't going to do anything reckless with regards to Ruby. She'd been excused from the infirmary a day or two ago, and they'd still not had a proper conversation to speak of. Yang assured him she just needed time, and that she was personally talking to Ruby to try and convince her to open up.

It hurt, but not as much as it hurt Ruby, no doubt. Jaune bore it with a stoicism that he didn't really possess, which was to say he threw himself into training and generally tried to distract himself. Luckily, Ciel helped in that regard, forcing him to work through paperwork he didn't even know existed just to set himself up with what would be required of the new Director of the VSS.

"You need a new name for it," she insisted as he signed another document, this time opening a business bank account with one of the largest and most secure in Vale.

"We do? Why not just call it the VSS?"

"Because you want to invoke change, and that's not going to happen while people are still seeing it as an extension of its former self. If this is to truly be a new start, then you must go all the way."

"Fair warning, I'm not very good at naming things…"

"You will want an acronym, or at least you'll want to put some thought into it. The Atlas Special Forces was initially considered to be the Atlas Secret Service, but you can imagine how unfortunate that would sound shortened."

Jaune snickered. "A proud agent of the ASS."

"Very mature." Ciel rolled her eyes. "Regardless, you'll want something that is indicative of our objective, but which does not sound too aggressive or intimidating. Something that could be said in everyday conversation, be overheard, and mean nothing to those listening."

"Vale Special Forces?"

"Something original," she despaired.

"Vale's Secret Organisation. Vale's United Intelligence Agency. Vale Intelligence and Recon. Vale-"

"In your own time," Ciel interrupted, one hand to her forehead. "Please. I can't concentrate with you rattling off the word `Vale` and an entire thesaurus worth of words associated to intelligence. Just consider it in your own time, and feel free to pass a list onto me with ideas or something."

Jaune grumbled but nodded along. "Can't you suggest some?"

"You don't want an agent from another country deciding your name. That would be ridiculous."

"I trust you."

"No, you're lazy and unimaginative," she countered, and Jaune flushed a little. She'd caught him. "If you try and foist this off onto me, I'll find some way to acronym VAGINA and sign you down as that. You're the Director, this is your responsibility."

"Okay, okay…"

He still hadn't managed to come up with a name now, two days later. It was harder than it sounded and anything he chose could potentially last for generations. He had to get it right on the first run, and the rest of his team were bad at it, too. Ren's suggestions sounded too dry, Blake couldn't be bothered to try, and it looked like they'd found something Pyrrha was actually not skilled at for once.

It was a work in progress. Hell, the whole thing was so much of one that he might as well name the agency the WIP. But as the Monday dawned bright and early, it was to the sounds of excited chatter, parades in the distance – and a message from the most dangerous woman in Vale.

Cinder wanted to see him.


"John. I'm glad you could make it. Take a seat."

Jaune did so, back in his black suit and red tie for the first time in what felt like ages. The last he'd seen of Cinder was before the attack on the VSS, and there was no telling if his cover still held. She was smiling at him, but that could just as easily be because she was considering murder. Ciel, his team and Ozpin knew where he was. If something went wrong or he didn't report back, they'd act.

Telling Ozpin had been difficult, but he'd agreed to work with the guy. It was just something he'd have to get used to.

With Cinder out of the picture for reading, his attention slipped across to Emerald. She was sat on a single-seater beside his and was leaning back into it with a relaxed expression. Jaune took that as a good sign. As much as Emerald might just be confident Cinder could deal with him, if she suspected there was a chance for violence, she should still have been at least a little tense.

"I'd like to thank you for that tip-off you found, John," Cinder said. "Roman and I investigated, and it turned out to be our little intruders after all."

"I knew it was. I saw one of them enter – in full mask, too. The idiot." He forced out a chuckle. "Did you get them all, ma'am? Do we still have to worry about them?"

"No. The entire building was destroyed."

"There might still be some out there," Emerald pointed out.

"Yeah, but they'll likely be scattered now," Jaune said. "Or at least that's how I figure it."

"You are both correct in a sense," Cinder said, smiling and sitting down opposite. "John is right when he says our enemies will be busy licking their wounds. As a threat, they simply don't matter anymore. That said, we shall not let out guard down entirely. While I don't expect a concerted effort, it's possible the survivors might try to exact a limited measure of vengeance."

"One final `screw you` before they get wiped out?"

Cinder smiled at his analogy. "Quite."

Jaune laughed along with Emerald, accepting a glass of wine as they celebrated with a quick drink. He had to wonder what they'd think if they knew one such survivor was literally with them right now and preparing the biggest turn-around they'd ever see. They'd be shocked, of course, at least before Cinder immolated him.

Ah, but it was nice to imagine that shock, and the horror she'd show as she realised he'd played her for a fool. Assuming he had, of course. No reason to get ahead of himself and mess it all up now. Eventually, Cinder raised a hand for silence.

"The festival has finally arrived. Today is the parade and the welcoming ceremony, but the tournament won't begin for another day and a half. It is, however, time for us to move onto the next stage of our plan."

"It involves Amity?" he asked. It was the only thing that fit with the timing, since it would be open for visitation at that time.

"Indeed. Originally, it was our plan to masquerade as students and attend Beacon."

Jaune almost choked at that. "W-What happened? To change it, I mean."

"You remember the incident with the Paladin truck, no? Emerald's cover was blown, not to mention we had no way to know if Ozpin was in contact with those people and whether they knew our identities. Going undercover was out of the question."

So, it was his actions that stopped it? Well, his and Ciel's. Maybe even his and Vanguard's at Tukson's book store. Life would have been a lot more complicated if Cinder came in as a student, though potentially easier, too. Accidents could happen, even in a school as safe as Beacon.

"Our friends in the White Fang are preparing as we speak," Cinder continued. "And Roman is handling affairs on his end. We cannot act until they are ready, and I expect it will be the White Fang which is the slower of the two."

"Probably," he admitted. The White Fang were less efficient than Roman. "Do we have a deadline to work to? Is there a time by which we'll have to strike, even if we're not ready?"

"You ask a lot of questions, John."

Emerald and Cinder were both watching him. Jaune felt a trickle of fear worm its way up his spine but he shook it off and shrugged his shoulders. "Sorry. It's just that after working with Roman and the White Fang, I like to know everything about what I'm getting into. You don't have to tell me if you don't want to. Or if you don't think I need to know."

"You like to be prepared."

"I do," he said. "And if I don't ask, I don't get."

"An interesting philosophy, but not one I find unappealing." Cinder regarded him a little more warmly. Not much, and she was still dangerously cold, but it looked like he'd averted any suspicion for now. "I'm afraid I'd rather not give you any impression of a deadline, though given what you already know we're working with, you might be able to assume one."

Amity again. Whatever she wanted, it had to be done between the time Amity opened to the public, and when it was decommissioned and sent on to its next destination. That gave it a week. A week in which Cinder would need to enact her plan, and a week for him to try and decipher and prevent it, without giving the impression he was doing so.

"Just tell me what you need me to do, ma'am. I'll get it done."

"That is what I like to hear. Tell me, John, how are you at working undercover?"

"I think I can handle it," Jaune replied, with what he felt was a remarkable straight face given the circumstances. "Who do you want me to go undercover as? Not a huntsman, I hope. I might be able to, but I'd need ID and the students are bound to notice someone they've never seen before."

"Not a student," Cinder allowed. "Just a regular citizen. And perhaps also a janitor."

The janitors? He'd have to check what access they had above the average civilian, but off the top of his head he imagined they'd be able to go into the stands and back stage. Cinder either wanted access to something or wanted them to plant an object there.

"Sure. I can do that."

"Emerald will be going with you."


"Are you sure?" Jaune asked. "I mean, I'm sure I can do whatever you need on my own."

"It is not a lack of trust that guides my hand, John. You will have need of her."

Not ideal. If Cinder wanted him in Amity, he'd have to be – but every student from Beacon there would recognise him, and it would only take one person calling out his name to screw him over. Worse, he might be called up to fight with his team. Going in on his own was fine, but only because he'd intended to pass the information on to Ironwood and Ozpin and let them do whatever Cinder's request was. But if Emerald was with him, he'd have to do it personally, and without being called up to fight.

Maybe Ozpin could help there. If the matches could be rigged so he fought early or late, it might be an option to save him. In the meantime, however, all he could do was accept.

"Okay. Me and Emerald." He sent her a quick nod. "Is there somewhere I should meet up with you, Emerald?"

"The two of you can decide that between yourselves," Cinder interrupted. "You are to masquerade as a couple, however. It will aid you in some of the tasks that need to be completed."

"Which are…?"

"Emerald will have a full list and will be the one to give you tasks one at a time."

Balls. This was going all kinds of wrong. Had his cover been ruined? This definitely felt like anti-spy precautions, especially keeping the full list between only Cinder and Emerald. Of course, if he complained then Cinder would simply say it was to ensure that the White Fang didn't know all the steps, so that in the likely event of them being captured, they would spill nothing.

Jaune nodded. "I understand, ma'am."

"Again, John, don't think of it as a lack of trust…"

"We're just being careful," Jaune said, making sure to use the word `we` when referring to them. "I get it. We've already had the White Fang mess up, Mercury got killed and those masked guys interfered right up until you killed them all. It makes sense that you'd want to keep the full details hidden. I understand it."

"Good." Cinder leaned across the table suddenly and cupped his cheek with one hand. He froze. The palm of her hand was warm, but not overly so. He could smell lavender and mint on her. "You're intelligent and resourceful, John. You get work done and you do so without complaint. Those are valuable traits, and I can see a use for them in the future. Our partnership will not end here. When I leave Vale, you will be coming with me. With both Emerald and I. That is, should you wish to."

"T-Thank you," he stammered – and the embarrassment wasn't feigned at all. "And yes, of course. I don't want to work for Roman anymore and… well, I've got a feeling I won't want to be in Vale after whatever we pull."

"That, dear John, is all but a certainty."

"Welcome to the team," Emerald quipped. "Try to last longer than Mercury."

"I'll do my best not to let either of you down."


Ozpin considered his report with his eyes closed. The headmaster might have appeared asleep in his chair, but the light hum he let out as he considered the information belied that. It was odd to look at the man in front of him and think `oh, he's a wizard`, but that was exactly what he was thinking. He was also running through a mental check list of qualities and traits that Ozpin was scoring awfully low on.

No beard, no staff – a walking stick really didn't count – and no magical scrolls or tomes. Ozpin didn't wear a robe or a pointed hat, nor did he have any wild and wonderful familiars hidden away in his office. He was, by all estimation, a completely normal person.

That's what he wants you to think…

It was a sad day when his paranoid utterings were probably one hundred per cent accurate. Jaune had a feeling that if he looked back through the history of Beacon, there would be a surprising number of headmasters and headmistresses who acted in a similar manner and might even have had similar names. It was kind of creepy to imagine.

"This is troubling," Ozpin finally said. "She would not provide you any details of her plan…?"

"I was able to intuit some," he said, "Like the fact it's on Amity and has to happen either on or before the day of the final match, but as for specifics, no."

"Does she suspect you?"

"I don't think so. I imagine this is just her reacting to the discovery a spy organisation was interested in her. She already said she's aware of the possibility of some stragglers from the VSS acting out against her."

"It's just bad timing, then," Ozpin realised. He sighed. "That is inconvenient. Still, thank you for bringing this to my attention."

"I don't know what to do about the day, sir. I need to meet and stay with Emerald." At least with his team in the know, he wouldn't have to juggle an additional secret. They'd be disappointed, but they would understand and cover for him. The real threat was Emerald herself.

"And you do not know when that will be or where, and fear that if she sees you competing in the main ring, your cover will be blown. Yes, that is certainly a concern." Ozpin tapped his desk with one finger, the other hand bringing a mug of coffee up to his lips. He drank slowly, lost in thought. Eventually, he put the mug back down. "You will have to meet with this Emerald girl, Mr Arc. Play along for now, and I shall have Qrow keep an eye out for you in the crowd. If you see him, feel free to identify Emerald by holding her hand or arm."

"She has green hair," Jaune pointed out. "She's not exactly subtle."

"She may dye it, Mr Arc. It is better to be safe than sorry."

That was a fair point. Emerald's face was already potentially out of the bag as it was, so if she wanted to stay under the radar, a certain degree of disguise was necessary. He could give the signal, he supposed. It would be best if Qrow knew who to look out for if things went bad.

"Regardless, you've done well, Mr Arc. I realise this is a dangerous task, but rest assured we will act on your information to prevent any losses. You have my promise on that."

"Thank you, Ozpin." For all their differences, he did believe Ozpin would come through. Cinder was an enemy to them all. "What about the tasks from Emerald, though? Am I supposed to go through with them, or should I signal someone, or…?"

"Without knowing what they are, you shall have to use your intuition, I'm afraid. We don't even know if they will do this on the first day or not. She might go with you one day and just walk around in order to allay suspicion. They may strike immediately. It will be up to you to decide whether it is safe to complete their tasks. If it is not, cause a scene. I will have Qrow close to you at all times. If it seems innocent enough, or at least the danger is not imminent, then you may go ahead and do what they ask. Just be sure to remember and inform us what was done later."

"Got it. I'll need some cover from other teams and the main tournament, though."

"Hiding from other students should not be difficult. Simply come in disguise."

"I could do that, but then what happens if I need to fight?" Jaune asked. "I can't just wash black hair dye out and jump into the ring in the same outfit I've spent the day with Emerald in. If I even leave her for half a second, there's a chance she'll smell a rat."

"Hm. Leave it to me," Ozpin said. "I shall speak with Ironwood and we'll see what we can come up with between us."

It was the best he would get. Jaune nodded. He had to resist the temptation to ask about the maiden, or the Relic, or any of the things Taiyang told him. Some problems weren't best faced head on, and he already had the general gist of Ozpin's plan. Keep the Relic hidden and heal the wounded maiden, or, failing that, find someone to foist the maiden's powers onto.

The question was who, and what was he to do about it? It had to be someone in Beacon. Trust issues aside, he didn't think Ozpin knew any women below the age of thirty that he could trust. Winter Schnee was an option but aligned to Atlas and Ironwood. Even if they were allies, it was clear Ozpin preferred to rely on his own judgment than Ironwood's. Miss Goodwitch was definitely too old and that only really left the students.

Ruby? It might explain why Ozpin brought her into Beacon two years early, and all the focus on her that the VSS had picked up on. But that might also have been the silver eyes thing Taiyang mentioned. If not Ruby, then whom?

And more importantly, who would he prefer it be?

Blake would be ideal, but I doubt Ozpin will go for that. Even if he didn't know she and I worked together, he knows she is ex-White Fang, and the fact she's my partner hardly helps. She's too independent and doesn't trust authority figures. A bad choice as far as Ozpin was concerned. Pyrrha was an option, especially with her skill, but again Ozpin might balk at having the power on someone who Jaune could influence.

Still, he wouldn't have objected to it being Pyrrha. She'd already offered to work for him in the future, which meant he could fill her in on the maiden's responsibilities and they could support her if she was ever in danger. Not control, not like Ozpin perhaps wanted to, but they could provide Pyrrha all the resources she needed to look after herself.

Other than that, there was only really Yang, Weiss and Nora he could think of, at least that he would be able to work alongside. Nora was too loyal to Ren and too unpredictable for Ozpin to want to work with, while Weiss had the same issues as Winter. But Yang was a real possibility. Ozpin didn't know she'd been VSS, and neither did Qrow. Given her closeness to Ruby, Ozpin might believe her the most easily controlled. Ruby was going to become a huntress anyway, so as long as Ozpin kept Ruby happy – not a difficult task – Yang's loyalty would be assured.

Or so they might assume.

Yang would pick up on the manipulation instantly, and unlike anyone else she'd not react to it without thinking about it. Even if she doesn't want to join the new VSS, she would probably feel comfortable enough approaching me. We could work together to keep it safe and out of not just Salem's hands, but Ozpin's, too.

Yang would be ideal – so long as she agreed. He didn't want to burn the bridges between them by pushing Ozpin into believing her the best choice without first speaking to her. He'd have to corner her later and explain his suspicions.

That explained the maiden, but it didn't explain his presence or involvement. Oobleck once pointed out that Ozpin would have known Jaune's transcripts were fake, and that he'd still gone ahead and allowed him into Beacon, no doubt keeping the fraudulent papers from anyone else who might realise it, since Miss Goodwitch obviously didn't know. She'd have castigated him if she did.

So that raised the question; what did Ozpin want from him? He couldn't be a maiden, and without Oobleck's mentoring he'd been fairly useless in a fight, too, so it couldn't be that Ozpin wanted him to be some kind of bodyguard to the potential maiden. Realistically, he'd been useless. There was no advantage to having him in Beacon.


Did Ozpin want him…? How old was Ozpin's current body? Even taking Cinder out of the equation, Ozpin had to be getting close to retirement age – and if he really could hop from body to body, it wouldn't make much sense for him to hang onto one that was falling to pieces around him. Rather than leave it to fate, why not train up a potential new host?

If Jaune was weak and desperate, and if Oobleck hadn't picked him up, then Ozpin might have been able to offer training and support, at which point a less experienced Jaune might have accepted, becoming loyal to Ozpin.

And if he really was looking to make someone close to him the maiden, then what better host for Ozpin than someone who is close to the maiden? Someone who might have her friendship, if not her loyalty.

Jaune shuddered at the thought. He had no proof, but if it was true, he wanted nothing to do with it. His body was his own. His soul was his own.

Hopefully, he'd become too much of a security risk for Ozpin to try that now.

"Something you wish to ask, Mr Arc?" Ozpin questioned.

Jaune realised he'd been silent too long. He stood and bowed his head. "Sorry, I was just lost in thought. I'd best go plan how to keep an eye on Emerald. Was there anything more you needed from me?"

"Nothing for now. Goodnight, Mr Arc."

"Goodnight, sir."

It took a monumental amount of effort to walk casually to the elevator. He wanted to run.


Yang sat down on Ruby's bed and placed a hand atop her head. Her sister was face down on her pillow, quiet and lost in thought. She had been ever since she woke up and given the subject matter she couldn't explain why to Nora or Weiss.

"You know, Weiss is on the verge of pulling her hair out with worry," Yang said softly. She knew Ruby was listening. "She still blames herself for what happened."

That got a reaction. Ruby lifted her head just a little and frowned. "I told her not to…"

"Yeah well, it's easy to say that, harder to actually do it. You got kidnapped because you were trying to find her, because you were coming to meet her sister. As far as Weiss sees it, if she didn't ask you to do that – or if she'd just come with you – then it wouldn't have happened."

It wasn't that easy, of course. The VSS might have struck even with Weiss there. Oh, they wouldn't kidnap her – she was too well-known, too dangerous – but they might have drugged her, too, and then dumped her somewhere to be found by her team or the authorities. Weiss would not have known who took her, and the police would be helpless to find Ruby.

"Ugh, I'll talk to her later," Ruby said. "It's not her fault." She grumbled under her breath about how Weiss always called her the idiot, and yet was now being just as bad herself. Yang smiled pointedly. She'd always thought the two were like peas in a pod, both being kind of socially awkward in their own way.

Still, it gave Yang the opening she was looking for.

"Speaking of talking to people, you going to talk to your boy-toy anytime soon?"

Ruby pushed her face back into her pillow.

"Come on," Yang pressed, rubbing the back of her sister's head. "You know he's sorry, Ruby. He didn't keep it from you because he didn't trust you. He did it because he didn't want you dragged into this mess. He did it for the same reason I did; because we both cared enough about you to deal with it ourselves."

"Still not fair," Ruby mumbled.

"I know – and I really am sorry." It was unfair, but what was also unfair was how on a technical level both she and Jaune had made the exact same results, and yet Ruby forgave her but would not him. She knew why, of course. She was her sister. It was harder to hold a grudge there, while Jaune was the first person Ruby had opened her heart up to. That kind of betrayal stung. "He misses you, you know."

Ruby pushed her face further into the pillow.

"He tries to act like it doesn't bother him, but ever time I see him he asks how you're doing. I figure he wants to come and see you himself but doesn't want to push you. Even if it hurts him, he wants to give you space."

"Are you trying to make me feel guilty?" Ruby growled. "Stop it. He's the one who lied to me. I got abducted because of him. I got drugged up. I got… I got…"

"I know, I know." Yang soothed Ruby by stroking her hair. "And I hate them just as much for it. I killed the one responsible, along with Jaune's help. But the thing is, he didn't know any of that would happen when the two of you got close. You wanted to get involved after the dance. He was still a loyal part of them at that point. There was no risk to you, so it's unfair to say he knew all this would happen. And when it did… he did everything he could to help you, including giving himself up to Ozpin."

Ruby didn't respond other than to grip her pillow a little tighter. It really was hard for Yang to fully understand what her sister was going through. She'd never really fancied a guy properly, other than in a purely physical kind of way, admiring someone from afar. She'd always been too busy with the VSS to really want to try anything. That work tended to age you a little, and no one in Signal had felt mature enough for her afterwards.

It kind of sucked to think that Ruby of all people was beating her to love and romance first, but she couldn't bring herself to feel too bad about it. She was free from the VSS and could now do whatever she wanted; that was enough to cheer her up.

"Just give him a chance," Yang said. "Talk to him. If not for him, then for yourself. You're miserable, Ruby, and it's only going to get worse if you let this fester. Maybe it won't work out. Maybe you'll decide this was too much and you can't be like that anymore, but you could at least be friends again. If nothing else, the closure will help you move on."

"Why does everything have to be so complicated?"

"Heh. I think if you asked dad that, he'd still say you don't know the half of it. Your potential boyfriend is an ex-spy, current undercover agent and someone who was hired to spy on you – and yet it's still not as messed up as Mom, Dad and Raven was."

Ruby giggled.

"Just give it a go," Yang said. "I won't ask anymore but talk to him."

"I… I'll try."

"That's all I ask."

Moving on, skipping to the festival now. About to go out and clean my car since my father decided he wanted to take it to be cleaned as a favour for me, but also took my puppy Kali so that she could get some fresh air and a walk while it was being cleaned by valet.

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